AIPAC’s Ugly Agenda

AIPAC’s Ugly Agenda

By Stephen Lendman

AIPAC is an unregistered foreign agent representing Israel. Edward Said once called it “the most powerful and feared lobby in Washington.”

Calling itself “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby,” it’s represented Israeli interests since founded in 1953. In 1963, it was incorporated as a division of the American Zionist Council (AZC), its precursor.

For decades, it’s been very successful subverting opposition to Israel’s agenda. Virtually no one in Congress confronts it. Doing so would be a career-ender.

Notably, it’s had virtual veto power over war and peace, trade and investment, multi-billion dollar arms sales, enormous handouts to Israel, and all Middle East policies affecting the Jewish state under Democrat and Republican administrations alike.

Deferentially, politicians, presidents, their hangers-on, media scoundrels and others pay it due homage and the government it represents. As a result, everyone pays dearly.

On September 15, AIPAC published an anti-Palestinian broadside headlined, “PA’s UN Statehood Bid Threatens Peace Efforts, Israel,” saying:

“The Palestinian effort to secure recognition of statehood at the United Nations is a direct challenge to US interests and could have severe implications for the peace process.”

Fact check

America represents Israeli interests. Israel wants Palestinians deprived of all rights under permanent occupation. There’s no legitimate peace process because Israel and Washington won’t tolerate it.

Yet AIPAC claims upgrading Palestine’s status “could have serious implications for” Israel.

Fact check

Indeed so. Independent Palestine could ratify and have access to international conventions. As a result, it could sue Israeli war criminals in the International Criminal Court. AIPAC calls it “politicizing the court.”

In addition, Israel’s occupation would be threatened though not easily ended. The fate of settlers would be up for grabs. Notably, half are fed up and want to leave but can’t for financial reasons.

Others would have a choice. Either become ex-pats in a foreign country under its laws, or leave. Moreover, settlement communities no longer could exclude non-Jews, besides other beneficial changes.

Israelis would have to learn to love or at least tolerate their new neighbors. Many, in fact, do now and would welcome them.

A century ago, Jews and Palestinians got along fine. Why not now. The problem isn’t Judaism and Islam. It’s repressive Israel and its Washington paymaster partner.

AIPAC rails against full Palestinian participation in UN agencies, including UNESCO, ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council), UNICEF (International Children’s Emergency Fund), and others.

“The Palestinians would use these committees to isolate and delegitimize Israel for ‘occupying’ a recognized state.”

Fact check

Israel illegally occupies Palestine. Moreover, Israel, not UN agencies, is very adept at isolating and delegitimizing itself. Balking at Palestinian statehood is its latest affront.

As a result and for other reasons, anti-Israeli sentiment is visceral in Cairo, Amman and elsewhere. Moreover, growing numbers of Jews are fed up and no longer support its repressive agenda with good reason.

Unilateral “Palestinian actions at the United Nations could increase the potential for violence by raising unrealistic expectations.”

Fact check

Israel alone threatens violence. Palestinians demand the same rightful “expectations” Israeli Jews enjoy – no less.

“Successful efforts by the Palestinians at the United Nations also would embolden Israel’s detractors and legitimize those who seek to isolate and question the legitimacy of the Jewish state. Boycotts of Israel could increase and be adopted more widely.”

Fact check

Anti-Israeli sentiment is fueled by its contempt for non-Jews, its repressive occupation, its aggressive wars, its territorial ambitions, its desire to be the region’s sole hegemon, and willingness to go to any extremes for it.

Israeli policies do more to “embolden” detractors than they alone or collectively could do on their own without ammunition Israel provides.

Abbas’ “statehood….plan….and refusal to talk to Israel are severely undermining US peace efforts.”

Fact check

It bears repeating. Neither Israel or Washington want peace. They need conflict to further their regional agenda and to claim Palestinians aren’t ready for independence.

How many more than 63 years of trying are enough to be ready for it. AIPAC didn’t say. Instead it claims Abbas won’t meet with Netanhayu.

In fact, they do often. Moreover, Abbas said resuming peace talks depends on Israel halting settlement expansions, stealing Palestinian land, and dispossessing lawful residents in the process.

