9/11: Cover and Deception, the Phony Hijackers

9/11: Cover and Deception, the Phony Hijackers

Over 500 British Troops have been killed in the 9-11 wars- thousands of Americans- God knows how many other Western troops- then the millions of Iraqis Afghanies….doesn’t make one iota of sense!

America has been made weaker- inspight of Obama saying America is stronger- he’s a Politician and they LIE!!

CIA and FBI “Tasked” With Building “Hijacker Mythology”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Ten years after 9/11, with the Pentagon missile proven, with the controlled demolition of Building 7 proven, the media, as instructed, is following a “cover and deception” story that began long ago, the mythology about the 9/11 “hijackers.”

Journalists can’t cross a street without running into a CIA asset like Susan Lindauer or so many others, I personally know enough to fill a bus, who knew about the “flight schools” and plans to crash airliners into the World Trade Center. Moreover, every one of these individuals told their bosses at the FBI and CIA, some went directly to the president or his chiefs of staff.

Many of them were jailed, put in mental hospitals, died of “accidents,” some were arrested for an endless series of crimes, some were put under “house arrest.” One was run over by a car on a sidewalk in a city on the Iberian Peninsula.

Not just Americans, but intelligence operatives from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and elsewhere contacted their “handlers,” FBI and CIA, informing them of the 9/11 plans.

Some of these stories are hitting the papers and TV news now, even the internet sites.

The hijackers, the gangs of bearded Islamic extremists going to flight schools, hanging out in ‘titty bars” and making total asses of themselves, were they real? Not hardly. The money trail behind them, initially blamed on a Saudi princess, traced back to the FBI, to a major security firm, several in fact, known for protecting government facilities, nuclear power plants, even NASA facilities. Some of the reports turned in even named FBI agents as paymasters, renting apartments for “hijackers” and meeting with them regularly.

The smart ones, those who knew and tried reporting what they believed to be terrorists, were told to shut up and pretend it never happened. Those driven by patriotism and stubbornness were crushed.

Now, the same tired stories, the “cover and deception” operation meant to establish what those in the intelligence game call a “legend” for the “9/11 hijackers” is coming out, a way of overshadowing the real story about 9/11, the “inside job” used to turn the United States into a police state, a military dictatorship that exists even today under a president seemingly helpless to do anything but talk on TV and whine about how nothing seems to get done.

No kidding, since the phony 2000 election and the overthrow of our constitution by the Supreme Court and a cabal sometimes called the “New World Order” or “the 300,” America and most of the world has been a train wreck.

Anyone care to dispute this?

9/11 was a theatrical event, the largest in world history. Planes were seen hitting buildings that should have shaken off the blow like a man being tapped on the arm by a friend. Buildings untouched dropped like stepped on by Zeus. Videos from airports, videos of all kinds disappeared, our Air Forces seemed to dissolve, NORAD became non-existent, top secret security systems were turned off and a story was invented of how 19 men who spent months screaming out to everyone who would listen, “we are terrorists” got on planes and did the impossible, made planes do what planes can’t, flew in ways no pilot could fly and evaded the video systems of airports that had been under terror alert for years.

Thus, a decade later, when the blaming begins, the stories about how the FBI and CIA covered it all up, how they really knew about the hijackers but were somehow totally stupid, how George Tenet was a traitor for some reason after a lifetime of loyal service, the fairy tales loading the news today, know that the “cover and deception” program is alive and well.

Of course I believe there were no real hijackers, just actors with stolen identities, FBI and CIA agents misled, duped into giving them money, told it was part of a secret scheme to undermine a secret terror organization.

Now they know better, the “fall guys” of the CIA and FBI, now being blamed for 9/11.

Those that couldn’t be controlled, threatened with “career death,” no more job, no pension, even prison, were “liquidated.”

We will never know how many.

When it was proven that a third tower, Building 7, was blown up on 9/11, what did that mean? If one building was blown up on purpose, they all were. The planes were just theatre, nothing else, just like the actors who played the hijackers.

You might say you have seen no proof of this? In fact, the proof is, not only overwhelming, it exists in such quantity it would boggle the mind. Here is a simple question. Why are we in Afghanistan? Think for a minute. 80 billion dollars in heroin will be shipped by plane from Afghanistan. We say the Taliban does it but they have no planes.

Where to they get them?

Where does the money go?

