The Banking Scam_Wakey,wakey…..

The Banking Scam
Control Freaks Rule,OK?

Across Europe, the people are being presented with a situation, which apparently came out of the blue. Quite suddenly Spend! Spend! Spend! became Give! Give! Give! We now hear nothing but calls for Pain! Pain! Pain! Austerity must be made to work. In reality, what this means is that whatever money remains in the hands of the poor, must be handed over to the Bankers.
Even as I write, the puppets, such as Merkel and Sarkozy, are pretending to hold talks with Borosso, the Lord Haw-Haw of the European Commission, to avoid a default by Greece. These people have no ability whatsoever to make decisions on the management of this depression. Like all politicians, whom are in positions of so-called “power” they simply “report” the will of the Shadow Government.
They, are in the process of “saving” the Euro, a financial ”instrument” which has overseen the total destruction of every member of the European Union. Federal Europe has been shown to be a total failure, so why should it be continued? What will all of this austerity solve? Why nothing at all. There is no deficit, it is a figment of Bankers imagination. We are all sat back in our easy chairs, drunk or drugged, watching the theft of the world and we are so stupid, we refuse to see what is happening before our eyes and are incapable of taking any action to prevent it.
We are all being instructed by elected politicians, to pay a deficit. Every country across Europe has mysteriously fallen into a position, where they do not have enough income, through taxes, to pay a deficit, while at the same time continuing to finance the social needs of their people.
The people, for their part, do not even know what the deficit is or where it has come from. They have not even noticed that this deficit has in fact always been there. During my life, there has never been a time when we have been free of this deficit. How can this be? How can it be that even though almost every country uses a system of deficit financing, there always seems to be enough liquidity available to continue financing this system. Where does the money come from? To whom is it owed?
The answer is quite simple, the money does not exist. It is a figment. It is worthless, it is paper and nothing more. The deficit does not exist, it too is a figment. Does anybody genuinely believe, that somewhere, super rich financiers have been handing over vast sums of money to pay for the construction of roads and railways across the world? Well think again, the financial system is a farce.
A government might as well ask me for a couple of billion dollars, to finance a project. Even though I am broke, I could agree to the loan, set, the interest rate and the government could go ahead and print the money, spend it and start to pay the accrued interest into my bank account. This would work as well as a loan from the IMF. Should that government fall on hard times and stop repaying the loan, what have I lost? In a similar position, what has the IMF lost? Nothing at all, it is all a farce.
Instead of steering us out of this criminal system, our elected politicians are seeking to take us even deeper into slavery. The bankers are asking for complete control of the worlds monetary system. Even though they have deliberately manipulated the current system, in order to grab, for themselves, control of the world, water, oil, food, land and even the rain. We are being told that we can now trust these vampires to invent yet another system, which will save us from the results of the failure of the present system.
The money lenders have long ago taken control of the Police, Judiciary, Politicians, Education and the media. Sadly they have controlled Trade Unions since their inception. The main purpose of Unions is to provide a target for the media. The usual outcry has already started in the UK, “Look at these selfish people, fighting to keep their pensions while we are all going through austerity to pay the deficit.” We all know how it works with the controlled media. Even our pensions must be passed to the bankers.
The simple reality is that we are being expected to pass the wealth of Nations into the hands of the Central Bankers, our own elected politicians are urging us to do this. Any one of these governments could refuse to pay any more of our money into this criminal system and nothing would happen to our economies. We could manage perfectly well without Central Bankers.
The US Congress was warned that if they did not pass a Bill, allowing the payment of billions of dollars to Bankers, the world would end, threats were made of the implementation of Martial Law. However after the payments were made, the bankers used the funds to buy up failing banks and to pay themselves huge bonuses. Nothing else has changed except that the super rich are even richer while the rest of us can hardly afford to eat.
Should people choose to open their eyes, it would be apparent that they have been living in Cloud Cuckoo Land, in return for a few cheap gadgets from the land of slave labour, they have allowed their Nation States to be Privatised into the hands of a Global Elite.
Behind their backs, they have been tricked into a Union of Europe, directly against their expressed wishes, the Commission which has now taken control of the member States is unelected and cannot be questioned, it is a complete dictatorship.
Small farming families have been driven out of business, allowing the farmland to fall into the hands huge multi-national companies, controlled by the Bankers. All food production will soon be handed over to the United Nations, which is also dictatorial and a tool of the Elite, they,will soon be rationing the amount of food to be allocated to each country. Laws are already in the pipeline forbidding the illegal use of water to irrigate a private garden, soon the garden itself will be made illegal.
Trade Union leaders understand all of this as well as I do, so where is the leadership? Why are they not coming forward to explain this to the working man? Why do they support the notion of the Global Warming farce? How do they expect their members, whom are even now being robbed and forced into poverty, to find the money necessary to pay the upcoming Carbon Tax, directly into Rothschild’s private bank?
In the UK, what did Mervyn King, the Governor of The Bank of England, mean, when while addressing the Trades Union Congress,he thanked the leadership for all their co-operation. Mervyn King works for Rothschild, he is the most highly paid of all the Central Bank Governors, so in effect it was Rothschild whom passed his thanks to the Unions. Be warned, nothing is as it seems. They are all control freaks.

