Libya, Inc.: Coming Waste, Fraud and Other Forms of Plunder on a Grand Scale

Libya, Inc.: Coming Waste, Fraud and Other Forms of Plunder on a Grand Scale

September 5th 2011

by Stephen Lendman

Like in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, wherever America and its Western allies show up, pillaging is sure to follow.

Libya is no exception, earmarked as another profit center to be exploited. A previous article discussed it, accessed through the following link: Carving-up-libya-corpse-for-profit.html

It explained the process now begun to carve up the Libyan corpse for profit at the expense of millions of people who deserve better.

However, they’re entirely left out of America’s imperial agenda going forward with rich spoils at stake, including the usual waste, fraud and other pickings on an enormous scale.

A new congressional “Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan” investigation highlighted what Libya can expect. Titled, “Transforming Wartime Contracting: Controlling costs, reducing risks,” it documented plunder on a grand scale.

Access the full report through the following link: FinalReport-lowres.pdf

It begins, saying:

“At least $31 billion, and possibly as much as $60 billion, has been lost to contract waste and fraud in America’s contingency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Calling its estimates conservative, it suggested the true amount is far greater than congressional investigators admit.

A previous article covered a decade of US war costs.

It discussed a June Brown University Watson Institute for International Studies (WIIS) “Cost of War” report, estimating (post-9/11) around $5,444 trillion spent and projected with all related expenses and obligations included.

In fact, including all related categories, America now spends around $1.5 trillion annually, suggesting a conservative post-9/11 total double or more Watson’s figure.

It constitutes a shocking waste of national resources at a time vital homeland needs go begging, including essential social services being systematically reduced or ended. It also suggests a level of fraud and waste multiple times higher than congressional investigators reported.

In fact, as former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld admitted on September 10, 2001:

“According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions” because the books are cooked to facilitate rampant Pentagon and defense contractor corruption.

It’s theft on the grandest scale, stealing unknown trillions, dwarfed only by much greater stolen Wall Street amounts.

On August 31, AP headlined, “Independent panel warns failure to make contracting reforms risks more wartime waste and fraud,” saying:

In Iraq and Afghanistan alone, America “lost billions of dollars to waste and fraud….and stands to repeat that in future wars without big changes in how the government awards and manages contracts for battlefield support and reconstruction projects, independent investigators said….”

Established in 2008, the Commission on Wartime Contracting (CWC) included four members from each party, created to investigate scandalous contractor malfeasance.

Calling its findings “sobering,” it said much of what was found could have been avoided. Moreover, “(u)nless changes are made, continued waste and fraud will undercut the effectiveness of money spent in future operations, whether they involve hostile threats overseas or national emergencies here at home requiring military participation and interagency response.”

Complicit with Wall Street’s controlled Fed, war profiteers can order up all the ready cash it wants to steal. With Congress, the White House, federal departments, and the Pentagon involved in the dirty game, who’ll take the lead to end a deal too sweet to stop.

Reports like CWC’s proliferate through Washington, followed by inaction or too little of it. Why expect change now, even in an investigation, saying:

“Fraud associated with federal government contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan has been widespread.” It includes “bribery, gratuities, kickbacks, and conflicts of interest, as well as false claims and statements, cost/labor mischarging, bid rigging, and undelivered, defective and counterfeit products.”

In fact, the level of war profiteering sweetheart deals and kickbacks going back decades suggests trillions of dollars stolen because of militarism gone mad. Expect no independent investigations to uncover how much or that officials at the highest levels are involved.

In his 2005 book titled, “Grand Theft Pentagon: Tales of Corruption and Profiteering in the War on Terror,” Jeff St. Clair documented an explosive account of how contractors like Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Bechtel and the Bush family-connected Carlyle Group among others scam multi-billions at taxpayer expense.

Though out-of-control by any measure, it’s largely unreported in the mainstream.

In addition, much grand theft since the Gulf War (exacerbated post-9/11) happened because functions formally performed by service personnel are now outsourced to private military contractors (PMCs).

Operating freely, they rip off the system absent checks and balances in place to stop them. Moreover, the total contract workforce in Iraq and Afghanistan exceeds the number of troops and civilian employees.

