SIOA (Stop Islamization of America) and our New York leader, Pamela Hall, are organizing a coalition and action plan to fight the grotesque plans to build a monster mosque on the hallowed ground of the worst attack on American soil in US history.

Listen to the imam in this video. Pure deceit. Why isn’t he building an islamic center dedicated to expunging the Koran, hadiths etc., of their prescribed violent teachings? Tim Brown is arguing against the mosque. I interviewed him here. Tim Brown is co-founder of Mr. Brown is a retired, decorated 20-year FDNY firefighter, and a survivor of the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, a first responder to the 1993 terrorist attack on the WTC, and a veteran of the New York Urban Search & Rescue Task Force team that responded to the 1995 terrorist attack on the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City.

Who is with us? We are formulating a concrete action plan. Monster Mosque Pushes Ahead in Shadow of World Trade Center Islamic Death and Destruction

We will rally, we will hold our elected officials accountable, we will not let this stand. Where did the funding for this monster come from?

Check out Pamela H’s excellent sum up on the mosque here. A comprehensive, exhausting indictment. And check out all previous Atlas coverage of this monstrosity at Atlas here.

Photo hat tip Jim

First — Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, City Hall. Write him every day:

PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)
FAX (212) 788-8123

The 12-member Financial District Committee who unanimously approved this abomination: GO HERE, BE POLITE.
And Community Board 1 Members who gave them the authority to do so: GO HERE, BE POLITE. (Link hat tip Jetstream)

Youssef M. Ibrahim wrote:

The context here is that 15 of the 19 perpetrators of the attacks — on the very site where this new mosque shall rise — came from Saudi Arabia.

We saw how, in the case of Major Nidal Hasan of Ft. Hood, it turned out that three of the original participants in 9/11 had listened to the same preacher Major Hasan listened to: a man with a radical violent Islamic website now operating out of Yemen to radicalize American Muslims. In such a context,knowing more about the Imam overseeing a potential multimillion mosque at the World Trade Center site is essential to the story. Nearly 3,000 people were deliberately killed there – and the New York Times is papering over what is about to be built on the site in a nice, beatific pseudo-profile of the Imamoverseeing the mosque? Limiting access to this Imam to some nice quotes, showing him nattily dressed in a suit, and describing him merely as a Sufi, is vacuous, crafted and couched in public relations spin to obscure rather than explain. ‘’What happened that day was not Islam’’ is all that the Times quotes the Imam saying — a rather lame comment given the enormity of his ambition and the iconic status of where he wants to put his mosque.

What happened that day is pure Islam, and that statement from Imam Rauf is pure taqiya, deception to advance islam.

This from Mosque At the World Trade Center: Muslim Renewal Or Insult Near Ground Zero:

The Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, told the New York Times — which put the story on its front page Wednesday — that he has assembled several million dollars to turn it into ‘’an Islamic center near the city’s most hallowed piece of land that would stand as one of ground zero’s more unexpected and striking neighbors.’’

The 61-year-old Imam said he paid $4.85 million for it — in cash, records show. With 50,000 square feet of air rights and enough financing, he plans an ambitious project of $150 million, he said, akin to the Chautauqua Institution, the 92 Street Y or the Jewish Community Center.

The origins of such monies are unexplained; neither are the countries or entity advancing such huge donations. Most US mosques, including many in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx are funded directly or indirectly by Saudi Arabia the country to which 15 of the 19 hijackers who bombed the World TradeCenter belonged. The UAE, Qatar and Iran are other major sponsors across the USA.

The money trail is an important question that must be answered by the Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg with more than a bland comment by one of his spokesmen, Andrew Brent, who quipped to the Times, “If it’s legal, the building owners have a right to do what they want.”

At the moment, the location is not designated a mosque, but rather an overflow prayer space for another mosque, Al Farah, at 245 West Broadway in TriBeCa, where Imam Feisal is the spiritual leader. Call this creeping annexation. On 9/11, the Burlington building, with 80 employees in its basement, is where a piece of a plane plunged through the roof, from either Flight 11 or Flight 175 crashing into the south tower at 9:03 a.m..

One of the investors for future oncoming funds is listed as the Cordoba Initiative, defined as an ‘’interfaith group’’ – and founded by Imam Feisal. Cordoba is the name militant Muslims often invoke when they recall the glory of Muslim empire in the centuries they occupied Spain.

As a former New York Times and Wall Street Journal correspondent, and as a New York Sun columnist who covered Islamic Fundamentalism extensively overseas and in the USA, I find the facts oddly lacking. The story as reported fails to answer, and avoid asking, so many pertinent questions.

