Jewish Dissidents Target Putin_Londongrad- Don’t the Political Scum Ever Learn?

Jewish Dissidents Target Putin


March 3, 2011 — 115 Comments
Dan Michaels

Yegor Gaidar
A recent article, A Hidden History of Evil, by Neocon writer Claire Berlinski in the reputable City Journal asserts that — for reasons unknown — the West has deliberately ignored revelations of crimes committed in the Russian Federation since Putin assumed power. Berlinski mentions especially two dissidents currently exiled in England, Pavel Stroilov and Vladimir Bukovsky. Bukovsky is well known for his exposé of the Soviet use of psychiatric hospitals to silence critics of the Communist regime, he himself having been so victimized for years before being exiled to England. Stroilov, on the other hand, belongs to the post-Soviet era and claims to be in possession of documents that put Putin and Gorbachev in a very unflattering, even despicable, light, but cannot elicit any interest in them on the part of Anglo-American government agencies. Both gentlemen are part of a far larger “Putin Must Go” movement with vocal supporters in Russia itself as well as in England and the United States.



Other more neutral observers say, however, that the campaign against Putin conducted by the dissidents and a complicit press is unjustified and simply another example of Jewish solidarity in opposing policies that disadvantage their own interests and supporting those that favor them. Dissidence and opposition during the harshest Soviet era of the 1920s, 1930s, and during World War II would have been more than justified, but unfortunately it was rarely heard in the West.

To a considerable extent, obscenely wealthy Jewish oligarchs who were squeezed out of the Russian Federation by Vladimir Putin to the great delight of the Russian people finance this multifaceted movement. It did not escape the attention of some observers of US-USSR relations that the principals in the arrangements made between the American (Jeffrey Sachs, Andrei Schleifer, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers) and the Soviet representatives (Yegor Gaidar, Anatoly Chubais) to introduce capitalism in the USSR were all Jewish and that the resultant newly created oligarchs were also Jewish. Gaidar’s other friends included Mikhail Khodorkovsky (whose release from prison is a major neocon project), Platon Lebedev, Grigory Yavlinsky, and Boris Nemtsev. All are Jewish, all are in opposition to Putin, and some are in jail. These unusual, collaborative arrangements, made by co-ethnics in Russia and America with the approval of the official political leadership of those countries, cannot but recall Hitler’s assertion during World War II that the capitalistic Jews of America colluded with their communistic brethren in the Soviet Union to make the war policies of both countries. However, the joy of seeing Communism abandoned in the Soviet Union as a result of those unusual negotiations was so great that most criticism was muted.

However, neither exiled nor domestic Jewish dissidents can honestly accuse Prime Minister Putin or President Medvedev of anti-Semitism, especially not those who control the major media. Putin merely insists and will continue to insist that the mass media in Russia not be used for character assassination or to make or subvert government policies. He believes that Russians, not Jewish media moguls with their dual citizen status, should govern Russia. Despite the fact that a good many Russians object to the fact that Jewish entrepreneurs all but monopolize the export of Russia’s mineral resources to countries abroad, the Russian Government continues to permit it. Oleg Deripaska, for example, an associate of Nathaniel Rothschild, is one such oligarch, as is Roman Abramovich, a friend of Boris Berezovsky, is another. They are allowed to do so because they do not attempt to run the Russian Government nor dictate its policies and also because they satisfy the demands of the international globalists.

It is interesting to note that Deripaska has since 2003 retained Bob Dole, former Majority Leader and presidential candidate, to lobby the U.S. State Department to grant him a visa. It has only been approved for a single year because the billionaire is suspected of ties to the criminal community. Dole is said to have received about $500,000 for his services. At the same time former FBI chief William Sessions has been lobbying the U.S. Department of Justice on behalf of Semyon Mogilevich, who is on the FBI’s most wanted list for alleged organized-crime links. The exchange of money obviously takes precedence over every other consideration, be it national interest or ethics.

So many exiled, anti-Putin Russians have already been granted political asylum in England and have chosen to reside in London that the city is referred to as Londongrad. The British Government obviously does not object to this because the exiles direct billions of dollars to the British economy which otherwise might go elsewhere. Some observers conjecture that the governments of both the United Kingdom and the United States permitted and even encouraged the unorthodox monetary arrangements made with the former Soviet Union, knowing full well that the Jews so involved would inevitably divert the resultant international trade to the dollar or sterling countries.

