September 7th ….Report from Tripoli: “NATO carpet bombed Libya”

I heard one rebel from Manchester being interviewed…yea Manchester!!

Report from Tripoli: “NATO carpet bombed Libya”
by grtv
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has “carpet bombed” the entire neighborhoods in Libya, a writer and geopolitical analyst told Press TV’s US Desk in an interview.

“They carpet bombed the country … their deliberate tactic was to create a humanitarian disaster and to militarily clear the way, without any humanitarian regards, without any regards for human life,” said Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, from the Canadian-based Centre for Research on Globalization, on Monday.

“[NATO] used every dimension of the psychological war including the media to create fear which created a state of panic and it also traumatized the local population and it caused a lot of people to defect, not a lot but it did cause quite a fair number of people to defect or to remain neutral,” Nazemroaya said.

Nazemroaya further added that NATO should be held accountable for the war crimes it has committed against the state of Libya.

Meanwhile, NATO’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen went on to say that the US-led military alliance would soon end its operation in Libya. Rasmussen, however, added that a definite timetable would not be announced as their withdrawal depends on the assessment made by commanders on ground.

Libya has been the scene of intense fighting between government troops and the fighters since a revolution seeking to topple the now-fugitive Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi began in mid-February. The US and NATO started to unleash a punishing UN-mandated offensive against Gaddafi in an alleged attempt to pressure him into giving up power on March 19.

The alliance’s airstrikes have claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians.

The post-9/11 decade of lies
The myth of 9/11, imbedded inextricably into the fibers of society and culture…

by Larry Chin

It has been and will be the same since the day it happened. The same exhausting exercise, whether one, five years, ten or fifty years since 9/11. Another orchestrated orgy of mass propaganda-stoked ignorance and “war on terrorism” hysteria.

The propaganda myth of 9/11, imbedded inextricably into the fibers of society and culture, and into the brain cells of naïve, willfully uninformed people, is back for another sickening “commemoration”.

Who chooses to “commemorate” the lie of 9/11? Undoubtedly, the high officials and elites who planned the event, who successfully achieved everything they wanted—unending war for oil, naked fascism and militarism, and economic conquest—from this ultimate false flag operation. The atrocity of 9/11, the desperate act of an empire facing extinction, was not an “intelligence failure”, but the greatest intelligence success and criminal operation in history.

Underneath all of their somber play-acting, they’re celebrating. They are all laughing, from George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, to Barack Obama, the Osama-killer “avenger of 9/11”. You should be able to hear peals of laughter from the members of the Bilderberg Group and elite think tanks, and laughs must certainly echo in the halls of CIA headquarters, the offices of the Pakistan’s CIA subsidiary, the ISI, and in the offices of multinational oil companies and Wall Street banks.

They are all dancing on the graves of 9/11. And George W. Bush does it literally, every time he dares stand on the ground of the World Trade Center that he helped bring down.

And along with the criminals, the legions of victims and witnesses who still, after ten years of unabated suffering under the lash of empire, continue to dance to the tune of the official propaganda myth, every time it is played.

How many of those who never hesitate to worship first responders have bothered to understand who and what actually those brave men and women into the flames of the Twin Towers? How many of those who have proudly sacrificed their children to the wars have truly questioned the official lies that resulted in the destruction of their families?

On this day, rather than drown in the familiar waves of conspiracy theory that is the official 9/11 myth, know that a decade of conspiracy fact has long shattered this myth, exposing the ugly reality for those who choose to know the truth. This body of conspiracy fact not only exists, but it continues to grow, despite years of intimidation, cover-up, attempted derision.

This true history and exhaustively compiled evidence can be found in Michael C. Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon and Michel Chossudovsky’s America’s ‘War on Terrorism’, to name just two landmark studies among hundreds, too many to name. Their work remains as vital today as the day they were penned.

Tragically, every single thing that whistleblowers of 9/11 have predicted has come about. This is the tragic, bitter vindication for everyone who has spoken and written the truth. The world around us speaks for itself, and it is a harrowing death scream.

Today’s world—of endless war for oil, endless false flag terror operations and atrocities, unabated political criminality, economic looting, social upheaval, fascism, and a global war/intelligence-industrial police state—is the fruit of 9/11. So too is the post-9/11 Peak Oil wreckage that is the United States, its population embracing open fascism, and with a proposed Keystone tar sands pipeline cutting through the very heart of the continent.

