After Arab “Revolutions” II: Immigration Explosion, EU Members Protesting, Wasted Tax Money, EU War Threats to “Closed Societies”

LATESTEUObserver 13 Apr. 2011: European Commission chief José Manuel Barroso on 13 April promised Tunisia €140 million of extra EU aid if the new government takes “strong and clear action” to prevent its citizens from leaving for Europe and take back the thousands that have already made it to Italy – which Tunisia has so far refused. ( Tunisia has been promised an “advanced EU status” – like that of Morocco.

Summary: The EU has great difficulty in finding its own feet in terms of its Euromediterranean NWO Project. The Mediterranean Union now exists in Sarkozy’s sick imagination  only – indeed, he believes that the Union should be revived, a view he is probably pretty much alone with. EU Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner, Stefan Füle, makes a big show out of repeating the purpose and program of the Utopian EUROMED Project, which has never led to anything but Muslim mass immigration to Europe and lots of taxpayer money being sent into bankers’ and ‘partner’ dictator friends’ pockets – and of course paid holidays in the “partner” countries for Sarkozy and his wife and several French politicians.

But Europe has had tasted blood in Libya – and a deputy for the “High Representative, Hungary’s deputy foreign minister, is now threatening Syria, Bahrain and Yemen with a similar treatment in NATO´s wringer as pracised on the Libyans – rebels and Gaddafi’s people with no major difference –  if they do not fall into line. This would effectively mean ceasing to be “closed” states -and open their countries up to the bankers behind the multinationals, so they can plunder the open countries and use them as pawns in their geopolitical “Grand Chessboard” game.

Italy and France say they do not want more Muslim immigrants or “refugees”. Italy has received 22,000 of them since the turn of the year – and lets them loose now in the Schengen area for 3 months so they can seek out countries with the best welfare benefits, hide, have children and so, according the ECJ´s Zambrano verdict have the right to reside and work in the EU. This has angered France – so now these 2 countries are now patrolling Tunisia’s coast to block the “refugees” who say the same forces are ruling there as before the much-vaunted “revolution”. But there’s help ahead: Tunisia, like Egypt, which are again turning violent due to mass protests against the stolen revolution, is to have an advanced status in the EU, meaning visa facilitation galore, access to EU labor and trade markets etc. – Besides, much more of our taxpayer money is to be sent to the old familiar dictatorship regimes. Attempts have been made to fob these sharia supporters off with removing their figureheads – but it may not suffice. The secular forces that were used to launch the protest rallies, are now as planned without influence.

The insatiable Muslim collecting EU Commissioner, Cecila Malmström, wants tens of thousands of refugees from Libya resettled in the EU – because she feels so sorry for them – as always, wherever they live. Especially, she finds it terrible that we let all these poor Muslim refugees drown en route to Europe. We – not they – are the culprits, as usual, both in their lack of will to integrate, which is commanded by the Koran, and in them using floating coffints across the Mediterranean, because they are unable to make them better. One has a feeling that she wants them transferred by EU luxury liners to give  them life-long maintenance in the EU. However, EU member states are seasick at all those boat “refugees” and will not take them

And why not? Anyway, the EU wants 56 mio Muslim African “workers” + their families into the EU by 2050! And then there is the stated goal of all this immigration: to destroy our nation states and our culture radically.


Dansk-Kultur-Folder-Barcelona-Euro-MediterraneanThe EU has difficulties in finding its position on the failed Euromediterranean Project, after its Union for the Mediterranean capsized. 15 March 2011, Prof Vladimir Chukov: Sarkozy declared that the initiative for a Mediterranean Union must be revitalized because of the turmoil in the Arab world. It is a bit late. The Arabs believe that the Mediterranean Union is a plan of the Europeans to integrate Israel in the Arab world.

Stefan füleEU Press Release 16 March 2011 -EU Commissioner Stefan Füle (right): The Commission and the High Representative last week adopted a joint Communication setting out plans to review our cooperation with the Southern Mediterranean – to build a new partnership to support change.
The Communication sets out how we could move towards a new Partnership built on an incentive-based approach to assist political, economic and social reforms in the countries of the region.