In addition, all Palestinian leaders will negotiate with a legitimate peace partner on an equal status basis – not master/slave.

Israel was never willing and isn’t now – especially under a Netanyahu/Lieberman government, Israel’s most extremist ever.

AIPAC accuses Abbas of “setting unrealistic conditions” and failing to follow Oslo mandates. Seeking statehood also “serves to undermine Israel’s confidence in the PA as a legitimate partner for peace and could cause a breakdown in relations between the parties, making” future negotiation harder.

Fact check

AIPAC’s extremist, racist agenda comes out in comments like these.

You can’t make this stuff up. But there it is in direct quotes.

Only those ignorant of basic facts buy it. Others aware of what Palestinians endure condemn Israel and its supporters.

A previous article said Oslo promised final status talks in five years. It didn’t happen and won’t in 50 or 500 if left up to Israel. As a result, Palestinians and their supporters long ago lost confidence in Israel because of its contempt for doing the right thing.

AIPAC claims upgrading Palestine above its present status “may set back talks for years.” It will also make it harder for Israel “to enter talks when unacceptable results are the baseline.”

Fact check

The “baseline” is justice!

“The United States must continue to oppose Palestinian efforts at the United Nations and urge the Palestinians to return to the negotiation table.”

Fact check

That’s a direct order. Congress and Obama officials salute and obey, knowing what unacceptable alternative awaits objectors.

“The Palestinians should face consequences if they continue to defy the United States and press forward with their UN statehood bid.”

Fact check

AIPAC calls asking for legitimate rights “Palestinian incitement.”

No matter. If Palestinians pursue theirs, AIPAC wants them to “face consequences,” including all aid cut off, their PLO Washington office closed, and maybe perhaps Cast Lead II against all Palestine, claiming self-defense against dangerous Palestinians only wanting trouble.

In fact, AIPAC will say anything, fabricate any threat, pressure and lie to get what it wants at the expense of peace-loving people wanting and deserving the same rights as Jews.

That’s a real extremist agenda!

A Final Comment

On September 16, The New York Times published Anti-Defamation League (ADL) national director Abraham Foxman’s anti-Palestinian broadside headlined, “The UN Vote on a Palestinian State,” regurgitating a litany of racist lies about Palestine.

Calling its statehood pursuit a “mistake,” he accused it of “refus(ing) to negotiate with Israel….sign(ing) a coalition agreement with terrorist Hamas and now….bring(ing) this counterproductive initiative to the United Nations once again….rais(ing) serious questions about Palestinian intentions.”

As Foxman knows, they’re crystal clear. Palestinians want and deserve the same rights as Jews. He wants them denied.

So does Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) president Morton Klein in a disgraceful September 14 press release, thanking Obama for saying he’ll veto a Palestinian statehood bid in New York.

Calling it “wrong and strategically dangerous if (Abbas) obtain(s) statehood by circumventing negotiations and peace-making with Israel,” he concluded with hateful, reprehensible comments, saying:

“We dare not establish a racist, anti-Semitic terrorist beggar state that this would surely be. This is especially so at a time when the PA continues to engage in incitement to hatred and murder in its media, mosques, schools and youth camps and has signed a unity government agreement with the ‘kill the Jews’ Hamas terrorist organization.”

Established in 1897, ZOA is America’s oldest Zionist organization. Whatever its early agenda, it’s now an embarrassment and national disgrace, given hatemongers like Klein as leaders.

Hopefully growing numbers of Jews and others will repudiate his abhorrent ideology, opting instead for peace, reconciliation and justice for all.

Klein, Foxman, AIPAC officials, and others like them haven’t a clue what they mean.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


RTAmerica on 12 Aug 2011

Economic issues have been plaguing the US. Recently America’s S&P credit score was downgraded, the stock market has seen a significant drop and, while the US continues to struggle, Congress goes on an Israeli vacation. There are reports that 81 members of Congress are going to Israel and AIPAC is footing the bill. Estee Chandler, the organizer for the Jewish Voice for Peace’s LA chapter, joins us from Los Angeles for more.

