The ADL, a non-government organization, a Zionist agent embedded in the USA posing as a philanthropic group calls Veterans Today out as Extremists

by Debbie Menon

Veterans Today calls ADL, a threat to U.S. citizenry Everywhere!

Congratulations, Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, Alan Hart, Alan Sabrosky, and Kevin Barrett … you have arrived!

That you have been singled out for approbation and condemnation means that you are doing the right thing, and doing a good job of it.

Abe is running scared!

Hats off to you!

You are now in the privileged company of true American patriots as Alison Weir, Executive Director of If Americans Knew website, Former President Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, and Professor William Robinson among others who have likewise been bestowed the ‘fake antisemite’ label by his highness Abe Foxman!

Someday such ‘fake anti-Semitism’ labels will be worn with pride and honor, and be honored by all of those who see them.

Someday you will be honored on the White House Lawn for ‘your courage and service to the Nation.’ “That day is not too far off.”

While “Hate” sounds like something that all decent people would condemn, one man’s hate may be another man’s righteous indignation. Zionists, for example, tend to conflate anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism, ( to borrow a phrase from our veteran journalist and reporter Alan Hart) with anti-Semitism, and, therefore, as something that could be considered a “hate crime”.

“But are Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt engaged in hate propaganda by documenting the harmful influence of the Israel lobby over US foreign policy? Or is former US President Jimmy Carter a “bigot” for comparing the Israeli occupation of Palestine to apartheid South Africa? Are the survivors of the USS Liberty who refuse to remain silent about Israel’s deliberate attack on their ship merely motivated by hatred of Jews? Is Professor Norman Finkelstein a “self-hating Jew” for exposing the holocaust Industry’s corruption of history and memory in the service of an extortion racket? And is UN special rapporteur Richard Falk also “self-hating” for likening Israel’s actions against the besieged Gazans to what the Nazis did to Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto?”

My point is, at what point does this become a violation of their NGO charter, treasonous, or require registry as a Foreign Agent?

The fact that they themselves have taken this literally innocuous term and turned it into a defamatory and insulting epithet, however inappropriately they apply it, inasmuch as almost all of the critics at which the term is applied were not criticizing Semites or Semitism at all, could well prove to be their own ironic self-undoing. Especially, since most of the targets as mentioned above, at whom they have directed this defamatory attack were not talking or writing about racist, cultural or religious events or people anyway, but historical political events and activities such as committing criminal acts of aggression by bombing civilians and children in their homes, knocking down or demolishing big buildings without proper City Permits, and conducting Bank Fraud schemes, etc. and various other crimes as defined by law…. a lot of which was written by many of these very same people to protect their own interests.

Abe Foxman and his ADL may be big, and they probably have sufficient money and legal staff to handle five simultaneous lawsuits in as many different jurisdictions and states without any great difficulty or expense, but if if something like this were to catch on in the US Legal profession, it could grow into another Industry, just like the Holocaust Industry… the “Sue the ADL Industry.” It could balloon or suddenly go critical and erupt into massive proportions, big and expensive enough to deprive them of one of their favorite and most effective weapons. Any lawyers willing to do it?

Lawsuits for defamation and libel have long been the ADL’s most intimidating threat and damaging weapons in the ADL arsenal. They are weapons which the ADL understands, and perhaps the only ones which can penetrate the ADL defenses and do real good.

Are there any plaintiffs out there brave enough to file? Are there any Lawyers out there with sufficient courage to take the cases?

If so, take a bat and step up to the plate… it is hardball, but it is an open game and it is about time.

In the hands of willing prosecutors this defamatory and an insulting epithet might easily be defined as “hate speech,” in violation of recent Hate Speech Laws written and sponsored by the ADL.

How’dja like those apples for chickens coming home to roost?

Of course, the ADL is among the last of Israeli associated organizations who would want to see knowledgeable witnesses testifying under oath in a court of torts, investigating an incident which a plaintiff has the legal right to open, investigate and lay bare the truth about what he is charged with having said. This would hardly make Abe very popular back home in the Promised Land.

