Straight Talk on Jews and 9/11

Straight Talk on Jews and 9/11

Covering Up the “Inside Job” of All Time With Charges of “Anti-Semitism” is Treason

There is No Evidence of a Jewish Conspiracy on 9/11

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Only in the last 5 or 6 years has the general public had access to hard evidence that 9/11 never involved hijackers or Muslims.

The official version is supported only “testimony” from one man, who now seems to be an innocent cab driver, one of thousands tortured to provide phony evidence, while real proof to the contrary makes up mountains. What the general public has been told about 9/11 is all stories, hijackings, phone calls, the whole thing was part of the real terrorist plot against America.

Law enforcement officials have long lists of witnesses, most American, some Israeli, a few American Jews with dual citizenship, that they have been blocked from questioning. There is hard proof the primary criminals on 9/11 were Bush officials.

Bush may well have been involved even prior to being appointed by a 5/4 Supreme Court vote. There is also mountains of evidence that both Bush elections involved massive electronic “vote flipping” with full complicity of state officials, particularly in Florida and Ohio.

The truth.

The FBI was Obstructed on 9/11
The FBI believes 9/11 was an inside job. They want to question Israelis that were flown out of the country illegally, immediately after the attack to avoid FBI questioning. This was done at the orders of President Bush.

They also think criminals involved in 9/11 were on the plane that went to Saudi Arabia, also illegal, also on personal orders by President Bush.

Millions of Jews, millions of Muslims live in the US quite safely to this day. No one had to flee the United States. We hadn’t all lost our minds here.

Why did dozens, perhaps hundreds, have to be flown out of the country while the FBI tried chasing down the planes to stop them?

The FBI wanted these planes stopped, there were suspects, “persons of interest” onboard both planes.. The FBI knew the real investigation of 9/11 was dependent on stopping those planes.

In 2007, the FBI took evidence directly tying Israel’s Mossad to 9/11, names were named. We have access to those interviews. Mossad operations director Mike Harari took responsibility for 9/11.

Top officers in the IDF have expressed:

”We did it, so what, you can’t do anything about it.”

Such statements may well be intentionally misleading and false but were made to counter-terrorism officials of the US government. There is no question of this whatsoever.

The truth.

Did They Have Us in the Crosshairs on 9/11
This doesn’t mean Israeli citizens authorized 9/11 or that American Jews, as a group, were involved in any way. In fact, current lists include only 103 names and only some are Jewish.

There is no evidence 9/11 was a Jewish plot of any kind though one may be able to tie some interests allied to Israel or financial groups with Jewish members to those named as “persons of interest” who have not been allowed to be questioned by the FBI.

The FBI has a large list of “persons of interest” that they wish to question or have questioned about 9/11 and considerable evidence that contradicts the official story.

FBI and Department of Justice officials, some now retired, have been ordered to keep all such evidence secret under threat of criminal prosecution.

The FBI was prevented from investigating 9/11 for one simple reason. Their own preliminary investigation went straight to the top level of the US government including military leaders.

They were stopped then as they had been continually throughout the entire Bush administration.

Law ended in 2001 in the US. Spying, torture, illegal imprisonment, terrorist attacks on Americans, massive financial crimes, the largest drug operation in the history of the world and trillions in dollars stolen from the defense budget alone were made “off limits” to the FBI.

Two consecutive US Attorney Generals, Ashcroft and Gonzales, both took orders from Karl Rove and used their offices on a daily basis in ways inconsistent with their oaths and US law.

Justice Department was Compromised
Members of the FBI and other officials who pushed for an investigation found one thing.

The US government had been overthrown in a coup d’etat planned years before, using the Supreme Court, the news media, especially the Murdoch/Fox networks and religious extremists within the military.

When the Obama administration took office, the president and his family were threatened with death were they to pursue prosecution of the guilty, those involved in, not only 9/11 but war crimes as well.

Over the past 3 weeks, this information has been leaked from a number of administration sources and stories confirming much of this have been published in the mainstream press.

Many Americans who tried to stop 9/11 and the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq died mysteriously, history will show that the eventual number will be dozens in the first days alone and eventually, thousands of Americans will have been assassinated or imprisoned to protect the Bush presidency from investigation.

I have personally interviewed at least one individual who briefed President Bush on a conspiracy involving the war on Iraq. Soon afterward, the attorney general, a close personal friend of this individual, was ordered to begin a criminal investigation, “get me anything on this guy, silence him, destroy him.”

A former US Attorney General and Secretary of State attempted to stop this vendetta, both individuals are still among the most powerful men in America.

Two top Reagan cabinet officers were unable to defend a fellow top official from charges that were, not only groundless but, in themselves, criminal acts.

What Happened to Those That Knew ?
In fact, on more than one occasion, top CIA assets were arrested, convicted, imprisoned or as in two other cases, one was put in “psychiatric detention” on a military base while another top CIA agent was exposed in the press.

