The BRICS Take Over:The alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, also known as BRICS,

The BRICS Take Over

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 – by  Staff Report

New alliance poised to emerge from the rubble of America’s collapsed empire … The alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, also known as BRICS, has been watching the death throes of the American empire and is reacting by creating the groundwork for a post-American global construct. Following the recent BRICS summit on Hainan island in China, Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega told the International Monetary Fund in Washington that the United States and other western countries were attempting to “export their way out of difficult economic situations” by printing money and driving down interest rates – which is the core principle of quantitative easing. It was clear that Mantega was speaking for the other BRICS nations in warning Washington that business as usual is approaching an end. – Strategic Culture Foundation Online Journal / Wayne Madsen

Dominant Social Theme: In the coming brave, new world, the US shall be diminished and a new order shall dawn.

Free-Market Analysis: The BRICS received a lot of attention for their recent summit on Hainan island and now famous alternative media reporter Wayne Madsen has penned an article that suggests the BRICS are going to take over as a new world power and give the United States a good deal of competition. Madsen refers to the group as the BRICS to include South Africa, so we will too, though traditionally the acronym has been BRIC, for Brazil, Russia, India and China.

While Madsen is a courageous writer and a topnotch independent, “alternative media” analyst with a US intelligence background, we don’t necessarily agree with his entire analysis and in this article we will try to explain why. The idea that the world is built of competing nation states and regions is increasingly a suspect one so far as we are concerned. In fact it is a kind of dominant social theme: that the West and especially the US are in decline and the larger countries of the developing world are in the ascension.

No … with the possible exception of China and a few Muslim countries, the Anglo-American power elite still runs the world in the 21st century as it did in the 20th in our view. It is a fact that the big banking families funded the Red Russians against the White to create the USSR. And there are various reports that we have read in the past that Western financial elites were favorably disposed to the Red Chinese.

Western elites, in their centuries’ long campaign to tame, control and diminish Western middle classes have always needed to establish enemies. Without enemies there is no need for large governments and even larger armies. And without big governments, there are no legislative levers for elites to pull – giving them advantages that others cannot enjoy.

In our view, the latest countervailing force is also a manipulated one. In fact, this BRICS group of large countries was actually pulled together via an acronym created by a Goldman Sachs’ banker. Madsen, nonetheless, finds the story convincing. He writes that while the American empire is faltering, the BRICS are becoming more solvent and formidable. America, Madsen suggests in his article, is trying to preserve its foundering empire through military means. It is engaged in “military adventurism” around the world, from Central America, to the Middle East and of course in Afghanistan.

But America is more like Rome in its last days, Madsen suggests like Rome, the US is engaged in a desperate attempt to secure its overseas borders, an effort that is ultimately doomed to failure. The US’s aggressive program of monetary debasement in order to resuscitate its internal economy is also doomed to failure. The result has not benefitted the US economy very much but has increased unemployment and price inflation elsewhere, especially among the BRICS.

At the summit, Madsen reports, Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega let U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Khan know that nations like Brazil would not be dictated to. “Such rhetoric will become more commonplace as the BRICS nations assert their power and peel other countries away from Washington’s economic and political orbit,” he writes.

And Madsen reports that the IMF itself came in for pointed criticism from South African Trade Minister Rod Davies who lambasted the agency for the way it went about “rescuing” economies on the brink, with privatizations, higher taxes and lower public spending that usually proves both ineffective and punitive. The results can be seen these days mostly in Europe where the IMF’s so-called austerity has led to violent civil unrest in Europe’s PIGS.

Madsen even forecasts that the sway of the IMF and Word Bank may be coming to an end as the sun sets on British and American hegemony. He believes that countries such as Brazil are about to step up and act as a “counterweight to the IMF-linked G-8 and G-20, which have operated under the virtual tutelage of the Western central bankers and the governments of the United States, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, and Japan.”

The BRICS countries, Madsen reports, agreed to use their own currencies for trading purposes rather than the dollar, which has been increasingly diminished by Federal Reserve overprinting via its so-called quantitative stimuli. “The message … the era of an elite group of Western tycoons dictating international economic policy is going to soon be a thing of the past.”