I think Abe is a worried man, and perhaps he will have some more even bigger and deeper piles of doo doo to worry about.

Here is the ADL press release, worth reading:

Read his accusations carefully… he is detailing the construction of the holocaust Industry, as Norman Finkelstein has described it.

It is an old story. One which they know very well, for they wrote the script.

All Abe is doing here is accusing Veterans Today and the “anti-Semitic establishment” of doing with 9-11 the very same thing which they did with the Nazi German internment of Jews and other anti-Nazi minorities in slave labor camps to support the Nazi Military-Industrial Industry.

To cut a long story short, let us examine just one case he makes against veteran journalist and reporter Alan Hart.

First Listen to Journalist Alan Hart Break his Silence About 9/11 on the Kevin Barrett Show

Note carefully below how Foxman’s choice of words describing Alan Hart is completely true, based upon fact, yet somehow, he seems to diminish him and discredit him as a has been, presumably a fool, probably a liar, and definitely an anti-Jewish bigot.

Foxman asserts : “Some have gone further. For example, Alan Hart, once a mainstream reporter (IOW, a has been ?) for the BBC and the Independent Television Network alleged (he is not accusing Alan of actually saying it, but only alleging it, which sounds like the same thing, but is definitely not the same thing) in an May 2010 Internet radio interview with Kevin Barrett that Israel and the Mossad were behind the 9/11 attacks.

Note, that he has said Alan has said, or alleged that “Israel and Mossad were behind the 9-11 attacks,” a plain and simple, non bigoted statement about state terrorism or a war crime. A legitimate charge or accusation, considering the preponderance of evidence which raises the question and points that way.

He claims, After pre-emptively trying to dismiss charges of anti-Semitism, Hart asserts: I tell you what I honestly believe. I think it started out as an all-Muslim operation, but I think it would have been very quickly penetrated by Mossad agents. My guess is at an early point they said to the bad guys at the CIA, ‘Hey this operation is running. What do we do?” And the Zionists and the neo-cons said, ‘Let’s use it.”

On the face of it, this seems to be a fairly straight forward and legitimate accusation of an act of war or criminal activity conducted or perpetrated by a State Agency. A legitimate accusation, given the evidence as mentioned above. Now, we shall see what Abe accuses Alan of ‘meaning” by this?

Hart’s interview has appeared on YouTube and other places on the Internet. His video is just one of thousands online blaming Jews or Israel for 9/11, he says.

Although he does not directly accuse Alan of “blaming Jews” for anything, which Alan has not done, he cites the ” thousands of others,” whomever they may be who may have done so, in such a manner that the reader will without critical thinking toss Alan in and condemn him with all of those unnamed, unenumerated “thousands of others.” By, “thousands of others,” he is probably using the same enumberation techniques by which he and his friends have come up with 6.000,000 million Jewish “holocaust victims.”

These videos have been seen by tens of thousands of people and continue to gain currency among those who wish to demonize Israel and the Jews, he continues.

They may have indeed have been seen by “…tens of thousands of people….,” I surely hope so…. and, Alan’s accusations may well be describe as an “attempt to demonize, blame or condemn the State of Israel… but what evidence does he cite to attribute such condemnation or accusation to Jews in general which, Alan has surely not done, and he presumes to interpret the dreams or wishes of those “thousands of people….? It is he who makes this seemingly ineluctable connection, not Alan.”

This is an excellent example of good writing to deceive, or accuse one of character, cultural, racist or religious bigotry where none exists and none was intended.

They definitely know how to use language. That is good, not so subtle, persuasive writing, propaganda at its best.

Hart and Duff should sue ADL and Abe Foxman, also. A lawsuit, or score of lawsuits against the ADL and any Zionist entities would be a helluva lot more effective than all of the words in the world, which are, after all, just words. They are useless unless they inspire actions.