The Bush Department of Justice went to war against the CIA, destroying any agents or assets who refused to support their falsified intelligence or who continued to submit accurate briefings to the president.

Evidence supporting these allegations is substantial, all admissable in court and lead directly to the President of the United States.

This is, to me, reasonable proof that, not only was President Bush involved, but that he took a very active role in every aspect from planning to the cover up.

Eventually “Scooter Libby” was convicted of Bush and Cheney “cover up” crimes but received a presidential pardon. Do note that Libby, an Israeli/American was the only “fall guy” chosen to take the blame for Bush/Cheney crimes that were part of the 9/11 cover up.

Many top Bush advisors were part of a group of Jews, not just “Zionists” but who held wide beliefs that if Israel could control the United States through infiltrating the government, a “New World Order” would create a modern day equivalent of Hitler’s “Thousand Year Reich.”

Hitler’s lasted 12 years. The Bush/Zionist “Reich” self destructed in Iraq and Afghanistan immediately.

Prescott Bush Had His Companies Seized During WWII for Trading With the Enemy
The Bush family had a long history of involvement with Hitler, having financed his rise to power. Where Bush differed from Hitler is that he believed that, unlike Hitler, he could harness “Jewish support” under what the group PNAC, (Project for a New American Century) and succeed where Hitler failed.

However, in all fairness, we must categorize that “Jewish support” as that of a select group of financial elites working in partnership with many other groups, not a “Jewish plot’ as such.

However, there is some evidence that Bush himself believed he was helping form a “Jewish plot” whether one really existed or not anywhere but inside his own mind.

The most likely Jewish involvement goes two ways. Israeli intelligence units were used to perform demolitions at the World Trade Center site.

The FBI believes but is unable to release information that half a dozen other terror attacks were planned for 9/11 that were stopped by their efforts and those of NYPD. Those involved are believed to all have been agents of Israel’s Mossad.

An investigation of the “cover and deception” plans, the massive effort to create the mythology of 9/11, the hijackers and “flying schools” involved thousands of crimes and hundreds of people.

However, initial investigations have shown that most involved were told that the terrorists they were supporting and financing, most who are believed to have been Israeli’s pretending to be “the hijackers” was either part of a “practice drill” or another type of counter-terrorism undercover operation.

Few knew they were helping cover up an attack on the United States.

Evidence is Ready – But Nowhere To Go
Documents and evidence backing this up are available for immediate trial. Witnesses on this and many other aspects of 9/11 as an “inside job” have come forward, more than enough for, not a new “panel investigation” but a grand jury and criminal trials.

However, there are still powerful organizations in place that are working to suppress the truth.

They include some Jewish organizations that believe, because some Jews, along with mostly Christians or other ‘non jews,’ were involved in 9/11, they can suppress an investigation by defending the Jewish role through charges of “Antisemitism.”

Groups seem to be tasked with this effort though they may simply be acting out of ignorance. An FBI investigation into their efforts is the only way to learn the truth.

Toward this end, despite my distaste for such efforts, enhanced interrogation efforts might be used as it is highly likely that many “organizations” operating inside the US to support US/Israeli relations are, in fact, intelligence organizations. This makes them genuine national security threats.

Some things have to be made clear. There is no evidence that there is any wide involvement in 9/11 tied to Jewish ethnicity or the citizens of Israel.

These Israelis Were Not Involved
In fact, though there is evidence that Israel played a role in covering up 9/11 and sequestering suspected terrorists from FBI questioning, the people of Israel are no more responsible for 9/11 than the American people are for the actions of the Bush administration.

Actions by the Bush administration in covering crimes, violating constitutional provisions and civil guarantees and in waging illegal war, as cited by a number of international experts and now government authorities around the world are the primary aspects of “9/11″ and its aftermath.

This does not mean that using charges of ‘Antisemitism’ to silence those calling for investigations into torture, kidnapping and illegal war does not make those who issue such charges criminally complicit, quite to the contrary.

There is, of yet, no direct proof that news organizations, Jewish defense groups, Christian Evangelical sects and political parties, particularly the Republican Party, were, in their entirety, involved in war crimes or treason against the United States.

There is proof, however, that investigations of these groups were stopped and doing so was a criminal act.

Where I believe things would go if justice were restored:

The American People Were Betrayed by Their Government
It would quickly be discovered that “hijackers” if any were on planes had no role in flying them.

A similar operation in London on 7/7/2005, under independent investigation proved that “terrorists” the government had “proven” killed dozens had been hired as actors. We believe 9/11 was the same.

We can categorically prove that one of the 3 towers destroyed on 9/11 was taken down by explosives. We surmise that the plane intended to crash into it never made it but the explosives were scheduled to bring the building down anyway.

We also surmise, not without conclusive scientific proof, that the larger towers were destroyed in a similar way.