Madsen ends his article with some projections. He claims the BRICS nations, which, by 2015, will represent 43 per cent of the world’s population and 23 per cent of the world’s gross domestic product, are flexing their economic and political weight. The BRICS will eventually peel away from NATO he predicts, possibly taking Germany with them. “A neutralist Germany would see an alignment with the BRICS bloc as an advantageous step for Germany’s economy, especially if the euro collapses and there is a return of the Deutsche mark.” Turkey is another powerful state that might cast its lot with the BRICS.

Such a multi-polar world will greatly diminish the power of the current Anglo-American power elite axis and put an end to Western world hegemony. This is indeed a most persuasive case, but as indicated at the beginning of this article we are suspicious of it. We write regularly of the setbacks that Western money power is undergoing in the era of the Internet, but we have also speculated that some of it is for show. We are not so sure that the BRICS are going to provide legitimate competition to Western powers-that-be any time soon. We would tend to see it more or less as a controlled opposition.

When it comes to the BRICS, we see a series of countries that have either been dominated in the past by the Anglosphere or which currently have close ties to the West. Brazil is obviously within the sphere of influence of America and Russia is but a shadow of what she once was as the military-powerful USSR. India is a former protectorate of Britain as is China. The British also ran South Africa after several bloody wars.

All five BRICS, then, have had very close ties to the Western world. We would argue (hypothetically) that for public consumption a show of independence is necessary. But because of a long history of colonialism and other relationships, the ties between the BRICS leadership and Western leaders may yet run deep. In fact, the more independent role that the BRICS are now taking may suit the Anglo-America elites just fine, as would a new currency.

Even the US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has expressed the willingness of the US to support a more globalized currency that would diminish the importance of the dollar. Of course the currency that is being readied to take the place of the dollar is none other than the IMF’s SDR, perhaps upgraded to “bancor” status.

The main way that Anglosphere elites are controlling the world these days is via military might. But who knows what the relationships are like right at the top? The combination of military power and money power is a potent one. We have a feeling that projecting a multi-polar world engaged in active pushback against the West is perhaps too neat a paradigm. We see it as leading inevitably to more globalization not less. It will seem inevitable, of course, and part of a multi-polar rivalry.

The BRICS will continually confront the US in particular with more and more international actions. The Anglo-American elites will not be seen as responsible for what is rising around them. But in the end the infrastructure will expand nonetheless. We can already see much of it: the UN, The Hague Courts, the WHO and NATO. These are the facilities that the BRICS will use to confront Western powers-that-be.

Those even within the West that are uncomfortable with a uni-polar world will support the BRICS aggressive use of the tools at hand to restrain the Western goliath. But ironically, the result will be ever-strengthened global institutions. The biggest uni-polar political power of all will be built under the pretense of confronting the West. Yet it is the West that has built the modern economic and political infrastructure and its significant strengthening will in no way inconvenience the Anglosphere.

Conclusion: Ultimately perhaps the BRICS will build the New World Order that the Anglosphere seeks. But once it is fully constructed, it will become clear who runs it. And it won’t be the BRICS. One might surely believe in Madsen’s perspective (a dedicated and even brilliant investigative reporter) but we would argue that it does no harm to observe international events from the point of view we have just offered. One needn’t be wedded to any approach – just wait and see …

Posted by Hennie on 4/19/2011 5:50:32 AM

“When it comes to the BRICS, we see a series of countries that have either been dominated in the past by the Anglosphere or which currently have close ties to the West. Brazil is obviously within the sphere of influence of America and Russia is but a shadow of what she once was as the military-powerful USSR. India is a former protectorate of Britain as is China. The British also ran South Africa after several bloody wars.

All five BRICS, then, have very close ties to the Western world.”

Surely you have to see the flaw in your reasoning above? You fail to show how Russia has close ties to the West and the fact that the other three were once protectorates does not imply that they have very close ties to the Western world!

Whilst stating that one needn’t be wedded to any approach, you obviously are!

Reply from the Daily Bell:

We shall adjust the sentence as follows:

All five BRICS, then, have HAD very close ties to the Western world.”

Posted by Tom Dennen on 4/19/2011 6:05:29 AM

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Posted by V. Heddins on 4/19/2011 6:06:48 AM

I personally see a connection between the Tea Party and the demise of the American Dollar. The Money Elite are having to fast track their plan to continue their control of the paper money and the more Americans wise up the faster they’ll have to move.

In the end these money controllers could give a rat’s ass about the suffering they’ll cause here in America.