A previous article discussed America’s growing use of PMCs, accessed through the following link: Outsourcing war rise of private

It described those performing security functions as unprincipled paramilitary hired guns. Operating freely from criminal or civil accountability, they’re unchecked to kill or steal and get away with it, besides handsome amounts they’re paid.

Since the Cold War’s 1991 end, the Pentagon downsized to about two-thirds its former size, a process former defense secretary Dick Cheney called BRAC – Base Realignment and Closure, followed by privatizing military functions.

Ways wars are fought also changed. Earlier distinctions between soldiers and civilians broke down, the result of low-intensity conflicts against drug cartels, warlords and persons or groups aggressor nations call “terrorists.”

When employed for imperial purposes (like so-called Libyan “rebels”), they’re called “freedom fighters,” not rogue gangs given license to kill and loot freely.

High-intensity warfare also changed. So sailors aboard guided missile ships, for example, serve alongside weapons and technology company personal, needed for their specialized expertise.

Moreover, political thinking changed to believe whatever governments can do, business does better so let it. As a result, privatizing the military followed, piercing the last frontier to let PMC mercenaries serve in place of conventional forces.

They’re used as combatants and consultants, as well as for support services, intelligence and personal security, reaping enormous profits besides what they’re able to steal that may, in fact, be greater because checks and balances aren’t in place to stop them.

The CWC report covered various examples resulting from:

(1) Contractors managing other ones.

(2) Awarding no-bid long-term deals.

(3) Extending contracts well past their expiration dates.

(4) Using cost-plus instead of fixed-price contracts.

(5) Increasing ceilings on fixed-price contracts.

(6) Organizing work through multiple subcontractor tiers, making effective oversight impossible.

Notably, four large companies accounted for 40% of total contract dollars. Another 22 companies got deals of at least $1 billion, accounting for 52% of amounts awarded.

The concentration produced a “too big to fail” syndrome, affording vitally needed companies virtual immunity from accountability. It opened up a chasm for them to exploit in “the form of lower-quality materials, reduced training, and lower performance standards,” as well as numerous other ways to commit grand theft.

In fact, given license to steal, how many opportunists can resist, especially that when caught, penalties exacted pale compared to enormous profits and personal gain.

The report also admits that relying heavily on contractors contributed greatly to sustaining insurgents fighting against US/NATO occupation, saying:

“The largest source of funding for the insurgency is commonly recognized to be money from the drug trade. During a March 2011 trip to Afghanistan, experts told the Commission that extortion of funds from US construction projects and transportation contracts is the insurgents’ second-largest funding source.”

Drugs trafficking, in fact, proliferates because the CIA and Western financial interests benefit greatly from it. For Wall Street banks, it constitutes a major profit center.

Years ago, Max Keiser worked on Wall Street. On his Russia Today program, he once remarked that every Friday afternoon, limousines drove up to major banks to deposit suitcases of drug money to be laundered.

It’s one of many open Wall Street secrets, showing the corrupting power of money on a grand scale in amounts beyond comprehension.

The report also noted that in the last half century, America undertook 56 foreign interventions, including 10 land-based ones lasting a year or more. They include Southeast Asia (1960s-70s), Lebanon (1982-83), Panama (1989), Iraq (1990-91), Somalia (1992-93), Haiti (1993-96), Bosnia/Kosovo (1995-99), East Timor (1999-2000), Afghanistan and Iraq.

Libya now heads toward membership in a club Groucho Marx once described on a personal level, saying he wanted no part of one willing to have him as a member.

Nonetheless, CWC called the current geopolitical environment disturbing enough “to plan for the possibility that the United States may again become involved in overseas contingency operations that require extensive contractor support,” citing Libya as a case in point.

In fact, because the business of America is war, permanent war, multiple wars, what CWC called possible is guaranteed, because war profiteers want it no other way.

Unless militarism and grand theft at current levels cease, neither humanity or planet earth may survive the toll that keeps growing exponentially, because multiple US wars may increase to a global catastrophic one.

That prospect too grim to imagine is real because enough good people aren’t committed to stop it.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening. He is also the author of “How Wall Street Fleeces America“

The Progressive News Hour

Guest: Nawal El Saadawi

Saadawi is a leading Egyptian feminist, sociologist, physician, and important writer (including 27 books) on Arab women’s problems and related issues.

