Israel Spits in America’s Face – Again

Oct 9th 2011

Israel Spits in America’s Face – Again

Israel is a National Security Threat to America
American Intel Community Ready to Spill the Beans on Israeli Espionage

by Jim W. Dean, VT editor … featuring Uri Avnery

Thank You Sir – May I Have Another?
The dust had just settled on Obama’s dodging the Palestinian UN Statehood vote and the Crazy Israelis announced the building of 1100 new settlement homes in East Jerusalem. What are friends for, right?

As Uri Avnery describes below, they did this despite all the work that the Quartet had done attempting to jump start negotiations.

Obama wanted to avoid a UN vote where America would once again deny the right to a democratic state to Palestinians because the Jewish Lobby would take their revenge in the 2012 elections.

It is time to call a spade a spade. This is political espionage on the Israelis part. It has gone on a long time. It is a national security threat.

And you don’t have to believe me. The American Intelligence community is ready and waiting to reveal the extent of subversion done here with the help of their extensive 5th column, and a corrupt political establishment who has betrayed their own country. All that is required to have this party is a release from their confidentiality oaths and a bond posted guaranteeing their pensions.

Israeli espionage here is a huge scandal, not only because it is so massive…military (including nuclear), political, industrial, academic, industrial, media, and yes…even law enforcement. The fix has been in on busting up these espionage rings as too many politicians from both parties would be caught up in the net.

Why Can’t the FBI Break Up Israeli Networks ?
If you ever wondered why the FBI had never broken up an Israeli spy network, now you know. They are not allowed do. Any why? Catch this…national security reasons!!

Of course the patriotic counter Intel people know why. The Israelis have lots of blackmail material on our risque political class, and they have penetrated into the core of our Republic per the above list.

Americans are second class citizens in their own country. If you think you are a more important constituent to your Congressman than the next Israeli lobbyist to walk in after you…allow me to break the bad news to you. You aren’t.

If you were a threat to your Congressman the FBI would be on your doorstep. The Israelis a threat?….they can’t be touched. They get the kid glove treatment.

If you look at the Republican contenders, other than Ron Paul, the others have ‘pre-sold out’ to the Lobby. They have to kiss the shoes of the Lobby people to even really enter the race. Do they have any concern over humiliating their country like that? No. And why? Because everybody else does it.

It’s time we made this a big campaign issue folks. Ask them all what kind of deal they have with the Israelis. Why do they humiliate us acting like trained seals? If they tell you they are our genuine supporters, no pressure needed…just ask them if they would be willing to be interviewed on camera by knowledgeable retired Intelligence people.

Yes sireee! – They’re Heeeeerrre !!
Ask them if they would support the Intelligence community being allowed open their files to tell the truth of Israeli espionage and their traitor network in a fight to the finish investigation by independent prosecutors.

What would they have to lose, right?

That ends my missive here in Israeli’s Occupied East Bank. Uri Avnery is going to fill you in on Israel’s new ‘No Friends’ policy for countries who refuse to be humiliated by a bunch of Radical Zionist hoodlums.

The entire West needs to take 2012 and bust up all the Israeli espionage operations in their respective countries. It’s their job…their duty.

If the Intel community is ever able to tell the American people what these people were allowed to do here, there are going to be a lot of job openings. It’s worse than anyone can imagine.

The More Enemies, The More Honor
by Uri Avnery October 8, 2011

War is Always an Adventure Until the Slaughter Starts
AN OLD photo from World War I shows a company of German soldiers getting on the train on their way to the front. On the wall of the car somebody had scribbled: “viel Feind, viel Ehr’” (“The more enemies, the more Honor”.)

In those days, at the very start of what was to be the First World War, country after country was declaring war on Germany.

The spirit of the graffito reflected the hubris of the supreme commander, Kaiser Wilhelm, who relied on the war plan of the legendary German General Staff.

It was indeed an excellent war plan, and as excellent war plans are apt to do, it started going awry right from the beginning.

The foolish Kaiser now has the heirs he deserves.

Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, a former army Chief of Staff whose intelligence is below the average even of that rank, has announced that Israel could not possibly apologize to Turkey, even though its national interests may demand it, because it would hurt our “prestige”.

Many enemies, much prestige.

It seems that we shall soon run out of friends whom we can turn into enemies to gather even more prestige.

LAST WEEK a black cat came between Israel and its second best friend: Germany.

Angela Merkel – The Kaiser Lady
High-ranking German officials confided to their Israeli colleagues that their Kanzlerin, Angela Merkel, was “furious” when she heard that the Israeli government had approved the building of 1100 housing units in Gilo, a neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem.

Just a few days earlier, the Quartet had invited Israel and the Palestinian Authority to restart negotiations and abstain from “provocations”. If this is not a provocation, what is?

Merkel, generally a woman of placid equanimity, did not keep her rage to herself. She called Binyamin Netanyahu and gave him a severe dressing-down, something that had never happened before.

Until now, Germany has kept to a strict code of behavior towards Israel: after the unspeakable crimes committed by the Nazis against the Jews, there could be no criticism of any Israeli act.

Germany would pay for a crucial component of Israel’s armaments, Germany would suspend all moral criteria as far as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was concerned.

Not any more, it seems. We may be losing our only second-best friend.

THE CLASSIC example of “How to lose Friends and Alienate People” is, of course, our affair with Turkey.

Ben-Gurion – A Rare Color Photo
David Ben-Gurion, the arch-architect of Israel, believed that peace with the Arabs was neither possible nor desirable. He devised an alternative: a ring to encircle the Arab world – an alliance of non-Arab allies.

These included Iran (under the Shah), Ethiopia (under Haile Selassie), several other African states and, of course, Turkey (under the legacy of Kemal Ataturk).

Our relations with Turkey developed over the years into a very close marriage, especially cozy between the armed forces. Joint exercises, sales of lots of arms, intelligence sharing.

While Israel was helping the Iraqi Kurds against Saddam Hussein, it helped Ankara to oppress the Turkish Kurds. Jerusalem seriously considered laying a pipeline under the sea from Turkey to bring in water, which Turkey has in abundance and Israel sorely needs.

Suddenly everything changed. Turkish-Israeli relations foundered like a ship hit squarely by a torpedo.

It started when the Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, abruptly got up and left a public dialogue with Shimon Peres in Davos. Israelis could understand that: not everybody can stand Peres.

But Avigdor Lieberman’s Foreign Office decided to retaliate. His deputy, a genius by the name of Danny Ayalon, summoned the Turkish ambassador to his office for a rebuke and had him sit on a low sofa while towering above him on a high chair.

The ambassador did not notice, but little Danny proudly explained his ploy to the assembled Israeli journalists. The Ambassador took his leave and went home.

Turkey reacted unofficially by sending the Mave Marmara to break the Gaza blockade. Nine Turks were killed. Turkey was in uproar. Erdogan demanded an apology. That’s where the prestige came in.

Lieberman – The Uber National Zionist
One can argue, of course, that the whole business was a premeditated tactic of Erdogan’s to change course and dump Israel for other allies. If so, it was even more stupid of our government to play into his hand.

WHEN THE Arab Spring broke out, Turkey jumped on the bandwagon and proposed a Turkish-Egyptian axis, reminiscent of the good old days of the Ottoman empire. Israel, on the other hand, stuck to its customary line.

Instead of realizing what was happening, our government clung to the shattered dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak.

If it had come out immediately and wholeheartedly in favor of the revolution, it could, perhaps, have gained a foothold in Egyptian public opinion, which had come to detest Mubarak as a well paid American lackey who helped Israel in starving a million and a half Arab brothers in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli intelligence did not realize that we were facing a historic earthquake that would change the region. Actually, it never foresees or understands events in the Arab world, being blinded by its contempt for Arabs.

The result was that Egyptian crowds attacked the Israeli embassy, forcing the ambassador and his staff to flee the country, and that saboteurs repeatedly blew up the pipeline that transports Egyptian gas to Israel at very low prices (probably negotiated after due bribes were paid to the right people.)

People here are now saying that the Egyptian public has always been against the peace with Israel, through no fault of ours. That is quite untrue. I was in Cairo a few days after Anwar Sadat’s historic visit to Jerusalem and found the Egyptian capital delirious with joy.

Mubarak and Sadat – Just Before He Was Killed
Countless Israelis have visited Egypt since then and have been received always and everywhere with utmost friendliness.

It was only when Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories became more and more oppressive that Egyptians started to feel betrayed.

Lieberman and Co. have lost Turkey and are losing Egypt, our two stalwart allies in the region, and have insulted, humiliated and trodden on the toes of a dozen other nations.