What will 80 billion buy?

Then add the billions missing from the defense budget, the trillions that disappeared from Wall Street, the endless billions in drug trade over the border with Mexico that we seem unable to control.

With one billion dollars, I could buy congress, the presidency, the heads of our government agencies, the military.

Tell me I am wrong?

The folks we are dealing with could blow a billion dollars on lunch?

Their “chump change” bought your news, bought much of the internet, certainly bought congress, bought enough generals and admirals to fill a stadium.

Just go to work tomorrow or wait for that check in the mail. Send your kids to Afghanistan to die. Pay your taxes and vote for the idiot of their choice.

If you want to live, keep your mouth shut.

September 10, 2011 – 12:12 pm
Hi Gordon, your post is a curious one. You are an outspoken, public, person with a well-read blog site, that is comfortable with controversial issues. You do not shy away from making some heavy-hititng swings, at people in real positions of power.

You conclude your post: “If you want to live, keep your mouth shut.” Fair enough, and the warning makes perfect sense.

What motivates you to willingly assume these potentially dreadful risks?

Reply Gordon Duff
September 10, 2011 – 12:19 pm

Truth Seeker
September 10, 2011 – 5:40 pm
Any theories why phony Saudi Hijackers were chosen instead of any other nationality?

Gordon Duff
September 10, 2011 – 6:09 pm
Saudi’s are better financed, travel more easily, are assumed to be wahabist extremists and fit well with the false cover of bin Laden and the wild conspiratorial tale of his objection to US military being in Saudi arabia defending them from Saddam…while, as I have confirmed, bin Laden was acting as liason between the CIA and Saudi intelligence.

Reply TJ Bronco
September 10, 2011 – 8:26 pm
Excellent, Thank you Gordon. I have heard the phrase before to keep your mouth shut, yet my mouth had me facing a Felony of assault with a deadly weapon!-True story, and anyone who has read my posts May agree…! Excellent article…Spot On Right on!

Reply Gordon Duff
September 10, 2011 – 12:20 pm
for some reading this, there are a few minor signals in here for reasons to leave me be

Cloak And Dagger
September 10, 2011 – 2:14 pm

Reply TJ Bronco
September 10, 2011 – 8:33 pm
And they should, Sir…Should have heard Earl Hutchinson, of KPFK, Pacifica radio today at 12 PST talking that all the 911 conspiracy theories have been totally debunked!!!? He went through alist of eight ‘Conspiracies’, that he stated were debunked. When a caller called in and described PNAC, He did not know what, who this was!. The next caller said he was surprised Earl did not Know about PNAC, and Earl BSed that he did, but just wanted to have the caller previous, describe it…Yaa Right! This is how the real debunkers of the reality work-They have the Mouthpiece…As been said Gatekeepers of the Left and Right…

Reply Tom Valentine
September 10, 2011 – 12:33 pm
Gordon, exactly the way “The Secret team” operates aint it?

Gordon Duff
September 10, 2011 – 1:16 pm
Right out of the “schools”….

Reply Cloak And Dagger
September 10, 2011 – 2:16 pm
I hadn’t thought about the drug transport angle! You are absolutely right and it is obvious when I think about it now. How can the cave dwellers in Afghanistan transport the drugs out?

TJ Bronco
September 10, 2011 – 8:35 pm
Cand D, Global Hawks acording to none other than … I told people when we invaded Afghanistan, that the poppies must be ready for harvest!-Cause You are the Cloank and Dagger, I am just a lowly plebe…

Reply DaveE
September 10, 2011 – 2:45 pm
I think I caught a reference to Richard Clarke, the “guy” who started it all. (the lies, that is….) He’s the lynch-pin, alright, or he knows who is.

Anything more you can tell us without getting “accidented” or Gitmo’d?

Reply Marc C. Daniele
September 10, 2011 – 3:02 pm
Again, nice article Mr. Duff!

I think you may know from my past comments, I do not care about what they may do to me, I will not be silenced, while I’m alive!

I love my “Republic”, or maybe I should say the idea of it that has been lost, or TREASONED away!

Yes I know I am extreme, but I see no other way to have peace in the near future!


September 10, 2011 – 3:30 pm
We need more like you! Cowardice is pathetic and shameful.