I reiterate, Money and Law are the tools and the weapons of the Zionists, It is high time to engage them with weaponry with which they are not only familiar, but weaponry which can penetrate their weak defenses and do the whole world a good deal of real good for a change, pun intended.
Read their rejoinders below:

■Alan Hart: 9/11: Open letter & challenge to ADL’s Abe Foxman■Gordon Duff: We Will Not Be Silenced!
Some of our writers have specifically addressed this topic a year ago, in two special series, titled: Zionism Unmasked and Anti-Semitism, what is it ?

I present below links to the crisp, concise and interestingly enlightening and penetrating articles of the series:


■ALAN HART: Zionism Unmasked – A fairy tale that’s become a terrifying nightmare
■JEFF GATES : Zionism Unmasked — End of Zionism = Peace
■MAIDHC Ó CATHAIL: Zionism Unmasked — Chutzpah, thy name is Zionism
■ALAN SABROSKY: Zionism Unmasked — The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism

■PAUL BALLES : Perspectives on Zionism

■Alan Hart, Anti-Semitism Zionist Myth vs Truth and Reality
■Jeff Gates, Anti-semitism – What is it ?
■Maidhc O’ Cathail, Anti-semitism – Zionism’s Indepensible Alibi
■Alan Sabrosky, The Complicated Faces of Anti-semitism
■Paul Balles, Anti-semitic the label that stops criticism
■Fake ‘Anti-Semitism’ Charge Losing Its Edge – Debbie Menon
■9/11 and the Orwellian Redefinition of “Conspiracy Theory” – Paul Craig Roberts
■9/11: A Conspiracy Beyond Theory — Paul Balles
■Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake — Alan Sabrosky
■Riposte Against Zionism: Go Tell It To The People — Alan Sabrosky
■Dutch Demolition Expert Danny Jowenko Dies In Car Crash — Debbie Menon
I doubt that any change will ever be made in the United States, as long as the situation in Washington with regard to the stranglehold over the US President’s office, the US Congress, and every influential institution in the United States by the Israel Lobbys, AIPAC, ADL and the Zionist owned mainstream media is allowed to persist without any formidable resistance from the citizenry.

To sum this up, I quote Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at Veterans Today from one of his recent opinion pieces:

“…What can we assume from this? Is, in fact, the President of the United States no longer Commander in Chief ? Did our government hand itself over to “shadow” rule with Bush or did it happen earlier, after President Reagan’s dementia made him unable to manage the cabal that surrounded him? How long have we been operating under no Constitution at all?”

This is the view point of the office of the US President and Commander-in-Chief, as seen by most veterans he knows and speaks to, observes Duff.

These are the things which Abe Foxman and his people do not want American veterans to discuss with currently serving men and women of the US armed forces.

“This is what Gordon Duff’, and his website Veterans Today is all about”.


September 8, 2011 – 5:37 am
That fat slob just made my day, nothing is more demeaning than to be ignored after a hard effort.

Why don´t an organisation with influance and money file a proper paper by the Justice charging ADL, AIPAC and other zionist organisations with being agents to a foreign power.
Let the press, TV and internet spread that info so finally the FBI must take steps. Complaining in blogs will bring nothing, zilch, de nada.

Reply Anonymous
September 8, 2011 – 5:46 am
Why will 9/11 never be investigated?

Because as G.Carlin affirms, “they never investigate themselves”.

Deal with it. You’re all zionist slaves.

September 8, 2011 – 6:56 am
A slave is only a slave until he casts away his bonds.

The future beholds a new brighter paradigm. The Zionistas will end up in the dustbin of history whether we collectively destroy them or they destroy themselves. The world is awakening to their sophistry and will be free, the trickle is becoming a waterfall. The word is spreading and is beyond containment.The people of the world have identified the virus and now seek a cure.

Here you can watch a Israeli living in Germany and an American discussing on Russian TV the 500000 souls who have awoken in Israel.