Reply from the Daily Bell:

We have voiced a similar supposition. We believe the Internet was not an expected occurrence and has caused the power elite to move more quickly and far more brutally than it would have otherwise.

Posted by Mountainview on 4/19/2011 6:33:00 AM

Key for them will be if the succeed to create their own pool of reserve currencies. China and Russia and China and Brazil settle already the bilateral trade in their own currencies. Most of the BRICS countries have already the characteristics of providers of reserve currencies (trade surpluses, important size of external commerce). We could expect them to realize this step over the next five years and to free themselves from the US Dollar (and the EURO).. The story is a key issue for the new shape of the (commercial) world !

Posted by Shorty Dawkins on 4/19/2011 6:42:21 AM

Thank you for a very thought provoking article. I would like to propose a third road, which incorporates Mr. Madsen’s thinking and the thinking of DB.
You point out the connections of the BRICS to the Western world, and rightly so. What are these connections? They are economic connections, mainly. As one of the Rothschild’s once said, Give me the power to control a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes the Laws. (or words to that effect) That the Rothschild banking Empire, through its many tentacles, supported Hitler, Lenin, and Mao, is now known. Why? That is the question. Through the use of the Hegelian dialectic, they have caused much chaos in the world, yet have constantly increased their own power. The Rothschild Empire has supported many “isms” throughout the centuries. There have been winners and losers. It is as if a test for the perfect “ism” has been conducted. David Rockefeller, George Soros, and others, have pointed to the Chinese example of government as being something the world needs. It is, quite simply, a combination of corporatism and communism. Cultural Marxism and Economic Corporatism. A combination of two great “isms” if you will.
The Rothschild Empire, and their minions, have no national loyalties. They consider themselves citizens of the World. Their goal, in my opinion, is the Republic of Plato, to be ruled by an oligarchy of the intelligentsia, with them as the Supreme Rulers behind the scenes.
Throughout the history of the Rothschilds, they have backed secretive groups; the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians, andthe Masonic Orders, with their money. Ceil Rhodes, who started the Round Table Group, which sponsored the Council on Foreign Relations, and other similar groups throughout the British Commonwealth. Rhodes was backed by the Rothschilds. His will specified a Rothschild to administer it. Many American financial powers, such as the Morgan interests, have been supported by the Rothschilds.
In my view, it is the Rothschilds who hold the real power. It is they we must watch, and study, for direction. Their history is one of placing contending factions into power and letting them duke it out, so to speak, to see which would be superior. Right now, we have the Western block; I.e. the Round Table, CFR, Nato, Morgan/Rockefeller interests, battling for supremacy against the BRICS, and others waiting in the wings to shift their allegiance to whomever comes out on top.
With all this is mind, I take you back to Sir Francis Bacon’s belief that the New World, particularly America, was to be the New Utopia. That it was planned to be by Bacon, a prominent Rosicrucian, and others, including the Masons, is revealed in Manly P. Hall’s Book, The Secret Destiny of America. Hall was also a Rosicrucian and Mason. America is planned to be the center of the New World Order Utopia. It must first, however, be brought under complete control by the Utopians. It cannot have any vestiges of true freedom, and therefore it will first be destroyed, to be rebuilt in the Utopian framework. The BRICS are essential to this destruction, in my humble opinion. The dollar will be destroyed, thus collapsing America. From the ashes will come Plato’s Republic.

Shorty Dawkins

Posted by Rastindian on 4/19/2011 6:43:44 AM

India is a former protectorate of Britain as is China.


Posted by Roberto Alvarez on 4/19/2011 6:49:49 AM

I tend to disagree. Even though the Anglo-American Empire supposedly runs the show this century as the last, it is already unraveling from within. The reasons are that people with the same idea [dismantling the Anglo-American Empire] are starting to be organized.

Posted by Karl Bernhard Moellmann on 4/19/2011 7:04:03 AM

. . .
Maybe Madsen is just another triple agent?

Posted by Bluebird on 4/19/2011 7:47:47 AM

Absolutely brilliant, Daily Bell! As I read “news”, I can see things that raise flags, and know they are false ideas, but I have to come here to see how they tie together. All things lead to forming this NWO, but how they play a part in it is sometimes confusing to me. You are truly experts at what you do. Thank you.

Off topic, I saw an article yesterday (Fox) about the UN debating giving human rights status to mother earth, (Ha!) but could not find anything on other websites. If you see more on this can you direct me to it?

