The nature of Zionism




Leyba Davidovich Trotsky, whose real name was David Bronstein, said: “We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one.

“We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars quake and pale by comparison. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall became a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence… At the moment, our young men in their leather jackets, who are the sons of watchmakers from Odessa, Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa, know how to hate everything Russian! What pleasure they take in physically destroying the Russian intelligentsia – officers, academics and writers!…”

Taken from the “Memoirs” of Aron Simanovich, a jeweller at the court of the Tsar’s Imperial Majesty.

From the newspaper “Russkoye slovo”, No. 1.



Zionism! How much meaning there lies within this one word! Pain and hatred, power and craftiness, refinement and cruelty, hope and self-importance, arrogance and contempt, good organization and stability.

What is Zionism? And why does it give rise to such contradictory emotions, depending on whether the person is a Zionist or, because he is subjected to the effects of Zionism, knows what it is like to experience it and thus has some understanding of what it consists of? Let us try to look into these questions.

Let us state at the outset that, in using the term “Zionism”, we are referring not merely to the political tendency which officially took shape at the end of the 19th century, but also to the ideology upon which that tendency is based and which existed long before the founders of modern Zionism (Hess in 1862, Pinsker in 1882, Herzl in 1896, Ahad Ha-‘Am in 1902, Jabotinsky in 1906) published their views in the press. This ideology has led to Zionism being practised through the centuries and is still menacingly active today. Today there is no end to this activity in sight.

The foundations of Zionism were formulated in ancient times, some three thousand years ago, and they are:

1. The Jews are God’s chosen people.

2. All other peoples are merely two-legged animals (goys).

3. The Jews have both the right and the obligation to rule the world.

The second and third points of this three-in-one formula actually follow from the first. The formula, which was the brainchild of an undoubtedly talented politician, was among the foundations of the religion of Judaism (see the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament). At that time people understood very well that if one is to lend force to one’s intentions, one must express them as religious ideas. And one must also strengthen not only the religion but also its influence on people.

Another reason why this villainous formula is a stroke of genius is that, irrespective of religion, it is a most powerful way of influencing a person who believes that he belongs to the Jewish people. The only point is that if – as has been possible in recent times – he does not believe in religion, then the words “God’s chosen people” are replaced by “the people chosen by nature” or simply by “the chosen people”. This is because nationalism forms the basis of this formula. And if someone’s opinions have not yet become firmly fixed, it is so easy, merely by a little application, to convince him that he is a member of what, in terms of intelligence, talent, audacity, etc., is the best of all nations, and that no other nation is fit to hold a candle to that one nation. In recent times, this task of persuasion has even been accomplished with people whose opinions had previously become firmly fixed in another direction.

We are not going to refute this formula: it is impossible to persuade Zionists to change their views, because this formula was instilled into them in early childhood, and the Gentile nations do not of course agree with the idea that they are two-legged animals, even if they have been led to believe that the Jews are the “chosen” people and have the ability and the right to rule the world. The only people who need a refutation of this formula are those who regard themselves as Jews but are at the same time not convinced Zionists. But we do hope that the observations that follow will be useful to such people too. As we shall show below, there do not appear to be very many such people – however unfortunate that fact may be.

Another point is that the power of this formula lies in that it legitimizes and sanctifies the idea of robbing other nations. Why need we care about two-legged animals? If we are the chosen people and it is our inalienable right, and even our duty, to rule other peoples, then God himself ordered us to grow rich at their expense, as the saying goes. In this way nationalism is placed on a material basis. Rob and rule! Rule and rob! Money and power! From the time the above-mentioned formula begins to operate, this becomes both a means and an end, but it nevertheless also becomes a more important means, a means for attaining the main objective contained in the third item of the formula: the Jews must have, and will have, undivided, absolute power over the whole world. The only point is that the money and the power, but particularly the power, will be achieved soundlessly, without attracting attention, and without occupying the leading rôles until the very end.


It appears fantastic that anyone should have possessed the audacity to originate the plan of achieving, with the use of such a small force, a goal which has so far been achieved by no one, namely power over the world. It seems impossible firstly to calculate the strategy and tactics of the task of achieving this goal, secondly to ensure the steadiness of the movement, and thirdly to preserve the organizational integrity of those striving to accomplish the plan. After all, there were still centuries to come!