Follow Lucy on Twitter:


StopNATOcrimes on 22 Sep 2011

While Palestinian leaders push to become a full member state, or at least a nonmember observing state at the United Nations, pro-Israel interest groups have been pushing to influence leaders in Washington to veto the statehood bid.
According to documents filed with the House Ethics Committee, 81 Congressional representatives traveled to Israel during August 2011, courtesy of the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), the charitable arm of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).
Among the US representatives to travel to Israel were Congressman Tim Scott (R-SC) and his nephew, whose trip cost $21,000.
“I went to Israel 12 days ago, and I had the greatest spiritual and political revival I’ve had a very long time,” Scott told members of Seacoast Church in South Carolina. “I was sitting on the Sabbath at a dinner, listening to an observant orthodox Jew talk to me about the miracle of America. And he was asking me — or almost begging me — to make sure America stays strong.”
But Michael Cohen, a senior fellow at the American Security Project, said that such trips — while legal — distort politics.
“It gives a distorted view of what is going on in Israel and what is going on with the Palestinians, but it’s somewhat part for the course, unfortunately, in the way foreign policy runs in this country,” Cohen said.
Over 80 lawmakers — one-fifth of all of the House of Representatives — will be using their summer recess to spend some time in Israel thanks to an excursion being outlined by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Self-described as “America’s leading pro-Israel lobby,” 55 Republicans and 26 Democrats will be flying overseas too see what all the hubbub is about.
At such perfect timing too, with absolutely nothing at all to worry about in America.
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer will be among the six dozen-plus lawmakers made the excursion this summer.
Aside from sponsoring the congressional journey to Israel through AIEF, AIPAC and other pro-Israel interest groups contribute the most of any lobby to federal candidates in the US — a total of $11.7 million in donations in 2010 alone.
“It is the responsibility of any pro-Israel activist to increase the number of individuals making their own direct financial contributions to the campaigns of pro-Israel members and candidates for Congress,” AIPAC president Lee Rosenberg said during AIPAC’s 2010 conference.
Author and researcher Rachel Tabachnick said that AIPAC is increasingly joined in its political donations and lobbying efforts by pro-Israel evangelical Christian groups, like Christians United for Israel (CUFI).
“Christian Zionist groups claim that when some events are taking place, they can get hundreds of thousands of emails to the White House and tens of thousands of emails and phone contacts to members of the House and the Senate. When Christians United for Israel holds their conference, they go and they personally lobby. When you take the combined forces of AIPAC and this Christian Zionist lobbying, it’s quite substantial,” Tabachnick said.
Influential conservative television host Glenn Beck brought hundreds of Christians to Israel for his rally. Beck was also one of the headline speakers at the 2011 CUFI conference in Washington DC.
“In Israel, there is more courage in one soldier than in the combined and cold hearts of every bureaucrat at the United Nations,” Beck said during his Israel rally.
The US House of Representatives voted 407 to 6 to cut all aid to the Palestinian Authority on July 8, 2011 should it seek statehood at the UN. The move was supported by Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL). Documents filed with the House Ethics Committee show that Ros-Lehtinen has traveled or sent her staff to Israel six times with lobbyists’ dollars.
“The Palestinian scheme is not the way to get peace with Israel. How will recognition of a Palestinian state bring Israel and the Palestinians closer to peace?” Ros-Lehtinen said during a press conference on September 13, 2011.
But Cohen said blocking Palestinian statehood is not a position that makes sense for the US.
“It’s not going to help our position in the Arab world, and we are basically supportive of Israel in a way that is destructive, maybe that’s a strong word, but certainly is not helpful to US security and US interests,” Cohen said.




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    @cahivx Dr Paul will roast Obama in a debate on every issue. Obama can’t recite The Constitution. Dr Paul wakes up every morning knowing and understanding each and every word.
    NowWhatRTheyUp2 1 month ago 53

    If the power mongers flip this election with their computer program, designed specifically for that purpose …. that will trigger a revolution. Ron Paul cannot be denied !!
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  2. MrTorturedartist23


    Zionists now have full control of our goverment, Israeli Firsters shape our policies, they are the evil danger to our liberty and freedom. Who killed JFK? ans. Masonic zionists.
    southernman1905 2 weeks ago
    WAKE UP my fellow Americans WAKE UP ! Time has come, we need to get rid of zionist centric policies and politicians. We need honest, smart and someone who has gots to say the truth, we need Dr. Ron Paul.