Explosives or devices of some kind were planted long in advance and aircraft were intended to cover a demolition operation that had been scheduled long before 9/11.

There is conclusive scientific proof of this and conclusive scientific proof that NIST, in their report to the contrary, may well be guilty of criminal conspiracy and those involved should be investigated. There is considerable evidence that NIST was fully complicit in a terrorist act against the United States. (National Institute of Standards)

There is no evidence of a “Jewish conspiracy.”

57 Comments for “Straight Talk on Jews and 9/11”David Martin
September 23, 2011 – 10:33 am
No, not Jews, per se, nor the people of Israel or the United States are responsible, but the corrupt power elite who control both countries surely are. I would differ with you only in the description of what happened as some sort of recent coup d’etat. Can we really doubt that anything would have been different had the Gore-Lieberman ticket been the winners of the 2000 election?

If they could get by with the assassination back in 1949 of the man who most powerfully stood in the way of their aspirations, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, they knew they could get by with the 9-11 outrage. See “New Forrestal Document Exposes Cover-up” at and note that these devastating revelations have been completely suppressed by our opinion-molding organs (

September 23, 2011 – 12:37 pm
Patton would have been a a big problem for “them” also. He had to be immediately silenced.

Gordon Duff
September 23, 2011 – 1:17 pm
I thought Patton shot himself in the neck with a rubber bullet.

Reply Nelson_2008
September 23, 2011 – 10:59 am
I thought this was a settled (i.e. generally agreed upon) matter.

Obviously, 9/11 was a crime masterminded and primarily carried out by ideologues. Bush is not an ideologue in any meaningful sense. Other than to feed his sociopathic “needs”, Bush has no real “convictions”. Bush is nothing but a malignantly narcissistic opportunist, who sold his soul to the star-makers (i.e., the Jews) for a taste of power. Let’s face it, If Bush had not been born into a wealthy, politically influential family, he’d have been out strangling prostitutes somewhere.

Clearly, 9/11 was a Jew crime, just the same as the attack on the USS Liberty was a Jew crime, and for essentially the same reason. If it is not obvious on its face that 9/11 was a Jew crime, the subsequent in-your-face Jew coverup effort, and the pursuit of what is obviously a Jewish supremacist agenda (completely self-destructive to the U.S.) should be more than enough evidence for any reasonable person.

September 23, 2011 – 11:29 am
And of course, Jews had nothing to do with the Bolshevik Revolution, the Munich coup of 1916, the Armenian genocide, the Spanish Civil War……. How could anyone POSSIBLY think God’s Chosen People might be a conspiracy?

Reply Brian
September 23, 2011 – 11:37 am
I sometimes laugh when people tell me it wasn’t Israel but the United States government that did 911 because the Bush White House and Pentagon was hijacked and controlled by Jewish Zionists, mostly dual American/Israeli citizens, devoted to Israel and not the United States. Their actions were for the benefit of Israel and severely harmed the United States.

September 23, 2011 – 1:17 pm
Precisely. They may have been Americans. but they were Quislings. For the newborn, those are Norwegian traitors who sided with the Nazi occupiers during WWII.


Reply Charlotte NC Bill
September 23, 2011 – 7:09 pm
John Azzaziah has a wonderfully feisty wrap-up of 9-11 as Mossad/Mossad asset/rogue CIA false flag…Mossad/dual loyalty Israelis were the nexus of this trauma inducing mind-control psy-op…Not ordinary Jews to be sure…but how many ordinary Jews would rather the truth be suppressed than have a lot of Jewish names ( dominic suter, dov Zakheim, Jerome hauer, L. Silverstein and F Lowy, Judge Hellerstein…etc )…all over the front page? ( If that could really happen )… has a good run-down of the true perps….Copy it, send it out along with this article..

Reply American Patriot
September 23, 2011 – 11:05 am
The Mossad motto is “By Deception, Thou Shalt Make War”. It’s a motto they live up to and prove many times every year.

American Patriot
September 23, 2011 – 11:12 am
More- jews in Obumers white house jews in Bush’s white house

Reply DaveE
September 23, 2011 – 11:26 am
I hope they’re not threatening your family, Gordon. I wouldn’t put it past ‘em, though.

Gordon Duff
September 23, 2011 – 1:17 pm
Some of “them” are “them”

Reply ulysees
September 23, 2011 – 11:28 am
the banksters and controllers of the”System” hide behind the “Jewish” moniker and are no more Jewish than
Arabs or Christians… this is just an act as you have stated, just an act… and we are collectively waking up to the nightmare that has been a part of the human experience and conditioning/programming for decades,
if not centuries….

The Rothschilds and their slaves have proven themselves to be dangerous, devious and most of all incompetent and untrustworthy towards humanity and only their total Quarantine will allow the human species to arrive at our true potential. Their Quarantine would involve total isolation from the rest of humanity in an atmosphere of basic survival… they would be comfortable but isolated from the rest of the Planet. No murder , no mayhem… that’s their game, their M O .