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Gadaffi has been put through the demonising mangle by the West, because he refused to conform to the strict rules of the bankers Mercantile Law.
This Law was introduced in the interest of the British and French scavengers, in order to force African countries to sell their resources to European Traders and to then use the money, which they had been paid for these resources, to buy finished goods from European factories. They were denied the right to install their own industrial production system, to create a more equal trading structure.
NATO is now being used, by essentially the same companies, as the fire-power to continue this strict and one-sided operation. It is because of the greed and desire of huge global companies and banking interests, which are under the ownership of families whom we dare not name, that there is so little industry across the Middle East and The Maghreb. It is policy.
Iran is now in the cross-hairs of RAF Bomber Command, for exactly this reason, they are in the process of industrialising, as were Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi. So NATO, under orders from the bankers, for whom they work, must destroy them.
The same groups of “terrorists” which have been employed in Libya, under the control of US, UK and French “adviser” were used in the illegal attacks against ex-Yugoslavia. All of the atrocities, which NATO and the UN claimed were carried out by the forces of Slobodan Milosevic, were more probably carried out by these mercenaries. The same scenario is going on in Libya, where Gadaffi forces are being blamed for slaughters which were quite obviously carried out by the “rebels.”
Western forces are already in action in Syria, where in true Orwellian double-talk, it is being claimed by the western media, that Assad is responsible for killing his own police and military.
I believe that the whole Arab Spring was initiated by the West, to provide a smokescreen for the attacks on the countries on a hit list, which was announced long before the start of the so-called uprising in Tunisia. That list included Libya, Syria and Iran.
It should be made clear to military, in member countries, that NATO is under the control of unseen hands. It is in the manner of The European Commission basically an un-elected and un-accountable organisation, which is being used to dominate Europe and the Middle East and Africa. Aggressive wars are illegal, the fabrication of excuses as justification will not alter that. The resource rush which is taking place in Libya, should sicken all right thinking people.
The propaganda is total, Libya, in fact had the highest standard of living in Africa. The Libyan people were well looked after by Gadaffi.


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    Journos here are nothing but -Yes men!!

    argonium79 on 28 Apr 2011

    [CC English] Exposing Democracy Promotion in the Middle East
    [CC French] La Promotion de la Démocratie au Moyen-Orient

    Middle East analyst and investigative journalist Maidhc Ó Cathail exposes the Israel partisans, embedded in US governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, that have been involved behind the scenes in encouraging “democratic” reform in the Middle East.
    Exposing Democracy Promotion in the Middle East (تعزيز الديمقراطية الباطل)

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