Of course, the audacity involved is colossal. But, firstly, although the originator of the plan did not hope to achieve the objective rapidly, he hardly supposed that its accomplishment would be so long delayed. Secondly, the methodical principle used in pursuing the plan is practically unfailing: it consists in operating very imperceptibly and from within. Thirdly, proper consideration was given to organizational questions relating to integrity, loyalty, and the ways and means of carrying on the movement. Fourthly, the three-in-one formula provided the basis for self-development in moving towards the objective. Fifthly, it should be acknowledged that the Jewish people at that time, who were the initial material (for that is how the originator of the plan regarded them), were rather well chosen for this task and, after being suitably worked on, actually proved capable of moving purposefully towards the goal.

Movement towards this objective then began. It brought untold disasters not only to the Jewish people itself, but to all the nations of the world. Every time the Zionists, with their strong hand, reached for the throat of a nation, that nation resisted this and responded with extreme measures. The Jewish people suffered as a result.

This first occurred long ago in Egypt. Moses almost took Egypt captive from within. He and his Zionist assistants exercised an extraordinarily strong influence. But the Pharaoh realized this, saw that the Jews were clearly soon going to seize power and decided to exterminate this nation. Moses’ agents reported this to him, and he led the Jews out of Egypt. This time, the matter was concluded by merely exiling them, even though it was ostensibly a voluntary exile. (The formal aspects of this event are described in the Bible. And that description very much resembles the truth. At least, the behaviour of the Zionists and the response they received very much resemble what was to take place more than once in the succeeding centuries.)

The Zionists succeeded in turning their first failure into a success. They were to make this procedure a rule of theirs. Having arrived in Palestine, they slaughtered the nation living there and founded the kingdom of Israel-Judaea. But they did not cease their Zionist expansion, but increased it. From that time on all the neighbouring countries began to feel the effects of Zionist penetration and although, formally speaking, they were free and great powers, they came under the power of the financial capitalism of the Zionists. They were ensnared and suffocated by the strong tentacles of the money octopus, and were permeated by the network of the Zionist secret service, which was pro-Zionist in inclination, and also by the local secret service which the Zionists had captured for themselves. That secret service attained colossal influence in the particular country, and its activities aroused hatred among that country’s population, and finally even among its rulers. It was then that pogroms took place.

Egypt was to find the Zionists intolerable once again. It was at that time, in 928 BC, that the Egyptian troops destroyed the country and the kingdom of Israel-Judaea was divided into two: Israel and Judaea. Assyria did the same, destroying the kingdom of Israel in 722 BC, and Babylon destroyed Judaea in 586 BC. Judaea, re-established in 122 BC, was finally destroyed by Rome in the first century AD. The Zionists’ attempts to crush the great powers of antiquity were not crowned with success. But not only did they not abandon their goal, but they also found a way of approaching it in a way which, although less rapid, was more consistent, expansive and realistic, and lay in subjecting the “main” country to their will and, through that country, ruling the world. From that time on the whole world became subjected to the plan of expansion and penetration from within. However, the old method of trying to crush an individual country still continued for centuries and, on each occasion, ended in a great massacre of Jews, and frequently in the expulsion of those who survived. This occurred in Italy in 855, in England in 1290, in France under Philip the Fair, in Spain in 1492, and on other occasions, and in the twentieth century it occurred in Germany from 1932-1945 and in Russia from 1937-1938. However, Germany was an isolated phenomenon, because here there had not merely been the usual Zionist penetration from within before the pogroms took place, but the Zionists also faced competition from a new aspirant for world domination, namely German fascism. And each time it was, in the final analysis, the Jewish nation who suffered. But this was of no concern to Zionists. The gold which they had previously managed to extort from the respective countries was the weapon they employed for their further expansion. They had already succeeded in moving it out of the countries in question and putting it by for further use. Revenge was taken on them, but they also had their successes – if the innumerable calamities which they caused to other nations can be described as successes.


The history of the world must be rewritten so as to give account of the guiding, imperious influence which Zionism has had upon countries, peoples and events. Unfortunately, the noiseless work of Zionism has gone largely unnoticed by historians, or rather it appears to have been inevitable that it should go unnoticed, as it is not customary to leave for posterity any documents relating to this matter. If any works containing any hints in that regard did appear, they were promptly removed from circulation (see the section in the text below on how Zionists deal with publications). Zionists have at all times endeavoured to organize situations, or at least to involve themselves in situations, from which they would be able to derive important material benefits. One example of such situations was wars, especially conquests. Apart from carrying out one task or another relating to re-drawing the maps of countries and of nations and shaping the world to move it in a direction favourable to the attainment of the Zionist goal, a quite narrow and specific interest was also being pursued: that of gold. The war booty gained by the conquerors, and the sums in interest derived from financing one measure or another, finally fell to the benefit of the Zionists; at any rate, they always found a way of grabbing a large sum of money for themselves.

