The Children Lose, Again

A Childs view from Gaza….


September 10, 2011 – 6:33 pm
The power of the zionists in California…Please take time to look.

The Children Lose, Again

09.09.11 – 12:27 PM
The Children Lose, Again
by Abby Zimet

A California museum has cancelled an exhibit of art by Palestinian kids in Gaza, reportedly after pressure from pro-Israel groups in the Bay Area. The Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland had been working for months with the Middle East Children’s Alliance on the project, “A Child’s View of Gaza,” set to open in two weeks. Does it really need to be said: Kids shouldn’t have to pay for the appalling cruelty and stupidity of adults. Look at this art.

“The only winners here are those who spend millions of dollars censoring any criticism of Israel and silencing the voices of children who live every day under military siege and occupation.” – Barbara Lubin of MECA.

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Posted by readytotransform
Sep 9 2011 – 1:34pm.Thank you for this one, Abby.
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by dave gresham
Sep 9 2011 – 9:32pm.GW Bush: “We’re winning hearts and minds!” (And losing ours, Mr. President.)
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by drone
Sep 9 2011 – 10:48pm.I second that sentiment. Nice grab.
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by Different viewpoint
Sep 10 2011 – 9:10am.”Ceci n’est pas une pipe”
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by Michael F
Sep 10 2011 – 10:36pm.I would be interested to know what you think it is.
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by donna
Sep 10 2011 – 9:14am.So much for Israel’s “democratic” values. And for sure it was money that talked in this case. US Jews are using their money to cover for Israel and block free speech. Nice! The US government may turn a blind eye to every Israeli crime, but the proof eventually seeps into our communities. The Middle East is now exploding, with Turkey and Egypt finally taking the step the US should have taken decades ago and expelling Israel’s ambassadors/spies. The charade of the “peace talks” is exposed, and the brutality of the Israeli military occupation is becoming common knowledge. US Jews can spend all the money they want to try and hide Israel’s crimes and make it look like a decent, democratic country–but you can’t put lipstick on a pig.
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by wantrealdemocracy
Sep 10 2011 – 10:55am.If American Jewish people are at all concerned about anti Semitism they should do all they can to stop the Israeli vicious treatment of the Palestinians.
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by corvo
Sep 10 2011 – 3:59pm.They would first have to recognize that Palestinians exist; then they would have to recognize that they are people with rights. Fat chance of either!
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by Kane Jeeves
Sep 9 2011 – 1:49pm.The more pro-Israeli government (anti-Israeli people) groups protest, the more they look like they’re trying to hide the truth. So kudos to the museum and MECA. Try to put the show on again and again and keep the pro-israeli groups protesting.

I would also suggest they have the showing online on a website. They’ll reach a much larger audience, and if the groups try to bring down the site, they can be brought up on criminal charges.
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by Michael F
Sep 9 2011 – 2:13pm.I think you misread the article. The museum (MOCHA) buckled under to the pressure and cancelled the exhibit.

Check out the Middle Easts Children’s Alliance letter in the Common Dreams Progressive Newswire section.
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by Kane Jeeves
Sep 9 2011 – 2:30pm.No I get it. I guess my hope is that even in buckling under, someone there recognizes the publicity potential for buckling. AND I hope someone there gets the idea to hold the show online instead, to sidestep opposing forces so to speak.
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by Lingum
Sep 9 2011 – 1:57pm.So Zionistas are even afraid of Gaza children’s art.
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by chuckdk
Sep 9 2011 – 2:16pm.Incredibly good post! It is absolutely heart breaking to think that such images are etched in the minds of these children – if it doesn’t put a lump in your throat you aren’t paying attention.
I hope that this show can be put on all across this nation!
.Login or register to post comments…Posted by Truthseeker58
Sep 9 2011 – 2:20pm.Oh my God. This artwork from these young souls says it ALL. And that’s the trouble, isn’t it? SHAME on that museum for cancelling this show!!! I’m sick and tired of this country being afraid of Israel! Probably because the US is right next to Israel in it’s slaughter of the Palestineans. See that bomb that child drew of the Star of David and the stripes of the US flag? Children KNOW the truth.

Posted by Peace Czar
Sep 9 2011 – 4:00pm.A good friend spent time in Gaza and collected images of artwork from children who witnessed The Gaza Massacre (or “Operation Cast Lead” as the Israelis would say) firsthand, just as with this exhibit. Please share as you see fit as an antidote to gross, malicious Israeli censorship.

If there was one action to perfectly represent Israeli actions with respect to Gaza, it would be that of an IDF soldier popping balloons of a Palestinian children at a birthday celebration with the bayonet portion of his rifle. Actions like these are almost comically evil, but so sad as they are so very real.


3 responses to “The Children Lose, Again

  1. Posted by textynn
    Sep 9 2011 – 9:06pm.Why should mere children have a right to be heard by America and Israel. They are not chosen. They need to die and shut up. That’s apparently what we’re suppose to think. There is no excuse and those that make them have officially lost their humanity.

  2. Posted by mralexseymour
    Sep 9 2011 – 8:13pm.We had a similar exhibition in the UK of paintings by the children of Gaza of their terrible and frightening experiences during Israel’s Cast Lead attack.

    If I personally can still remember the bombing of London way back in the 1940s, after all these years it is apparent that the scenes that these poor children lived are never going to go away. These horrific memories will be Israel’s legacy to a whole generation of youngsters that will forever darken their lives.

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