But they have undoubtedly gained much prestige.

PEOPLE WHO look for logic in politics often arrive at conspiracy theories.

When the present government coalition was set up, Lieberman asked for the ministries of immigrants’ absorption, justice, interior security (police) and foreign affairs.

Immigrants – that was natural. His voters are mainly immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Justice and police – also natural. The police are conducting an endless investigation against him concerning mysterious funds that he and his very young daughter have received from Eastern European sources.

But the foreign office? What for? Why not the far more prestigious Ministry of Defense or the immensely powerful finance ministry?

One of my acquaintances has come up with a theory: what if the Russians…

Lieberman – The Controversial Foreign Minister
Lieberman spends a lot of his time in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and his native Moldova.

Who else but Russia has an interest in destroying the international standing of Israel, one of the closest allies of the United States? Wouldn’t it have been rational for Vladimir Putin to…

But that is, of course, a joke. Not only is Lieberman known as an upright Israeli patriot, so patriotic that no one can stand next to him, but no handler in Moscow would accept as his agent a man with shifty eyes, who speaks with a thick Russian accent.

No, there must be another reason. But which?

A FOREIGN journalist asked me the other day: “but what do they think?”

“They” – Netanyahu, Lieberman et al – are losing all our remaining friends, humiliating Barack Obama on the way. They sabotage the resumption of peace negotiations. They sprinkle settlements everywhere.

If the Two-State solution is finally made impossible, what remains? A unified state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan? What kind of state would that be? They are dead set against a bi-national state, which would be the total negation of Zionism. An apartheid state? How long could that last?

The only “rational”[] alternative would be total ethnic cleansing, the driving out of 5.5 million Palestinians from the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Israel proper. Is that possible? Would the world tolerate it, unless it is distracted by an invasion from Mars?

The answer is: “they” just don’t think very much at all. Israelis have been conditioned by their experience to think in the very short term. As the Americans say: “A statesman thinks about the next generation, a politician thinks about the next election.” Or as the Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann used to say: “The future will come and care for the future”

From the British mainstream media- you’d never know a problem existed at all.

Why Can’t the FBI Break Up Israeli Networks ?
If you ever wondered why the FBI had never broken up an Israeli spy network, now you know. They are not allowed do. Any why? Catch this…national security reasons!!

Of course the patriotic counter Intel people know why. The Israelis have lots of blackmail material on our risque political class, and they have penetrated into the core of our Republic per the above list.

Americans are second class citizens in their own country. If you think you are a more important constituent to your Congressman than the next Israeli lobbyist to walk in after you…allow me to break the bad news to you. You aren’t.

If you were a threat to your Congressman the FBI would be on your doorstep. The Israelis a threat?….they can’t be touched. They get the kid glove treatment.

If you look at the Republican contenders, other than Ron Paul, the others have ‘pre-sold out’ to the Lobby. They have to kiss the shoes of the Lobby people to even really enter the race. Do they have any concern over humiliating their country like that? No. And why? Because everybody else does it.

And the Westminster mob are no different!!

Trowbridge Ford
October 9, 2011 – 11:12 pm
And don’t forget that Angela Merkel is also a former Stasi and KGB agent, codenamed ANITA, whose state refused to recognize Israel, and who worked to get their spies to buckle up with the work, including apparently even her second husband, until Gorbachev threw in the sponge because of fears that continuing the Cold War with the neocon West would end in Armageddon.

When Helmust Kohl overlooked her past, and spruced her up as a better candidate to lead a united Germany than Owe Barschel, she was blackmailed by the Mossad, particularly one Meir Dagan, to do Israel’s business until conditions became intolerable during the endless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Libya.

For more about her, see my article on during early 2009 about her spying for the GDR and the USSR – another article which got the CIA trying to kill me yet again – which I shall update here in due course.

October 10, 2011 – 5:22 am
I tried to find this article on cryptome around the date time mentiined but no result – I would be interested as always felt that she was a commie plant…..

Reply Jim W. Dean
October 10, 2011 – 6:21 am
Ah, the deep background info. This is what makes the comment boards worth the work. Readers can keep adding to a piece so we all learn more about what has been kept from us, and why.

Big story out from Harry Markopolus, his team discovering that custodial banks have been cheating their pension clients for decades, booking trades at the end of the day so they can pick high and low points and pocket that spread. Bank of Mellon and State Bank are first up.

Both claim complete innocence but are not wanting to go to trial. It will be interesting to see if MSM becomes interested in some real investigative journalism. As always, Harry say insiders were key in providing his team the documentation they needed. Let’s hope the this hunting mega crooks down becomes a cottage industry

Reply jj
October 10, 2011 – 6:40 am
Well of course Angela Merkel was Stasi. Look where she grew up, where she was educated: the former East Germany. She grew up and was educated as a Communist East German. Yup, she is a protege of Helmut Kohl.

But you are better off taking a closer look at the 3 Musketeers who ended the Cold War: Bush Sr, Gorbachev, and Helmut Kohl. Those 3 were very cozy then, and still are. They didn’t end the Cold War in order to save the world. They did it in order to loot the Soviet Union and line their own pockets.

October 10, 2011 – 9:48 am

You are only partially right. Kohl was never asked, the three superpowers decided to do the deal with Gorbachev, Kohl was only a spectator.
Naturally, being a politician, he tried to get a part of the fame.

Reply Ken Rechtstein
October 10, 2011 – 1:04 am
If one looks closely at which Israel friendly heads of State are being elected in the West, the trend is that those who get elected, and get the Jewish Lobby support, are “the BLACKMAILABLE ones”, From Harper in Canada, Obama in the USA, before him Bush Jr and Sr, to Merkel, Sarkozy, Cameron. All have skeletons in their closet, either by their own doing or planted there by the MOSSAD.

Remember Monica Lewinsky. The Zion Talmudic Mafia demonstrated to Bill Clinton and all the US politicians, that the MOSSAD long arm can put the noose on the neck of anyone they want and, if he collaborates, they can can grant him a new life.

The politicians, they can’t bribe or blackmail, the MOSSAD and its associates will harass with False Flag Ops, or slaughters by local ethnic Israel lovers-Muslims haters, like it happened in Norway.

Andrew Washer
October 10, 2011 – 10:08 am
“The politicians, they can’t bribe or blackmail, the MOSSAD and its associates will harass with False Flag Ops, or slaughters by local ethnic Israel lovers-Muslims haters, like it happened in Norway.”

I have read the “Breivik Manifesto” and it’s all about Jews, Jews, Jews and Israel, Israel, Israel. The only people the author hated more than Muslims were “Nazis” and “racists.”

I’m waiting for a nice VT article about that. When they spend years planning to mass murder teenagers in broad day light and openly brag about it, that should tell you what we’re up against.

Make no mistake Breivik, or whoever wrote that manifesto, was a hard core pro-Jewish, pro-Israel Zionist.

Reply anon
October 10, 2011 – 1:11 am
“They are not allowed do. Any why?” –> The are not allowed to. Anyway why?

Reply Trowbridge Ford
October 10, 2011 – 2:25 am
Bubba’s problems were more than just with Monica. He was already largely compromised by his involvement in Iran-Contra – what led to the killings of all kinds of people to keep the lid on the massive scandal.

A much better example of Dagan’s Mossad silencing serious opponents was the drugging and dictating to Serb Mijailo Mijailovic to go to central Stockholm, steal a knife, stalk her, and cut out her guts on orders from Jesus.

Jesus, just how bad can it get, and nothing is done to stop it.

Syed Zaidi
October 10, 2011 – 11:31 am
You didn’t mention the victim’s name — Anna Lindh, slated to be the next prime minister. The Wall Street Journal ran a little editorial the next day explaining she had enemies abroad, the Chechens. WSJ was really overreaching, and so I was piqued to look up what the lady was all about. She had just come back from Australia where she had received an award from Hannan Ashrawi the Palestinian leader. She turned out to have been a very vocal critic of Israel. The murderer was let off because of a huge media campaign citing his evident insanity. He had done the whole thing very publicly, and confessed to his mother that he did it. I don’t think he was drugged — this was not an MK Ultra sort of thing. He was more likely bought, assured of his masters’ total control of the media. They have still got that all stitched up.

Youtube “War by Deception 2011”
October 10, 2011 – 6:07 pm
Mijailo Mijailovic is locked up.