Reply Mike McGuire
September 10, 2011 – 3:04 pm
It’s time we label the C.I.A. and the Mossad as a Terrorist organizations. They have successfully overthrown the U.S.A., my personal belief is that it happened when they assassinated J.F.K.
Stay safe Mr Duff,your recent writings are like homeruns, you just keep hitting them out of the park!
Each one further than the last.

September 10, 2011 – 3:28 pm
It started long before that. It started when the OSS (predecessor of CIA) under Truman was five Jews working in a vault in a building which which was the “Pentagon” before it had been built.

September 10, 2011 – 8:01 pm
i believe the pentagon was under construction in 1942. Truman not pres until april 1945.

Reply TJ Bronco
September 10, 2011 – 8:37 pm
More than Babe Ruth, more than Willie Nelson, uhh, Mays, more than, who is that latest guy?

Reply NightFlyer
September 10, 2011 – 3:35 pm
911 – Sadly so many Americans were murdered by its own governemt for a non American individual.

The Forensic Sciences have proven that the offical 911 story is false. It was a political /business event where certain people benefitted from insurance money, and a whole generation has been lost to fears. In simple terms, Americans have been hypnotized and led astray by a rather satanic group where greed rules their way, then and still today.

Now we have reached the stage where Political Photo Opportunities are all based on “Proposed” legislation aand falsehoods all presented as truth. Have Americans become this ignorant? apparently YES. It appears they have become beaten down so badly they may never rise again. We who are still alive have witnessed the end of America as we knew it. The damage has been dear and great.

They who took us over are intelligent, they even made sure that anyone who even questions the (their) offical story is to be iewed as a terrorist. Well folks. I am still one proud American, a former Marine Helicopter door gunner, who did my part in Vietnam (right or wrong) at 17 years old. I saw then being an expeditor when not flying, who was making millions of dollars off us young active duty people; our wounded and dead, which we medivaced – picked up daily. I know who I am, and I know what these bastards who hold dual citizenship have been doing. They are the real terrorist, they call themselves the Chosen Ones. They now control America, and will continue to cause thousands more young Americans to dieor become wounded, causing much pain and misery onto their fear ladened families. And why? Well all in their quest to control America and the world.

All the BS being presented that our USA selected and appointed (friends and family) and corporate individuals, known as “providers”, who give campaign donations as kickbacks after being awarded the gov contracts, is quite evident. READ THE NATIONAL REGISTER TO SEE WHAT REALLY HAS BEEN SIGNED INTO LAW.

What we are seeing on the news is “PROPOSED” legislation, not signed laws. No action has been taken on everything now in the news coming out of Washington, DC except a huge lobbyist controlled headline which appears as if a law was actually passed.

Wake Up!

This is what’s known as election year free advertising intended to make you, the reader, think these elected officials have been working for you night and day. The fact is they have these press releases written by individual corporate lobby firms (many are non American entities), with messages filled with falsehoods. Lies upon lies while more first responders and young active duty troops die.

It appears most American voters are being led to beleive these messages as being the thoughts and words from those politicians who state they arerepresenting their fellow Americans. These messages are designed to give the impression that these officials are doing what is best for all Americans. Fact is these elected and appointed friend and family corporate individuals do what they are told by the so-called Chosen Ones.

This same group that proclaims to be helping the homeless, and the unemployed, are actually the ones who sold out American via the awarding of contracts to non American individuals (corporations). The latest scandel being the solar energy farce. I can only wonder what other connected individuals have yet to be exposed.

Another example of a law which has been passed under the American Disabilities Act was the re-naming of what a service animal is: In that legislation, written by Senators Franken and Murray, is a descriiption stating 70,000 disabled USA veterans would be receiving service animals, Yet when researched within the Veterans Administration, VA writes they will not be funding this legislation.

In 2010, VA only provided three (3) dogs for disabled veterans, and havealso stated / written they will not fund over 100 dogs a year. Also written by VA is that not one disabled veteran with PTSD as their disablility will be considered. This is their statement regarding what is quite contary to the law passed.

So, here we have a law that gained national headlines, made Senators Franken and Murray look like heroes fighting for the disabiled veterans, with the President also taking credit for signing this Bill into law. It is all one huge photo op and nothing else, and all on the illusion that our president and Senators Franken, and Murray have helped American disabled veterans. There is absolutely no accountabilty.