When Yegor Gaidar, who with Chubais administered the economic “shock treatment” to the Russian people, died a few months ago, American, Russian, and Jewish financial leaders all expressed their sincere regrets. The official obituaries were all laudatory of the man and his accomplishments, abiding by the traditional sentiment de mortuis nil nisi bonum. The following does not. The distain of the Russian people for Gaidar’s economic and financial policies in the 1990s and a preference for the sentiment veritas omnia vincit compelled alternate obituaries as, for example, the following:

Officially, Yegor Gaidar died unexpectedly on 16 December 2009 of pulmonary edema, provoked by myocardial isochemia, while writing a children’s book in his Moscow home. In November 2006 Gaidar had been found unconscious of an undetermined ailment in County Kildare, Ireland, where he was promoting his new book on economics. He claimed that opponents of the Russian government had poisoned him. Both President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin honored the man and his works.

Unofficially, an alternate obituary, representing large segments of the opposition, states that Yegor Timurovich Gaidar died of acute alcoholism. The Russian people did not honor him; they loathed him. Under the tutelage of a team of bright young men from Harvard University, Gaidar in partnership with Anatoly Chubais (Director General of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies – Rosnano) administered Jeffrey Sachs’ economic “shock therapy” to the people of the erstwhile Soviet Union. Government officials and bankers (almost all of whom were Jewish) became oligarchs overnight. Ordinary Russians lost whatever meager savings they had managed to accumulate under the Communist regime.

Yegor Gaidar’s acute alcoholism was not a secret to his colleagues, the alternate obituary reports. Boris Nemtsov, for example, once said that Gaidar downed a bottle of whiskey a day. He was drunk most of the time, alienated from his wife and his work. His uncontrolled drinking probably caused his collapse in Ireland. His colleagues in Russia and the West dutifully covered for him, hinting at a sinister poisoning. Another business associate, Petr Aven, President of the Alfa Bank, said that Gaidar began to show symptoms of decline long before his first visit to Ireland.

Nemtsov, this source reveals, half jokingly and half cynically suggested another approach to improve Yegor’s image among the people. He proposed that Yegor appear on Russian TV drinking heavily and munching on a hunk of dark bread so that the people could identify with him and perhaps grow to like him. After all, the Russian people are heavy drinkers and heavy drinking never discredited Boris Yeltsin and Winston Churchill. During the British intervention in 1918 Churchill preferred Armenian cognac. Both remain heroes to the Western democracies.

Chubais, Gaidar’s closest friend, hoped to divert attention from his friend’s alleged poisoning by proposing him for a Nobel Prize for having been a “savior of the motherland.” The idea was not entirely inappropriate, the alternate obit jokes, in that Gaidar’s policies probably did not result in as many deaths as did Nobel’s dynamite. Also, Chubais was concerned that Gaidar’s death might be linked to the injuries and deaths of Aleksandr Litvinenko, Viktor Yushchenko, and Anna Politkovskaya.

Historian Sergei V. Naumov (who is associated with the Don Cassocks All-Russian Orthodox Patriotic Organization “Black Hundred” whose program aims to revitalize Orthodoxy in Russia) suggests that Gaidar’s alcoholism was most probably hereditary by briefly tracing Yegor’s family history:

Yegor Gaidar’s grandmother, Rachel Lazarevna Solomyanskaya, who was married to Arkady Golikov (who wrote under the nom de plume Gaidar) already had a son Timur by an unknown father. Arkady Golikov adopted Timur, but he and Rachel did not live together for long because Golikov, who was mentally unstable and an alcoholic, used to chase Rachel around the apartment with his sabre in a kind of family pogrom. Rachel quickly dropped her famous writer husband and pogromist Arkady (Gaidar) Golikov and left Moscow with her son for far-off Archangel. They never saw each other again, but when Solomyanskaya was arrested in 1938, Arkady, being by then a famous author of children’s books arranged to free her.

Years later Arkady died in the war under unknown circumstances and son Timur eventually graduated from the Nakhimov School. The intelligent Jewish boy knew that with the obscure family name of Solomyansky it would be difficult to make a career. He chose not to take his mother’s name with which he had lived so long, or the family name of his natural father, or the name of his stepfather, but rather in a bold case of chutzpa took his stepfather’s nom de plume — Gaidar.

This bit of cleverness paid off. The son of Rachel Lazarevna was eventually made a rear admiral in the Soviet Navy without ever having commanded a ship. His naval service was spent as an editor on the Red Star newspaper. In the same way he became a member of the Union of Soviet Writers without ever having written a single artistic work. His son Yegor, the recently deceased Gaidar, therefore was born into the highest ranks of the Communist Party nomenclature. He dutifully worked in the offices of Pravda and the magazine Kommunist, on the pages of which he angrily exposed the evils of capitalist market economies. He was not then considered an economist.