    Zionists are stealing our tax dollars—about 30 billion dollars and giving it to Israel war mangers criminals. We need the change the status quo, we need to stand up against corrupt politicians who are in the hands of Israeli Firsters failed war policies.
    southernman1905 2 weeks ago
    @lushfauna still can
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    IF RON PAUL GETS THE NOD…HE’S GOT MY VOTE…AND I AM A DEM WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA!!!! I wouldn’t even crap in the same bathroom as any of the other GOP candidates…
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    I’m sure Dr.King would vote for RP, even over Obama. King didn’t see color, he saw the truth.
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  3. GunPulseClan on 20 Apr 2011

    They been working on the NWO for 60 years. And the media aka Fox News, CNN, KTLA, New York Times, and all the news has been lying to you and me for years. It’s hard to believe because we were born in to it.
    But a lot the media like t.v. shows, and movies have been brain washing you and making you and me stupid.
    Look at the 1800s and now. Are education has been so poor since the

    government took over and lied to us. Research it.

    The New World Order is a world with one communist government. Were you have no rights at all and your pretty much slaves.
    If you don’t obey them, or speak out they can beat you and put you in a consternation camp. I know it it really scary. America has over 800 consternation camps for America.
    It would be just like the holocaust in there. They have 500,000 huge plastic caskets all ready in deferent states.
    I’m not fucking with you guys, look it up it’s all over the internet. Bush announced I think in 2004 and Obama is continuing it.
    The only way to stop it is VOTE FOR RON PAUL for 2012. And tell you friends about this video.
    Check this link out

    News & Politics


    f328owner on 22 Apr 2011

    “When truth is treason we are in trouble”


    Why The Zionist British Royal
    Family Should Hang
    By Michael James In Germany

    As a freeborn and patriotic Englishman, I unapologetically expel from the furthermost reaches of my anus the most rancid and hideously foul smatterings of diarrhoea upon every aspect of the anti-English and treasonous “Royal Family”.

    The Windsors hate not only the British people, they take us for fools bedazzled by their worthless shenanigans; and they laugh contemptuously at our imbecilic credulousness.

    The marriage of a Rothschild-Jewish parasite named Billy Windsor (“Prince” William) to the hideously ugly and unfeminine anorexic child of British upper-class privilege whose sluttish name is one of that called “Kate Middleton”, should stir outrage not only in the hearts of all true patriotic Englishmen and Englishwomen, but incur, for their licentiously ungodly behaviour, the wrath of supreme Vengeance upon the house of an unwholesomely decadent family that continues to not only exploit the gullibility of indigenous Britons, but the the fawning celebrity worship of a world that has quite simply lost its collective mind.

    I speak as a true-born and freeborn Englishman who loves my nation more than any member of the illegal and usurper “Royal Family” could ever hope to enunciate in words that do not betray their utter contempt and disgust for the working and middle-class people who slave, labour and pay illegal taxes to “Her Majesty’s” Inland Revenue Service under the illicit and unconstitutional British Crown System that has held sway over the minds of all Britons since the illegal deposition of the Republic.

    I also speak for the millions of blue-collar workers the world over, including American citizens, who have absolutely no idea as to the extent to which this loathsomely dysfunctional and psychopathic Windsor-Rothschild mutation remains in complete control of everything they thought of being sovereign unto themselves, yet which was slyly sequestered by means of international British Admiralty Law. Under BAL, every American citizen is still is a subject to the the British Crown. You think you’re free? Then think again. America’s social security laws have always required “royal” assent. You are owned by the British Crown, lock, stock and barrel.