Let us point out just a few elements of their work of guidance. Using the method of egging the rulers on, described below, they organized: the “unifying” operations which Philip of Macedonia performed for Greece; the conquests of Alexander the Great; the Huns’ campaign against Europe; the defeat of Rome by the Ostrogoths and Vandals (here they were repaying Rome for its annihilation of Judaea); the invasions of Genghis Khan, Bati and Tamerlane; the conquests of Mexico and Peru; etc. Some people take the view that they had a hand in Hitler’s conquests, however paradoxical this might appear, and however blasphemous these activities of the Zionists might be towards the Jewish nation. These conquests caused countless disasters and suffering to people. Entire nations disappeared from the face of the earth. Other nations were thrown back by many centuries in their development and became immeasurably weakened. But people’s sufferings, and the life and development of nations and cultures, were of no consequence to Zionists. Their plans and activities were determined by gold and by progress towards the Zionist aim of dominating the world.

The Zionists have, in the name of that aim, organized such a great number of other large and small wars, conspiracies, oustings of governments, coups, revolutions, and other large-scale measures. The Zionists owe an immeasurable debt of blood to every nation in the world.


Russia, too, did not escape the attention of the Zionists. The Kaganate, the state which was located on the south-eastern borders of Russia and was ruled by the Khazar tribe, was Jewish in its religious makeup and pursued the usual Zionist policies towards Russia. Russia, following the example previously set by other states in their treatment of Zionists, was finally unable to endure this, and Svyatoslav annihilated the Khazars in 969 AD. But the Zionists remained unpacified and, in 1175, organized a conspiracy which included the killing of Prince Andrey Bogolyubskiy. All the Jews were slaughtered in response to this and the Russian princes, meeting at an assembly, resolved no longer to admit Jews to Russia. There were no more Zionists in Russia until the time of Catherine the Great. To be more precise, there were almost no Zionists, because they managed to penetrate with the aid of Freemasonry, which is in the vanguard of Zionism and is one of its tentacles, and also with the aid of intermarriage, more details on which will be found below. Specifically, some people hold the view that Boris Godunov was a Zionist. Keeping himself in the background as Zionists always do, he noiselessly organized the slaughter of the nobility and seized power as a result.

Once, when the part of the Ukraine on the left bank of the river Dnepr was joined to Russia, the Zionists had a chance of attacking Russia, but the Cossacks slaughtered them to a man. (They later tried to revenge themselves on the Cossacks by issuing the decree of 1919 on the extermination of the Cossacks.) The Polish landowners sold to the Jews the right to make use of their lands with all that they contained by way of humans and animals. The lessees of the land, by paying the landowner the sum laid down in the agreement, extorted from the Ukrainians a considerably larger amount – for themselves. The extent of the oppression was incredible. During the uprising of Bogdan Khmelnitskiy, all the Jews, along with the Poles and Polish Christian priests, were slaughtered in the cruellest fashion. Once again, the Jewish people suffered for the sins of the Zionists.

In 1764, the Polish king Kazimir dissolved the Zionist representative assembly known as the Sejm. For six hundred years prior to this, Poland had served as a refuge for the Jews and given them land and freedom. They even had their own Sejm and their own courts of law. As stated above, Poland allowed the Jews to fleece their subordinates. And what did the Jews pay to Poland in return for this? The Zionists organized the partitionings of Poland. As a result of the three partitionings, in 1772, 1776 and 1796, a considerable part of Poland, and half a million Jews into the bargain, fell to Russia. The law on not allowing Jews into Russia was broken without any prior arrangement. Can Catherine the Great have thought that matters would end in this way when reaching her agreement with the Zionists’ envoys on the partitionings of Poland? Taking fright at what she had done, Catherine then restricted the settlement of Jews in Russia to the Pale of Settlement, but with reservations and exceptions. Merchants of the first and second

Published – in Russian – in Moscow, 1993
Translated into English – for Radio Islam – by Clive Lindhurst.