When the Communist Party of the Soviet Union began to disintegrate, Yegor Timurovich Solomyansky-Golikov-Gaidar quickly reversed course and became an ardent apologist for all the evils of capitalism that he himself had earlier publicized. In his private life he remained a patriot of his people, marrying Maria, the daughter of the renowned Jewish writer Arkady Strugatsky. The offspring of this felicitous marriage, the liberal Masha, is the founder of the My (We), an anti-Putin “orange” movement.”

Thus, to clarify the genealogy: the beloved author of children’s stories was actually Arkady Golikov, a Russian, who assumed the nom de plume Arkady Gaidar. He married Rachel Solomyanskaya, a Jewish lady, and adopted her son Timur from a previous relationship. His real name should have been Timur Solomyanski, but he took the pen name Gaidar from his stepfather to enhance his career. It worked and Timur Gaidar eventually rose from being a Communist propagandist to become a rear admiral in the Soviet Navy. Consequently, Timur’s son Yegor Gaidar is not a blood relative of Arkady the famed author of children’s books. Yegor’s story shows in microcosm how so many non-Russians, through identity theft and name changing, have been passed off as Russian.

The life story of Yegor Gaidar may be seen as that of a typical present-day dissident Russian Jew. He was born into the comfortable higher ranks of the Communist Nomenklatura by virtue of his father having taken the famous name of Gaidar and parlaying it into the rank of admiral in the Soviet Navy. Both Yegor and his father routinely wrote for Communist newspapers and periodicals during the Soviet era, criticizing the capitalist world and glorifying the communists. Today his co-ethnics refer to him as the “savior of the motherland.” Oy vey!

Caveat: Dissidents must always be listened to, but care must be taken to ascertain whether dissidence is truly justified or simply a euphemism for political or personal gain.


anne March 3, 2011 – 11:54 am | Permalink Didn’t make it past first paragraph and usual reference to “Anglo-American” agencies. Lmao. Fox Five is a Jewish-Catholic (usually Irish) show where people rub their hands together, discussing how no wasps are on the Supreme Court and so on. Anglos have been targets so long they are nearly all dead, why not lay off it. There isn’t one Anglo on T.v. Maybe Katie Couric looks it but she’s a Jew. Ridiculous.

Kevin MacDonald March 3, 2011 – 12:41 pm | Permalink You should have gotten to the second paragraph: “Other more neutral observers say, however, that the campaign against Putin conducted by the dissidents and a complicit press is unjustified and simply another example of Jewish solidarity in opposing policies that disadvantage their own interests and supporting those that favor them.”

Felix March 3, 2011 – 12:43 pm | Permalink Jews have always wished to know if the person with whom they’re dealing is Jewish or gentile, and these days I, too, want to know the background of the person with whom I’m dealing, whether they’re a Jew, gentile, asian or latino. Cultural heritage, family history, educational background and religious affiliation really do shape a person’s “weltanschauung,” and if I know those things about a person, I can better estimate his point of view, how he sees me and how he’s going to deal with me.

One of the best lines from “The Godfather” was “My father always taught me to try and figure out what the other man was thinking.” To continue to abide by the “It’s a small world after all!” philosophy in a tribal era is not only naive and absurd but dangerous as well.

Heather Blue March 5, 2011 – 1:39 am | Permalink To make a short story long….
Jews are always targeting white men and white nations. Vladimir Putin is catching their ire because he is smart. He’s a threat.
Jews have been waging a hate campaign against white people for centuries and certainly as long as I can remember in my life time. “I didn’t know white people were evil, hate filled bigots until I read it in the newspaper.”

Hate campaigns work. Especially, if they are unrelenting. And the hate campaign directed at us is certainly unrelenting. People don’t know they are influenced by it. They believe it. Non-whites find it is very beneficial to believe it even as they run to us for sustenance.

It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference how we feel about it. It does not make the slightest bit of difference how baseless the hate campaign is or how lacking in evidence. It does not make the slightest bit of difference the harm it does to us or how unfair to millions of good, decent white Christians. Our losses, our set-backs and hardships mean nothing. The undeserved abuse is malicious. These gangsters take everything they can get their hands on and kick us in the teeth.