The source of money matters as a significant part of the hundreds of mosques being built and already erected in this country double up as cultural Islamic centers for distributing literature– Islamist propaganda in fact—from Bay Ridge Brooklyn to Detroit, and for schooling growing Muslim minorities. They house Imams of unknown origin and education, many of whom do not speak a word of English but preach in Arabic and Urdu — radical messages, it often turns out.

As a reporter familiar with the Arab communities of the USA, I doubt the faithful fork out all that money for mega mosques, and if they did, the mayor’s office should prove it, not merely accept someone’s say so. It is an established fact that a significant percentage of the mosques built in the USA in the past two decades are receiving a disproportionate amount of their funds not only from the Saudis, but also the UAE, Qatar and Iran — all problematic Islamists activist nations. The government just discontinued work on a major Iranian-funded mosque and center in New York City, which had operated under the radar since the days of the good old Shah of Iran under the auspices of the Pahlavi Foundation, and has beenowned since 1979 by the Mullahs of Iran.

The context here is that 15 of the 19 perpetrators of the attacks — on the very site where this new mosque shall rise — came from Saudi Arabia.

Stay tuned — more to come.


UPDATE: bACK IN 2004, Rauf blamed the Christians for Muslim violence and domination.

Posted by Pamela Geller on Friday, May 07, 2010 at 01:26 PM | Permalink ShareThis

This is nothing more than a slap in the face to America. What happened to this country that they would even allow this to be considered in the first place?

So, where is everyone here going to escape to when the USA finally crumbles into a third world existence? I am trying to narrow down my list.

Posted by: Mitch | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 01:33 PM

“They” are trying to overwhelm us (Cloward-Piven script) We are Americans, and shan’t react according to their expectations. We must remain strong in mind and body and be ever vigilant as we shall be fighting on many fronts.

Posted by: Dagny Taggart | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 01:45 PM

edit: we must remain strong in body, mind and most importantly, spirit!

Posted by: Dagny Taggart | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 01:46 PM

makes me cry again…finally I visited the site this year, cried as I approached the area,thinking of the destruction and senseless loss of life, recalling the event that really has changed our modern times…but now to see these crackpots allowing this construction so close to the historic and hallowed ground…tears are not enough for this outrageous appeasment. How disgusting. How frightening. AND How satisfying for leaches, vampires and frothing zombies…

Posted by: dianne | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 02:00 PM

Cordoba was the seat of the Caliphate, and the location of the Grand Mosque.

It was the center of Islamic Europe.

Posted by: Pastorius | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 02:10 PM

His entire statement is taquiya!!!

Especially the part about the majority of 9/11 families supporting the building of this mosque!

News flash, buddy; not every American is gullible with the head lodged up the @$$!!!

Posted by: Wrial Huden | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 02:42 PM

Yes it was the center of Islamic Andalusia, the Arab name for Spain under Islam.
Of course Hamas and Al Queda still demand the return of ‘Al Andalus” to the Ummah the same way they demand the return of Palestine and the Balkans.

Posted by: armaros | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 02:48 PM

Disgusting!!! This is an insult beyond comprehension. What say we fund some synagogues and churches in Muslim countries? Whats that? Oh, it is against their dark ages, hate-filled, vicious law in most Muslim countries.
I would rather not see any more mosques built here, but guess that can’t be stopped. Just don’t have to put one up as a friggin memorial to the muslim cockroaches who killed so many innocent Americans, as well as other innocents.
Investigate the funding!!! This stinks to high Heaven.
This cannot be allowed to happen. We are not Europe (yet). When are we as a people going to open our eyes and see the creeping infestation by this vile cult?

Posted by: nate | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 02:57 PM

I don’t understand New Yorkers.

Posted by: Jim | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 03:17 PM

I do not understand how Kosher works, but if it allows pork products. Then go to the mosque site and have a wiener roast and BBQ pork ribs. Do it in good faith of nuturing a friendly meet the local jihadist event.

Posted by: Chris | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 03:29 PM

@armaros. So I am not the only who did read Al Andaluz. I didn’t like it. I hope this will not happen again. No more Mosques in Cristian countries.

Posted by: mrs. B.A. Reyes | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 03:43 PM

I have emailed Mayor Bloomberg and the Board. I was respectful but direct in my feelings regarding this travesty. I hope everyone on this site takes action and does not sit back. I am not sure of the planning for when the actual construction will start but we must STOP this before they start any construction. It must be stopped dead in its tracks!

Understand the SYMBOLISM of such a building be built on this sacred ground. For Islam the SYMBOLISM is conquest.