“Every week Max Keiser looks at all the scandal behind the financial news headlines. This week Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert discuss the threatening downward spiral of all-out war of bankers versus everyone else. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Israeli economist about protests, apartheid and the warfare state. ” 2nd 1/2 14min

Reply Dianne
September 8, 2011 – 6:23 am
Thank you Veterans for leading the way to truth. Through a traitorous congress that has given power to the Zionists we are all enslaved. What other country allows dual citizens to run all its major agencies and networks? Just list any other nationality as dual and you would have an outrage here in America: American/French; American/ Italian; etc. Then watch as our foreign policy was directed in the favor of the dual country. Wake up Americans!

Reply rachel
September 8, 2011 – 6:33 am
Foxman is the biggest bigot in modern history. He makes Hitler look like a helpless school boy.

Reply itsallbull
September 8, 2011 – 7:18 am
I didnt brush my teeth enough as a child so it is very easy to see and understand this “game”.

I watched the 911 “show” 10 yrs ago, like everyone else. It isnt a mystery who did it and why. The proof is in the pudding.

“Their own works and record, however, blatantly contradict their innocuous self-characterizations”
– Abe Foxman

I agree Abe.

Reply Peter Wakefield Sault
September 8, 2011 – 7:38 am
The non-word “aNtiS-eMiTe” should be identified for what it is – HATE SPEECH.

Reply Zissa Ramani Facebook
September 8, 2011 – 8:59 am
Hate speech and human rights crimes come from the Zionist. I’M a victim I was raped persecuted because of my real last name Rahman. There paranoid filthy arbitrates took my minor child who has Cerebral Pasley and shakes locked him up and interrogated him for many days. They got off on that slithering tongs I can say this as I’M there victim. The Zionist persecute lie cheat harass for money and power anything against humanity. They live by every word that Hitler did to humans all over Europe corruption and greed is there name. The degrading GESTAPO behavior of the Zionist caused me to almost die I was on life support given a 30% to live many surgeries to stay alive.

To my naval American Indian father they degraded persecute while he laid dying in the Muskogee Oklahoma Jack Montgomery Hospital who fought for the bigots during WW2.

I say to you Zionist go to hell I’M not afraid of you and call your blood hungry Shelley Berkley-Nazi Harry Reid who profited off WAR ARMS that were used against Americans and on Arabs and Muslims to lower the birth rate so them and others could become worth millions.

That is what you became WAR CRIMINALS NAZIS—–

Zissa Ramani
Las Vegas

Reply DaveE
September 8, 2011 – 9:06 am
I’ll donate what I can to help VT sue that miserable little puke Foxman. I think it’s a GREAT idea. Wish a was a liar…. eh…. I mean, “lawyer”…….!

I imagine the zionists would shut down such a lawsuit pretty quickly; they are as skilled at silencing negative publicity as they are at manufacturing positive publicity and propaganda, but we could get a few licks in.

Reply Truth Seeker
September 8, 2011 – 9:08 am
Let’s hope this becomes a full out war between ADL and Veterans Today and it makes it all the way into the Lame Stream Media.

Imagine all the traffic it will bring. The people it will wake up! No publicity is bad publicity…

I think the US Veterans are the Achilles heel of the truth movement because they need the Military to fight their wars, enforce their NWO Police State and to bring order out of the chaos they have created.



  1. Well as a proud Jewish American let me explain something to you, Abe Foxman is a liberal who does not represent Jewish interests, zionism or Israel. I am a conservative, a zionist and a proud American Jew who has served my country and I continue to serve my country. If you Nazis want to insult us jews than why don’t you debate real Jewish organizations like the ZOA, Americans for a safe Israel, Children of Holocaust survivors they are all Jewish right-wing conservative organizations that represent my interests as a Jew and as an American. If you hate Israel and love Arabs and Islamists that’s your problem and you’ll face the consequences soon enough. But don’t lump all Jews in with Abe Foxman and the ADL that’s just insulting.