Jews not only turn other ethnic groups against us, but they turn us against each other. Trying to deal with our own indoctrinated people is very difficult. It is obvious they take a stand against other Whites in good faith that it is the right thing to do. It’s very difficult trying to get around that kind of gullible, misguided faith.

Inside himself every white person knows he does not hate. But he figures somebody out there must be a bigot since we are constantly barraged in the media with condemnation and criticism…. racism, discrimination, prejudices, intolerance, anti Semitism, etc. He does not know that the rest of us are exactly like him. He doesn’t know that other white people don’t hate alien people any more than he does. That we are not unduly biased. That we don’t discriminate against natural rights.

Hate laws are passed anyway. Hate laws would not be passed if they did not enhance Jewish power. Therefore, woe to the violators of the hate laws. Men like the railroaded attorney Edgar Steele, holocaust revisionist Ernest Zundel, Bishop Richard Williamson, movie director Mel Gibson, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez, and organizations like the American Renaissance are quickly and harshly dealt with to bolster the image of White hatred promulgated by the hate campaign.

The whole rotten business is part and parcel of the Jew’s hate campaign against white gentiles. It’s all about Jewish interests. It’s about their bloated egos, their power, their avarice, their greed and hatred. So far, it works. Unabated, it rages on. When a hate campaign goes on and on year after year with only a handful of people making the effort to stop it its success is guaranteed.

buckle March 3, 2011 – 1:03 pm | Permalink Anne

the so called Jewish/Catholic conspiracy on Fox news is presumably a reference to Sean Hannity. As this interview demonstrates he is no friend of Catholicism. What the priest is attempting to assert is that Hannity brings public scandal to the Church, speaks with no teaching authority and should not be identfied publicly with it. The various canards with which Hannity responds (much, no doubt, to the approval of anti-Catholics of all religious stripes), baffles even the minister of the Church to which Hannity “culturally” belongs.

Felix March 3, 2011 – 3:48 pm | Permalink “As this interview demonstrates he[Sean Hannity] is no friend of Catholicism.”

I would also say the same about “Catholic” neo-con theologian and biographer of JP II, George Weigel. When he unreservedly supported Iraq War II, he revealed himself to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Chris Moore March 3, 2011 – 1:06 pm | Permalink “the West has deliberately ignored revelations of crimes committed in the Russian Federation since Putin assumed power.”

Would this be akin to crimes committed in America on Wall Street and crony Washington committed by the Judeofascists and ideological Zionists that have been deliberately ignored since the ascension of Bush, Obama, and a Zionist-occupied Congress?

“the campaign against Putin conducted by the dissidents and a complicit press is unjustified and simply another example of Jewish solidarity in opposing policies that disadvantage their own interests and supporting those that favor them.”

Is there any longer a question as to whether Judaics organize into ethno-religious-nationalist cells that operate as an organized racket that enriches itself and corrupts and extorts the Political Class, ultimately at the expense and extreme detriment of their host society?

If America weren’t totally corrupt, at this point these Judaic rackets would have been indicted under RICO statutes.

I would get 100% behind any politician who ran on a plank of investigating and indicting the Judaic rackets. Where’s America’s Putin?

Anglo Saxon March 3, 2011 – 1:20 pm | Permalink Where’s America’s Putin?

Whiteawake March 3, 2011 – 1:52 pm | Permalink K.M.s caveat should be taken very, very seriously here. Far too often we make quick, unwarranted judgments which lead us astray. I’ve seen it right here when people make accusations against others of being trolls, which may or may not be true.

Knowing absolute truth about anything is a very nearly impossible feat. If you and nine others were there, there will probably be ten slightly different accounts of what happened. If you weren’t there you’re only getting one, very possibly warped, account. Sometimes you just have to admit a certain amount of ignorance about the trees and look at the forest so much more easily seen. And sometimes the only intelligent thing one can say is, “I don’t know.”

Anglo Saxon March 3, 2011 – 2:18 pm | Permalink @ Whiteawake …

I’ve seen it right here when people make accusations against others of being trolls, which may or may not be true.

On the subject of ‘Trolls’ and on the tactics of those who repeatedly accuse others of being such:

In my personal opinion, ‘Troll’ is a baby term employed most by those with infantile minds, typical of Judaics.

A genuine Ethno-European or Germanic would not employ such puerile language (except in jest). It is beneath him.