Consider this single conspiracy fact: energy-rich Libya is being overthrown and conquered by NATO, in attacks spearheaded by CIA, its allied intelligence branches, and Al-Qaeda.

Yes, Al-Qaeda. What happened to the “war on terrorism” fiction? Why is the arch-enemy, Al-Qaeda, working openly with NATO?

This, too, is 9/11’s bounty. It brings us to the conspiracy fact of historical record:

Islamic “terrorists”, including CIA asset and (and US ally in Kosovo) Osama bin Laden, have been in the continuous employ of western forces and the CIA since the Cold War—before, during, and since 9/11. Al-Qaeda and “Islamic terrorism” is an instrument of Anglo-American intelligence, propaganda, and geostrategy. Al-Qaeda has always been an American-made and CIA-sponsored brand.

Just as is the case with the many other false flag terror events and wars since 9/11, any careful analysis of the forces behind the destruction of Libya brings us back to the same places, pointing to the same inevitable conclusions.

The “war on terrorism” is a lie, founded on the Big Lie of 9/11.

On this day, rather than commemorating propaganda, truly commemorate the work of those who have dared tell the truth, who have never stopped telling the truth. These are the real heroes of 9/11, the ones who truly honor the memory of those who died.

These people, not the liars or the murderers and criminals in high office, remain the only dim light in this post-9/11 apocalypse that continues to unfold.

Larry Chin is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Larry Chin


Rage & Outrage Are Waiting
By Jim Kirwan

Many think that 7-11-11 will be the day that the US Stock Market will collapse; but whether or not this will happen on that date is not the point. The point is that the time has come for all our blatant disregard for the greed and arrogance of the uncommon-criminals that have run this civilization into the muck of history to finally have to pay for everything that we have been doing for far too long.

Our ‘troops’ have been murdering unarmed people around the world for so long that most see this as just part of the inevitable price we pay for our place as the leaders of the world. No one asks if anyone, besides ourselves, wanted us to assume this role as “the self-appointed-leader of the whole-wide-world.”

We have been “AT WAR” against the world since 1991, in Iraq. And we have now expanded that illegal war into our wars upon Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq again in 2003, Somalia, and now Libya: With other wars planned for Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, and a number of other nations as their own civil wars spill over into new threats against the New World Order and its Fascist policies. So far these illegal and unilaterally declared wars-on-terror” have cost us over three trillion dollars but they have also cost us the respect of the entire community of nations and earned us the hatred of billions of people the world over.

Just like Israel we have been making war upon unarmed women and children, in nation-states without armies or air forces, anywhere where the population cannot return fire in kind. The numbers of the innocent and the dead are horrifyingly huge. In Iraq alone about four years ago there had already been over two million murdered, two million seriously disabled and another two million that had fled the county to avoid being murdered. And those numbers have only grown since that time. Because after those numbers became a reality we began using drones to add to the death tolls that have continued to skyrocket. Our “forces” are attacking people in their own homes and murdering them at will overseas. In much the same way as our own police forces here have begun to arm their departments with military tanks and fascist powers that take no account of the Constitution or anything beside what each thug in uniform might decide to do at any given point in time. The police have become FEARED in much the same way that ordinary people once feared criminals: Only this is worse because the police were supposed to be the agency of government that people could look to for protection rather than torture, accusations and possibly death that can easily now result because someone called “911,” or because someone dared to ask a question of an officer that had responded to such a call. (1)

People can now also be arrested for attending public meetings and attempting to report on the public comments made at such meetings. (2)

But these conflicts in the US pale by comparison to what we routinely do to whole families and whole nations overseas: To them we are “The Nightmare Incarnate,” the never to be known but always to be feared-and our day in the court of public opinion (the world over) is about to have its day; because the outrage can no longer be ignored; any more than all that corporate and private criminality can withstand the truth which is that virtually everything and every government have behaved beyond all the laws that were meant to keep them under ‘our control.’