•Preface – By means of terror

•The Foundations of Zionism

•The Path Towards Achieving Power Over the World

•The Directors of Chaos

•How Zionism Penetrated into Russia

•How the Zionist Revolution Was Prepared

•The Zionists’ Activities in Russia

•Stalin and Zionism

•The Chief Power of Zionism

•The Tactics of Zionism

•How Zionism Can Be Defeated

•Zionism’s Ideology: Judaism

•The Tactics of Operating on the Sly

•Information is the Holy of Holies

•Zionist Methods

•The Zionists’ “Cultural” Activities

•The Kahal: Basis of the Organizational Structure

•The End Justifies the Means

•Money is Power


•Antisemitism: Zionism’s Weapon

◦The Catechism of the Jew in the Former Soviet Union

◦What We Do Not Like About the Zionists

◦Peter the Great and His Daughter on the Jews

◦The Jewish Question



More information – about Zionism´s Judaism – from (a Jew), professor Israel Shahak




CriminalZionists on 26 Jun 2010

We are under seditious seige from within.

Having been infiltrated by agents of Darkness many Western Governments now do actually contain hasbara Sayanim agents of the Zionist Global Criminal Network.

These well hidden criminals often appear in public disguised as Politicians, Ceo’s and leaders of our communities in Western Countries, and local members pretending to “care” for its local community.

However the true agenda they are really serving is the Protocols of Sion in an agenda of insidious global domination. Time to wake up to the zionist Criminal ZOG network.

News & Politics


One response to “The nature of Zionism

  1. Finally, the New York Times, which may be described as the world’s leading Jewish newspaper (it is Jewish-owned and
    New York is today primarily a Jewish city) in 1948 published what claimed to be an authoritative statistical article, computing the Jewish population of the world (three years after the war’s end) between 15,700,000 and 18,600,000. If either figure was near truth this meant that the Jewish world-population had remained stationary or increased during the war years.

    Newspaper articles are soon forgotten (unless some diligent student preserves them) but the great propagandist fabrications are handed on. Thus the historians, those men of precision in other questions, passed on the legend of “mass-extermination” to posterity. At the war’s end Professor Arnold J. Toynbee was producing his monumental Study of History and in its eighth volume (1954) said that “the Nazis … reduced the Jewish population of Continental Europe, west of the Soviet Union, from about 6,5 million to about l,5 million by a process of mass-extermination.” He called this “a bare statistical statement” and then added a footnote showing that it was not a statistical statement: “it is not possible to give exact figures based on accurate statistics and it


    seemed improbable in 1952 that the necessary information would ever be obtainable.” Professor Toynbee explains that his figure was based on Jewish “calculations, in which there were several possible sources of error.” He concludes that “it might be estimated” that five million Continental Jews had been done to death by the Nazis.

    The estimate is historically valueless. The starting-point for consideration of this question is the fact that six million Jews, or anything approaching that number, cannot possibly have been “done to death” or caused to “perish,” for the reasons given at the start of this discussion; the very assertion, made before the Nuremberg court, was an affront to their 825,000 fighting-men, sailors and civilians, killed in all theatres of war, of which only the Western politicians of this century would have been capable.

    The number of Jews who were killed or perished will never be known, for the reasons already stated and partly discovered by Professor Toynbee in his footnote to history. The very term “Jew” is indefinable; Jews are often not isolated in statistics; and at no time can the number of living Jews in the world be ascertained with any approach to accuracy. Indeed, any attempt to reach statistical clarity through census or immigration data is attacked as “discrimination” and “anti-semitism.” For instance:

    “Immigrants seeking to settle in Australia will from now on not be asked on application forms if they are Jewish, it was made known in Sydney by the executive committee of Australian Jewry, which protested against this practice to the immigration authorities” (the Jewish Times, Johannesburg). In England, “it is impossible, in the absence of official statistics, to do more than make an intelligent guess … the exact number of Jews in Britain remains a mystery” (the Zionist Record, Johannesburg). In America, President Roosevelt was brought under unremitting pressure to abolish the requirement to state “Jewish” on immigration forms, and in 1952 a major campaign was waged by the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee against the McCarran-Walter Act because it sought to restore this requirement. This act was in the event passed over President Truman’s veto, but even a rigorous application of the reinstated requirement would not lead to clarification, as applicants, if they wish, may insert “British” or any similar description, instead of “Jewish.”



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