Reply johng
October 10, 2011 – 2:26 am
Jim, unfortunately the very people that are suppose to be protecting America from espionage are the “spies” themselves. This War on America was won by Israel a long time ago. What is America today? What does the flag stand for? America is turning into a Third World Rathole fast. Ideology has been sold out for temporary prosperity. Welfare has relaced the “work ethic”. Morality has been replaced with immorality. The truth is the lie and the lie is the truth. Yes, we can blame Israel but we have been willing partners of our own destruction.

Reply foo
October 10, 2011 – 3:51 am
“…All that is required to have this party is a release from their confidentiality oaths and a bond posted guaranteeing their pensions.”

Oh, I see. All these “courageous gentlemen” want is a safe way out and a bribe.

F__k ‘em!

Jim W. Dean
October 10, 2011 – 6:41 am
You are being silly foo. The public needs to have some type of a witness protection on the table. Why do you think across the board most all of Congress defeated any strong improvement in whistleblower protection. They know that has always been their Achilles heel, that once the dam breaks they are toast.

Another way to look at it as you want all these people to walk around with a target on their backs because that is more convenient for you. Thanks for the shared sacrifice offer. It case you did not know, they kill people of stuff like this and the punish the families as an additional lever, hence the pension lever. Once you have lost that, and then you get popped, you widow pays, too.

Harry Markopolus’ team uses a law that entitles them to get a percentage of fraud monies they recover. That is shared with the insider people who help, of course. He said early on that Wall Street schemes could be busted all day long simply by giving mid level insiders a million dollar reward, as getting document make an easy case for the Feds. This would have the people a fortune. But some folks might consider that ‘mercenary’.

October 10, 2011 – 6:54 am
None of these guys have life insurance?

Reply Andrew Washer
October 10, 2011 – 8:19 am
Fair enough, Jim Dean, but what about the wealthy? What about Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc.? With their billions they can’t do anything?

“Markopolus’ team uses a law that entitles them to get a percentage of fraud monies they recover.”

During the Civil Rights era lawyers would get paid by the government for taking cases of poor Black people claiming discrimination. Often these were trivial matters, and the the lawyers received more money than did the victims. But it created a financial incentive to take these cases.

The witness protection model seems the best, that’s what it took to roll up the mob. But it’s a catch-22, if we don’t control the government we can’t pass the necessary legislation. So we’re at an impasse again.

I don’t want to hear about the patriotism of our military officers ever again, since it’s obviously about the pensions. That’s not a criticism, that’s just acknowledgement of the reality, yes?

Reply foo
October 10, 2011 – 12:23 pm
@ Jim W. Dean

“You are being silly foo….”

No, I’m not being silly. They sold out their decency, their integrity, their soul — whatever you want to call it — and now they want their heroism to be risk-free.

“Another way to look at it as you want all these people to walk around with a target on their backs because that is more convenient for you…”

They participated in a system that sent the troops into wars, for the benefit of of the banksters and the weapons profiteers. The troops had targets on their backs. The heroism of the troops was not risk-free.

When I think of heroism, I think of Ben Franklin’s “‘Gentlemen we must all hang together or we shall most assuredly all hang separately.”

Perhaps they could pull of a media-wise collective Smedley Butler.

Joe in San Francisco
October 10, 2011 – 5:03 pm
Right on, foo!

Reply jj
October 10, 2011 – 6:50 am
I agree with Foo. What about their oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic? If that isn’t primary, what is? Confidentiality oath is an excuse for pussies. Same thing with the pensions. The way things are going, they won’t GET any pensions anyway, because the money will be gone. Their pensions will be gone, at the stroke of a pen.

Jim W. Dean
October 10, 2011 – 8:35 am
A fish stinks from the head. The guys in the middle are not dumb. And they are not embarrassed at taking a pass on setting themselves are fire. They don’t see much evidence that the public would appreciate it by lifting a finger to protect them. If you think you are deserving, you have to prove it to them, especially if they don’t know you.

When the whistle blowers bill that Sibel Edmonds and her FBI group was defeated, I missed the million man march on Washington. Did you catch it? Opps, or maybe it was a 100,000…no 10,000, no 1000,…no a 100 I think. Please send me any pictures you might have.

Do smart gamblers play poker with folks using a stacked deck, hoping that they will just get good cards and beat them anyway? No. They wait for the ‘deck situation’ to change. These Intel people are ready and waiting, but there is no place to go for a prosecution. No place.

The Justice Dept? Are you kidding? The bad guys have been there for a long time. So they have to wait for a tipping point. And creating that is our job. They have done their prep work. They don’t want it pissed away.

And besides, there are sections of the Patriot Act where they can be picked up and secretly charged, where if they even mention it they catch another charge. The bad guys have anticipated people coming at them one at a time or in small groups. They have all the tools they need for that and are sailing along with no problem. The 9-11 ‘investigation’ is a big billboard for that.

If we cannot put major institutional support together for a counter attack, they are not going to launch. They only have one shot and are not going to waste it.

Andrew Washer
October 10, 2011 – 8:50 am
“When the whistle blowers bill that Sibel Edmonds and her FBI group was defeated, I missed the million man march on Washington. Did you catch it?”

You’ve hit the nail on the head of course. Our disloyal and traitorous military have no honor which makes them perfect for the citizenry who are even more disreputable.

Perhaps the only solution is to publicly name and shame the Jewish community who are the core of the traitor’s alliance. There is NO significant part of the Jewish community anywhere in America that is not openly supporting Israel over the US, including the J-Street pseudo-moderate crowd.

If not, why not? I have known plenty of people who were of Ashkenazi ethnic heritage and/or raised as a Jew that do not consider themselves to be a “Jew.” Anyone declaring themselves a “Jew” and not openly opposing Israeli subversion of the US is exactly the equivalent of those declaring themselves “a communist loyal to Moscow” during the Cold War aren’t they?

Reply 60sstreetpunk
October 10, 2011 – 5:53 am
Great article- we peons live this bullshit every day.

Reply Trowbridge Ford
October 10, 2011 – 5:57 am
Here is the link, Peter.

Would post the whole article but don’t want to take over Jim’s thread.

Be sure to scroll down the page because that may be why you are missing it, and its date is perfect, March 1, 2009 – just when Panetta’s killers were being chased out of Sweden for attempting to kill me by poisoning my food at the defunct Shanghi restaurant of Sveavägen:

Jim W. Dean
October 10, 2011 – 6:56 am
Thanks for this Trow. Links are always welcome from known commenters. Of the 5000 spams the website gets a day most are spammers just trying to get links up anywhere they can, using third world folks to sit on computers all day posting stuff.

We have had to even kick commenters off of VT who are one issue folks and just go through articles posting crap on their personal jihad issue which has no connection to the posted article. Because we value the readers time we try to ride herd on this as much as we can. And you all notice that we run more open comment boards than anybody.

And as I changed above folks, do not write the word F__k or any of the others on the comment boards. Our enemies use search bots to pick this up and then can take screen shots of them even if they were later removed. They then can do up a hit piece on us showing the ‘types of readers that frequent the site’…the standard smear tactic. They will even have trolls come in and play white supremacist, jew hater, etc., the whole nine yards just to get this material up and get a screen shot of it. Welcome to the world of being independent.

We may go to a password system for comment boards in the future. We need to find more time for heavy investigative reporting…hours, and hours and hours. Comment board admin is a big time eater upper, moreso as we grow. Our success brings more spammers, part of their goal being to burn up our time so we get less work done.

I am trying to bring my years of video interview archives up on VT, but have just been pecking at it so far. But I am going to get highlights coming first so folks can have an idea how much there is. Some of the folks are dead now, and I have the only footage of them. Many of these are just fabulous people.

Andrew Washer
October 10, 2011 – 8:27 am
“They then can do up a hit piece on us showing the ‘types of readers that frequent the site’…the standard smear tactic. They will even have trolls come in and play white supremacist, jew hater, etc., the whole nine yards just to get this material up and get a screen shot of it. ”

That’s been standard operating procedure since the beginnings of the internet, but so what? It’s largely ineffective now. And calling someone a “white supremacist” or “jew hater” is often likely to get a roll of the eyes in response, since the ADL/SPLC have over played that hand for years now. Wouldn’t a hit piece from the ADL just give more credibility to VT? If you get a hit piece on TV it will just drive traffic to the site.

Not suggesting to not moderate comments but let’s keep this in perspective. Who cares what they think?

Jim W. Dean
October 10, 2011 – 8:46 am
Mass psychology. It works. That’s why they use it. We are competing with propaganda organs with $35 million a year budgets. There is a huge, information overloaded, and financially distracted public out there. They are not professional researchers or scholars.