Posted by Maritzanita on 4/19/2011 7:55:24 AM

The only way that I will believe that the plans for a New World Order are failig is if and when major countries begin seceding from involvement with UN, IMF, WHO, Bilderburg, CFR, Trilateral Commission etc. As long as the BRICS are associated with these groups nothing has changed.

Posted by Bill Ross on 4/19/2011 8:12:57 AM

DB: “We would argue (hypothetically) that for public consumption a show of independence is necessary.”

I further argue that this is elites girding their loins to achieve “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”, yet another false illusion of “change we can BELIEVE in” to suck on the false hope of the governed so they tolerate being slaves for just a bit longer in the false hope that some new “leader” will save their sorry and irresponsible (for their OWN survival) asses.

Meanwhile, our servitude and inability to survive because of the costs of elite predations deepens. We are now at the point that we, collectively are eating our seed corn. This cannot go on. Once the slaves can no longer survive by servitude, Plan B becomes an unavoidable neccessity.

REAL consequences are being determined by the grim reaper of “Mathematics of Rule”. On present course, our collective fate is inevitable:

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Ever since (and perhaps before) Manhattan was purchased with valueless trinkets, elites have known that the most profitable trades are illusions and false hopes for REAL goods and services. There is a sucker born every minute. PT Barnum.

Posted by SS McDonald on 4/19/2011 8:24:33 AM

“…But America is more like Rome in its last days, Madsen suggests like Rome, the US is engaged in a desperate attempt to secure its overseas borders…” Madsen should read up on his history; Rome imploded from its moral decline. It imploded from beastiality, perversion, murder of its young (abortion), Roman citizen’s I-got-mine / me-first attitude, a treasury that gave away more than it took in, and a decimation of its military. On reflection, Madsen is right, America today is just like the end of Rome.

Posted by Ernie Hopkins on 4/19/2011 8:59:04 AM

I have to agree with Daily Bell on their take on this. Unless any “opposition” truly steps out of the elite model then it is simply maneuvering within the pyramid with the cap stone already firmly established. None of the BRICS are getting rid of central fractional reserve banking or splitting with the UN. There is no move to break the various merchantilistic cartels of trade established by the elite. Essentially it is mob Lts.fighting over their take of the spoils. No one is questioning the godfather. The US gov figures are not running the show, but meremly US regional counterparts for the elite. A note to Hennie, they did demonstrate the banking ties to Russia, which have not ended with the political changes there. Fiat money is the hinge pin. If it is seriously dealt a blow, then we have a true rift, until then it is all machinations of little signifigance. Fights over loot and to provide spectical and drama for boobus.