Gordon keep informing us, keep the pressure on … a full court press is what this is all about now.

Man is tribal in instinct. Globalisation will never succeed as outlined by the “Old World Order” which is being pushed as the NWO. We are witnessing the end of the Nation State and borders and identification.

Peace and Joy is the human future…

Reply Brian
September 23, 2011 – 11:29 am
From the article:

Some things have to be made clear. There is no evidence that there is any wide involvement in 9/11 tied to Jewish ethnicity or the citizens of Israel.

Brian: The high level Israeli government officials who wanted 911 and also ordered the Mossad to do 911 are Israeli citizens and the Mossad members are Jewish.

From the article: In fact, though there is evidence that Israel played a role in covering up 9/11 and sequestering suspected terrorists from FBI questioning, the people of Israel are no more responsible for 9/11 than the American people are for the actions of the Bush administration.

Brian: The people who cover up 911 were Jewish Zionists and dual American/Israeli citizens. It’s hard to believe they were not collaborating with the Israeli government.

From the article: Actions by the Bush administration in covering crimes, violating constitutional provisions and civil guarantees and in waging illegal war, as cited by a number of international experts and now government authorities around the world are the primary aspects of “9/11″ and its aftermath.

Brian: The Bush administration was controlled and operated by AIPAC, Bush was a blackmailed puppet with very little power. Bush was a fake president.

Gordon Duff
September 23, 2011 – 1:20 pm
My old story.
A friend comes to my door crying:
“I am homeless, I have lost my home….”
I ask, “What happened?”
His reply: “I put a sign on my lawn, ‘House for sale’…then a man came to the door, asked how much i wanted….and he wrote me a check…and now I AM HOMELESS!!!”

thus we lost America

September 23, 2011 – 1:36 pm
Well I agree with the analogy. It’s the high price we pay for having elections funded by campaign contributions. However, getting rid of campaign contributions won’t solve the problem due promises of extremely high paying jobs after congressional service, spouses provided lucrative board members seats in major corporations, surreptitious gifts, blackmail etc. Maybe we need a benevolent dictator. Perhaps that’s an oxymoron. Perhaps an Amish man who promises to keep the lights on.

Reply Truth Seeker
September 23, 2011 – 11:32 am
No Jewish Conspiracy… but isn’t conspiracy in itself to conceal not reveal? I agree that it took a lot of key government official’s complicity in order to allow for the operation to take place and too cover up, BUT, they all are accomplices in crime! Then we have the media… the media (especially the media heads and management mostly of Jewish heritage) who did not investigate, care to investigate or question the official story like they often have decades ago? Does that not make them conspirers in the act to conceal?

Doesn’t this really boil down to secrecy? Does it protect us or enable those who seek to control?

Our governments have insisted on it since central banks were established in the early part of the 20th century in all key western nations. Was it to protect citizens or to conceal the acts or practices of central banks in funding both sides of the World Wars and their right to bankrupt the world in 1930? Through the brainwashing of the public in tying personal privacy to secrecy they now can get every citizen to buy into government’s right to privacy? Government should never have the right to privacy! WHY??? when you give Governments the right to privacy, you allow them to set up intelligence agencies, create wars, play psychological warfare on the nations and citizens of your choosing to bring about the change they so desire without anyone every knowing.

You also now create a barrier between the public and secret societies. No one can demand the meeting minutes of the Bilderburg meetings, 33 degree Freemasons, CIA, MOSSAD… insert your secret organizations here_____.

I seem to remember a speech from someone who was trying to warn us of the ills of secrecy and secret organizations. Hummm… I think it started out like:

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.

– President John F. Kennedy gave at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on April 27, 1961

Have you ever noticed that the most secretive people on the planet are the most notorious people who are always tied to conspiracy, big business, government intelligence and the controllers of the world by stealth?

If you want to stop the endless charades, end secrecy and demand visibility (true visibility). 60-70% of the world’s problems arise out of the notion that secrecy = security.

Secrecy is the primary tool of those who seek to control the world from behind the curtain.

Would love to hear a history of secrecy from VT and how it has been used as a weapon of war, debt, tyranny and concealment of humanity from truly realizing their potential in order to preserve the wealth of Kings and Kingdoms.

Reply wallytron
September 23, 2011 – 11:33 am
It was the Smuffs

Reply Tom Valentine
September 23, 2011 – 11:43 am
You seem obsessive about the Rove theft of election, this was not unusual in modern two-party scamming:Truman beat Dewey thanks to bags of bankster money at last minute; JFK beat Nixon thanks to mobsters in Chicago and Kentucky; 9/11 was the work of money power psychos regardless the cut of their beanies. Show me evidence that Obama is not a programmed stooge, as was Bush. I agree, Israel is and always was a colony to blame conspiracies on.Please don’t suggest CLinton was a good guy, he partnered with the ghoul George H.W. a programmer.