Posted by: zsa zsa | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 03:52 PM

Just Try Building A Cathedral In Saudi Arabia. This is the first step toward giving New Yorkers and Manhattan Dhimmitude status.I wouldn’t be surprised if Iranian money was behind the secret funding of this. The people of Manhattan need to lay down the gauntlet and stop this slap across the face of all Americans.

When will we stop the political correctness that weakens us…Islam is the enemy! It is incubated, hatched and nurtured from behind the walls of the Mosques across the land . They should all be considered enemy encampments and targets. It’s time to show them the same intolerance that they show Jew’s and Christian’s in the middle east and around the world. Stand up against the real enemy , stop Islam!

Posted by: Zombee | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 03:57 PM

I’m from the Netherlands, dont hold that against me…but this news shockes me, frightening, i cant believe New Yorkers or any Americans could approve this.

If even the US of A will surrender, how the hell would a small country like the Netherlands ever get rid of Islamic imperialism!?

Posted by: John | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 04:09 PM

Islam want to keep poking their finger in the eyes of the American people. Sorry, but I can’t be polite to sheer stupidity. The decisions being made by these damn fools are an abomination to the people of New York, let alone Americans. WHO placed these fools on this commission, and why??? Do they have any realization whatsoever who the United States are at war with??? Do the fools know why we’re at war??? Oh I forgot, they’re going to appease them, and they’ll just magically and peacefully disappear! BARF!!!

Posted by: Jackson Pearson | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 04:17 PM

A very good idea, why still longer wait untill every American prays with his butts in the ir 5 times a day. Why not now, now you have a cheating muslim as president who told you to be a christian. LOL the christian barack HUSSEIN obama.
So build that mosk with the Saudi oil money and let the terrorists pray on the dead bodies from your country men. Sieg Heil b HUSSEIN o.

Posted by: Jaan | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 04:41 PM

Stupid Americans, don’t you understand what’s going on in your country right now ?? An Islamitic president who is not allowed by constitutional law to be president !!! Fucking moslim invaders with their own camps and weapons !! Why are you let this happen, are you guys sleeping ?? The only thing you need is REVOLUTION, kick all this motherfockers out of your country, together with their focking moscs

Posted by: Rework | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 04:43 PM

why hold back? Let’s authorize the building of a small residential-size mosque NEXT DOOR TO THE HOMES OF ALL THE FAMILIES OF THOSE WHO DIED ON 9/11….. THOUSANDS OF LITTLE MOSQUES TO SHOW HOW TOLERANT AMERICA IS… I know, right?


Posted by: Dave in Dallas | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 04:50 PM

This is a big insult, and the lying imam devil knows where to hit the body of america, where the body hurts the most, at 9/11. This is psychological warfare.

The West need to prohibit moslims from entering into their countries and built their warcastle (mosques). We can do that by stating that islam is not a religion, but nazism, a political agenda for apartheid, which is the thruth.

Posted by: Sam | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 05:10 PM

AMERICA WAKE UP!!! Please open your eyes….

This is a really discusting idea. This shows how brutale the islam is!
Step by step, they’re overruling our free world…
I’m from Europe, the Netherlands, and this brutality is also going on in my country.
WHAT! All over Europe islam is trying to be THE BOSS!!
Belgium, GB, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France. In these and my country is a ‘little jihad’ going on. And our politici are blind, looking the other way. Obama is not looking at the bad side of islam, he loves the islam.
Islam will overrule the world.



  1. Below is Nuclear Jihad. a BBC documentary on the Islamic world’s quest for nuclear weapons. Its very well done and well worth seeing. This was made several years ago. It’s worth asking yourself how far Iran has come since what you see here was filmed. Almost certainly Iran has several nuclear weapons now. The next step for them meaning the current one would appear to be provoking someone, the US or Israel into taking action that would justify Iran’s using their bombs on Israel and the west.


    The British Genocidal Roots of Mayor Bloomberg’s Madness
    May 23, 2008 … In December 2007, New York City’s billionaire mayor, and wannabe Mussolini of a fascist United … Bloomberg’s Fabian Roots Are Showing …


    wearechangela — 10 October 2008 — On 10/3/08, retired Four-Star General Wesley Kanne Clark took part in a discussion about International Justice at the UCLA Law School. Clark, who had been Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) of NATO during Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War, insisted that international justice is important but in conflict with the long history in the United States of acting as seen fit in the moment.

    Clark gave examples of the US-driven coups in Iran, Guatemala and Chile, but failed to mention Operation Gladio, which, under NATO and CIA cover with help from extremist-right fascist secret societies, utilized false-flag terrorism against innocent civilians in Europe after World War II. He also, of course, failed to mention his connections with the leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army, who were known to have committed atrocities against civilians, were closely linked to Al-Qaeda (Al-CIA-duh!) and seriously involved in the international heroin trade.