Posted by Patrick McDonald on 4/19/2011 9:39:39 AM

BRICS are a counter balance to ring in chaos. We learned of the Mandrake process to spin money out of almost like promissary notes to create debt instruments. Bonds were created to finance wars from long ago Old World to the present day world. Money is power. A U.S. Navy Officer of 3 wars in the last century said it to me;”Money is power.” The Money masters of the world have financed and helped to tailor the world and its historic sequence of events for centuries. Too much power in the hands of one and the counter balance of power could be at the mercy and at the whims of a world out of control…perhaps periliously out of control to the point where needless wicked suffering is an outcome. To tame a supreme power to rope it in whereby it will have to act out less antisocial is a high calling. The order makers of the past used to make loans to vunerable hopeful countries at interest rates to cause a country to become a debtor country. “The debtor becomes the slave of the lender.” WWI; The Great War; The War To End All Wars was the hope of the peace makers. America minted the Peace Silver Dollar. While Germany suffered; The ROaring 20’s when into action. The boom was on and America had fun. The victors in Europe forced Germany to pay reparations to the point where Germany was driven down into desparation. Germany just recently paid off its WWI debt. The decline of the Euro and the socialist mis spent promises and entitlements pushed some countries to the bring and over into brankrupsty debt reorganisation. Germany has found it has an involuntary tax on it once again. It is to shore up the Euro. The penalty for the extravagant spending and promises of other European countries who had over spent and mismanged their own budgets. BRICS are an alliance to counter the absolute power of a one world dominate currency. We learned of Mandrake and we learned something in college 35 years ago about what the FED really was made of. We also learned at San Diego City COllege that the FED is not the U.S. Government. It prints and lends money to the U.S. Treasury. If the debt is so horrendous that the country cannot stand it any longer; The government can have the U.S. Treasury roll over the debt and debt forgiveness would happen. LIke Brazil and Argentina; the triple A credit rateing would fall out of favor with the bond holders;but the better spin off is Brazil and Argentina will regain their triple A credit rating;but most of all they salvaged their own countries by debt forgiveness and a reevaluation of their currency. They set their trade balance books in order and regained control of their own national economies. The Bank of England are the helpers who help print the Iraqi Dinar. Recently the wish as like the wish of the return of the Kuwaiti dinar may be on the dawn. In about January; THe Iraqi government and their helpers are considering the drop of three zeros off their dina denomination. This will enrich the Iraqi natural resource rich country to have leverage to purchase the goods and services they need to rebuild their nation. Prime MInister Malaki says the Americans can go home. HIs country is strong enough to stand on its own. Now to find what your holdings of Iraqi Dinar could be worth add three more zeros to your dinars. Input the data on the currency calculator and voila; your faithful investment presents a promising hallowed return on your inital investment. The Iraqis will have a strong buying power and money is power. Nice to have for the rebirth of a country. BRICS are exciting; the old world order and the new world order are probably kabitzing like poker stars hedging spreading and betting on the positive outcome of BRICS trade and BRICS currencies. Jim Rogers is dumping his Yankee Green Backs preparing for this storm knowing China is raising interest rates and buying the Rembini. CNBC mentions America could loose its AAA credit rating; if inflation continues and the national debt is so out of control; The Americans cannot pay it back. The time line presently given is 2 years before the possible loss of triple A credit rating. FOREX and currency players probably look at the BRICS as new opportunity to make money and perhaps foresee and experience a less dangerous world. Its a bit hard to be bullying each other when the Titans of the world are balanced with diversity and with stength. Hopefully we will not make paupers of each other exhaust resources over populate and engage in world wars of horrific poisonious human and ecological destruction. Citizens of emerging countries with new found wealth and ever growing consumer middle classes will face retirment and sustaining economy needs and encounter the phenomenon of the American credit card and borrowing experiences. What is driving silver right now isw the growing world industrial; precious metals that are still in the ground but not stock piled for immediate access; the hike in interest; the rights of Chinese citizens and others to exchange paper for silver and gold to hedge against the elastic money power of the printing machines and electronic credits. Rothchild is quoted “When you assume The Presence of Power,People soon give it to you.” Lenin Marx Mao Stalin Hitler Pol Pot Johnson and Lady Bird; they all had backers. They didn’t come to power on their own. The dope money from all around the world fed and armed armies went into finance institutions and into high up middle to low level investment opportunists and to their foundations. Mountains of misery and human destruction have been exploited to build and to sustain national, multi national corporations and various empires. The devil paints the angel as a devil and the angel is not the devil. The great decievers send confusium into the world to twist their ways to gain an advantage over others. Brazil has a beautiful motto;”Ordo Et Progesso”. They import zero barrels of oil per day. They are energy independent. Energy translates into money power. Unshakle the world from the slavery of energy prices. Imagine a world of free energy. Man kind might be freed from the strings of money masters who have allowed the abuses of money power. New World Order; The Anglosphere probably welcome and are refreshed to have the BRICS come into fruition. Everyone will probably want to get in on the play to prosperity. Star Trek was a preview of a united world federated with a common cause to explore brave new worlds to go conquer Space to boldly go where no man has ever gone before. BRICS could be more peace and prosperity coming to the world. The Chief Of Naval Operations; Admiral Gary Roughead has just visited the RUssian Federated Naval Fleet. Everyone desires a better world.

Posted by Lbeards on 4/19/2011 10:19:10 AM

could someone please name some of the current rothschild family members,mainly for my enlightenment? thanks!

Posted by Reader on 4/19/2011 10:27:24 AM

The fundamental motivation of all nations in the 21st century is TRADE – it is about expanding global Trade, about good Business, about the peaceful rise and Development of their nations after the awesome and disgraceful end of Marxism(USSR/RED CHINA.)

Today, in a more just world, the DB would have been debating about the RICA Policy instead of this ugh,…’bric’ PE term.

RICA representing Russia, India, China, and America.

Posted by Ingo Bischoff on 4/19/2011 10:31:59 AM

“America, is trying to preserve its foundering empire through military means. It is engaged in “military adventurism” around the world, from Central America, to the Middle East and of course in Afghanistan.”