It’s not about caring what they think, but about not making their job easy for them. But you are right, you can turn attacks around on them. But you have to have your flanks covered and the hatches battened down tight. We just went through that with Gilad Atzmon’s book and it came out well. Why? We were ready. We had our own platforms. We weren’t scared. So we went at them…and they got beat up.

That did not happen because we wanted it to. It was years of work, building to get in position to do that. We just have to keep building, getting stronger, and we can do more. If someone would fund us at $35 million a year…the damage we could do with that !!! I get dizzy just thinking about it.

Question: How does Israel, the Mossad, manage to buy money losing media platforms in the West? Is it because the respective countries do not know that is what is happening, or is it because they don’t want to do anything about it?

We recently crossed swords with one of these outfits over a silly issue, where they stupidly revealed themselves. They feel so safe they get sloppy. The fix is in at the top, so they sleep well at night.

Andrew Washer
October 10, 2011 – 9:46 am
“How does Israel, the Mossad, manage to buy money losing media platforms in the West?”

That’s another SOP. Someone builds up a brand, and a Jew buys it and changes it nature while skating on the previous reputation. See Abercrombie & Fitch, see Conde Nast, see the American Conservative started by Pat Buchanan, then sold to a neo-conservative Jew. Thanks a lot, Pat.

They obviously don’t own the internet. Online is full of criticism. Youtube is about a mainstream global site as you can get, just read the comments on any Israeli/Jewish issue. Sure, they can still rile up a crowd of tards with FOX or MSNBC, but even that is less and less effective daily.

“If someone would fund us at $35 million a year”

Dr. Kevin MacDonald has long complained that wealthy whites refuse to fund anything in our interests. A character flaw in our people I guess, meaning we deserve to lose.
October 10, 2011 – 7:59 am
Our great patriot intelligence community has this quote “All that is required to have this party is a release from their confidentiality oaths and a bond posted guaranteeing their pensions.”

Here our country is being OVERUN by crazed religious fanatic zionists and these “patriots” are worried about their frickin pensions? Do you think the founding fathers were worried about their “pensions”? Do you people realize your pensions will be WORTHLESS if these maniacs continue ruining our economy?

Do you people realize that these pychopaths orchestrated the 9/11 false-flag hoax to get America to fight Israels enemies in the middle-east? I guess you’re OK with that then? Too worried about your “pensions” to expose these corrupt parasites.

You are a DISGRACE to all the men who served before you.

Jim W. Dean
October 10, 2011 – 9:02 am
Take a ticket and stand in line Sidekick. You don’t beat people like this by being stupid. And where anger is a necessary motivator for action…and it not a substitute for brains. Dead people, or those being held under secret Patriot Act detention, are a threat to no one. When you get swallowed by the whale the last memory of you it will have is a bowel movement…not much of an epitaph. Not one I am looking for anyway.

If you want to get angry see my comment above over the non reaction of the Sibel Edmonds aggressive whistle blower act being soundly defeated in Congress in a bipartisan vote. That told the mid level insiders where the disgrace is. That was the best shot we had had in a long time and the public was missing in action. The Intel people watched that…and they learned.

Now if you wanted to be smart, all you have to do, if you really care…is form a partnership with them, that you will form huge lobbying groups to harass your Congressmen to pass a major whistle blower Act, which includes intelligence people.

And oh….these Intel folks are already doing a lot, more than Congress, more than the political parties, more than the presidents, more than academia, more than the third parties, and more than pass media. So don’t kid yourself if you think you are in a position to call them names. You aren’t. You are many years away from that.

There is no reset button here. Sorry to have to tell you that. It’s going to be a long a bloody fight. And it is late in the day…so I am not sure how much time we have left. Have I cheered you up yet?

October 10, 2011 – 9:41 pm
Great post Mr Jim.

Reply Woop
October 10, 2011 – 9:29 am
Sidekick….right on ^5

Reply Brian
October 10, 2011 – 8:19 am
Well done Jim!

I’ve been posting here at VT for awhile about Israeli blackmail, it really is a big problem. Obama didn’t just humiliate himself and embarrass our country with his absurd Israeli speech at the United Nations for Jewish campaign contributions, it’s highly likely he was blackmailed by Israel to read such a disgusting speech. He didn’t need to go that far in brown nosing to Israel to get Jewish support. That speech was written by Jewish Zionists. They’ve got embarrassing video tape of him, Hillary Clinton and others.

Israel blackmails just about anyone whose a potential threat or anyone who can do them favors, not just politicians and military people; based on what I can tell they also blackmail trouble making journalists who go up against Israel on subjects other than the Palestinians.

Well the good news is the United States will soon be smashed by an economic collapse and the end of the empire, thus we won’t have anything to offer the Israelis and they may just leave us alone. Oh my.

From an article:

U.S. intelligence sources report that the one Israeli who is considered an extreme threat to U.S. national security is former prime minister and current prime minister hopeful Binyamin Netanyahu. Not only has Netanyahu visited convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in his North Carolina prison cell and advocated strenuously for his release, but he was once overheard by an ex-CIA agent as saying to a group of his supporters, “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” Considering the damage the neocons and their Israeli facilitators are causing for U.S. national security, Netanyahu may soon have his wish.

© 2005 All Rights Reserved.

Brian: Perhaps Obama via Israeli blackmail will release Pollard who will them become Prime Minister of Israel and become the new boss of the United States. Oh the drama.

Actually Jim, Israel farts in our face.

Andrew Washer
October 10, 2011 – 8:37 am
@Brian, have their been any prominent “Jewish Americans” to publicly oppose Pollard’s release? If not, why not? Jews are always saying it’s an “anti-semitic canard” to claim Jews are disloyal to the countries they reside in, and are only loyal to Israel.

Well, here is about as clear cut a case as you could ask for. Prominent Jews are openly demanding the release of a traitor, and as far as I can see, not a single prominent Jew demonstrating loyalty to the USA over Israel by opposing his release and speaking out against the Jewish traitors. Is there even a single one?

How can anyone justify giving a Jew a security clearance ever again? Should Jews have their security clearances revoked? Are we going to need genetic tests or something? Why should we even allow them to vote in our elections? They are openly demonstrating that they are not loyal citizens.

October 10, 2011 – 9:05 am
I don’t know if any prominent Jews are against the release of Pollard, but if some of them are against his release they won’t dare mention it, they could get socially (Jewish society) ostracized and financially destroyed.

You don’t hear prominent Jews talking about 911 being a Mossad operation. Heck Jewish journalists who criticize Israel won’t talk about 911 being done by Israelis. Not too long ago I got an email from a very well known Israeli journalist, well known in the United States, who has Jewish heritage; he mentioned he knows the Mossad did 911 but he doesn’t write about it.

Reply Jim W. Dean
October 10, 2011 – 9:24 am
Righteous Jews are just as scared of the Klu Klux Klan Jews as everybody else. They get picked off one by one. I interviewed a good guy once who taught at a religious school here. He was referred by someone he trusted to give me a ‘background’ interview.

And he told me right off the bat that if ‘they’ (the yeshiva) knew he had talking to me, not only would he be fired the next day, but he would be blackballed world wide…which as a religious scholar is the end of the road. But he gave me a very good run down of the terror a lot of American Jews live under from their 5th column people.

Sure, it would be nice to see a counter Jewish group in action here. But put that aside for a minute, and look at having James Woolsey, and ex-CIA director, on board the free Pollard train. That is even worse. I have talked to some of the formal Intel community about having to publicly denounce him for it. Not these are not your whistle blower types. But they were not too excited about the idea. Of course I told them that their reputations would be destroyed if they did nothing, but they feel safety in numbers if no one else is.

But on a bright note, Clinton was going to release him but the CIA and FBI threatening mass top resignations. That was are rate moment…but a good example of a tipping point. Clinton did not want to have that as the memory of his going out of office.

That is what I was saying above about timing. You can’t be threatening to resign once a week. There are some cards you play once and you have used up all of your luck. Any of you Vets out there who have been overrun in combat, and survived by playing dead…you have been there. Ask Gordon Duff. He has. It’s not something you want to have to do once a week as the odds don’t work out very well.

Andrew Washer
October 10, 2011 – 9:36 am
Ah yes, James Woolsey, the man who went on TV the day of 911 and said Iraq did it. The man who for years claimed that Iraq blew up the OKC Federal Building. The man who calls himself the “Presbyterian wing of JINSA.” Enough said about that.

Huckabee is the only politician I know that has made Pollard’s release a centerpiece issue, but he looks like he’s off to retire at some Israeli-funded think tank now. Good riddance.

Maybe that’s a better solution – ignore the Jews and isolate their collaborators.