Conditions in Egypt and Middle East uprisings will be discussed.

NATO’s Genocidal Rape of Libya

by Stephen Lendman

Continuing NATO atrocities on Libyan civilians gave naked aggression a new name.

Call it what it is: Lawless, Willful, Malevolent Genocidal Gang Rape, the new supreme international crime against peace ongoing at this time.

In times of war, its legal name is Genocide – what NATO planners implemented since last March.

See for yourself. Independently produced images reveal what NATO, venal politicians, their PR manipulators, and media liars suppress or misreport.

A committed team of independent journalists, researchers and cameramen produced the Global video accessed below through the following link: Nato Commits Genocide in Libya

It’s a snapshot of what Libyans endure daily under NATO terror bombings and rebel gang killings to destroy them, their futures and truth.

International law prohibits naked aggression and propaganda promoting it.

Article 21(1) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) says:

“Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law.”

Propaganda and incitement to commit genocide is worst of all. Article 3 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide says the “following acts shall be punishable:

(a) Genocide;

(b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;

(c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;

(d) Attempt to commit genocide;

(e) Complicity in genocide.”

Article 4 states:

“Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3 shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.”

“Direct and public” incitement to commit Genocide is also prohibited under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) Article 25(3)(e). It holds everyone “directly and publicly (involved in) incit(ing) others to commit genocide” culpable.

Article 3(e) of the Statute of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and Article 3(c) of the Statute of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) also prohibit “direct and public” incitement to commit genocide.

Incitement (as opposed to legitimate free expression) is also forbidden by many other international human rights treaties.

America, Britain and France, NATO’s three main belligerents, are signatories to numerous relevant treaties, including the Genocide Convention.

Under the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause (Article 6, clause 2), all US Treaties and Federal Statutes are “the supreme Law of the Land.”

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) defined propaganda and other forms incitement to commit genocidal mass killing as follows:

“Directly provoking the perpetrator(s) to commit genocide, whether through speeches, shouting or threats uttered in public places or at public gatherings, or through the sale or dissemination, offer for sale or display of written material or printed matter in public places or at public gatherings, or through the public display of placards or posters or through any other means of audiovisual communication.”

Included are official NATO, Pentagon and/or political written or verbal communications, justifying naked aggression, mischaracterized as humanitarian intervention responsibility to protect.

Also included are supportive PR and/or media propaganda, disinformation, and or other forms of deceptions.

During Nuremberg Tribunal proceedings, German newspaper editor Julius Streicher was the first person prosecuted for incitement to commit genocide for publishing anti-Semitic diatribes.

However, international law hadn’t yet criminalized incitement at the time, so he was tried for crimes against humanity.

Since March 19, NATO belligerents and their rebel gangs committed daily crimes of war and against humanity. On a massive scale, it’s Genocide!

Terror Bombing Sirte

As rebel gang killings continue in Tripoli and elsewhere, NATO keeps terror bombing Sirte. It’s Gaddafi’s home town, a city of 100,000. On August 29, warned of possible massacres. Moreover, rebel cutthroats surrounded the city, preventing anyone from leaving, saying:

Exits “from the city (are) completely blocked. Neither women, nor children are allowed to leave. Men, captured attempting to leave the town together with their families, are shot. Their families are sent back into the city under bombing.”

“There is practically no way to bury the corpses….” Retired Russian Special Forces Lt. Col. Ilya Korenev (in Sirte) reported on the Russian web site that:

“(T)he situation resembles the terrible winter of ’95 in Grozny, Chechnia, when there was bombing everything that moved, without proper guiding systems of accurate coordinates….At the moment, the NATO air force is in the air almost around the clock,” raising the city to the ground, massacring people under rubble or slaughtering them in open spaces.

Growing Humanitarian Crisis in Tripoli

The combination of maggot-infested decomposing bodies, inadequate food, fuel, medical supplies and available care, no running water, spotty electricity, poor sanitation, garbage in streets, and ongoing rebel atrocities created a growing humanitarian disaster in Tripoli and elsewhere.

On August 29, the London Times reported nightmarish conditions in Tripoli, including all of the above, as well as:

“Hospitals are running out of oxygen, fixators for treating fractures, and drugs for conditions such as diabetes.”