Would it surprise you to know that the amount of money being awarded to the “providers” of these hand picked “contractors” is in the billions of dollars?

Would it surprise you to learn that most every “provider” is a dual citizen individual? HERE’S A SIMPLE QUESTION FOR THOSE STILL READING, Where and what country to you think (I know) has been given the majority of the gov contracts to provide the services mandated by these laws?

One hint: They control the news, online social networks, and the Moition Picture business.

They also control the Executive Office, Supreme Court, and the House of Representatives of the United States of America. They excert powerful influence in NATO, and the United nations.

Yes, all the time you have been hypnotized since 9-11 they have been working their distraction machine on you.

They create what are known as “False Flag” events, they create a perceived problem, cause a huge chaotic media frenzy, then they provide a solution which includes them receiving billions of dollars. from the USA Tresuary which they run trough their own individual penny stocks, and all in the name of the American flag. As in God and country, and long live the Queen, and save the children, etc.

Simply go to Thomas.org and click on the “National Register” link to see for yourself what has really taken place in American society. Make it a “Favorite” and check it weekly, see for yourself the diffrerence betwwen proposed and signed laws. While there, click on your congress and senator representatives and view their campaign donation pages and then view their voting records. You will begin to see the pattern of deceit and malice against the American socirty that has been taking place; especially since 1994.

That is the start time / year of the major privatization program in America; the gestation of the private prison undustry; three strikes your out, check Yahoo finance and you will see that pattern unfold. Also the start time /year of internet access for the masses. Oh, these chosen ones are so very skilled and anyone pointing them out has been killed at will. I’m short now so I can care less, I have much to write so I’ll give it my best.

We have all been duped, but you can still snap out of their trap, but you must wake up and realize they only get away with this because we have allowed them to do it.

After you read the truth for yourself, the next best thing to break out of their spell is to turn off the TV. Go outside at night and sit on your steps if you still have steps, and look up into the night sky. Takes a few breathes and ask yourself, do you want to be a free American, or do you want to continue to be a digital slave?

George Lovenguth Lawlor – USMC (H) 1969-71

Just trying to tell you what I know to be true from what I call a birds eye view. Sempre Fi – fight till you die.

September 10, 2011 – 8:32 pm
Well said NightFlyer. Right on man

Reply Soap Box
September 10, 2011 – 3:48 pm
Hats off to you Gordon. Be safe.

It has become transparent, verging on ridiculousness.
Is this the mad hatters tea party?
Were is our justice department? Where are our so called church leaders? All wimps? All bought?

Reply rgalton
September 10, 2011 – 4:12 pm
It is interesting to speculate how many Americans were actually involved in 9/11 (excluding Mossad assets) who knew what they were taking part in.

Of course many people will have had a small role, but had no idea that it formed part of the overall scheme, they will have only realised after the event.

My guess is that the number of Americans involved with knowledge was over 100 but under 1,000, and nearer the first number than the second. The likelihood must be that many of those are now dead.

Of course those in Mossad who were involved will never speak. They believe that they were acting in the vital interests of the Zionist cause. Mossad has played a vital role in keeping the lid closed, in executing Americans who were involved, in sending out anthrax, in threatening and blackmailing etc.

This operation would have been impossible without Mossad involvement because there needed to be a core group who could keep all American participants in check by whatever means and could be absolutely relied on never to speak.

September 10, 2011 – 7:45 pm
That’s what I’d like to know, how many Americans were involved. Just like the Liberty treason, the complicity of American military “men” and a concubine pResident, and the crowds of paid whores who cross-dress as office holders are worse than any foreign paymaster.

Reply Stewart
September 10, 2011 – 4:50 pm
Another excellent article. Sadly read only by internetters. How to disseminate this stuff to the neighbors? By a device older than the Republic this strategy was instrumental in creating – PAMPHLETEERING (Google “The Crisis Papers”). Here’s the idea. All such columns need to be additionally formatted online for printing. We dig into our own pockets and have several hundred photocopies made. Enlightened persons will make copies of our copies. I can’t think of any other way to combat TV and a controlled press. Distribute this blizzard of paper at night if necessary. No sense in giving up without disturbing the neighbors.