Which America? The average American worker and small businessman, or the central bankers and their friends, the politicians supported by the public employees unions?

Posted by Alexsemen on 4/19/2011 10:40:29 AM

Dear Sir , mr.K.B Moelleman :

I agreee 100000% with you !
You are the only one to point out such simple truth ! Very good intuition!
Of course it is just one very nice smoke screen!
I know as I knew about the so called all revolution from 1989 until to day.As I’ve told you where are thousends of special agents fonr Israel, USA, Russia,England and France at this moment ! Do you !!?? If you don’t , please believe me !
Just smoke screen for the continuation of the bussines as usual by the same usual people: the servants of PTB and E of the Banks !

Posted by Gavin on 4/19/2011 11:13:56 AM

“In our view, the latest countervailing force is also a manipulated one.”

I was thinking the same thing yesterday when reading the following article in the Telegraph. Reading the DB article it also occurred to me (like in Karl Bernhard Moellmann’s post) that Wayne Madsen never left the intelligence agencies and is there as an ‘independent’ to muddy the waters.

“The BRIC countries’ Hainan summit could make the G20 redundant”

“The BRICs are all creditors to the US ‒ with the Chinese, in particular, holding vast swathes of American Treasury bills. So they won’t make any sudden moves in terms of dislodging the dollar as “top dog”, as that would harm the value of their T-bill holdings. They are, though, pushing for the IMF to overhaul the role of Special Drawing Rights, the international unit of account comprising the dollar, euro, yen and sterling.

“Were the yuan and possibly the ruble to be included, the BRICs say, then the SDR could ultimately replace the dollar.”

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Posted by Jg on 4/19/2011 11:15:22 AM

“Maybe Madsen is just another triple agent?”

I doubt it. His service (I subscribe) is full of birther details, anti-Zionism/Israel stuff, anti-D.C. stuff, 9-11 insider details, etc.

If he is a triple-agent, TPTB sure are playing with fire.

Posted by Mountainview on 4/19/2011 11:30:32 AM

I don’t think they will need the SDR…they will directly go to the BRICS…

Posted by Romey Ross on 4/19/2011 11:46:36 AM

Snipped from today’s Stratfor report on China:
The Party realizes that reform is inevitable, but questions how to do it while retaining control.
. . . . . . . These new challenges to the Deng approach reveal a rising uncertainty in China about whether his solutions are adequate to secure the country’s future. Essentially, the rise of Maoist nostalgia, the princelings’ glorification of their Communist bloodline and the CCYL’s promotion of ideology and wealth redistribution imply a growing fear that the economic transition may fail, and that the Party therefore may need a more deeply layered security presence to control society at all levels and a more ideological basis for the legitimacy of its rule. Meanwhile, a more assertive military implies growing fears that a foreign policy of meekness and amiability is insufficient to protect China’s access to foreign trade from those who feel threatened by China’s rising power, such as Japan, India or the United States. Finally, a more strident premier in favor of political reform suggests fear that growing demands for political change will lead to upheaval unless they are addressed and alleviated.
. . . . . . . More challenging still, he has to do so without a solid succession plan. Hu is the last Chinese leader Deng directly appointed. It is not clear whether China’s next generation of leaders will augment Deng’s theory, or discard it. But it is clear that China is taking on a challenge much greater than a change in president or administration. It is an existential crisis, and the regime has few choices: continue delaying change even if it means a bigger catastrophe in the future; undertake wrenching economic and political reforms that might risk regime survival; or retrench and sacrifice the economy to maintain CPC rule and domestic security. China has already waded deep into a total economic transformation unlike anything since 1978, and at the greatest risk to the Party’s legitimacy since 1989. The emerging trends suggest a likely break from Deng’s position toward heavier state intervention in the economy, more contentious relationships with neighbors, and a Party that rules primarily through ideology and social control.

Substitute US for China and Democrat/Republican party (two sides of a single entity) for CPC (Communist Party of China) and you could almost mistake the foregoing for an analysis of the current situation in America. Likewise, a similar comparison could be made to the EU. What I think we are seeing is a repeating pattern of the ongoing desperate attempts by the current PE to retain and, where possible, expand the model of top-down command/control. This impetus is increasingly being resisted by social/psychological/technical tsunamis demanding and simultaneously creating massive tendencies toward DE-CENTRALIZATION. Studies in chaos theory show that complex systems spontaneously generate order ‒ no “great man of history” type of leader is needed. This is what will undo the PE, not some “coordinated” (by whom?) uprising.