    Prince William is the bastard child of a bastard monarchy set in place by a bastard regime of bastard multi-billionaire bankers who own, directly or indirectly, over two thirds of the world’s resources. The Queen, an old hag of a pretentious bitch who seeks pleasure in killing innocent animals while her fellow citizens scramble for crumbs that fall from her banquet’s table of financially kosher creations, and who is singularly inured against the rising tide of anger to every aspect of the City of London’s banking aristocracy, should be reviled as one the most hated personages in modern times. She is the richest woman in the world and a servant of the murderous, conniving, Zionist, Rothschild dynasty.

    This utterly despicable whore of secretive international banking and thief of the sweat and labour of hard-working and patriotic men and women deserves nothing more than a swift razor slash to the throat while she is ensconced on the Royal Shittery, left to bathe languidly in the the faeces she has smeared upon the faces of all true English folk ever since her illegal coronation in 1953.

    Under the guise of the illegal British Crown System of government, my people, the English, have been led by the nose from one disastrous war to another and into the Fascist-Bolshevik construct known as the European Union. She, Elisabeth Windsor, wrongfully crowned on a throne that did not sit atop the famed “Stone of Destiny” (purloined by Scottish Nationalists) is not only the most traitorous harlot ever to have besmirched the pages of British history, but a liar, an imposter, a money-grubbing imperialist who, like her husband, deems all humans on the face of this earth to be a curse unto nature.

    And of what is she made? The Windsors claim to be of Germanic “royal” ascent, but, in all reality, like all perniciously canny thieves and robber barons, they climbed out of the same sewer that spawned the venomous rats who rule the world: The Rothschilds ­ Power-Jews who actually had it within themselves to outwit the superlatively higher intelligence of a Celtic Race that should have known better, but was betrayed, not by thirty pieces of silver, but by their own blue-eyed credulity.

    You’re English. You’re waving the Union Jack. You’re singing “God Save The Queen”. Do you know what you look like? You resemble one of those horribly abused children depicted in Israeli snuff movies taking it in the shaft, the mouth and every which way they choose before blowing your brains out. You’re a brainwashed fuck-up dripping from head to toe in “royal” semen. Intellectually, you are dead from the knees up. And, worse, you’re actually smiling and enjoying the show!

    Admit it, Sunny Jim. You’re a twat. You know you’ve been taken for a ride; but, come on, Pal, you can always get off this merry-go-round called the “United Kingdom”. It’s hard to let go of the Union Jack-Off. It’s always turned you on for the wrong reasons. Time to burn that fucking flag of oppression and colonial, divisive, class hatred.

    You are an Englishman. Therefore, fly with pride the Republican Flag of St. George from every building in the nation. This is your identity. The flag is a symbol of your freedom from UK oppression and slavery and your utter disgust with the Windsor Parasitic Elites, the City of London, the European Union and its Zionist overlords.

    Those whom we falsely worship shall lead us into the pit of despair. Take it from a lone and very brave individual called John Anthony Hill, who was arraigned for telling the truth about MI5’s carefully orchestrated attacks on British civilians in one of the most hushed-up campaigns of internal propaganda since the last Zionist-instigated war against our fellow German Anglo-Saxons and Celts:

    The 7/7 Ripple Effect

    The Truth About The British Monarchy

    The Nail In The Coffin Of The New World Order

    Although, as a republican patriot, I do not endorse this man’s claims in respect to royal lineage and the necessity of a monarchical system of governance, I am firmly behind him in every detail accruing the international criminality of the Windsor Mafia and their equally depraved intelligence services.

    This week will see the marriage of one of the world’s biggest Welfare Scroungers and Parasites, Billy Windsor (“Prince” William), to a cheap plastic tart who resembles nothing more than a neurotic stick-insect whose only claim to fame is having a mouth wide enough to accommodate yet another Windsor-Rothschild blow-job.

    At the age of fourteen I saw through the lies with which British children were bombarded courtesy of the subversive, lying BBC and prayed that, one day, my people would chase these aristocratic fraudsters down the street and lynch them from the nearest lamp-post.

    Thirty-seven years later, I have never lost hope. For I shall forever love England. It is a love so fearsome, and shared passionately by many others, that it carries within itself the power to consume all of its enemies. We can begin by hanging the colonial Parasite Windsor Elite under the Flag of Saint George.