TJ Bronco
September 10, 2011 – 8:43 pm
Stewart, press the symbol, Share, just after the article. You must know the emails you want to send to, Then scroll down alphabetically to E-Mail, then click on that. Type in the e-mailsseparated by a comma, no space, and hit send. Then you will beasked to type in a squirrily phrase to prevent spam, do that accurately caps, and commas and the works, and you can share with your family and friends, Instantly! If you are one of those malinformed and do twitter, or facebook, do that! Then as I understand it will go out to countless at times thousands that are your friend you never heard of…

September 11, 2011 – 12:17 am
Thanks TJ, Needed those instructions myself. Now that’s Passing the Word in 2011. Going there in 3..2..1..

Reply Gordon Duff
September 10, 2011 – 8:47 pm
I know so many of these people. Many of them never figured out what happened to them.

Reply tony_opmoc
September 10, 2011 – 5:04 pm
Awesome Article. Gordon Duff cuts through all The Shit and Delivers it Straight.

Thank You


Reply george beres
September 10, 2011 – 5:52 pm
I’m convinced 9/11 was a domestic conspiracy. But we are left confused by a wide variety of variations given us– some probably concocted by the very people responsible. They remain a step ahead of us, anticipating questions and answering them in so many ways that we quit the pursuit. We are a plutocracy where the very rich control what happens to all of us. Heavily tax them (and collect) to rid us of that deep threat within our government. – George Beres

Reply Garibaldi
September 10, 2011 – 7:05 pm
Need a stolen identity? Just call 911-Mossad, ask for Doobie Dubai. We do passports. Check out some of our previous offers and great deals: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/feb/16/dubai-killers-identities-uk-citizens

Gordon Duff
September 10, 2011 – 8:48 pm
get us prices, we have customer, tens of thousands of them

Debbie Menon
September 10, 2011 – 10:29 pm
Gordon, we’ve turned the tables, we make them look so ridiculous….


You can read this with much more awareness than I

Reply Debbie Menon
September 10, 2011 – 10:46 pm
You’re right Gordon.…I mean sending 28 assassins with fake passports to assassinate one person in Dubai gives one pause ?

Tim King
September 10, 2011 – 11:32 pm
Debbie, you’re sure pretty for a terrorist, I thought they had big mustaches!

Reply Cloak And Dagger
September 11, 2011 – 1:14 am
One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. We were all terrorists in the eyes of the British Raj in 1776.

Reply dc
September 10, 2011 – 7:57 pm
I’ll leave you be, I like you just the way you are.

This piece goes deep toward expressing the way I am feeling this evening.
ditto, and thanks. : (
Here’s one for tomorrow, all: http://howtheworldchanged.org/


Kaminski on Jewish control of the American mind.flv



4 responses to “9/11: Cover and Deception, the Phony Hijackers

  1. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/09/10/911-cover-and-deception-the-phony-hijackers/comment-page-1/#comment-329784





    Douglas Reed and the Jews

    By Knud Eriksen

    In Dronten no. 4 (“The Dodo” at the address Patriot.dk) I have dealt with the once world famous foreign correspondent and author, Douglas Reed, who went from being widely known and respected before, during and after the II.nd World War to becoming an expelled and completely forgotten person.

    Why was he “forgotten”?

    It was simply because he wrote about “The Jewish Question!”

    International Jewry responded to his frank description of the problem with total censorship, so that his new books could no longer be printed and the old ones would disappear gradually from the bookstores and even from the library shelves.

    After a short period of slandering he was no longer mentioned at all in the world’s media.

    As the author Ivor Benson (who has himself written a book on this subject: The Zionist Factor) says in the foreword to Douglas Reeds masterpiece The Controversy of Zion, which had to wait 22 years before it could be published, “the adversity, which Reed encountered, would have made a lesser personality give up. But not he“.

    After his expulsion from the zionist-controlled media-world, he found himself free to start this most outstanding work, which all the years as a foreign correspondent in Europe and his earlier books had only been a preparation and an education for. His vision expanded from year to year and from book to book. It was an education, which was not available in any university.”

    He spent more than three years away from his family in the early fifties in New York Central Library or in front of his typewriter in modest surroundings in New York and in Montreal. He rewrote the whole book with an epilogue i 1956, where the uprising in Hungary and the Suez-war were scrutinized as further examples of the talmudic co-operation between communism and zionism. Then, as mentioned, the book had to wait 22 years for a possibility of getting published!