This new approach will be rooted unambiguously in a joint commitment to the values of democracy, human rights, good governance, rule of law and social justice. The EU’s offer of a Partnership for democracy and shared prosperity can only be based on such a joint commitment. We plan in particular to do more to support a thriving civil society and here that can help uphold human rights and contribute to democracy building and good governance.

We are also considering three important policy directions: 1. Improving mobility. We need appropriate mobility mechanisms in place for everything we intend to do: student exchanges, free trade in services, academic and think-tank co-operation, civil society contacts, training. 2. Improving market access. 3. Re-focusing funding. The Communication advocates a staged approach: re-focusing our aid within ENPI and here. Parliament and Council are already working on ensuring that the EIB can quickly increase its lending to the Southern Mediterranean.

The Commission puts forward twenty-five concrete measures or initiatives that we intend to pursue in our work with the region, covering areas as diverse as social dialogue, rural development, macro-financial assistance, maritime policy, an Euro-Mediterranean Aviation Area, or creating an EU-Southern Mediterranean Energy Community. Among these twenty-five measures are also initiatives linked to our foreign policy. We have left no stone unturned. We will continue to give balanced attention to each and every ENP partner …on the basis of each partner’s commitment and level of ambition in conducting reforms.Morocco-muezzin
Kamel-pyramideIn Tunisia, political parties have been liberalised, freedom of association and expression have been extended and elections called for a new constitutional assembly. We will be looking for ways to support the Tunisian economy. In Egypt, we have been in permanent contact with the transitional authorities.  Meanwhile we are already intensifying our support to Egyptian civil society. The King of Morocco has announced a constitutional reform Intensified reforms have also been announced by the King of Jordan.

The Libyan people deserve the same opportunity to shape their own future as their neighbours. We are seeking close coordination with key interlocutors in the UN framework as well as with the Arab League and the African Union.The EU is also fully engaged on the humanitarian aid front at the Libyan borders and in the country. So far, the EU and the Member States have mobilised around € 71 million and more aid is being considered.

The European Council has clearly indicated that Colonel Gaddafi has to leave power. We should also consider how we can engage in a more intense dialogue with the Libyan opposition and, finally, the EU is reviewing options as regards possible CSDP operations.

RAF-fighterEU is becoming hawkish for the NWO on behalf of NWO´s dogma, “open society
EUOBSERVER 7 April 2011: Zsolt Nemeth, Hungary’s deputy foreign minister speaking in the name of EU foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton has said that Bahrain, Syria and Yemen should beware of Libya-type military intervention (At a European Parliament debate in Strasbourg on 6 April).
With NGOs reporting that Bahrain has so far killed 23 people, Syria 122 and Yemen 63, Nemeth said: “We’ve been discussing these three countries, where there are authoritarian regimes which are also playing with fire, and where there is a risk of intervention. I think we have sent out a very clear and important signal that came from the high representative [Ashton] and that is a very crucial message to these three countries – they know that in Libya and also in the Ivory Coast there have been military interventions and that’s always a possibility. Over the past three weeks both the European and the international community have shaped a very clear philosophy under the motto of ‘the responsibility to protect’ … and that should be a warning sign to Yemen, Bahrain and indeed to all of those countries which maintain authoritarian regimes.” The Nemeth-Ashton line echoes French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who told press in Brussels after French jets bombed Gaddafi that: “Every ruler should understand, and especially every Arab ruler should understand that the reaction of the international community and of Europe will from this moment on each time be the same.” British and French diplomats agree with Nemeth “in principle.” Nemeth said targeted sanctions “are an option” and that the EU has power to shape events in the region
: “An awful lot depends on us. How the Arab spring will end depends to a great extent on us.”