Posted by Gavin on 4/19/2011 11:59:11 AM


“I don’t think they will need the SDR…they will directly go to the BRICS…”

By ‘they’ I’m guessing you mean the failing Western economies? I’m not very familiar with the financial stuff but as I read it this is the PE’s way of getting a single currency and is part of the game, the dialectic.

Posted by Justin on 4/19/2011 12:21:00 PM

Yes, all those countries have been under the Western yoke for a long time. We, as the morons of the world, are supposed to believe they’re functioning independently, and will challange the West. It’s just another Hegelian Dialectic creation to stir up the masses, and control them.

Posted by Adam on 4/19/2011 1:08:44 PM

Video visualization: Empires decline ‒ revisited

‘The decline of the largest maritime empires of the 19 and 20th centuries. (British, Spanish, Portuguese, French)’

Click to View Link


Wikipedia: Commonwealth of Nations


Wikipedia: Rothschilds

Posted by Mountainview on 4/19/2011 1:33:06 PM

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Look at the Chinese-Russian trade (oil and gas from Russia for consumer goods from China) is already cleared in Renminbi and Rouble… No US Dollars no SDR…
The Anglo-American elite is left alone..
A sign or a trend?

Posted by WorkingClass on 4/19/2011 1:53:55 PM

I dunno DB. I just can’t bring myself to believe that the Rothschilds or the Banking Cartel or the Anglo American power elites are omnipotent and eternal. They may have been calling the shots for a very long time but unless they are divine they are not eternal. In this world things change. We call it history.

Your power elites have millions upon millions of enemies all over the globe. They are doomed. This earth is not a “thing” to be owned. Humans who would be gods are on a fools errand.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 – by Staff Report


Exclusive Interview
Guest Editorial


Five months before the March 2003 invasion, Baroness Symons, then the Trade Minister, told BP that the Government believed British energy firms should be given a share of Iraq’s enormous oil and gas reserves as a reward for Tony Blair’s military commitment to US plans for regime change. The papers show that Lady Symons agreed to lobby the Bush administration on BP’s behalf because the oil giant feared it was being “locked out” of deals that Washington was quietly striking with US, French and Russian governments and their energy firms. – UK Independent

Dominant Social Theme: Capitalism always seeks to exploit the worker and is always expansive. Wars are always those of exploitation.

Free-Market Analysis: The dominant social theme that Anglo-American wars are primarily aimed at exploiting raw materials is being trotted out again. While Britain has been engaged in an extensive post-mortem of the Iraqi war called the Chilcot Inquiry, these secret documents were not released as part of that effort but were gathered by “oil campaigner” Greg Muttitt under Britain’s freedom-of-information act.


Posted by RR on 4/19/2011 4:57:27 AM

“Knowledge destroys the darkness of ignorance.”
– Rig Veda.

Posted by Bill Ross on 4/19/2011 7:23:26 AM

Of course it is all about control. Every other goal can be decreed and demanded from slaves, once control is achieved. Elites (control freaks) have, for all of history sought to construct systems (belief and otherwise) which provide illusionary pretexts and terror threats regarding why it is “necccessary” (Machiavailli, falsely framed arguments) that THEY be “master” and we, slaves.

It may be intellectually gratifying to speculate regarding motives, but, in reality, you are just discussing THEIR pretexts, intellectual camouflage to obscure REAL goals. Matters become VERY CLEAR if you “know them by what they do”. IMHO, all of the false pretexts regarding humanitarian intervention, resources, etc, are attempts to achieve “tolerance (includes terror) of the governed” (and some dubious perceived personal benefit, achieve partners in crime…). But, the basic fact is that THEY initiate aggression (greatest crime against humanity and civilization, according to THEIR own laws) against all who disagree with THEM. It is total war, unchecked, leading to total destruction of civilization. The basic algorithm is: demonize, socially isolate, move in for the kill, feed from the carcass, demonize next prey.

THEY and their predations are now the greatest threat to peace, civilization, social / economic survival and perhaps, life on earth.