Felix March 3, 2011 – 3:54 pm | Permalink It’s “One standard for me but another for thee,” yet again,
and is precisely why the same people who whine about the “holocaust” can turn around and then breezily advocate the wholesale destruction of other peoples and countries through blockades, military action and even nuclear first strikes.


arthurdecco March 4, 2011 – 9:03 pm | Permalink “Where’s America’s Putin?” asked Chris Moore…

Isn’t it an indication how pathetic a caricature of itself America has become when you have to ask that question of a nation of 350 MILLION Supposedly Independent-Thinking People?!?

I would have thought there was 1 (ONE!) American Putin. I mean…350,000,000 of you and you can’t dredge up 1? Not even after all THIS MALEDCOWCRAP you’ve been forced to endure for the past 60 years?!!

I mean, for all those big brave psychopathic soldiers, for all those flag-waving politicians with Stars of David engraved on their official desk name plaques, for all those thieving banksters and their pet Congressmen and fellow-travelling Senators – for all those state representatives selling out their fellow citizens for filthy lucre – for all the bureaucrats too afraid to say a word – for all of the almost criminally insane (20%) proportion of the population who believe whatever they’re told by disgusting Fox or the unclever Dershowitz – for all of the religiously delusional who Believe in their Righteous HATE! …for all of the cowardly and willfully ignorant … you can’t find one truly courageous, patriotic, independently wealthy political citizen willing to defend the principles of America from the locust attack it now faces from the Scourge of the Planet?!?

Jason Speaks March 4, 2011 – 10:37 pm | Permalink It’s hard to know if some of these posters are trolls (by which I mean people who don’t like Whites and seek to disrupt the site via dishonest tactics) or if they are truly just rapidly anti-American haters that for some reason found themselves on a site geared toward White Advocacy, but who are actually pro-White (sounds strange I know).

The universe of people who preoccupied with mocking and denigrating US military soldiers AND who are pro-White is exceedingly small. I suppose it’s possible there are a handful in the world, although I have never met one.

Anyway, needless to say, if they exist they represent a fraction of 1% of people that who want to save White culture. Until they are banned, I guess the best policy is to generally ignore them, but to occasionally remind regular viewers that they are not to be taken seriously.

buckle March 3, 2011 – 1:43 pm | Permalink A favourite trick of the “oligarchs” is to launder their money through European soccer club ownership. Roman Abramovich is the most notorious example who owns Chelsea but let us not be under any illusions. Blue-eyed, blond haired, Icelandic banker Björgólfur Gudmundsson did the same thing at West Ham United although a sizeable portion of that club is now owned by a couple of pornographers called “Gold” and Sullivan. An American Jew owns Manchester United whilst the UAE ownership of United’s cross-city rivals “Manchester City” seems positively fragrant by comparison.




2 responses to “Jewish Dissidents Target Putin_Londongrad- Don’t the Political Scum Ever Learn?

  1. Ex-Pro White Activist March 3, 2011 – 2:15 pm | Permalink Let’s at least lay to rest the myth of the anti-Semitic Putin, nationalist savior of Mother Russia. Two examples should suffice:

    1. For most of Putin’s presidency his prime minister was the Jew Mikhail Fradkov. Medvedev replaced Fradkov shortly before the 2008 Presidential elections. Fradkov was appointed by Putin as head of the SVR (ex-KGB Foreign Intelligence).

    He is one of numerous examples that show that both the SVR and GRU are heavily populated by Russian and Russian-Israeli Jews. From my viewpoint this is so extensive it amounts to functional control. (CIA, DIA & NSA are similarly infiltrated).

    2. Another Jewish Prime Minister under Yeltsin was Sergei Kiriyenko. He just happened to be PM in August 1998 at the time of the Long Term Capital Management collapse, partial Russian default and swift ruble devaluation from 6:1 to 32:1. In 2006 Kiriyenko subsequently became head of ROSATOM, the Russian nuclear power agency. He remains there to this day. As most of us have heard (several times a day), this is the entity that is reputedly helping Iran prepare for a new Holocaust of Jews in Occupied Palestine. imo this was certainly the channel traveled by the STUXNET worm.

    It’s all very fascinating. A great deal more can be written about late Soviet and early post Soviet history. I’m well satisfied that we still don’t have the full story about the final days of the USSR in late August, 1991, and also Yeltsin’s suspension of the Constitution and attack on the Duma in 1993.

    This awaits a new Solzhenitsyn to write “August, 1991″.

    I’m not sure how relevant any of this is to the survival of white Americans as a people and their liberation from the Satanic Anti-Christ Jewish yoke. Developing alternate means for higher education of young whites seems to me far more vital.

    It’s just more tedious. And it doesn’t have the Bourne Identity pizazz of exploring high international intrigue.

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