Reply hareli
October 10, 2011 – 10:28 am
October 2, 2011
“”President Obama was considering clemency, but I told him, ‘Over my dead body are we going to let him out before his time,’” Biden said. “If it were up to me, he would stay in jail for life.”

October 5, 2011
“Biden slammed for anti-Pollard comment”
“Biden’s comments upset current and former American officials who have been pushing for Pollard’s release. Former Democratic senator Dennis DeConcini of Arizona, who worked with Biden for years, said he was surprised by what Biden said.”

Syed Zaidi
October 10, 2011 – 11:55 am
Interesting, but hidden since the last election, is that Biden’s father was an Iraqi Jew. Biden had made a big thing of saying you don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist — since his mother was not Jewish, he is not, but that’s not what he was implying. In the first Iraqi election under US auspices he had voted as an overseas Iraqi, showing his grandfather’s Torah as proof of his descent. There were several photos in the CNN story, such as of him showing his finger with the purple stain after voting. It’s pretty significant that Biden is now taking this stand. Shows the VT people are getting somewhere. Readers like me who are not on board with the no-planes, no-thermite-at-WTC, and all the anti-Gadafi stuff, can at least salute this patch of common ground.
October 10, 2011 – 8:58 am
I think creating a safe environment for the intelligence community to spill the beans is totally reasonable. We have a complete break-down of constitutional safeguards because our political class has been vastly comprised by long-going and sophisticated psy-ops. If one side is playing by its own rules (which includes murder and blackmail), then you can’t expect the “good guys” to fight back with field reports and press releases.

Jim W. Dean
October 10, 2011 – 9:48 am
You hit the nail on the head Ralph. The knee jerk, programmed response on proposing something along these lines is that he will endanger the national security via material on operations that would be revealed.

So I have been delicately trying to float around (this has to be done quietly at first) that we desperately need a new paradigm for this ‘attitude’. It’s like have the computer trading model that the FDIC folks were told would protect the banks from any major losses.

Only one guy (computer programmer expert) spoke up against that reasoning…saying that the models the banks were using and the financial trading landscape had changed completely, and the models were outdated. He was voted down of course…and he was proven right. Does anyone know his name? Is he famous now? No. He didn’t even get a footnote.

With our Intel conundrum, the situation is that when the system is completely infiltrated, and those operations are actually hiding behind the ‘national security’ protection screen, as they are planning that situation to be a permanent stay out of jail card for themselves. And the political consequences will be just devastating. You are talking here about committee chairman and even Congressional leaders…before we even get into the White house and the Pentagon.

Your only chance of saving the country at that point is to take that screen away from them and the house of cards will fall down. Sure, some stuff will be revealed…but that damage would be nothing compared to leaving the infiltrators not only in place, buy unmolested and walking around with a aura of invincibility.

The good news is that people get it…they are beginning to understand that it is a necessary trade off. But they still don’t know how to really do it where the crooked insiders could not queer the process and make it all for naught. The new whistle blower legislation is a given…but again, no one sees how that could be done politically. The Pols know where the cross hairs are going to be. And where can you go for a non rigged investigation after 9-11. They have a road map now…no testimony under oath !!! How bout dat???

So that is the good, and the bad news. But if Ralph can see it without having been chasing these guys for five years, it shows that a public that has a head on their shoulders can, also. But we have some major networking to do. And that is what we are trying to to here of course.

Thanks for the better than average comments, fellas. It makes the load feel a bit lighter

Reply rgalton
October 10, 2011 – 9:52 am
What the Tribe have actually done is a big, fat, disease-ridden s**t right in the mouth of America, while all the time wearing a stars and stripes lapel badge and singing the star-spangled banner.

Reply Tomer
October 10, 2011 – 10:05 am
This is not exactly on above subject, however it really shook me up.

An european journalist made the following remark a few days ago:
” Americans must be the stupidest and most coward nation in the world!
Their successive governments send them to be butchered in war after war since about 60 years,
telling them fairy tales that no intelligent person would believe. They give billions to dictators and despots all over the world, yet their own country is in ruins, millions go hungry to bed or sleep under the bridges.
They want to bring democracy to the whole world, yet they do not have it at home, as the recent pictures from NYC prove. Only the police in a dictatorship would go so against their own citizens, as the NYPD does.”

Not word by word, it is my translation, however the meaning is the same. It shows we are losing the last respect we had in Europe, outside the lip service of the politicians, who are known to be liers in any country.

Ken Rechtstein
October 10, 2011 – 7:24 pm
@Tomer, The Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons in Europe are trying the same recepee, the AIPAC-ADL-CAMERA-CAMPUS WATCH use in the USA and, they are succeeding: Bribes and Blackmail, having the support of the most prominent Jews locally, as SAYANIM, to help pervert-subvert the institutions and bully the citizens who show the slightest criticism against the Rogue State of Israel and its progressive take over of EU Intel and Politics. The use Media campaigns and complacent judges for it. It is always the classical accusation-claim for anti-Semite speech or behavior, then they ask to meet the employer to put the pressure on him, with veiled threats to ruin him if he or she does not dismiss the targeted employee.

It’s a MAFIA, strictu sensu, using sophisticated methods to hijack democracy and the politicians everywhere and make them slaves or prostitutes of the Outfit…

Reply Paul V. Sheridan
October 10, 2011 – 10:17 am
“Until now, Germany has kept to a strict code of behavior towards Israel: after the unspeakable crimes committed by the Nazis against the Jews, there could be no criticism of any Israeli act.”

What exactly are you referring to when you say “unspeakable crimes”? What of these (after you answer) were not also committed against others?

And then we’ll get to the unspeakable crimes aspect of 9/11, beginning with these five: Oded Ellner, Omer Marmari, Paul Kurzberg, Sivan Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel.

October 10, 2011 – 10:50 am
And Paul Wolkowitz, Michael Chertoff, Philip Zelikow, Richard Perle, Dov Zakheim, Marc Grossman, Ari Fleischer, Jack Abramoff, Lewis Eisenberg, Daniel Lewin, Larry Silverstein, Rupert Murdoch, Maurice Greenberg, Jules Kroll et al.

October 10, 2011 – 10:53 am

There is a great list here which deserves widest possible circulation and includes virtually all the senior planners and conspirators of 9/11:

Reply JohnZ
October 10, 2011 – 10:53 am
The only unspeakable crime was the lie of the so called 6 million and the extortion racket that has plagued not only America but Europe as well.
Don;t leave out Dov Zahkeim.
The only thing Washington insiders care about is their fat pensions and free medical when they retire on our dollar. Patriotism has nothing to do with it. A government job is a gravy train express to the good life and anybody who threatens to spill the gravy is dead meat. So it is within even the so called security apparatus in D.C. The apparatchiks know what’s good for them, so don’t rock the boat and you’ll live long enough to retire on that nice fat taxpayer paid for pension. patriotic duty is bullshit. Patriotism left Washington D.C long ago.
Chandra Levy and Monica Lewinsky were both jewish prostitutes. Their job was to ensnare Washington politicians like Clinton. D.C is filled with jewish prostitutes doing exactly the same thing. This is how so many congress critters get ensnared and blackmailed. OF course it doesn’t help if you’re caught screwing some 12 year old ( boy or girl).
What sort of witness protection program would it take to get some, if there are any, to reveal the total damage caused by israhell’s extortion, spying and sabotage of elections, The Twin Towers, building 7 and every other act of war committed?
How far are we willing to go?
Obviously at this point in time there are none who care to risk anything in order to expose israhelli complicity.
Not even for the sake of their own countrymen.
For shame!

Reply hareli
October 10, 2011 – 11:18 am
Haim Saban bought a major German broadcasting company (too lazy to google for name) to help get, and keep, Merkel elected.

Then, six months after Stephen Steinlight published this in The Forward (June 2006), Haim Saban bought Univision to convince the people to stay out of the USA. (If you understand Spanish, watch it.)
“Open Borders Threaten Jewish Clout”
Steinlight writes: “Closer to home, massive immigration will obliterate Jewish power by shrinking our percentage of the population — to a fraction of 1% in 20 years. Jews possess political clout despite tiny numbers because we are concentrated in large electoral vote states, have legendary voting rates, donate significantly to both parties and dominant culture. We will retain residual influence due to campaign contributions, membership in institutional establishments and the endurance of our alliances, but the Latino vote will eventually overwhelm us.”
Check who started and maintain most of the most virulent anti-immigration sites, and rile up the uneducated masses. Lou Dobbs was called in to help engineer it, with the help of Steinlight’s CIS (Center for Immigration Studies.) Go on, check it out. (Frosty Wooldridge is another wiling foil for the Internet crowd.)