THIS is how and why their methodology is so deadly, successful and HOW to fight THEM:

Click to View Link

KNOW your enemy and how they think. Only then can their weaknesses be exploited, leading to their defeat. Of course, their success is also their defeat, so sitting on the sidelines watching the divine comedy is also an option, so long as you do not provide THEM support. They create NOTHING, so must and will starve without support.

Easily PROVEN:

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Posted by Steve on 4/19/2011 7:31:35 AM

DB, are you familiar with this book and it’s thesis?

Click to View Link />
It’s not in line with the leftist paradigm, but still shows oil to be relevant to this discussion.

Posted by Kenn on 4/19/2011 9:57:16 AM

One little speck of sand in the universe and this is the best humanity can do?


Posted by Fabian on 4/19/2011 10:19:53 AM

That’s also my explanation for the war in Irak. Some say it was to get rid of a dictator, some say it was for oil. No, it was to restore order. Nobody remembers that there was an embargo against Irak and that most of Europe was breaking it a will and making a ton of money out of it. Ministers in France and Italy were caught dealing in Iraky oil (Pasqua, France’s interior minister was caught holding Iraki oil coupons and if I recall well the son of the UN secretary too).

It was a total mess and an humiliation for the US. They needed to put an end to that situation. On a larger scale, I can’t really believe that the Anglo Saxon elite has the means to conquer the world. Many events and shifts in the world can be explained by demography and the Anglo Saxon world doesn’t have the demography to support those ambitions.

My point of view is that, like it or not, world trade functions with the US and the Anglo Saxon economic model. It’s in the US interest and the world’s interest that trade keeps running. We see how a relative small disruption like Japan’s earthquake impacts global trade. As long as there is no other economic model (and I don’t see another economic model raising at the horizon) we’ll have to live with that and support it.

Reply from the Daily Bell:

Restore order, huh? By irradiating the entire country with depleted uranium?

Posted by Jjkorman on 4/19/2011 11:01:21 AM


Posted by Warren on 4/19/2011 11:32:59 AM

One of the various wars purposes is to make resources more expensive, not less.

Example: the US did go into Iraq to ensure cheap and abundant oil for US citizens, but to take that oil off the market and thereby increase its price. Additionally, factor in the huge defense expenditures US citizens are saddled with and the oil becomes even more expensive.

It would be way cheaper for the US to eliminate its military and simply buy oil from whatever potentate sat on it. But as I said, cheap and abundant oil is not what its about. Neither is dismantling the warfare state.

Posted by Warren on 4/19/2011 12:00:48 PM

Sorry, typo. Above post should read: “Example: the US did NOT go into Iraq to ensure cheap and abundant oil for US citizens….”

Posted by Memehunter on 4/19/2011 12:44:20 PM

“No. All is not as it appears. There are several undercurrents at work. The US has not completed in the action in Libya, but now it is increasingly pressuring Syria, which is a close ally of Iran, obviously a target of Western R2P concern as well.”

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Libya, Syria, and Iran are among the few remaining countries which do not have a foreign (read elite)-controlled central bank (and Libya might not be on that list for long). Irak and Afghanistan used to be on that list as well…

How about: “Western Wars are for the implementation of Western-controlled central banks?” That might be closer to the truth.

Worked in Germany……..


2 responses to “The BRICS Take Over:The alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, also known as BRICS,

  1. Even the US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has expressed the willingness of the US to support a more globalized currency that would diminish the importance of the dollar. Of course the currency that is being readied to take the place of the dollar is none other than the IMF’s SDR, perhaps upgraded to “bancor” status.

    The main way that Anglosphere elites are controlling the world these days is via military might. But who knows what the relationships are like right at the top? The combination of military power and money power is a potent one. We have a feeling that projecting a multi-polar world engaged in active pushback against the West is perhaps too neat a paradigm. We see it as leading inevitably to more globalization not less. It will seem inevitable, of course, and part of a multi-polar rivalry.

    Orwell worth reading on this aspect!!
    Planned for over 100 years- not just a few months!!

  2. Comrade Brown wants the top job at the IMF- Always a Commie gets that position.

    How Brown Broke Britain- theres’ his qualifications!!


    Russia said; That boots would be on the ground during , April in LIBYA….
    Spot on- British army officers wear BOOTS

    Slow speaking English guy on a phone in to LBC- he’s pretty damned clever- put Iain Dale on the spot!

    Off he’s gone- Dale has the off button!

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