‘This is IT in its most basic form: The one thing that everyone has feared and very few have ever dreamt “could ever happen here.” The five places mentioned are merely the starting points for the massive and out-of-control behavior that will mark this most devastating of all global events which the world has suffered, since the detrimental effects of this human-experimental-project began to be felt upon the planet. The date itself is uncertain, but the FACT of its arrival is no longer open to debate.’ (3)

The repercussions from the collapse of the US dollar will have untold repercussions around the world almost instantly as soon as the collapse begins. . . Everything else that will flow from this event will begin to make itself known very graphically. All those criminals that were never charged with their crimes against humanity, or their attempted murder of over four-fifths of the global population, will be among those heads (by the truckload) that will roll as the RAGE makes itself felt and turns into Global-Outrage that will easily overpower any and all formerly “untouchable-figureheads” and all of those that have been plotting this end-of-the-world disaster for centuries. The chaos once created cannot be contained again, except by those that will have suffered the most under the crimes that have brought us all to this final-edge-of-oblivion.

The irony is that it will not be reported because global-communications will be among the very first casualties of this revolt; along with food and water and the ability to just survive. So the numbers of the remaining population will no doubt dwindle to a mere shadow of the number of people that are on the planet at this moment: but there will be no joy in surviving the flames or the chaos, because the human population will have been taken back to the time before the wheel was invented, if they are able to survive at all.

Congratulations Amerika; you continued your REFUSAL TO BE MOVED, until there are now ‘no options’ left for you to take. But then how else to deal with people that see nothing wrong with murdering so many billion people over the hundreds of years that we have been doing this to others; because we could? When we were confronted by international laws or the national laws of other countries, we just ignored it all because we’re special and the laws of society apparently do not apply to the people of the New World Order or Israel, so we continued. Now the fraud throughout the global financial world has created an impasse so great that no one can move forward any more; just as it has been foretold a thousand, thousand times during the whole of this nightmare: but we refused to BELIEVE that this could ever happen here to us, in this country, in the twenty-first century.

But neither ‘RAGE’ nor ‘OUTRAGE’ can be postponed forever, because that’s how the natural world works, and no amount of fascist dictates can ever change that, not even for second!

So we were wrong, it can happen and it will happen here; because the natural laws of the world can only tolerate such imbalances for just so long and no longer: Welcome to PAYBACK and good luck dealing with all those people that will be on their way to OUTRAGE without a second glance before the powers that believe they are invincible can even mobilize any real resistance!

1) Law Enforcement Corruption & Abuse US Police as dangerous as Criminals

2) Reporter Arrested At the DC Taxicab Commission Meeting

3) Ethical Collapse a Mathematical Certainty ­ Top 5 Places Where Not to Be ­ 13 min video



4 responses to “September 7th ….Report from Tripoli: “NATO carpet bombed Libya”


    Anyway, I leave the dispassionate analysis to the future scribe, whose flesh and heartbeat will not be involved; to him the microscope, to me the living spectacle. I am involved. “In history” (said Lord Macaulay) “only the interpretation according to doctrinal necessity ever seems to survive, as the inconvenient and contradictory facts are forgotten or ignored.” On that count, this living scribe may be acquitted. I have not ignored anything known to me and I have presented what I know as truly as I am able. I have given the picture of our century as it appeared to a man involved, and as it was withheld from the public masses, who as they went along received only “the interpretation” according to what politicians held to be necessity.

    In our time, I judge, a barbaric superstition born in antiquity and nurtured through the ages by a semi-secret priesthood, has returned to plague us in the form of a political movement supported by great wealth and power in all great capitals of the world. Through the two methods used, revolution from below and the corruption of governments from above, it has come far towards success in a fantastic ambition of achieving world dominion, using these two instruments to


    incite nations against each other.

    I cannot presume to judge what is evil; thinking makes it so. I only know what I feel to be evil; perhaps I am wrong. Anyway, by my own sensations and standards I have felt, during the labour of preparing this book, that I lived with evil. The forces which have been projected into the 20th Century, as from some dinosauric cavern, are superstitious ones. I have had a constant sense of contact with the minds of men like Ezekiel, who in barbarous times had barbarous thoughts. I had a distinct feeling of re-encounter with such minds in our present time, though in a place recently redeemed from barbarism, when I read a book, A Pattern of Islands, by Sir Arthur Grimble.

    his recounts the author’s experiences, early in the 20thCentury, as a British colonial administrator in a remote group of Pacific islands, the Gilberts, where the people lived in a state of primeval superstition until 1892, when a British protectorate was proclaimed. I find an uncanny resemblance between the curses enumerated in Deuteronomy, which forms The Law of Zionist nationlism today, and the words of a curse an a cooking oven, used by these islands before the British came. The sorcerer, squatting naked in the dark before dawn over his enemy’s fireplace and stabbing it with a stick, mutters:

    “Spirit of madness, spirit of excrement, spirit of eating alive; spirit of rottenness! I stab the fire of his food, the fire of that man Naewa. Strike west of him, you! Strike east of him, you! Strike as I stab, strike death! Strangle him, madden him, shame him with rottenness! His liver heaves, it heaves, it is overturned and torn apart. His bowels heave, they heave, they are torn apart and gnawed. He is black mad, he is dead. It is finished: he is dead, dead, dead. He rots” .

    The comparison between this and many passages in Deuteronomy and Ezekiel is instructive in this time when the Talmud-Torah is literally invoked as The Law ordaining such deeds as that committed at Deir Yasin; the statement of the Jewish Encyclopaedia, that the Talmud teaches belief in the literal efficacy of cursing, is also relevant. Such passages always occur to me when politicians invoke “the Old Testament”; each time I wonder if they have read it, and if they comprehend the relationship between these superstitions of antiquity and current events, brought about with their help.

    In my judgment we have to deal with a force, released on the world in the 20th Century, the leaders of which think in terms of such superstitions; to what else can Dr. Chaim Weizmann’s belated, tormented words have alluded, ” . . . the resurgence of the old evil in a new and more horrible guise”.

    Only this element of dark superstition, in my estimate, can account for the fear to which the Jewish masses yield, when they surrender to Zionist nationalism. They were almost liberated from it by the century of emancipation and in another fifty years would have been involved in mankind, but now have been drawn back into its clutch. Again, I felt as if I were reading a description of the ghettoized


    masses in the Talmudic areas when I came across this description of pre-protectorate days in the Gilbert Islands:

    “A man with sixty generations of terror-struck belief whispering in his blood . . . was easy meat for the death magic. . . Generation on generation of sorcerers who willed evil, and of people who dreaded their power, had lived out their lives in these islands. The piled-up horror of their convictions had achieved, dawn the ages, a weight and shadow of its own, an ‘immanence that brooded over everything. It was man’s thoughts, more potent than ghosts, that haunted the habitation of men. One felt that practically anything could happen in that atmosphere”. .

    “Men’s thoughts, more potent than ghosts, haunted the habitations of men”. The words seemed to me to apply to the condition of these masses, with more than sixty generations of such beliefs whispering to them, who towards the end of last century began to be wrested back from the daylight towards the tribal gloom. Again, the liberation so barely missed seemed to me to be described in these words of an old woman of the Gilbert Islands who remembered the earlier time:

    “Listen to the voices of the people in their lodges. We work in peace, we talk in peace, for the days of anger are gone. . . How beautiful is life in our villages, now that there is no killing and war is no more”; and these words, again, most strongly recall Jeremiah’s lament for the former happiness of Israel (“the kindness of thy youth, the love of thine espousals”) in his rebuke to the heresy of “treacherous Judah”.

    The feeling I had, in tracing the story of this ancient superstition and its re-emergence as a political force in our century, was that of contact with a living, evil thing. The destructive revolution, in my view, is part of it and I could have written exactly what an American diplomat, Mr. Frank Rounds, junior, wrote in his diary on Christmas Day of 1951: “In Moscow, you feel that evil exists as a thing, as a presence; that is my thought this Christmas Day”.

    In this 20th Century process, which I feel as an accompanying, evil presence, all of us now alive, Jew and Gentile, are involved, and most of us will see the denouement. As to that, Mr. Bernard J. Brown in 1933 misgivingly wrote, “Of course we must be feared and eventually hated if we persist in absorbing everything America offers us and yet refuse to become Americans just as we have allways refused to become Russians or Pales.”

    This statement applies to all countries of the West, not only to America, but Mr Brown was wrong. What he foresaw is one thing the Talmudists can not achieve; hatred is their monopoly, and creed, and they cannot make Christians, oar Gentiles, hate Jews. The hateful things done by the West in this century were done under Talmudic prompting; hatred and vengeance are not innate in Westerners, and their faith forbids these. The teaching of hatred, as part of a religion, still comes only from the literal Torah-Tulmudists in the revolutionary area, in Palestine, and where they have nested in the Western capitals. No


    Westerner would speak as a Zionist leader spoke to a Jewish meeting at Johannesburg in May, 1953: “The beast that is called Germany must not be trusted. The Germans must never be forgiven and the Jews must never have any contact or dealings with the Germans”.