EU ideologically embracing countless immigration/refugee flows – instead of returning them to their homelands or other Muslim countries.
Andrew Brons, MEP: “Europe is being ethnically cleansed of Europeans
Euractiv 8 Apr. 2011: The Italian government gave its green light yesterday (7 April) to a decree allowing economic migrants from Tunisia to move freely throughout the Schengen area for a three-month period. France said it could re-establish border controls.

Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner, MalmstroemEUObserver 8 Apr. 2011Member states should respond to the calls of the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) to resettle thousands of sub-Saharan people from Chad, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea who managed to escape Libya and are now in refugee camps in Tunisia and Egypt, but cannot be sent back home. We must also show solidarity with Tunisia and Egypt, where most of them have fled to,” she said.  The commission is ready to review with member states willing to engage in such resettlement efforts all the possibilities for financial support. The immigration issue has become very emotional. At the Monday meeting ministers are also due to discuss democratic border controls and asylum systems, fighting traffickers, visa facilitation and mobility programmes. These are all part of broad partnership packages offered to both Tunisia and Egypt.  However, EurActiv 12 Apr. 2011: EU members are seasick at North African boat-”refugees” and don´t want them- especially not those who cannot feed themselves. Some will not accept Italian Schengen visa to these mostly economic refugees.


ANSAmed) , APRIL 1Immigrants who have recently arrived to the island of Lampedusa and who have been transferred to the camp that has been set up in Manduria in the province of Taranto are fleeing en masse. The immigrants have managed to escape through an opening near a gate in the small fence.
EUbusiness 5 Apr.2011 Italy has seen since the beginning of the year an influx of more than 22,000 immigrants, mostly from Tunisia, but also from Libya. On 5 Apr. two boats with 600 migrants, including Eritreans and Somalians fleeing Libya, arrived at Lampedusa and about 130 refugees drowned in the Sicilian Channel
EUObserver 21 March 2011 “I didn’t think Europe would be so unwelcoming. I will not stay in Italy, once on the mainland, I will leave in 24 hours,” says a young Tunisian who arrived on Friday after a 16-hour trip on a boat full with 125 other people.
He paid €1,000 for the trip and left because “there is no liberty, no democracy – it’s still Ben Ali’s old guard ruling the country.”
“We are not against the migrants, not at all. It’s the government in Rome, [Prime Minister] Berlusconi, who is to blame for this situation, it’s absolutely unacceptable,” said one resident, gesticulating in anger.
EUbusiness 9 Apr. 2011Italy and France agreed Friday to carry out joint patrols off Tunisia’s coast to block migrants headed for Europe, with the French interior minister saying there was no duty to take in boat people.- The French interior minister said that France did not want to “suffer a wave” of migrants.

Tahrir-againNow they are starting off again at Tahrir Square in Cairo. Acc. to The New York Times 9 April 2011: Tens of thousands of demonstraters had gathered in Protest. The police injured 15 and killed 2 mit shots.

A firm stand against the root of mass immigration: Islam and its inherent birth surplus is never aired. The bought and decadent European MSM just demands politicians to distribute – not to stop immigration, and they can always find likeminded people to confirm this opinion.  Mental hygiene and hateful EU brainwashing against “racism and xenophobia”, read criticism of Islam which pushes aside all the Fundamental Rights of the EU, in particular by means of this sole word: “racist”, have stupefied the Europeans  and doomed them. But there does seem to be an increasing dissatisfaction with the endless immigration policy – forcing leading politicians to state that multiculture has failed. However, their solution is not stop immigration of Muslims due to their ideological dogma, one “open one-world society”. On the contrary, they think we are guilty in having failed to integrate and pacify all these unintegrable warriors for Allah, who are told by the Koran to wage war on infidels everywhere. For acc. t. Stefan Füle, the EU is determined to continue exactly the same Utopian Euromediterranean Project that was launched in Barcelona in 1995.
In order to make all societies open to elitist looting, the EU is now threatening Syria, Bahrain and Yemen and all other “closed societies” with war. However, the EU has pledged its right to go to war with NATO.  As for the background: See here.



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