    Save the last cucumber sandwich for me, my friend. The last cucumber sandwich for me.


    Mike James, an English republican patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous international cabal or entity.


    Fuck the Queen: I’m Not an Ant and I’m Not a Bee



    You believe, time and time again, rigged election after rigged election, false promises heaped upon false promises, that somehow, someday, this wonderfully cuddly, hug-me-squeeze-me godlike thing called “democracy” will save you from everything that afflicts and oppresses your anguished little mind while here on Planet Earth.

    Democracy is the whore of fascism and totalitarian corporate socialism. She is the mistress of the bastard child of tyranny and oppression. She is is the merciless abortionist of Liberty while posing as the midwife of Freedom.

    No other system of government, at least in its conceptual propagation, has so successfully extracted from the gormless slaves under its purview so much wealth and corporate asset accumulation while convincing those from which it steals that they have never been freer than in any other system of mass control or at any other time in history.

    And you want more of it.

    No, you say, we want “real” democracy.

    Uh, huh. You want more of the same, only more of the “real” same? You want real tyranny? You want real oppression? You want real debt slavery? You want real open and honest scams? You want it real, really right up in front of your face, big enough to suck on and gobble until it goes right deep down into your throat and chokes the very life out of you?

    Fool he who abandons his owns people in pursuit of an illusion. Fool he who places the interests of his neighbours above those of his own immediate kith and kin. Fool he who studies the stars but cannot see the light in the eyes of his own children.

    To every thing and every man there is a season. That season is about to end very shortly and there will be a harvest upon us. I saw it in the eyes of the youngster on the dirt track who threw me a blank look and I heard it in the breeze that made play with the higher stalks on the corn, the yield of which was overly ripe and sullenly awaiting the approach of the thresher.

    In America and in Europe “The Man” is preparing to take what he believes is his by virtue of his own husbandry. We have felt the breeze in the form of protests and the first tentative stirrings of a revolution that is neither of the Left nor the Right, but of and from The People.

    This is the season, the Big Reckoning. We, the people of Europe and America, young and old, black and white, Christian and Jew, humanist and Muslim, the working poor, the unemployed, the middle classes and creative entrepreneurs have this one chance in a generation, the very last season of our age, to face “The Man” with defiance in our hearts and destroy the machine that will turn us into fodder for the beasts of his field.

    Unless you rise now, and with all means necessary, this season will take its toll; and no longer will you study the stars or see the light in the eyes of your own children.

    This is perhaps the last time I shall ever submit an article for publication. I’ve been told I look very young for my age, but inside I feel as if I’ve been around for a million years or so and something tells me that it’s time to stop writing. Certainly, largely on account of my chronic fatigue and the autoimmunity unleashed by a vaccine injury some 17 years ago, my writing skills no longer match what I was once capable of achieving.

    Over the years, my rants, my satirical forays, my investigative journalism, my impassioned exposés, my deeply studied critical analyses and, at times, my own sentimental indulgences have been published widely, some purloined from publishers of first choice, and others plagiarised and distorted by others who should have known better. But, what the hell, I did the best I could.

    I’m a very simple man. I’m just like you. I’ve worked hard all of my life, not just as a freelance journalist, translator, adaptations writer, proof-reader and editor. I’ve worked in factories, on the trash cans, as a kitchen porter, a street cleaner, a construction worker, a cashier, a gas station supervisor, a postman, an assistant chef, a caddy, an English teacher, a bar tender and even as a fully-costumed King Lear distributing flyers promoting Shakespearian theatre productions outside the National Gallery in London.

    My first job was as a newspaper delivery boy at the age of eleven, during which period my all-time football hero, Stanley Matthews of Blackpool FC, gave me the first ten-bob note I had ever handled as a Christmas tip. I tried to say “Thank you ever so much, Mr Matthews”, but, for the first (and the last) time in my life I could not move my lips.