    The world cannot live like that, and for this reason the insensate plan must ultimately fail. This is the heresy which the teaching of Christ above all else repudiated; it is the one to which the political leaders of the West have lent themselves since Mr. Balfour, just fifty years ago, began to subordinate national policy to it. When the approaching climax has been overcome this heretic teaching, injected into the West from the Talmudic centre in Russia, will pass.

    As a writer, I believe it will pass sooner and with less trouble for all involved, the more the general masses know about what has gone on in these fifty years.

    For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; Neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad – Luke 8: 17.


    Snordelhans on 7 Aug 2011

    Heretic Productions Present: From the pen of Mike Rivero: History is about to repeat itself.

    The American people DO NOT WANT WAR! But TPTB want it. In order for the US to be destroyed. The ‘winner’ will invade the us, remove the US Govt from power, Americans will cheer…. unknowingly cheering on their new owners. The New World Order. The only question is, who has TPTB chosen to invade, destroy, ‘liberate’ and then occupy the US?
    Just1Spark 1 week ago 3

    Unfortunately Spark, you have hit the nail squarely on the head there.
    Snordelhans 1 week ago
    Top Comments
    Every time this video say – United States – fill in the word JEW or ISRAEL and you have a lot more of the truth!!! The People of the US do not want WW3 – JEWS DO!
    GlenRoSSe69 3 weeks ago 26
    @GlenRoSSe69 I am German. I am not allowed to agree.

    Search for

    Hitlers independence from international debt slavery

    kinmeru 1 week ago 5

  3. How Odd of God*

    * – to choose the Jews. (W.N.Ewer) Amerika didn’t take any lessons from history!…….neither did our own lunatic zionist politicians!

    Chapter Twenty Three in “Disgrace Abounding” by Douglas Reed (1939)

    When I was in London in the Spring of 1938 I went one day to see a high official in Whitehall. As I arrived half an hour too soon I went into a teashop, the only thing you can do in London when you arrive anywhere half an hour too soon, and ordered a cup of the wet, brown and warm stuff which they call coffee, and then I heard a voice call ‘Reed’ and turned round, and corpulent as ever, in a corner, was my acquaintance whom we will call Blumenlevy.
    I knew him first in Berlin, some years before Hitler came to power. Then he was well-to-do and important, and nobody, least of all himself, seemed to recall he was not a German. He was part of Berlin and looked likely to end his days there. But then came Hitler, and Blumenlevy moved to Vienna and suddenly he was Austrian-born and a great Austrian patriot and was all for defending Austrian independence to the last drop of anybody else’s blood and fervently admired Mussolini, a dictator, true, but not then an anti-Semitic one, because he had mobilized troops on the Brenner when Dollfuss was murdered and had declared he would not tolerate the rape of Austria. ‘Why do you English quarrel with this great man?’ Blumenlevy asked me. ‘It is madness.’

    But then Mussolini became Hitler’s friend and Blumenlevy, all at once, was a red-hot Austrian monarchist and was for bringing young Otto back to Vienna forthwith, for only so could Austrian patriots count on the continued independence of Austria.

    A few days before Hitler marched into Austria, and sent his telegram to Rome, ‘Mussolini, I shall never forget what you have done for me to-day’, I ran into Blumenlevy in a coffee house. He had been to see an Austrian monarchist leader, A, he said, and had urged him to arm the monarchists, but A was a feeble fellow and hadn’t felt equal to it. ‘I would do it,’ said Blumenlevy, ‘Ich bin ein Draufgänger – I’m a stick-at-nothing chap.’

    I looked at him, fat, wheezy, and aged. Oh yeah, I thought.

    Now Austria was finished, and here he was in London, already waiting on an appointment with somebody in a high place, already half-way to becoming an Englishman, naturalization papers looming ahead, and soon he would be urging the British to go and fight Germany. We shall probably have to do it anyway, but I thought, as I contemplated Blumenlevy, that the Jews, if they want to fight Germany, should urge others less and enlist more.

    That is one picture, painted without malice. Look at this one.

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