Reply Dan
September 23, 2011 – 11:47 am
I also question Gordon’s motives half the time, but here he’s correct. There’s obviously no conspiracy among American Jews, no what racist evil the Talmud teaches, although many prominent participants in 9/11 were undoubtedly Jewish Zionists. The plot may have been hatched in Israel, or maybe not, but had to have had the full cooperation of many top government and military insiders in this country who are not Jews. What their motives could have been must truly be Satanic.

Gordon Duff
September 23, 2011 – 1:21 pm
Anyone who believes in Satan also believes in the Talmud.

Reply abe gold
September 23, 2011 – 11:54 am
Not the “Jews” are you nuts? Satan worshipers

Peter Wakefield Sault
September 23, 2011 – 2:20 pm
How do you tell the difference?

Reply Paul V. Sheridan
September 23, 2011 – 5:43 pm
Let’s start with these five ;oving, caring souls (yeah . . . right!) :

Oded Ellner
Paul Kurzberg
Sivan Kurzberg
Omer Marmari
Yaron Shmuel

Let’s see now . . . theser guys are Hindus?

No, wait a second, Shintos?

Hold on . . . Bolivian Catholics?

How ’bout this . . . Rastafaris?

Ah . . . I got it . . . Austrailian Mahayanas?

I give up . . . Jafari Twelvers?

In any case, as these five maggots walk up to and through the Gates of Hell, into Satan’s clutching arms, the rest of us will be there to “document the event.”

(Unless of course these five ALSO confess-to and submit-to the truths of Golgotha; it’s their and our only way out . . . and this has nothing to do with “religion.”)

Reply Bob Loblaw Jr
September 23, 2011 – 12:02 pm
How many pro and semi-pro Jew-haters are being paid to gin up “antisemitism” to keep the ol’ zionist flag a-flyin’? Just curious, but how much do they pay for it? I know a bunch of ‘em are just conscriptees in the IDF because an Israeli told me. Sitting in an airconditioned room putting out “hasbara” beats slogging around in the heat, getting spit on by “settlers”. I’ve been told this goes on in the US as well. And again, it’s low order intel serfs, some agency, some military. One can also guess there’s a number of Christers in on it too. Apparently there’s zionist controlled “Xian” cults that are more than happy to do that work.

All in all, it rather sounds like pro Jew-hate is a kind of growth industry, don’t it. It’s got so thick that when I read some ranting hysterical jew-hater going off, I just think “Sure, Abe, pull the other one. S’got bells on it.”

September 23, 2011 – 1:03 pm
I think there are alot of people out there that start out researching “innocent” kosher approved conspiracies. They find out the Jewish angle to the NWO(because it’s unavoidable) and it consumes them. They begin to feel intense frustration and outrage because it is such a seemingly hopeless situation. I think many guys and gals research this stuff everyday for 10 years and begin to become like their enemy. It ruins their good nature and humanity. They start ranting instead of educating…In a sense they lose their sense of decency because they see that their enemies are having their way so easily. They become hyper-aggressive and offensive. ….and I’m sure there are some hasbarats leaving over the top messages poisoning the well.

September 23, 2011 – 1:13 pm
Also Bob, Abe Gold was sort of kidding. It’s his schtick. He’s funny and adds good info to this comment section. So you have to lighten up a notch.

Reply JohnZ
September 23, 2011 – 12:11 pm
Jews are the children of Lucifer.
The entire mythology behind Judaism should be exposed as just that – a myth.
Talmudic ashkanazi Jews are the worlds largest criminal sect. There is nothing too low, there is no crime so awful, there is no betrayal so evil they won’t commit. Israhell is a land of criminals and vampires. It is a nation that survives on extortion, threats, assassinations, outright murder of innocent people and theft. Israhell is truly a nation outside the law and outside any semblance of humanity or decency.
We should not and should never trust these ashkanazi talmudic jews. They will stab us in the back every time whenever it suits them.
Time has come for us to defend ourselves from the real and true enemy of America. Israhell.

Reply Philip Shahak
September 23, 2011 – 12:30 pm
I think these prophetic words from the New Testament sum up where we are today:

‘those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not but lie’ Revelations 3:9

Reply AS
September 23, 2011 – 12:33 pm
talmud has nothing to do with the messengers of God absolutely nothing to do with those who followed their prophets… Talmud is just ancient magical satanical rituals practiced in the freemasonry elites in the west… tlamud was nevr revealed or brought by any messenger of God.

Reply Ben lee
September 23, 2011 – 12:55 pm
Ya, too bad we can’t put ole Beelzebub on the stand and take his sworn testimony. Facts, people.

