Biography Mervyn King

Mervyn King

Mervyn KingWho is he: Mervyn King is the current governor of the Bank of England. This institution has presided over the death and bankruptcy of the British Empire as well as serving as the flawed model of central banks promoted by the Anglo-American Axis around the world.

In addition, King serves as chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee and previously was deputy governor of the Bank of England from 1998 to 2003. King started with the Bank of England in 1990 and served as chief economist and executive director of the bank starting in 1991.

King is somewhat unique among the monetary elites in that except for his academic career, King has spent the last 20 years at a single institution, the Bank of England.

Background: Mervyn Allister King was born on March 30, 1948 in Chesham Bois, Buckinghamshire and he went to Wolverhampton School. King then attended King’s College at Cambridge and in 1969 received a first class degree in economics. Mervyn King was also a Kennedy Scholar at Harvard University. At Cambridge, King served as treasurer of the elite Cambridge University Liberal Club.

After graduating college, Mervyn King first worked for the Cambridge Growth Project as a researcher. Then King taught at Cambridge and Birmingham University before moving to the United States and serving as a visiting professor at MIT and Harvard University.

As interesting insight into the “small world” of the top circles of the financial establishment, it should be noted that while at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), King shared an office with an assistant professor there named Ben Bernanke. Beginning in 1984, King also taught at the London School of Economics and founded the Financial Markets Group.

Today these two men, Ben Bernanke and Mervyn King, together are in charge of the two most powerful central banks in the world. In addition, they serve at the pinnacle of power for and at the pleasure of the few wealthy families that make up the Anglo-American establishment and desire world control. These power elite drive the financial and monetary institutions while others lead the political institutions, parties and individual politicians, all working together to increase their power and wealth while reaching their goal of one world governance.

It seems that both Alan Greenspan and Mervyn King apparently missed the growth of the massive real estate bubble in both nations, which was created primarily by their respective central banks. The ultimate result has been the worst recession since the Great Depression and untold hardship and financial losses forced on regular citizens so a few big banks – and those pulling the levers of influence – could make billions.

If there were a world financial crimes tribunal and it was free and independent, both Mervyn King and Alan Greenspan (and Ben Bernanke, et al. too, for that matter) would likely be tried for financial crimes against the world. But with the political, media and financial establishment all working together in this endeavor men like Mervyn King will continue to receive accolades, honorary degrees, etc. throughout their lives. History, following the full effect of the Internet Reformation, may judge them differently.

Small-time financial criminals like Bernard Madoff receive life imprisonment and non-stop news coverage and notoriety; the real professional criminals apparently walk free to continue their important work for the Anglosphere elite.



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