    It is instructive to observe how Douglas Reed gradually penetrates deeper and deeper into the Jewish problem from that time, when he had hardly even thought about it in 1935 (as he writes in The controversy of Zion) until he delivers his harsh judgement in the shape of The controversy of Zion.

    The mood of gloom and doom is not his own, but due to the gloomy character of the subject, as he says in the epilogue to the book. In the cause of his work he has felt the evil as an almost physical presence in the plans, he reveals. As “forces from some dinosaur-lair projected into the twentieth century.” But, he says, it is not for him to judge, what is evil. God must have had an intention, in his wisdom, to allow this evil to exist, possibly for the progress of the soul. But in that case he, himself, feels like being also a part of God’s creation, who has the duty to reveal this evil, so that human beings can be set free from it.

    Ivor Benson follows this line of thought in the epilogue to his own book on the subject (1986) The Zionist Factor, as follows: “There is no Jewish problem per se, only a gigantic 20th century problem, in which the fate and responsibility of Jews and Christians are inseperably intertwined”. The irresponsible world power, built on money and dominated by Jews, is, in its outstretched cob-web something, that we have all allowed to grow big and strong through our irresponsibility.

    But if this power has now grown so strong, that it cannot be stopped, but must be allowed to continue its predestined course, until, finally, it devours itself like a worldwide wolf, what use is it then to us to get to know and fully understand what goes on in the world?”

    Ivor Benson answers this as follows: “a short answer is given in a christian concept with even older sources: “Thou shalt know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

    In 1938 Reed wrote his first major – and world famous – book, Insanity Fair, which was published in at least 35 editions in English and published in danish, also in 1938, in 5 editions. In Danish the title was “Galskabens Kavalkade” (can still be ordered from the library). It is scarcely 400 pages and is a mixture of an autobiography and a political description of Europe up to- and during the Second World War.

    His predictions of major political events were for many people surprisingly accurate at a time, when the “responsible politicians” of the West were acting in direct opposition to his advice and interpretations, and the unifying principle of the book is one long warning against the threat from Hitler-Germany.

    But simultaneously he had, among other things, a few critical remarks about the jews, which he had observed and come to know during his many travels as a reporter in Europe. In his second book he deals with the subject of the jews a great deal more thoroughly. All of two chapters out of 37 are dedicated to his “becoming clear as crystal“ on the subject, as he says. This book from 1939 had the english title “Disgrace Abounding” and in danish (also 1939) “Grænseløs Skændsel”. (It can still be procured from deposit libraries). The book – almost 500 pages – was also a description of the prewar conditions, as he knew them in his capacity of being one of the leading foreign correspondents in Southeastern Europe, and through his close personal acquaintanceship with many of the leading politicians of the time. It was yet another long warning against Hitler-Germany and a reproach of the erroneous Western politics, in which he could not find the logic.

    As far as the Jews are concerned, he is definitely far more crystally clear in this book than in the previous one, where there were actually just a few good-natured teasing remarks about them.

    I have, in Dronten no. 6, (danish) reproduced both of these two chapters and a couple of other interesting descriptions of the Jews in Europe, seen through his eyes, under the menu (in Dronten): “Grænseløs Skændsel” (“Disgrace Abounding”).

    By this time he no longer holds any doubt, that there is most certainly a serious Jewish problem. From the on he would get to study the problem thoroughly through the following ten years.

    His well-intentioned advice, that the Jewish problem could only be solved by the Jews getting their own nation (but not by killing arabs), was abandoned by him again, when his studies of talmudic zionism, and the eventual establishment of Israel, demonstrated to him, that the Jewish question implied much more than just that, and was now so much bigger.

    Also, he discovered, it had in reality been laid down in an ancient plan for world-conquest.

    He wrote a few more books which he managed to get published somehow (see the list in Dronten no. 4, under the menu “Bibliography”- and now (in english) the homepage Douglas Reed Books, red.).