Israelis put their security products at the Canadian and Mexican border.
Watch Israeli Jeff Halper explain precisely how that is being engineered from about 10 minutes in. The interview is an hour long but you only have to listen to about 10 minutes of it to catch the drift.

The anti-immigration thing—be sure to read Steinlight’s article above—is going to affect the US food supply and destroy the US from within—food dying on the vine because there is no one to pick it, and the high price of transporting what does get harvested, no construction workers—which might be why Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild sold everything in England in the summer of 2007 to start FieldFresh, a startup in India that will grow and export Indian fruits and vegetables for markets in Europe and Asia; other reports say supplying the USA as well when the US food supply dwindles. (What’s that famous quote about controlling the food supply? The Kissinger one?) The second link below is the October 2007 Portfolio article where Lynn Forester de Rothschild is interviewed.

All this happened in the open and Americans fell for it. Take a look at the numbers the states are experiencing from the lack of sales taxes and other other taxes collected from immigrants:

“A Financial Analysis of the Impact to the State Budget and Economy
“This is the first time any state has done a comprehensive financial analysis of the impact of undocumented immigrants on a state’s budget and economy, looking at gross state product, revenues generated, taxes paid and the cost of state services.
“The absence of the estimated 1.4 million undocumented immigrants in Texas in fiscal 2005 would have been a loss to our gross state product of $17.7 billion. Undocumented immigrants produced $1.58 billion in state revenues, which exceeded the $1.16 billion in state services they received. However, local governments bore the burden of $1.44 billion in uncompensated health care costs and local law enforcement costs not paid for by the state.”
— Carole Keeton Strayhorn, Texas Comptroller”

Immigration is now such an emotional issue, but no one looks behind it to see what’s going on.

October 10, 2011 – 12:38 pm
Complete and utter garbage. The Jews have been aggressively pushing for open door immigration policies for decades in white nations, it is one of the key planks of their agenda.

Their power does not come from their voting block, they are far too small in number for that be a source of genuine power. Their control results from their ownership of the media, their control of the banking and legal system, from the activities of the MOSSAD, from their wealth and unity as a group, and from threats, blackmail, bribery and worse.

The fragmentation and disunity of society caused by immigration makes society far easier for them to control, and makes them less visible. It creates tensions between other racial groups which they can use and hide behind.

October 10, 2011 – 2:13 pm
Garbage? Hardly. Witness Geert Wilders and others of their ilk in ‘white nations’. It’s called playing both sides for both economic and political gain. And it is not a monolithic group of Jews doing this. In this country, we have a pile of “Jewish Money,” per Seymour Hersh, involved in politics, and another pile involved in Israeli-based security businesses taking advantage of American fear factors (another treat afforded us from the 1985 Free Trade agreement with Israel: that industry went to Israel instead of staying in the US).

Jim W. Dean
October 10, 2011 – 2:19 pm
Fellas, It would not be the first time to see Lobby groups playing both sides of the fence because they want influence with both factions in other more important areas.

And not all American Jews take domestic political instructions from Tel Aviv. The Repub and Dem Jews are split on a lot of issues, one of those most certainly on illegal immigration, and then immigration itself in terms of the amounts

October 10, 2011 – 3:16 pm
I agree that they play both sides for tactical reasons – and to give the appearance of not being a single Tribe aggressively pursuing tribal interests – but the strategy is straight out of the Protocols playbook.

It’s very hard to think of a major Jewish controlled media outlet which has taken an anti-immigration stance over the past couple of decades.
October 10, 2011 – 4:01 pm
What bunch of bull ….

1. Before we round up the so-called Israeli espionage gang to kick them out, let’s round up all the Islamo-fascists from all the mosques around the U.S. and send them back to where they came from. I have no doubt we have intelligence agents from a lot of countries including friendly countries here and vice-versa.

2. Also, before Israel “apologizes” to Turkey for defending their waters, let’s demand that the Prime Minister of Turkey appears at the United Nations and apologizes to the world and the Armenian people for the genocide that was perpetrated on the Armenians. Four Turks were killed who engaged the Israeli soldiers in altercations. One to two million Armenians were killed or died at the hands of the Turks. Armenians are Christians. I don’t hear anyone rebutting the Prime Minister of Turkey on this subject.

3. It’s amazing how one person can make up all of the points raised in this article and repeat it enough times to make others believe it.

October 10, 2011 – 5:17 pm
Get an education on the subject instead of spreading Zionist Propaganda Garbage.
ALL American / Israeli SAYANIM should be sent back to Israel where they belong But unfortunately The Apartheid State of Israel WOULD HAVE TO BUILD MORE ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS ON STOLEN PALESTINIAN LAND JUST TO MOVE ALL THESE AMERICAN ZIONISTS TRAITORS IN.
Unlike You I SHIRIN I provide Background info and DOCUMENTATION on what I say so to better educate Yourself on the Subject Search on Google the Following Titles : and READ
* Declassified Documents : Massive Israeli manipulation of US Media exposed, Institute for Research on Middle Eastern Policies
ISRAEL IS THE LARGEST CUMULATIVE RECIPIENT OF US AID SINCE WW2 $3.5 BILLION a YEAR (it is in a way on Welfare and NO Muslim country receive as much) $15 Million per DAY, SIX TIMES as much as the U.S spend on famine relief for the entire Planet ….AND IN COMPLETE VIOLATION OF THE LAW. Under the Symington amendment to the 1961 Foreign appropriations bill the U.S IS BANNED FROM SENDING AID TO ANY NATION WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS WHO HAS NOT SIGNED THE NTP (Non Proliferation Treaty)
Beside we have a $14 Billion National Debt, WE Must stop this ridiculous “aid” to Israel and others except for some poor countries ISAREL IS A ROTHSCHILD “pet Project” they should get NOTHING.
Arab Nations have never been a match for the U.S supplied Israel WAR MACHINE, and the irony of the “law of return” is that the MAJORITY OF TODAY’S “JEWS” HAVE NO DIRECT ANCESTRAL LINK TO THE JEWS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT , THEY ARE DESCENDED FROM KHAZARS.
Our U.S. Congress and White house is completely rotten by the influence of the U.S Israeli Lobby like AIPAC which is in VIOLATION OF US LAW :The FOREIGN AGENT REGISTRATION ACT, Its founder Si Kenen did register with the US Department of Justice under the Foreign Agent Registration Act as an employee of the American Zionist committee for public affair.
We will know from where the next false flag attack on the US blamed on Iran or others WILL COME FROM.

October 10, 2011 – 8:52 pm
WELL PUT! Fortunately, liars and propagandists like “Shirin” are easy to spot. The Holocaust Industry is so obvious any four year old is onto their game. You’re gonna have to do a LOT better, Mr. Zionist tool if you want to fool anyone smarter than used diapers. But feel free to try. The more you lie, the more we see what you really are.

Reply REY
October 10, 2011 – 4:14 pm
QUOTE FROM Isser Harel Founder of the MOSSAD, on September 23, 1979, to Michael D.Evan :
Terrorism will come to America, the attack will take place in New York and it will be on it’s tallest building, Harel was behind the failed LAVON AFFAIR of 1954 in which Egyptian – Israeli agents placed bombs inside British & American targets, hoping Muslim groups would be blamed.
QUOTE FROM David Ben Gourion : If I were an Arab leader. I would never sign an agreement with Israel.
We have taken their country,it is true God promise it to us but how could that interest them ? Our God is not theirs.There has been anti semitism, the Nazis, Hitler,Auschwitz,but was that their fault ? They see but one thing : We have stolen their country, why would they accept that ? (Nahum Goldman, The Jewish paradox p 121)

October 10, 2011 – 4:33 pm

It’s unfortunate that some people on this blog take quotes out of context and post it to prove their own point.

I cannot decipher the first quote. But in the second quote from Ben Gurion, he is DEFINITELY telling us the thinking of an Arab. This is not his own opinion. He is looking at the perception of the Arabs of the area of the situation.

Further, if in fact, he had said “If I were an Arab leader…………… We have taken their country,” he would totally wrong. There was no country belonging to any Arabs. The lands were taken from the Ottomans by the British. The British, divided the land in a way that would benefit them the most because they needed the Arab oil and had benefited from the Arab help in the war. They gave Trans-Jordan to the Hashemite family of Saudi Arabia (the cousins of the King).

The British themselves were still there, where Israel is today. When the strip of land was given to Israel, all the Moslem religious fanatics went up in arms….. The rest is history. If Jordan had not invaded Israel, the West Bank would not have been lost to the Israelis. King Hussein invaded Israel despite being informed by the Israelis of several attempts on his life and on his father’s life when he was king.