    • Gordon Duff for sure would like to read your comment, but he’s he’s in the USA.

      Myself am just completing a book by Douglas Reed “The Controversy of Zion”
      Being proud to be a zionist isn’t something that I’d bragg about.
      Such as…Wars..never ending Wars?

      Try a chapter!


      In the second half of the last century when Communism and Zionism began their simultaneous assault on the West, Europe was a place of strong and confident states well able to withstand the effects of inner troubles and foreign wars. The revolutionary outbreaks of 1848 had been overcome without great exertion. Austria-Hungary and France were not much weakened by their Prussian defeats in 1866 and 1871; they resumed their national existences, as defeated countries for centuries had done, side by side with yesterday’s victor, and soon were tranquil again. The Balkan people, emerging from five centuries of Turkish rule also were moving towards prosperity, in the kindlier air of national freedom. On the eastern borders of Europe Russia, under the flag of Christendom, appeared to be joining in this process of national and individual improvement.

      The appearance was deceptive, for the two maggots were in the apple, and today’s scene shows the result. The eighteen Christian centuries which, despite ups and downs showed a total sum of human betterment greater than that of any earlier time known to man, were coming either to an end or an interregnum; which, we still do not know, though believers have no doubt about the good resumption, somewhen. However, one eminent man of that period, from whom confidence in the outcome might have been expected, foresaw what was to come in our century and thought it would be the end, not a transient Dark Age.

      This was Henry Edward Manning, the English c1ergyman who was converted to Rome, became Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, and, had he accepted nomination by his fellow cardinals, might have become Pope. Edmund Burke, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton had all perceived the worldwide aims of the revolution and foretold its spreading eruptions. Disraeli, Bakunin and others, a half-century later, had testified to, and warned against, the Jewish usurpation of the revolutionary leadership. Manning joined in these warnings but also foresaw the coming of Zionism and the part it would play in the dual process.

      Wanting Christians to attack muslims..tut tut…we fell for that before!

      NAZIS? Arguement lost when we have to resort to name calling…never have been a Socialist and find it insulting to call me one!

      Commies and Socialists….difference in what?

      In this matter, too, the Western masses were hopelessly misled by years of propaganda, presenting “the Nazis” and “our Soviet allies” as opposites, whereas a close affinity always existed. Mr. Karl Stern, a Jew from Germany who migrated to North America and became a convert to Roman Catholicism, records his own misunderstanding of this, during German days when he was on the staff of a psychiatric institute: “A couple of Nazi doctors held forth on the so-called ‘Theory of Permanent Revolution’ of Trotzky. This theory was new to me. . . but that it should be propounded by these people was something entirely new and quite astonishing. . . I said, ‘Gentlemen, I understand that you draw a good deal of your theory on political strategy from Trotzky. Does it not strike you as extraordinary that you, Nazis, quote Trotzky, a Bolshevist and a Jew, as if he were your evangelist?’ They laughed and looked at me as one would look at a political yokel, which I was. . . They belonged to a then quite powerful wing in the Nazi party which was in favour of an alliance of Communist Russia and Nazi Germany against what they called Western Capitalism . . . When one was not listening very carefully, one was never quite sure whether they were talking Nazism or Bolshevism, and in the end it did not matter much.”


      The Communist Juranitsch, the chief accused, said, “Yes, I killed hundreds and thousands of people, and took part in the ‘scientific experiments’; that was my task in Dachau”. Dil explained that his work had been to experiment with “blood-stilling preparations; he had shot the subjects pointblank in the chest for the purpose. Pufler described the injection of selected inmates with malaria bacilli for the purposes of observation, stating that “they died like flies, and we reported to the doctor or SS. officer the results”. These confessions were not false. They were corroborated and could not be denied, for the reports made were the ones abstracted by General Spielfried from the commandant’s office. Pufler explained how these Communist trusties of the Gestapo hid their collaboration from other inmates; when they themselves reappeared from the laboratories and crematoria they told some invented story of a trick or mirac1e to explain their escape; as none of the victims ever returned, they could not be challenged.