    After the books Somewhere South of Suez (1949) and Far and Wide (1951), which are not translated into danish, Reed was practically banned by the most important publishers and bookstorechains because of his ever more clear description of the Jewish problem. He does not end up by being optimistic concerning the solution to the problem, as he actually thinks that only God can solve it – in time. Nevertheless, it is also his opinion, that the suffering of mankind, including the Jews, which will result in the meantime, until this solution will appear, may be reduced and shortened by people learning the truth about “The Contorversy of Zion”. In this issue of Dronten (no. 6), I have translated, into danish, two more chapters of this – in my opinion – vital work. With the knowledge, which the book gives the reader, he understands the real background of the invasion of foreigners in The West, the globalisation and the break-down of nations, culture and morals. Here, finally, I will relay Douglas Reeds own description of the problems of the banning of Disgrace Abounding – “Aftertale” in the book), and in this way introduce this, his encyclopaedic masterpiece, The Controversy of Zion”:

    ………”Chance, and possibly my own sense of timing, enabled me to write additional chapters for Insanity Fair immediately after publication, and this time the same thing has happened again. But on this occasion chance has enabled me, in the additional chapter, to give you the best possible example of the way organized world-Jewry works and of the immense power it wields in goading world-opinion against Germany. I imagine anybody who has read these two books will realize that I hold Germany to be a menace to England, but that I do not identify the cause of England with that of the foreign Jews.

    After I wrote Insanity Fair I was swamped by offers from American publishers for my next book. I signed a contract with one firm. When I began Disgrace Abounding I did not know that it would be an anti-Semitic book. The anti-Semitic part is the result of my observation of the Jews in the last year and of my conviction that the mass influx of Jews to England is a political mistake and a national misfortune.

    The American publisher, after reading Disgrace Abounding, declined to publish on the ground that the Semitic part was ‘slanderous and libellous’. Read the Jewish part for yourself and see if this is true. I, for my part, declined to have the book published anywhere without the Jewish chapters. The real meaning of that decision is that, in America, you may ‘slander and libel’ Germany as much as you like, and be paid for it, but you must not discuss the Jewish problem, you must not assert that there is a Jewish problem. Other American publishers declined the book on the grounds that they could not publish the Jewish chapters. One of them, not a Jew, said that an American publisher would court misfortune by publishing it, because 90 per cent of the American newspapers are Jewish, and the Jewish influence extends in similar proportion throughout the whole ring of trades connected with publishing.

    I see very little difference between the Jewish and the Hitlerist method, in this matter of free speech and free discussion. The Jews are for free attacks on Germany, nothing else. The same thing happened in some of the Scandinavian countries, where Insanity Fair had great success and where publishers were clamouring for the next book – until they saw the Jewish chapters. They asked to be allowed to publish the book without them. I refused. The same thing happened in France even with Insanity Fair, where a publisher contracted for the book who apparently could not read English and only realized when he saw the French translation that there was a few passages in it which he did not consider sufficiently favourable to the Jews. He demanded their excision, I refused, and he sold the contract to another firm.

    So only in England, as yet, and possibly in France — although I do not yet know whether this book will appear in France — may a non-Jew openly discuss the for and against of the Jewish question.

    The importance of this, for you, is that you should realize that what is presented to you as ‘American approval’ or ‘American disapproval’ of this or that action of British policy is not American but Jewish opinion, and that this puts quite another face on the matter. If you are to fight Germany again, you must do it for England’s sake. You must not allow yourselves to be egged on by Jews masquerading to-day as ‘German public opinion’, to-morrow as ‘Czechoslovak public opinion’, the day after as ‘English public opinion’, and the next day as ‘American public opinion’. If England suffers disaster in coming years, the Jews who have come to England in these latter years will not suffer that misfortune in like measure; they will not feel it as Englishmen will feel it, they will prosper in chaos, and when they feel that a lean time is coming for them they will make up their minds to sail away.

    As I came up the Thames I wondered what my own future would be. I had promised myself to decide within a very few days whether I would continue to write about the daily European scene or whether I would cut loose [ed: altogether?] together, go to Polynesia, Patagonia or Peking, write about other things than Hitler’s eternal invasions.

    I wondered whether, the next time I left England, I should go in one of those steamers white and gold to some far distant foreign clime. The decision lay before me. I had a few days’ time. While I was locked up in the Legation at Prague, Disgrace Abounding was published – the most curious things happen to my books. After my departure from Prague I read the first reviews of it. Somebody spoke compassionately of my inferiority complex. I never knew, until I wrote Insanity Fair, what an inferiority complex was, or that I had one. To understand these things you have to sit at the feet of some venerable Jewish professor in Vienna, who soothes you by telling you that your faults are not your own but the products of your ancestors’ hereditary alcoholism, or something of that sort, and this wise counsel gives you new strength. The gins of the fathers. – Kraft durch Freud.