October 10, 2011 – 5:43 pm
The LARGEST Jewish community in the Middle East , beside Israel is in IRAN, so people can anybody explain to me WHY Israel would love to Nuke Iran and is “lobbying” (bribing) our Congress and White House to Bomb Iran …in the name of “preventing” Ahmadinejad to get a NUKE in 3 years from now ? ( HE HAS NO CENTRAL BANK SYSTEM ROTHSCHILD STYLE & A LOT OF OIL). While Pakistan has 60 Nuclear missiles for the past 10 Years.

Reply Jim W. Dean
October 10, 2011 – 6:36 pm
Shirin, You are in over your head here. We have had Zio shills here for ages, they come and they go, as they are always spotted. Some lay back, play it cool…and then trot out their stuff. Some can’t wait, like you. A nice fake name though.

We have picked up from our Intel sources that Israel has put the hasbaras to work on Turkey, but they use the same old stuff as part of the diversion…like we don’t have any memories. And they are still in the time warp of the old faxed ‘talking points for today’ tactics. It’s very easy with Google now and key work and phrase searching to do basic counter intelligence pattern analysis. We have people on the email receiving list dude. We even get all of Abe Foxman’s stuff.

We have asked Israeli spooks why the goof. They say it is not a goof. The propaganda is for the stupid folks. The smart folks?…”they already know…you can’t fool them…so you just write them off.”

The American declassified Intel, mountains of it, debunks the whole Zio mythology, even before we get into the Israeli historians, who also do a good job.

And the classified stuff? It is just terrible. When that comes out, heads are going to roll. It’s going to be like the French Revolution days.

Please pass this message on to your controller. “The Armenian event from the past does not provide any cover for Zionist crimes against humanity. The Jews that participated in the Soviet holocausting, that is not on Israel’s tab, other than those given sanctuary there.

To Israeli’s eternal shame, they even took in the camp kapos, because they were brutal and good killers. Jews that murdered their own people are still pensioners in Israel as ‘holocaust survivors’. That kind of throws a wet towel on your phony morality lecture Sirin, or whatever your name is.

Reply REY
October 10, 2011 – 5:27 pm

Reply JohnZ
October 10, 2011 – 5:52 pm
Be careful…Shirin is a zionist troll. Sent to invade and disrupt VT. It’s best to simply ignore this person.
Another attempt by the zionist-jew infiltration and disruption technique.
Nice try Shirin, but you will get nowhere here. We are on to you and your zionazi masters.


2 responses to “Israel Spits in America’s Face – Again

  1. Country after Country- why?

    Written by an American security officer ww2 unnecessary war

    The date was January 30, 1933, five weeks before Franklin Roosevelt’s first inauguration as President of the United States; but it was only after the aged President von Hindenburg’s death (on August 2) that Hitler was made both President and Chancellor (August 19th). Differences between the rulers of the United States and Germany developed quickly. Hitler issued a series of tirades against Communism, which he considered a world menace, whereas Roosevelt injected life into the sinking body of world Communism (Chapter III, above) by giving full diplomatic recognition to Soviet Russia on November 16, 1933, a day destined to be known as “American-Soviet Friendship Day” by official proclamation of the State of New York.

    Sharing the world spotlight with his anti-Communist words and acts, was Hitler’s domestic policy, which in its early stages nay be epitomized as “Germany for the Germans,” of whom in 1933 there were some 62,000,000. Hitler’s opponents, more especially those of non-German stock (510,000 in 1933 according to the World Almanac, 1939), were unwilling to lose by compromise any of their position of financial and other power acquired in large degree during the economic collapse of 1923, and appealed for help to persons of prominence in the city of New York and elsewhere. Their appeal was not in vain.

    In late July, 1933, an International Jewish Boycott Conference (New York Times, August 7, 1933) was held in Amsterdam to devise means of bringing Germany to terms. Samuel Untermeyer of New York presided over the Boycott Conference and was elected President of the World Jewish Economic Federation. Returning to America, Mr. Untermeyer described the planned Jewish move against Germany as a “holy war . . . a war that must be waged unremittingly” (speech over WABC, as printed in New York Times of August 7, 1933). The immediately feasible tactic of the “economic boycott” was described by Mr. Untermeyer as of the “economic boycott” was described by Mr. Untermeyer as “nothing new,” for “President Roosevelt, whose wise statesmanship and vision are the wonder of the civilized world, is invoking it in furtherance of his noble conception of the relations between capital and labor.” Mr. Untermeyer gave his hearers and readers specific instructions:

    It is not sufficient that you buy no goods made in Germany. You must refuse to deal with any merchant or shopkeeper who sells any German made goods or who patronizes German ships and shipping.

    Before the Boycott Conference adjourned at Amsterdam, arrangement was made to extend the boycott to “include France, Holland, Belgium, Britain, Poland and Czechoslovakia and other lands as far flung as Finland and Egypt” (New York Times, August 1, 1933). In connection with the boycott, the steady anti-German campaign, which had never died down in America after World War I, became suddenly violent. Germany was denounced in several influential New York papers and by radio.

    The public became dazed by the propaganda, and the U.S. Government soon placed on German imports the so-called “general” tariff rates as against the “most favored” status for all other nations. This slowed down but did not stop the German manufacture of export goods, and the U.S. took a further step, described as follows in the New York Times (June 5, 1936): “Already Germany is paying general tariff rates because she has been removed by Secretary of State Cordell Hull from the most favored nation list . . . Now she will be required to pay additional duties . . . it was decided that they would range from about 22 to 56 per cent.” There were protests. According to the New York Times (July 12, 1936): “importers and others interested in trade with Germany insisted yesterday that commerce between the two countries will dwindle to the vanishing point within the next six months.” The prediction was correct.

    An effort of certain anti-German international financial interests was also made to “call” sufficient German treasury notes to “break” Germany. The German government replied successfully to this maneuver by giving a substantial bonus above the current exchange rate for foreigners who would come to Germany, exchange their currency for marks, and spend the marks in Germany. Great preparations were made for welcoming strangers to such gatherings as the “World Conference on Recreation and Leisure Time” (Hamburg, August, 1936), one of whose programs, a historic pageant on the Auszen-Alster, was attended by the author (who was visiting northern European museums and coastal areas in the interest of his historical novel, Swords in the Dawn). Special trains brought in school children from as far as northern Norway. Whether from sincerity or from a desire to create a good impression, visitors were shown every courtesy. As a result of the German effort and the money bonus afforded by the favorable exchange, retired people, pensioners, and tourists spent enough funds in the Reich to keep the mark stable.

    But this German financial victory in 1936, though it prevented an immediate currency collapse, did not solve the problem of 62,000,000 people (69,000,000 by 1939) in an area approximately the size of Texas being effectively denied export trade.

    Through Secretary of State Cordell Hull and other officials President Roosevelt sponsored Mr. Untermeyer’s economic war against Germany, but he still adhered, in his public utterances, to a policy of non-intervention in the internal affairs of foreign nations. In two speeches in the summer of 1937 he voiced “our entanglements” (American Foreign Policy in the Making, 1932 – 1940, by Charles A. Beard, Yale University Press, 1946, p. 183).

    Some sinister underground deal must have been consummated within two months, however, for in a speech in Chicago on October 5th the President made an about-face, which was probably the most complete in the whole history of American foreign policy. Here are two excerpts from the famous “Quarantine” speech:

    Let no one imagine that America will escape, that America may expect mercy, that this Western Hemisphere will not be attacked! . . .

    When an epidemic of physical disease starts to spread, the community approves and joins in a quarantine of the patients in order to protect the health of the community against the spread of the disease.

    This pronouncement, so inflammatory, so provocative of war, caused unprecedented consternation in the United States (see Beard, op. cit., pp. 186 ff.). Most outspoken in opposition to the “quarantine” policy was the Chicago Tribune. Violently enthusiastic was the New Masses, and Mr. Earl Browder promised the administration the “100 percent unconditional support of the Communist party” provided Roosevelt adopted a hands-off policy toward Communism. Incidentally, this Democratic-Communist collaboration was openly or covertly to be a factor in subsequent United States foreign and domestic policy to and beyond the middle of the twentieth century. “I welcome the support of Earl Browder or any one else who will help keep President Roosevelt in office,” said Harry S. Truman, candidate for Vice President, on October 17, 1944 (National Republic, May, 1951, p. 8).