“Telephones work only intermittently. Most commercial life ceased months ago. Many people have no money left because the banks are shut and salaries have not been paid.”

These conditions are compounded by rebel-committed assassinations and other terror killings. Rotting corpses are everywhere, including in hospitals and Abu Salim, a Gaddafi loyalist stronghold home to many government officials.

Before NATO showed up, Tripoli was called the “White Bride of the Mediterranean,” a once modern, cosmopolitan metropolis, known for its historical attractions, wonderful beaches, and other attractions.

One tourist guide said:

“Tripoli is generally a quiet safe travel destination, where violent crime against tourists is rare….Tripoli’s hotels represent a good variety of different standards, and restaurants offer interesting culinary experiences with Arabic and international cuisine.”

Moreover, car rentals are readily available for trips around and outside the city. In addition, tourists manage fine in a city where English is widely understood and spoken.

That was pre-March 2011 Tripoli. Today, it’s a ravaged, terrorized ghost town, its residents living under increasingly desperate conditions. Moreover, prices skyrocketed on everything from food to fuel to other essentials. As a result, what’s ahead for residents may be too grim to bear.

At the same time, a leaked document calls for UN Blue Helmet occupation – imperial paramilitary “peacekeeper” enforcers wherever they’re deployed. Read the full document through the following link:

UN “peacekeeping” was addressed in an earlier article, accessed through the following link: UN Peacekeeping Paramilitarism

In Haiti, for example, after Washington’s coup ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the April 2004 Security Council authorized MINUSTAH force prevented peace and stability by working jointly with mobilized death squads, terrorizing Aristide supporters.

Libyans struggling for liberation can expect similar treatment ahead, besides continuing rebel gang atrocities.

The document, in fact, calls for establishing “various military or paramilitary formations under not always clear and solid command and control arrangements. These include the forces that fought on (Gaddafi’s) side, (as well as) different formations commanded by or associated with the TNC.”

In other words, a repressive NATO-controlled militarized presence is planned on the pretext of ensuring safety for Libyans who’ll be terrorized if they prioritize freedom over occupation.

In fact, on August 30, Press TV reported an unnamed NATO official admitting that Britain and France already have troops in Libya, claiming it’s “unfair to call them NATO forces.”

In addition, Russia’s NATO ambassador, Dmitry Rogozin, said “direct evidence” shows UK and French special forces directed ground operations against Gaddafi’s military.

As recently as last week, however, NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu lied, saying coalition countries had no troops in Libya and wouldn’t post-conflict.

At the same time, Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported a UK elite Special Air Service (SAS) regiment helped rebel gangs hunt for Gaddafi. His whereabouts are still unknown. His wife Safia, daughter Aisha, sons Mohammed and Hannibal, as well as grandchildren fled safely to Algeria.

A Final Comment

On August 29, a disgraceful New York Times editorial headlined, “NATO’s Teachable Moment,” saying:

“The Western allies, especially the British and French forces backed up (read led) by the United States, can be justly proud. So can” Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama, “who ignored the naysayers who claimed that Libya was a quagmire and the battle not worth fighting.”

Fact check

Obama’s war was naked imperial aggression. Continued NATO terror bombing is Genocidal Gang Rape. Rebel cutthroats compounded their crimes on the ground. Africa’s most developed country is now its least.

Thousands of Libyans are dead, many more injured, and the entire country ravaged by mass destruction, depravation, critical life-sustaining shortages, as well as continuing violence, and Libyans facing dystopian futures unless they’re courageous enough resist what no one should accept.

NATO’s war on free Libya may soon end. The liberating struggle has yet to begin. Perhaps it’s the wild card NATO doesn’t expect. Hopefully the human spirit will triumph over imperial might, though never easily or quickly.

It’s happening in Afghanistan, reemerging in Iraq, blossoming across the region, so perhaps Libyans will surprise NATO planners the same way. Why not when the alternative is too intolerable to accept.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening. He is also the author of “How Wall Street Fleeces America“

The Progressive News Hour

Guest: Gilad Atzmon
Atzmon is an Israeli-born musician/writer/activist critic of Israeli repression against Palestinians and its Arab citizens. He’s also the author of “The Wandering Who?” His new book and Middle East/North African issues will be discussed. Middle East issues will be discussed.