      The word of a top war correspondant with morals i’d take any day over those of owned politicians!

      Steve my neighbour and friend is a Jew!!


      The true start of this affair occurred on a day in 458 BC which this narrative will reach in its sixth chapter. On that day the petty Palestinian tribe of Judah (earlier disowned by the Israelites) produced a racial creed, the disruptive effect of which on subsequent human affairs may have exceeded that of explosives or epidemics. This was the day on which the theory of the master-race was set up as “the Law”.

      At the time Judah was a small tribe among the subject-peoples of the Persian king, and what today is known as “the West” could not even be imagined. Now the Christian era is nearly two thousand years old and “Western civilization”, which grew out of it, is threatened with disintegration.

      The creed born in Judah 2,500 years ago, in the author’s opinion, has chiefly brought this about. The process, from original cause to present effect, can be fairly clearly traced because the period is, in the main, one of verifiable history.

      The creed which a fanatical sect produced that day has shown a great power over the minds of men throughout these twenty-five centuries; hence its destructive achievement. Why it was born at that particular moment, or ever, is something that none can explain. This is among the greatest mysteries of our world, unless the theory that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction is valid in the area of religious thought; so that the impulse which at that remote time set many men searching for a universal, loving God produced this fierce counter-idea of an exclusive, vengeful deity.

      Judah-ism was retrogressive even in 458 BC, when men in the known world were beginning to turn their eyes away from idols and tribal gods and to 1ook for a God of all men, of justice and of neighbourliness. Confucius and Buddha had already pointed in that direction and the idea of one-God was known among the neighbouring peoples of Judah. Today the claim is often made that the religious man, Christian, Muslim or other, must pay respect to Judaism, whatever its errors, on one incontestable ground: it was the first universal religion, so that in a sense all universal religions descend from it. Every Jewish child is taught this. In truth, the idea of the one-God of all men was known long before the tribe of Judah even took shape, and Judaism was above all else the denial of that idea. The Egyptian Book of the Dead (manuscripts of which were found in the tombs of kings of 2,600 BC, over two thousand years before the Judaist “Law” was completed) contains the passage: “Thou art the one, the God from the very beginnings of time, the heir of immortality, self-produced and self-born; thou didst create the earth and make man”. Conversely, the Scripture produced in Judah of the Levites asked, “Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the Gods?” (Exodus).

      The sect which attached itself to and mastered the tribe of Judah took this rising concept of one-God of all-peoples and embodied it in its Scripture only to


      destroy it, and to set up the creed based on its denial. It is denied subtly, but with scorn, and as the creed is based on the theory of the master-race this denial is necessary and inevitable. A master-race, if there be one, must itself be God.

      The creed which was given force of daily law in Judah in 458 BC was then and still is unique in the world. It rested on the assertion, attributed to the tribal deity (Jehovah), that “the Israelites” (in fact, the Judahites) were his “chosen people” who, if they did all his “statutes and judgments”, would be set over all other peoples and be established in a “promised land”. Out of this theory, whether by forethought or unforeseen necessity, grew the pendent theories of “captivity” and “destruction”. If Jehovah were to be worshipped, as he demanded, at a certain place in a specified land, all his worshippers had to live there.

      Obviously all of them could not live there, but if they lived elsewhere, whether by constraint or their own choice, they automatically became “captives” of “the stranger”, whom they had to “root out”, “pull down” and “destroy”. Given this basic tenet of the creed, it made no difference whether the “captors” were conquerors or friendly hosts; their ordained lot was to be destruction or enslavement.