Reply Ben lee
September 23, 2011 – 1:01 pm
O how cool. I led the commentary with first fifth and ninth comments-and they’ve been removed. Gordon, you’re so predictable.

Here’s a hint folks. Use the word c o u n t e r. I n t e l l I g e n c e or the standard akronym and watch your comment get flagged for moderation. Bob loblaws commnts relate perfectly to
this site. Glad some folks got their eyes and ears open.

Reply Ken Rechtstein
September 23, 2011 – 1:01 pm
1) The ‘Coup d’État’ in the USA started in 1913, with the signature of “The Federal Reserve Act”. In Europe it goes back to the creation of the Bank of England (by Rothschild) and the INDUCED war between France (Napoleon Bonaparte) and the English Throne and Establishment.

2) What followed after is a steady and sure consolidation of the POWER of the International Zion Talmudic Mafia world wide reach, and turning the USA into a proxy, servile and docile pet, through infiltration-bribes-blackmail of its Politicians, and assassinations of dissidents and whistle blowers.

3) AIPAC is 100% Jewish and agent of the Jewish State Of Israel. AIPAC and B’nai B’rit rule America and they are not Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans, Muslims, Buddhists, Shintoists, Baha’i or Animists but Jews… being obediently ruled, coached or coerced into silence or submission by the the Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons. The TRUE Jews are those who have stood up and said PUBLICLY: “Not in Our Name”, taking their distance from the Rogue State of Israel and its HIJACKING of AMERICA-EUROPE Govts. Drs Ilan Pappe, Mearsheimer & Walt, Norman Finkelstein, Shlomo Sand are among them, to just to name a few…

4) Those Jews, who have not, are complicit by intention or omission.

Reply Stewart
September 23, 2011 – 1:07 pm
It is all about money. Money is the solvent of our modern world. Modern man has the same DNA as his Cro-Magnon ancestors. He just has more cash in his pocket and a bigger portfolio. His so-called civilization is, therefore, commercial, technological, fashionable, and, in a word, cooler. Who the hell wants to go backwards besides some greens and tree huggers? Certainly not Jews.

Cro_Magnon’s Western progeny will never, in their hearts, forgive those who succesfully politicized stories that gave birth to a religion, including its ethics that curtailed fun activities such as head-hunting and canibalism. Neither will they forgive the mentality that understood, devised, created, and ultimately controlled the stuff in their pockets and in their portfolios.

Systems constructed to facilitate modernity have got out of hand. Greed and an additional six deadly sins are laying us waste. Yes, there are criminals among us and cream rises to the top even among criminals.
The makers of the modern world know that only an infinitessimal minority of us might consciously will to stop living the good life, the one money facilitates. They know also that, were we in their place, we might have pulled off 911 ourselves and that they can count on the cooperation of those who yearn to join their
number. It is expressed by the genes in that old DNA.

Reply AS
September 23, 2011 – 1:29 pm
Gordon is having a dialogue with the mad dog Abe Foxman who is living on the VT site…and having put Gordon on his top target list… well dual citizens linked to the israeli military apparatus are deeply involved in 911 77, Bali etc… it is a fact madog… and next stage is you and your cabal behind bars… evidences are evidences…

Reply Garibaldi
September 23, 2011 – 1:31 pm
They sure didn’t have any problem selling the “Moozlum” conspiracy, did they? Or the idea that every last “Moozlum” on the face of the earth is to blame for 911? How many million have paid with their freedom or their own life’s blood already? Guantanamo, anybody?

Reply Frances Owens
September 23, 2011 – 1:39 pm
Stewart – the willingness to give up one’s humanity for 30 pieces of silver is not in my DNA.

Reply NightFlyer
September 23, 2011 – 1:39 pm
“There is No Evidence of a Jewish Conspiracy on 9/11″ Larry Silverstein planned it that way. He was the master switch that day, everyone else simply did as they were told.

Then many died, many cried, many lied, and Larry cashed the insurance check before the blood even dried.

Evil guy no doubt, and Just Us has prevailed again.

Perhaps one quiet night, while he is musing about his deeds, hsi tongue will swell and with no one to help him he will slowly choke and be gone. As he falls to the floor only his cat will adore, and lick the blood that will flow from his lying eyes.

Reply Charles
September 23, 2011 – 2:24 pm
Jewish Zionists, Jews, Republicans, Democrats, NWO, who cares. 9-11 was a criminal act, lets investigate and prosecute the guilty parties whoever they may be. Then we can label them.

September 23, 2011 – 2:27 pm
second that

Reply rexw
September 23, 2011 – 2:55 pm
A fewc points, tongue in cheek

Perhaps, “no Jewish conspiracy” but certainly a “Zionist conspiracy”

I trust that the emphasis and re-emphasis of the no ‘Jewish conspiracy’ in this article is not based on a Mossad threat to you, Mr. Duff

Has anyone counted the casualties after 9/11? With the substantial number of Jews working in and around those buildings, being New York, the Jewish capital of America, how many were casualties?