May 18th 2011

The International Criminal Court: An Imperial Tool
by Stephen Lendman

Established by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on July 1, 2002, it’s mandated to prosecute individuals for genocide and aggression, as well as crimes or war and against humanity.

Much earlier, the UN Charter was created “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our life time has brought untold sorrow to mankind.” Its Chapter I states:

“To maintain international peace and security, (member states shall respect the) principle of the sovereign equality (of other members), settle their international disputes by peaceful means, (and) refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.”

In fact, since established in October 1945, its leadership did nothing to deter war, human rights abuses, or other high crimes of powerful member states, notably Western ones and Israel, repeatedly committing crimes of war and against humanity with impunity.

Neither has the ICC, functioning solely as an imperial tool, targeting outlier states Western powers designate, notably America whose leaders commit the worst of high crimes, acting lawlessly with impunity because no international body or court holds them accountable.

Like accusations against Yugoslavia/Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic, Liberia’s Charles Taylor, Sudan’s Omar Hassan al-Bashir, Saddam Hussein (by Washington’s Iraqi Special Tribunal) and others, Muammar Gaddafi now faces similar charges.

On May 16, New York Times writer Marlise Simons headlined, “International Court Seeks Warrant for Qaddafi,” saying:

ICC chief prosecutor Jose Luis Moreno-Ocampo “sought arrest warrants” for Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and brother-in-law intelligence chief, Abdullah Al-Sanous, on “charges of orchestrating systematic attacks against civilians (amounting to) crimes against humanity.”

Calling Saif his “de facto prime minister” and Al-Sanousi his “right-hand man, his executioner,” Moreno-Campo’s announced evidence was alleged intelligence from other governments and “a lot of phone calls from (outside and) inside Libya.”

True or false, he claimed:

Gaddafi’s “forces attacked Libyan civilians in their homes and in public spaces, shot demonstrators with live ammunition, used heavy weaponry against participants in funeral processions, and placed snipers to kill those leaving mosques after prayers.”

“The (alleged) evidence shows that such persecution is still ongoing as I speak today in the areas under Gaddafi’s control. (His) forces have prepared a list with the names of alleged dissidents, and they are being arrested, put into prisons in Tripoli, tortured and made to disappear.”

As a result, he claimed enough alleged evidence for trial, sounding more like witch-hunt than legitimate justice. Notably, Washington pressured the Security Council last February to investigate “widespread and systematic attacks” against Libyans it instigated by enlisting, arming and funding insurgent fighters.

They, not Gaddafi, incited violence. Justifiably, he responded to stop it. Victimized by imperial intervention, he’s now targeted for doing his job.

Moreover, Libya isn’t a Rome Statute signatory. As a result, the ICC has no jurisdiction to act. Nonetheless, a three-judge panel will decide whether to issue warrants, no matter the obvious political motive behind doing so.

Moreno-Ocampo is an imperial tool, following orders. Claiming ample evidence shows Gaddafi “personally ordered attacks on unarmed Libyan civilians” is gross hypocrisy with no credibility whatever. He’s regurgitating lines given him to read.

In fact, no humanitarian crisis existed until America and its imperial partners showed up lawlessly. Planned many months, perhaps years, in advance, their grand scheme includes:

– replacing one despot with another;

– preventing any democratic spark from emerging;

– colonizing Libya;

– balkanizing the country;

– establishing new Pentagon bases;

– using them to intimidate neighboring states;

– dominating the Mediterranean Basin and entire African continent; and

– carving up Libya for profit by stealing its wealth, controlling its money and resources, exploiting its people, turning workers into serfs, and privatizing its state enterprises under Western control, no matter how many corpses and mass destruction it takes to do it.

In his new book, Michael Parenti defined “The Face of Imperialism” as:

“the process whereby the dominant investor interests in one country bring to bear military and financial power upon another country in order to expropriate the land, labor, capital, natural resources, commerce, and markets of that other country….There are real material interests at stake, fortunes to be made many times over.(Intervening) is intended to enrich the investors and keep the world safe for them.”

Moreover, whether democrats or despots, blaming victims facilitates the process, claiming intervention for humanitarian reasons, the last refuge of scandalous liars.

As a result, Gaddafi, his son Saif, intelligence chief Al-Sanous, and perhaps other top officials are being victimized to advance Western planned plunder and dominance.