      Before they were destroyed or enslaved, they were, for a time, to be “captors” of the Judahites, not in their own right, but because the Judahites, having failed in “observance”, deserved punishment. In this way, Jehovah revealed himself as the one-God of all-peoples: though he “knew” only the “chosen people”, he would employ the heathen to punish them for their “transgressions”, before meting out the foreordained destruction to these heathen.

      The Judahites had this inheritance thrust on them. It was not even theirs, for the “covenant”, according to these Scriptures, had been made between Jehovah and “the children of Israel”, and by 458 BC the Israelites, spurning the non-Israelitish Judahites, had long since been absorbed by other mankind, taking with them the vision of a universal, loving God of all men. The Israelites, from all the evidence, never knew this racial creed which was to come down through the centuries as the Jewish religion, or Judaism. It stands, for all time, as the product of Judah of the Levites.

      What happened before 458 BC is largely lore, legend and mythology, as distinct from the period following, the main events of which are known. Before 458 BC, for instance, there were in the main only “oral traditions”; the documentary period begins in the two centuries leading up to 458 BC, when Judah had been disavowed by the Israelites. At this stage, when the word-of-mouth tradition became written Scripture, the perversion occurred. The surviving words of the earlier Israelites show that their tradition was a widening one of neighbourliness under a universal God. This was changed into its opposite by the itinerant priests who segregated the Judahites and established the worship of Jehovah as the god of racialism, hatred and revenge.

      In the earlier tradition Moses was a great tribal leader who heard the voice of

      Uganda…was favoured by most jews that were living in what became Israel…Russian jews wanted Palestine!

      young Englishman, with some modest petition, would have great trouble even today in penetrating the janitorial and secretarial defences of a Cabinet minister’s private room. Young Dr. Weizmann from Russia, who wanted Palestine, was quickly ushered into that of Lord Percy (“in charge of African affairs”).

      Lord Percy was another scion of a great ruling family with an ancient tradition of public service and wise administration. According to Dr. Weizmann, he “expressed boundless astonishment that the Jews should ever so much as have considered the Uganda proposal, which he regarded as impractical on the one hand, and, on the other, a denial of the Jewish religion. Himself deeply religious, he was bewildered by the thought that Jews could even entertain the idea of any other country than Palestine as the centre of their revival; and he was delighted to learn from me that there were so many Jews who had emphatically refused. He added, ‘If I were a Jew, I would not give a halfpenny for the proposition’.”

      Presumably Dr. Weizmann did not inform Lord Percy of the unanimous longing of the Jews in Palestine to remove to Uganda. What he had heard, if his record is correct, was virtually an invitation to get rid of Dr. Herzl and a promise to support the claim to Palestine. He went away to prepare Dr. Herzl’s discomfiture. He did not go empty-handed.

      Possibly, in the fifty years that have elapsed, British ministers have learned that official notepaper should be kept where only those authorized may use it. On leaving Lord Percy’s room Dr. Weizmann took some Foreign Office notepaper and on it wrote a report of the conversation, which he sent to Russia (where, under the Romanoffs and the Communist Czars alike, government stationery is not left lying around). In Russia, this document, written on offical Foreign Office paper, must have aroused feelings akin to those which a holy ikon would cause in a moujik. Clearly it meant that the British Government had no further use for Dr. Herzl and would procure Palestine for the Zionists in Russia. Lord Percy, in today’s idiom, had started something.

      All else followed as if arranged by Greek gods: the triumph of the Zionists from Russia over Dr. Herzl, his collapse and death, the rejection of the Uganda offer. Then Dr. Weizmann moved to England, “the one country which seemed likely to show a genuine sympathy for a movement like ours”, and where he

      A zionist NWO…No thank you!!

      OUR PROBLEM,,,

      The American Zionist Jewess bitch Barbara Lerner Spectre, of the Swedish taxpayer-funded, fake-Greek-named Jew outfit “Paideia“:

      “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Jews] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”


      Europe to be ??????? because zionist jews say so?

      Will The Mossad attack again…then blame Arabs?

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