    So, I decided to bring it up after the talk was over while Clark was yacking it up about his debate the night before with Karl Rove. Incidentally, Clark has been alleged to have said-whether seriously or not is debated- that the only reason that he is a registered Democrat is because Rove didn’t return his phone calls.

    Clark first appeared to play dumb or uninterested when I mentioned Operation Gladio, but then felt the need to respond when I brought up the KLA. He responded only by saying, “I heard the Soviets say that.” Then realized he had betrayed his Cold War mentality, and fixed it by saying “I heard the Russians say it.” He could only nod reluctantly when I said “Western historians don’t deny that sir, right?” He then deliberatively repeated “I heard the Russians say that.” If it was some type of coded-language that I was supposed to get, I didn’t. Then, quickly, it was agreed that it was time for lunch.

    I pressed on and asked him, while he walked to lunch, whether he thought the mimetic war-games that took place on 9/11 were a coincidence. He shrugged it off like it was a joke. I waited for some other folks to talk with him while dodging some of the various handlers trying to fend me off of the put-upon general. And then, after reminding him of his assertion that the 9/11 investigation had not been finished by the Commission, and asserting that I took Article III Section 3 of the Constitution to mean that a cover-up of an act of war is treason, I asked him again if he thought those mimetic war-games were a coincidence on 9/11. He never gave an answer, except for saying “c’mon” after I asked him if his silence was an answer of some sort.

    So, all in all, Clark’s responses to some serious allegations and questions were:
    1) “I heard the Russians say that”
    2) “…”

    Maybe I shouldn’t have “overwhelmed him.” It’s just that I expect much more from a man who took an oath to willingly kill or be killed to defend our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Saying that “we’ve never finished the investigation of 9/11” or musing “whether the administration actually misused the intelligence information it had,” and then not answering a sincere questioner is just not going to cut it from an alleged patriot at this late date of an all-out Constitutional and civilizational crisis.

    And I don’t think it could even be argued that Clark is dim-witted or ignorant. He has consistently excelled wherever he is operating, was valedictorian of his class at West Point and later awarded a Rhodes Scholarship.
    Clark also received a Knighthood and is recognized by Britain as a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. The motto of this Order is “For God and the Empire.” Maybe that’s part of the problem.

    Finally, in recognition of the hypocrisy of this man speaking about “International Justice,” note that Clark has given public support for the “School of the Americas,” now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, where many dictators and death-squads have been trained over the decades in such un-American arts as torture and psychological warfare. Many of the graduates of this school have perpetrated numerous international injustices, war crimes and political murders. So, I vote for no more talk from Mr. Clark about justice of any kind until he fesses up about the hard and dark facts that must be faced in order to create the beautiful future our descendants deserve and our ancestors dream.
    On these matters, check out the stellar work of scholars such as:
    Peter Dale Scott
    David Ray Griffin
    Michel Chossudovsky
    Daniele Ganser
    Ola Tunander
    video: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel
    edit: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel
    music: “Ready” by Transcendent Alliance incl. members of Libra Project-
    Non-profits & Activism


    “Al Qaeda was present in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the last war and its members are still in that country, a prisoner of the Zenica Penal Institution, who has admitted that he is a former officer of this terrorist organisation he walked out of after the September 11 attack on the United States, has said in a letter. The Mostar daily Dnevni List reported on the letter, which the Zenica prisoner’s lawyer Dusko Tomic claimed to be as authentic.”
    BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: New Claims on al Qaeda’s Presence, 1 July 2004


    Today the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence questioned former Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke, who said the U.S. policy towards the arms shipments was already in place when he became the State Department’s point man on Bosnia in September 1994.”
    Arms to Bosnia
    PBS, 21 May 1996

    “The Administration’s efforts to keep even senior US officials from seeing its ‘fingerprints’ … repeatedly deceived the American people about its Iranian green light policy.”
    House Select Subcommittee to Investigate the United States Role
    in Iranian Arms Transfers to Croatia and Bosnia
    8 October 1996

    “…the Clinton Administration’s policy of facilitating the delivery of arms to the Bosnian Muslims made it the de facto partner of an ongoing international network of governments and organizations pursuing their own agenda in Bosnia: the promotion of Islamic revolution in Europe. That network involves not only Iran but Brunei, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan (a key ally of Iran), and Turkey, together with front groups supposedly pursuing humanitarian and cultural activities…. [one group] is believed to be connected with such fixtures of the Islamic terror network as Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman (the convicted mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing) and Osama Binladen, a wealthy Saudi emigre believed to bankroll numerous militant groups.”
    Clinton-Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base
    Congressional Press Release, US Congress, 16 January 1997