    Far more numerous than denouncers or endorsers of the “quarantine” speech of 1937 were those who called for clarification. This, however, was not vouchsafed — nor was it, apart from possible details of method and time, really necessary. It was perfectly obvious that the President referred to Japan and Germany. With the latter country we had already declared that “no quarter” economic war recommended by the President of the World Jewish Economic Federation, and now in unquestionably hostile terms our President declared a political war. In his diary, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal recorded that he was told by Joseph P. Kennedy, our Ambassador to Britain, that Prime Minister Chamberlain “stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war” (The Forrestal Diaries, ed. by Walter Millis, The Viking Press, New York, 1951, pp. 121-122).

    Censorship, governmental and other (Chapter V), was tight in America by 1937. It had blocked out the reasons for Mr. Roosevelt’s public change of policy between summer and autumn, and it blacked out the fact that the President’s threatening attitude caused Germany to make, and make a second time, an appeal for peace. These appeals did not become known to the American public for more than ten years. Here is the story, summarized from an article by Bertram D. Hulen in the New York Times of December 17, 1948:

    In 1937 and again in 1938 the German government made “a sincere effort to improve relations with the United States, only to be rebuffed.” The U.S. Government’s alleged reason was “a fear of domestic political reactions in this country unfavorable to the Administration.” Germany was told that the American public would not tolerate a conference. Some officials favored exploring the German offer “after the congressional elections in the fall” (1938). The sequel, of course, is that the Roosevelt administration blocked Germany’s further efforts for peace by withdrawing our ambassador from Berlin and thus peremptorily preventing future negotiations. Germany then had to recall her Ambassador “who was personally friendly toward Americans” and, according to the New York Times, “was known in diplomatic circles here at the time to be working for international understanding in a spirit of good will.” Here, to repeat for emphasis, is the crux of the matter: The whole story of Germany’s appeal for negotiations and our curt refusal and severance of diplomatic relations was not published in 1937 or 1938, when Germany made her appeals, but was withheld from the public until ferreted out by the House Committee on Un-American Activities after World War II and by that committee released to the press more than ten years after the facts were so criminally suppressed. Parenthetically, it is because of services such as this on behalf of truth that the Committee on Un-American Activities has been so frequently maligned . In fact, in our country since the 1930’s there seems little question that the best criterion for separating true Americans from others is a recorded attitude toward the famous Martin Dies Committee.

    Economically strangled by an international boycott headed up in New York, and outlawed politically even to the extent of being denied a conference, the Germans in the late 1930’s faced the alternatives of mass unemployment from loss of world trade or working in government-sponsored projects. They accepted the latter. The workers who lost their jobs in export businesses were at once employed in Hitler’s armament industries (see the special edition of the Illustrierte Zeitung for November 25, 1936), which were already more than ample for the size and resources of the country, and soon became colossal.

    Thus by desperate measures, advertised to the world in the phrase “guns instead of butter,” Hitler prepared to cope with what he considered to be the British-French-American-Soviet “encirclement.” Stung by what he considered President Roosevelt’s insulting language and maddened by the contemptuous rejection of his diplomatic approaches to the United States, he made a deal (August, 1939) against Poland with the Soviet Union, a power he had taught the German people to fear and hate! With the inevitability of a Sophoclean tragedy, this betrayal of his own conscience brought him to ruin — and Germany with him. Such is the danger which lurks for a people when they confide their destiny to the whims of a dictator!

    The war which resulted from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s policy is well remembered, especially by those American families whose sons lie beneath white crosses – at home or afar. Its pre-shooting phase, with all the weavings back and forth, is analyzed in Professor Beard’s volume, already referred to. Its causes are the subject of Frederick R. Sanborn’s Design for War (Devin-Adair, New York, 1951). Its progress is surveyed in William Henry Chamberlin’s America’s Second Crusade (Henry Regnery Company, Chicago, 1950). Details cannot be here presented.

    This much, however, is evident. With some secret facts now revealed and with the foul picture now nearing completion, we can no longer wonder at a clean trustful young soldier or an honorable general being unable to give a satisfactory reason for our part in promoting and participating in World War II.

    As the “unnecessary war” progressed, we adopted an increasingly horrible policy. Our government’s fawning embrace of the Communist dictator of Russia, and his brutal philosophy which we called “democratic,” was the most “unnecessary” act of our whole national history, and could have been motivated only by the most reprehensible political considerations – such, for instance, as holding the 100 percent Communist support at a price proposed by Mr. Browder. Among those who learned the truth and remained silent, with terrible consequences to himself and his country, was James V. Forrestal. In an article, “The Forrestal Diaries,” Life reveals (October 15, 1951) that in 1944 Forrestal wrote thus to a friend about the “liberals”

  2. oct 10th 2011

    Gilad Atzmon: Supremacism Revisited

    A few days ago I compared two critiques of my new book ‘The Wandering Who”. One was by rabid Zionist Mark Gardner and the other by American academic Kevin MacDonald. I called my piece ‘Supremacists on The Wandering Who’.

    In my article I labeled Gardner as a ‘Jewish Supremacist’ and MacDonald as a ‘White Supremacist’. However, since the publication of my column it has been pointed out by a few readers that I may have been insufficiently careful in the way I attributed supremacism to Kevin MacDonald.

    The definition of supremacism is actually pretty straightforward. It is the belief that a particular race, species, ethnic group, religion, gender, sexual orientation, belief system or culture is superior to others, and thus entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not.

    What is clear beyond any doubt is that such a definition fits Zionist ideology, discourse or practice like a glove. Zionism is driven by the belief that Jewish people are entitled to dominate, control and rule their supposed ‘promised land’ at the expense of its indigenous population i.e. the Palestinians. But is this only true of Zionism? Is not any Jewish ‘progressive’ discourse, driven by tribal and racial inclinations towards segregation and determined to enforce on others how their struggle must be conducted, is not this also fundamentally supremacist?

    My point is actually very simple and, also it seems, devastating. I believe that every single Jewish political discourse is chauvinist to the bone and is either already supremacist or on the verge of becoming supremacist.

    But what about Kevin MacDonald? Is he a White Supremacist? Well, now I‘m not so sure. He’s certainly concerned with his white heritage and, like many Jews, he is also concerned with his genetic pool. MacDonald’s world view is clearly shaped by biological determinism and this is something I am very uncomfortable with. Yet, does he insist upon privilege? Does he seek to ‘dominate’, ‘control’ or ‘rule’ other non-white people? I’m not so sure, but I’m certainly going to look into it and it may take some time. But I will come with an answer.


    I also asked myself, why did I label MacDonald as a White Supremacist without really elaborating on the topic or explaining myself? My answer is slightly embarrassing. For quite a while, I’ve seen the ‘White Supremacist’ tag attached to MacDonald and to so many other people, and at some point I must have let my guard down and allowed this highly charged terminology to infiltrate my vocabulary. I didn’t even notice the glaring fact that those who have bombarded us with this inflammatory label are themselves the ultimate supremacists – ADL, Zionists and even some Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists.

    It’s now clear to me why Jewish ethnic leaders toss around the ‘White Supremacist’ label. It is there to divert attention from the true depth of their own Jewish Supremacism, an ideological tendency deeply embedded in every form of Jewish identity politics. For every Jewish political collective is a ‘Jews only’ exclusive club concerned primarily with Jewish particular interests.

    It is more than likely that what we have here is a clear case of projection.

    Projection is basically a psychological defense mechanism whereby one ‘projects’ one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else. It seems likely that many amongst those who attribute supremacism to others are themselves supremacists. I will obviously have to look into my own psyche and find out why, on this occasion, I tossed around the supremacist tag. I guess that my escape from Jewishness is not yet complete and from time to time I follow my tribal instinct. In retrospect, this is, indeed, a matter for regret.


    I ended my piece last week by quoting some beautiful lines by Indian Guru Satya Sai Baba suggesting that they depict fairly my thoughts about race, ethnicity and origin:

    “There is only one RACE

    The race of humankind

    There is only one religion

    The religion of LOVE

    There is only ONE language

    the language of the HEART”

    (Sri Satya Sai Baba)

    May I now add just a few words of my own? Though I agree with Sai Baba that there is only one race, the race of humankind, I also contend that we are also very different from each other, and that this differentiation is actually precious and it is this diversity that makes life meaningful.

    I would love to see all people maintain their culture and heritage but certainly not at the expense of others. Let me be precise. As far as I am concerned, it is totally kosher for an orthodox Jew to celebrate his or her heritage in his or her environment. However, a ‘progressive’ Jew opposing the burka in the name of ‘women rights’ may as well be regarded as ‘kosher’ by some but as far as I am concerned, it is also nothing less than sheer supremacism.

    You can now order the book on or

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