Next we will be saying that the Neocons who caused the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and are right now planning the Iran war were probably all Roman Catholics. They couldn’t be Jews, as there was no conspiracy.

Whereas one cannot state that under every Washington bed is a Zionist, there would certainly have the every room bugged with the help and assistance of some government authority. Such is the climate right now. Who really cares any more..

There is a strong rumour that Pollard, the Israeli spy, when Obama issues his release after this week’s loving charade at the UN, will be the next President of Israel. It is also rumoured that such a move will be supported by 85% of the Congresss and 70% of the Senate. Elections coming soon.

Reply Larry
September 23, 2011 – 3:31 pm
No Jewish Conspiracy?
dancing Israelis
the new jersey bergen record reported that a US Born citizen stated a lot of Israelis were employed
at Urban Moving Sytems and they all were celebrating
Dominic Suter Mossad agent owner of urban moving systems flees to Israel after being questioned by
the FBI about his knowledge
Mossad team arrested on george washington bridge with white van full of explosives
israeli art students
odigo text messages
you say a mossad team wired trade center buildings with explosives
harari takes credit
no jewish conspiracy?

Mike McGuire
September 23, 2011 – 4:21 pm
Your brush strokes are wide.
There is an asshole in every crowd, that doesn’t make everyone an a-hole.

September 23, 2011 – 5:18 pm
No brush work here. More like a pin-point laser. The 5 dancing shlomos alone are enough to be a smoking gun.

Reply reamonnk
September 23, 2011 – 4:59 pm
Top notch post Larry.

Reply DaveE
September 23, 2011 – 3:53 pm
The strongest evidence that the “Jews” ARE, in fact, a conspiracy, is in plain sight. It’s the constant, relentless, 24 / 7 Al Qaeda Bin Laden Saddam Hussein “24″ Joe Lieberman Charles Krauthammer – powered noise machine that never stops.

If there were any truth to the “those evil Muslims did it” no one would need to be screaming it all day, every day. Do people need to be reminded every 47.3 nanoseconds that winter follows fall?

Besides, if you want to see what evil incarnate looks like, take a passing glance at Pamela Geller. Just don’t look directly in its eyes…..

Reply rgalton
September 23, 2011 – 4:20 pm
9/11 couldn’t have happened without the Tribe, and without members of the Tribe acting in what they thought to be in the interests of the Tribe. This goes as much for the MOSSAD operatives who set up the controlled demolitions in WTC1, 2 and 7, sent out envelopes full of anthrax, and assassinated witnesses, to the Jewish media executives, ‘journalists’, writers and commentators who have been pushing the official story so aggressively, to the everyday Jews who post messages on discussion boards attacking those who question the official story as ‘tin foilers’ etc.

Not all Jews are bad, in fact most are inherently decent people, as decent as any other group. They are not born bad. There is a very big problem with Jewish identity and culture however, which enables the Jews as a group to take a massively disproportionate share of power and wealth in host nations and to undermine the national interests of those nations. This has happened so many times in history that to deny it is simply counter-factual.

There is also a problem with the Jews as a group being used by powerful members of their community to evil serve agendas which frequently are either are not in their interests or are even very much against them in the long run. Of course this happens in all large groups and nations, but with the Jews their highly ‘tribal’ culture makes them far more vulnerable to the likes of Soros, Kissinger, Chertoff, Murdoch, Silverstein, Greenspan and of course the Rothschilds.

Reply Robert
September 23, 2011 – 4:32 pm
Larry you speak the truth… Fox news even reported on the morning of 911 that Israelis were stopped on the GWB. But later recanted …

Reply Nelson_2008
September 23, 2011 – 4:53 pm
This is a very strange piece coming from the same author, who, not too long ago said something to the effect that: “if the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ are in fact ‘fake’, then the authors of it must have had a crystal ball”, or something like that.

September 23, 2011 – 5:57 pm
I think Gordon is borrowing the classic Jewish technique of inverse propaganda. Make a statement (“there is no Jewish conspiracy”), then spend the next 300 words proving the opposite. After all, it’s the details that are remembered.

Reply Bob
September 23, 2011 – 5:31 pm
So what’s going to happen , Congress is taking next week off . Obama is going to be in Denver . I watch C-span yesterday and Leon Panetta an Michael Mullen were testifying. They look real tired but they also had the look of hate in there eyes for them there Senators. If the shit going to come out, next week would be a good bet, before this country comes apart. Anybody who been watching this BS for the last ten years know what needs to be done and it isn’t going to happen in DC. This is a world event best have your ducks line up.