    “The Dutch government has released a report that details the alliance between the United States and the Islamic effort to help Bosnian Muslims. The report determined that the United States provided a green light to groups on the State Department list of terrorist organizations to operate in Bosnia. This included the Lebanese-based Hezbollah. For the European Union, the U.S. effort marks a stain that calls into question Washington’s war on terrorism. For nearly a decade, the Clinton administration helped Islamic insurgents aligned with Chechnya, Iran and Saudi Arabia destabilize the former Yugoslavia. The insurgents were allowed to bring weapons and explosives to Bosnia-Herzegovina and fight Serbs and their allies. The insurgents also were allowed to move further east to Kosovo. The United States was helped by a range of Muslim countries – from Iran and Saudi Arabia to Turkey. In short, the Clinton administration thought that the stronger the Muslims in Bosnia, the weaker the Serbian hold over Yugoslavia. Today, there are tens of thousands of Islamic insurgents throughout such countries as Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo, and many of them are moving west to Austria, Hungary, Germany and Switzerland. ”
    U.S. gave green light to terrorists in Bosnia
    WorldNetDaily, 24 April 2002






    historiands — 06 March 2008 — 1235:CYPPRESS:03

    [03] Albright – Serb – Cypriot magazine report

    Nicosia, Apr 17 (CNA) — A Serbian family living in Vrinjetska Banja village, in Yugoslavia, is reported to have given shelter to US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, when her family fled Nazi persecution during World War Two.
    A Cypriot weekly publication “To Periodico” (The Magazine) carried the story yesterday, with phaded black-and-white photos including one of four- year-old Albright embracing Ljutko Popic, who told his story to the magazine.

    Popic claims he is the boy in the picture, taken in 1939, and the girl is the present US Secretary of State. He said he was Albright’s “first love” and wondered why she is now backing NATO bombing in Yugoslavia.

    The Serb is reported to have said that Albright’s Jewish-Czech family took refuge with his family, in their village Vrinjetska Banja, some 80 kilometres out of Kraljevo, to escape the threat of Nazi persecution.

    His village was bombed on the night the Cypriot journalists stayed there, April 12, and the following day the villagers apparently scrawled a message on an unexploded NATO bomb saying: “Thank you Mrs Albright for the presents you send us in return for our hospitality.”

    According to the report, Popic said he had sent Albright a letter asking her to halt the air strikes, but had received no reply.

    CNA MA/MK/1999


    Hellenic Resources Network

    Marie Jana Korbelová was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) and raised as a Roman Catholic by her parents, who had converted from Judaism in order to escape persecution. She has a brother, John, who later became an economist. “Madeleine” was the French version of “Madlenka”, a nickname given by her grandmother. Albright adopted the new name when she attended a Swiss boarding school. Albright is the daughter of a diplomat—her father, Josef Korbel, served in the Czech diplomatic service. Her brother said, “Madeleine had a special relationship with our father, partly because she followed so closely in his footsteps.” Later in life, she joined the Episcopal Church in the USA.

    From 1936 to 1939 the Korbel Family lived in Belgrade, and in 1939 the Korbel family fled to London. Many of her Jewish relatives in Czechoslovakia were killed in the Holocaust, including three of her grandparents.

    Source: Wikipedia
    News & Politics



    rspawn — 01 January 2007 — A clip from the BBC documentary “Gladio” (1992), revealing False Flag attacks by European and US paramilitary on European civilian and military targets.

    According to the Official Story an exersize operation was to take place which was called off at the last moment, and an actual terrorist attack took place – at the same time and place where the exersize was to take place. Weapons stolen during the attack were later found in the home of a ‘communist’ ring leader.

    The whole documentary is on
    News & Politics

  10. Past the anger that followed 9/11/2001 is it so unforeseeable that the next attack on New york could be against the mosque itself. What happens to the economy then?

    The contractors who are raising this “Asherah temple,” need to be named and boycotted. This is not just a distasteful act we are witnessing. It is a less subtle attack that will acccomplish its goal by division even if that means its own self destruction. The markets will react to any measures taken against it should retalliation be sought by anyone. Wisdom should tell us the best approach to this issue is to block the building of anything that will envoke riot or unrest.

    • Tammy, PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION….Politicians know exactly what they do, also their reasons for it.
      Work out what it could be they want, then do the complete opposite!!

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