    Now I live on the German social minimum (SGB XII / Hartz IV) for the chronically ill. It’s a viciously criminal starvation payment that is in no way commensurate with the vast amount of taxes and insurance contributions I slaved like a work-horse to pay into the system. It’s not enough to cover an ISP fee, which is why every article submitted since 2010 was done so via an unencrypted network I managed to hack somewhere within my vicinity. But I get by. I’m a survivor. I’m an Englishman. I was born to fight, and to die with dignity: not for myself, but for those even weaker than I.

    Stalin would be proud of what successive, “politically correct” German-hating Berlin governments have done to this once fine nation. The official statistics vastly obscure the millions of ordinary Germans who are living in dire poverty and those who, unable to obtain work on account of age-related insurance reasons, take their own lives. The politically correct and cowardly stultified media in this country is one of the most subtly censored and manipulated in the world, even to the extent of breathing life into the lie that Germany is enjoying an economic boom that translates into better living standards for German workers, the middle classes, and their children.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Only the bankers and major corporate CEOs are enjoying the fruits of export revenues while far too many citizens scavenge trash cans for food scraps and an estimated twenty-percent of German children go to bed hungry each evening. It is my hope that much of what I have written about Zionist and banking fraud crimes against the German people opened hearts and inspired discussion.

    Many of my readers have offered me help but were disappointed to learn that I do not accept charity as a matter of principle. Only an impoverished and yet very determined young man from Arizona was insistent enough to get through my firewall of pride and inaccessibility to send me fifty US dollars in December 2008 and insisted that I eat a burger and fries immediately, which I did. (God bless him: I was starving on the very same day I took receipt.)

    Most importantly, for over the last couple of years following my bankruptcy and the collapse in my health, I’ve been in love with the most beautiful girl I ever met, who visits me as often as she can. She was born in my home town, Jarrow, in the North East of England. She’s a fighting Celt and reminds me of me. Or at least the way I was. She is the apple of my eye and the Light of my life.

    I jealously love and treasure my people, the English. I consider them to be Kings among Kings, Queens among Queens: each and every one of them. If only they would know it. If only they would awaken to the gifts of God with which they were born as of right. I am heartbroken at what they have become.

    I earnestly pray for a Free-State England with a General Republican Assembly in York, shorn of the obscene spectacle of monarchy, celebrity worship, the parasitic apparatus of the anti-human British Crown and the blood-sucking, life-negating City of London and its den of conniving, Zionist, warmongering, English-hating thieves.

    Fight to win and never surrender. And then let peace be among you.

    Mike James, an English republican patriot, is a blacklisted former freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous international cabal or entity.


    Don’t talk to me about fucking ‘democracy’. Tell any child in this Zionist-dominated, IMF-run world nested by Bilderberger and UN parasites that democracy puts food into the bellies of starving children and, should I overhear your lies, you’ll feel a blow to your face that will have you begging for the kind of justice you have consistently denied others.

    Is this it?

    Is this what we call “Freedom and Democracy?” And what do you get to vote for every four years or so?

    Asshole No. 1 (same old shit). Asshole No. 2 (same shit, but slightly flavoured with basilica and a few peanuts for the few gullible rabbits with guts of steel). Asshole No. 3 (another Soviet European arse-licker, but plenty of salad dressing in the diarrhoea and a real neat suit).

    What if they gave an election, and nobody voted?

    What if you claimed your true rights as freeborn Englishmen and got yourselves guns loaded with ammo enough to see you blast this lie of ‘democracy’ to pieces.

    Think about it. Then act. Fail to do otherwise, and you commit national suicide. And, for sure, your children are going to hate you.

    And most of them already do.


    Mike James

    The American Armchair Revolutionary

    I Saw No Dead Bankers

    Goodbye, JFK…For We Shall Ever Meet Again

    The Brutal Zionist Rape Of The Tree Of Love

    The Art Of Resisting Zionist Terrorism

    After The Rain

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    The Freemasonic Bible & The End Of The NWO

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    The Fight Of Our Lives – Destroying The Lisbon Treaty

    Elites Drink Champagne While German Kids Beg Food

    Six Million Monkeys. One Banana.

    Goy Show In 2008 Germany

    I Want My Freedom Back

    Zionists Foment Race War In Germany, Leave Clues

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