Reply stophypocrisy
September 23, 2011 – 6:47 pm
Yea, duh, Jewish citizens in Israel had nothing to do with 9/11 no more than stupid Gentiles do. That’s a no brainer. Stupid Gentiles in America believe everything the MSM tell them to believe and yes over 90% of all media are owned by so called Jews. If Jews control everything Americans digest then the so called Jews control America. The problem is American Jews support the terrorist state of Israel and stupid Gentile also support the terrorist state of Israel through media brainwashing. Rabbi after Rabbi continues their racist rants against Gentiles in every way, yet Gentiles continue to support Jews because they are ignorant and Israel is counting on it.

Bush is way too stupid and could never have known about 9/11 beforehand. He could never have faced the cameras, no way. Yes, Bush knew something was going to happen but he could not be trusted by the conspirators, and he could not have known what was going to happen or when. This explains the strange behavior when George W. Bush received information that America was under attack! That’s how he could cover for the crimes of the criminal administration that was handpicked for him. The Bush Administration was top heavy with Jews and they will quickly let the Bush Gentiles take the fall for 9/11 and maybe a Jew or two just to make it look kosher, that seems to be what’s happening if anything. Maybe Mr. Duff knowingly or unknowing is helping the Jewish controllers set up the Gentiles for the fall. Gentiles that trust Jews are stupid and are guilty for their crimes x 2 if for only keeping their mouths shut about what they know.

Evangelicals blindly support the terrorist state of Israel because they believe in the invisible man among other meaningless things. Evangelicals are whack jobs, 80 million strong delusional sociopaths that are very dangerous for America and by extinction the world. They are controlled by the Jews to a degree but could turn on them in a second.

It all comes down to the money changers, always has and maybe always will. The money changers are 99% Jewish and are good at compounding daily interest and numbers. They learned early in history that control over money is real power. They soon became experts in banking and international finance. They control the Federal Reserve, IMF and have agents in every western government on earth. They are conspirators. The banksters are behind every conflict on earth and one way or another; finance both sides of every war because it is profitable. They could care less how many die and how much they destroy the earth with the use of atomic weapons (DU). They will even sacrifice other Jews to obtain their goal of control. So the banksters are behind 9/11 just as with the Kennedy Assassination and every other unsolved political crime.

We will probably never see the real guilty party go down for 9/11. But if the dollar really becomes worthless, that will produce an even playing field and humanity could be saved.
There is always hope!

Reply Lee
September 23, 2011 – 8:29 pm
Excuse me, but aren’t most zionists democrats? One day Gordon you are going to realize they are all one of the same, it doesn’t matter what corrupt party they belong too.

And no, the zionists had noting to do with 911, right?

Reply Leif Oldhart
September 23, 2011 – 8:39 pm
Jewish leaders are just as corrupt as the leaders of other groups, but they have a lot more opportunity, resources, and cover. Jews are also better organized, more paranoid, and more oriented towards collectivism. Thus, the evil they accomplish is among the greatest ever, far greater, for instance, than that perpetrated by a cabal of Hungarian-Americans or Irish tenors.

True, your local Jewish dentist, Moe Abramovitz probably didn’t have a hand in the events of 911.
But he probably IS a sayanim. And if so, he is an accessory to the events of 911. And his wife, Irma, most likely donates to Israeli causes, making her guilty of financing terrorism, etc.

There’s an old saw that people who are denied the criticism they have coming to them become evil-doers.

That includes countless garden-variety Jews. It also includes the know-nothing Americans who don’t want to hear what their nation is really involved in.

Reply Louise
September 23, 2011 – 10:43 pm
America has had two bubble back to back in preparation for war, first the tech bubble leading up to 2000 where companies spent billions on their IT so that it would not malfunction when the centuries clocks turned over to 2000 and then there was the building bubble/lending bubble which became easy to implement when the Glass-Steagle act was repealed.

America now finds itself in a situation where its incoming revenue is 2.2 trillion and outgoings are 3.8 trillion. People keeps saying that ‘growth’ will fix the shortfall, but grown will only come out of another bubble and there is no way to make another bubble.

The European Union countries are going to use the current crisis to get their house in order so that the Euro has a safe and healthy future. They are not interested in kicking the can down the road, they want it fixed now. China is not interested in massive volatility either, they like steady stable markets and currencies.

9/11 was used to kick off some very expensive wars and now America is going to find itself in deep debt for many years to come. Wars are easy to start, but difficult to end, and America has no exit strategy for Afghanistan.

By 2030 the world is going to look very different than it does today. America tend to dictate a lot of world policy and the power to do this is going to be greatly reduced in the years to come.

Reply Charlotte NC Bill
September 24, 2011 – 1:52 am
Gordon…the only thing keeping a lot of us fm “losing it” is the idea that these bastards will eventually be officially exposed…bc we won’t be a normal country agn until that happens..What if it doesn’t?

Reply Derek
September 24, 2011 – 2:23 am
Gordon you mentioned the FBI reckon its an inside job. Do you have contacts there?


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