Moreno-Ocampo’s complicit, a Western favorite because earlier he assured Washington they’d be no Iraq or other US war crimes prosecutions. In fact, a July 2003 WikiLeaks-released State Department cable said:

“Privately, Ocampo has said that he wishes to dispose of Iraq issues (i.e., not investigate them).” By implication, he meant all US war crimes everywhere.

In fact, since appointed on June 16, 2003, he abstained from any imperial prosecutions, exposing himself as complicit with horrific Western crimes of war and against humanity, leaving America, Israel, and other culpable states unaccountable.

Instead, he chose soft targets, Western designated ones, including outlier officials in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, Sudan, Kenya, and Libya, absolving the most culpable big fish, notably Bush II, Cheney, Obama, key people under them, and top Pentagon commanders.

Moreover, he avoids prosecuting rogue Western-allied MENA country (Middle East/North Africa) allies, including:

– Egypt’s military junta;

– Iraq’s puppet leaders;

– Afghan ones;

– Bahrain;

– Saudi Arabia;

– other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states;

– Yemen;

– Morocco;

– Algeria;

– Tunisia; and

– most notably of all, Israel, by far the region’s most culpable state for over six decades, responsible for horrendous crimes of war and against humanity.

Absolving Israel, America and its complicit partners mocks the notion of a legitimate tribunal. Worse still is targeting their victims, making them pay for imperial crimes.

A Final Comment

Thomas Mountain is an independent Eritrea-based journalist, providing firsthand reports on regional events. On May 16, he headlined, “Libya Charges NATO Massacre of Religious Leaders,” saying:

On May 14, ahead of Moreno-Ocampo’s accusations, Libyan “spokesperson Moussa Ibrahim presented strong evidence” that NATO massacred Libyan religious leaders at Brega.

On May 13, “over 150 of Libya’s most senior Imams” assembled there for a peace conference. “Brega was chosen….because it is the closest government held town to the rebel held stronghold of Benghazi, and the Imams planned to send a delegation (there) following the conference.”

However, early on May 13, NATO bombed their site, killing at least 10, injuring over 40 others severely enough to require hospitalization. “Libyan television showed the site, which was clearly demolished.”

Two Imans traveled to Tripoli, held a press conference and condemned the attack. NATO confirmed it, claiming it targeted a “command and control center,” a deliberate lie. The structure was a “temporary residential complex or guest quarters,” unrelated to Libya’s military.

Mountain believes NATO forces are “desperate,” despite calling “the present military situation (a) ‘stalemate.’ ” In fact, government forces “continue to tighten their control over most of the south and are regaining control of the eastern oil producing region, effectively” preventing rebels from exporting significant amounts of oil.

They also regained control of Libya’s Great Man Made River (GMMR) system, its ocean-sized aquifer pipeline project.

Killing Imams at Brega shows how peace threatens NATO, potentially disrupting their imperial plans. Moreover, Benghazi-based western journalists report rebel factions squabbling over leadership control.

As a result, Moreno-Ocampo’s announcement was strategically timed to justify war by accusing government victims of crimes, portraying NATO lawlessness as a noble initiative to deter them.

In fact, Gaddafi officials are right saying:

“It is the rebels who took up arms in the middle of our peaceful cities and caused the death of many people (by recruiting foreign mercenary) fighters from several nationalities.”

Of course, Western media airbrush that notion from regurgitated managed news, reporting everything but the truth.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

The Progressive News Hour.

Truth Seeker
May 18, 2011 – 3:04 pm
Nice job pointing out International Law, UN and NATO’s role in whitewashing the Crimes of the West particularly the US and Israel.

International Law and US Law (any law) means nothing if everyone (all people) are not held accountable to the same standards. When you have Bankers who defraud the Americans, politicians who lie to the public, the media who spins everything as well as the US & Israel covertly carving up the world for the Globalists to line the pockets of Bankers, Corporations and Politicians, you get tyranny and injustice plan and simple.

How does this happen over and over again? Secrecy… every tyrannical leader, nation or corporation hides behind secrecy. We are told that there must be secrecy to have security, but Secrecy is exactly what Intelligence, military, politicians, bankers, corporations, nations or any entity gains it power from.


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