    I have no inferiority complex, but only the most normal longings for England to be better. I have a heavy foreboding for England, whose rulers have made every mistake they could. I want to see England safe at home and abroad. Safe at home for the British Derelict Aryans, not for the Foreign Non-Aryans. Safe abroad from Germany.

    Neither of these things is being done. The danger of a German ultimatum has been drawing daily nearer. What shall it profit Britain if she lose her whole Empire and gain only the Jews? Now, at the last moment, a faint hope offers that a stand will be made – over Poland. Then why not for Czecho-Slovakia? Why have we handed over the Czech Army, the Czech Air Force, the Skoda Works, the Czech gold, to Germany? If we were from the beginning prepared to make this stand, we should have made it years ago. Then you would have had none of this trouble. You could have satisfied Germany’s just grievances – but you could have compelled her to keep the peace…….”

    Knud Eriksen, feb. 1998

    (A translation from a danish article in my internet-site Dronten, no. 6 (“The Dodo”) – a sub-site on Patriot.dk


  2. Resigned from The Times- his reports were being altered some not even getting into print.

    Thus my resignation of 1938 was inspired by a motive similar to that of Colonel Repington (of whom I then had not heard) in 1918. There was a major military danger to England and qualified reporters were not allowed to make this plain to the public: the result, in my opinion, was the Second World War. The journalist should not regard himself too seriously, but if his reports are disregarded in the most momentous matters of the day he feels that his calling is a sham and then he had best give it up, at any cost. This is what I did, and I was comforted, many years later, when I read Sir William Robertson’s words to Colonel Repington: “The great thing is to keep on a straight course and then one may be sure that good will eventually come of what may now seem to be evil”.



    Thereafter the two governments were caught in the same web and have never since freed themselves from it.




    Then, after the outbreaks of 1848, Disraeli returned to the subject, telling the House of Commons in 1852: “The influence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. .. The natural equality of men and the abrogation of property are proclaimed by the secret societies who form provisional governments and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them” (exactly the same thing recurred in Russia, in 1917, that is, seventy years after the 1848 outbreaks).

    Disraeli added, “The most skilful manipulators of property ally them selves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen people touch the hands of all the scum and low castes of Europe”. This, he said, was because they wished to destroy Christianity.


    He candidly stated that “the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes”, and in these words he public1y affirmed that real government is by the Hidden Hand. All informed observers know that this is the truth of affairs, but any presentday American president or British prime minister would denounce the statement as “witch-hunting”. “I think”, said Sidonia, “that there is no error so vulgar as to believe that revolutions are occasioned by economical causes”. Thus spoke Disraeli; in our day the Lloyd Georges and Woodrow Wilsons, Roosevelts and Trumans have pretended that the revolutions in France and Russia and elsewhere were spontaneous mass-eruptions by “the people”, infuriate, against “tyranny”.

    Disraeli practised the teaching of Christianity; he was not merely “a baptised Jew”.



    Most of you so called jews in America aren’t even real jews in the first place- You are nothing but Europeans average white people- Original Jews were dark skinned- definition of someone who is semetic is someone who originated from East Asia- Whites like the ones in this video are frauds as well as others around the world . People wake up
    MattyxWu 7 months ago 2

    these ppl are taking about genocide and they see nothing wrong with it. lol and they talk about their holocaust funny
    heckler171 7 months ago


    Holodomor Ukraine 1933 (the real holocaust)

    WTU208 on 9 Jul 2011

    The killing of 10 million Christians by the jewish bolsheviks under Joseph Stalin 1932-1933 in Ukraine. These events are also known as Holodomor.

    This video is used under Fair Use 17 USC 107 for teaching purposes.


    The jew that took charge of this mass starvation programme died at peace in Israel in his old age!


    The study of hundreds of volumes, during many years, gradually brought realization that the essential truth of the story of Zion is all summed-up in Mr. Maurice Samuel’s twenty-one words: “We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyer forever . . . nothing that the Gentiles will do will meet our needs and demands”.


    “pro western” lol!

    Secrets of Communism
    Based on the book “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” by Juri Lina

    Quite a documentary it explains so much. It links everything together.

    I learnt a lot.
    451vladimir 3 weeks ago

    The Hidden History of Jewish Bolshevism & Freemasonry

    Swedish English translation

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