Money as Debt Usury Banking 1-5

Les5146 on 4 Mar 2010

This shows the bankers to be criminal and the unsustainability of constant economic growth.
I have a dream, a far greater man than I once said that,and he was shot for it. I would like to see the Great put back into Britain, not for military might or empire, But for leading the world out of a corrupt unsustainable Monetary system that serves only the Banking Elite. The current state of world economics is unsustainable. Every nation in the world is in Debt to a few super wealthy banking families. These families control Policies of nations through the debt that is owed to them. They want constant economic growth, which is totally unsustainable. These People(and I use that term Loosely because they are like fat flea’s on a dog’s back) are Parasites living on the misery of Humanity. How do they achieve this? Usary Banking, usary banking was once unlawful, and it was a capital offence. where do you think your Tax money goe’s, do you think it is for infrastructure the upkeep of society? Look around you, No that is where the national debt comes from, the money to run our country comes from the world banks, your tax money goe’s to pay the interest. We need to revolutionize the banking system. write of the national debt, these bankers have lived on our backs for far too long. What is money? what gives it value?where does it come from?Money is just a means of barter, in the present the only thing that gives money value is debt,it is no longer backed by gold reserves, The bankers create money out of thin air. they punch a few numbers into a computer and there it is.Our Treasury should be the only source of our currency. Nobody else should be able to create the pound sterling.We do not need constant economic groth. We need economic stability and sustainability,Banking is an essential service to commerce and industry and to people, therefore it should not be in private hands.WE need to take over our own creation of money,and a national NON USARY bank, NOT FOR PROFIT,its employees should be employed by the treasury. Money should not equate to more money, money should not equate to POWER. Money should be the servant not the master. If the treasury is the only provider of money, then the treasury can pay for all infrastructure all essential services on a non profit basis. Imagine no interest on your mortgage, no taxes (no need to tax because the treasury controls all money supply) The true value of money would go from being negative(Debt) to Positive industry agriculture, productivity. Ah I hear the scoffers say but our money would be worthless on the world market. Well here is where it gets really interesting,that may be so, But what if we authorised Poor third world nations to create their own version of stirling,we could sell them,(and they can pay because their stirling pound is worth exactly the same as ours). all the infrastructure to grow their own food and they can sell the surplus to us, they are not under our control they are free and they can feed their own starving people. Better to give them the means to feed themselves (and us) than to give them a few bags of grain. Not only do we free ourselves from the parasites but we give much needed aid to the third world. WE enslaved them and WE can free them. Usary banking is a crime, money lending for profit is a crime, in today’s world money is not a luxury everybody has a right to a descent life. All financial institutions should be run by the treasury on a non profit basis.The treasury doesn’t need to make a profit it provides the currency.

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