CPEXPOSED IS BACK UP_ Lt Cdr Brian Gerrish Royal Navy Rtd.



“2010 is a vital year where freedom hangs in the balance. A vicious police state is being installed around us by means of a subversive common purpose political agenda. This must be exposed and thwarted for our children’s sake.”

Lt Cdr Brian Gerrish Royal Navy Rtd.

Brian Gerrish was awarded a Royal Navy Scholarship in 1972 and served until 1993, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Commander. After an early career in Minehunters and Frigates as a Bridge watch-keeper, Navigator and Principal Warfare Officer, he specialised as an anti-submarine warfare expert during the cold war period. He has extensive experience with RN, United States Navy and NATO forces in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Norwegian Sea, detecting and tracking Soviet Nuclear Submarines. Operations included protection of UK nuclear deterrent as well as joint US/UK anti SSBN (ballistic missile submarine) missions along the eastern seaboard of the USA. His expertise included fixed, mobile and airborne active and passive sonar systems, electronic warfare, weapons systems, chemical, biological and nuclear protection, communications and COMSEC, oceanography, wide area and local intelligence picture analysis, and associated security matters. Brian also lectured at the Royal Netherlands Navy School of Warfare Den Helder for two years, and headed the Royal Navy’s anti-submarine warfare staff for Flag Officer Sea Training at Portland UK. His last appointment before leaving the service was in Command of HMS Orkney, an Offshore Protection Vessel, tasked with Fisheries Protection and security of North Sea Oil installations. During this time he watched from the front line as the EU Common Fisheries Policy was used to destroy the British fisheries, our fishing fleets and ultimately the dependent communities. This blatant betrayal of some of the very people he had pledged to protect, was a key part of his decision to take early retirement from the RN.

In his capacity as a warfare officer, primarily focused on the Soviet Warsaw pact threat, Brian watched with interest as the Soviet Marxist world domination threat (the common purpose) apparently transformed itself with Glasnost from an overt military dictatorship, into a new pro-Western, pro-Capitalist and pro-EU ‘democracy’. This transformation was heavily promoted by a controlled western media, including the BBC. The ‘collapse of the Soviet Union’, and the fall of the Berlin wall = fall of communism, being the ultimate propaganda lie. In reality, and as shown by the continuity of routine and readily available military intelligence at the time, the Marxist regime had merely changed form to start the covert deception of the West, and subversion from within. As we experience the pitiful state of our British Nation, and watch our continued slide into national chaos, we need to be aware that these events are driven and are not simply the result of an accidental decline. Diversity, political correctness, collaborative projects, leadership courses, visioning, future networks, leading beyond authority, moral degradation, schools propaganda, political cells and networks, attacks on institutions, history, culture and our Nation State to name but a few, are all cultural Marxism at work. For ideological purists we should remember that Fascism is also based in Marx, as is Gramscian Fascism. This latter version perhaps best mirrors the intimate use of the capitalist (private) sector to drive the Fabian Marxist agenda within Britain today. Welcome to the ‘common purpose’. Brian Gerrish is now a full time campaigner to expose the treason and deceit that has been, and is still being perpetrated, against decent British people, by criminal politicians, civil servants and their duped useful idiots in the Public, Private and Third Sector. Their evil works are an immediate and real danger to all those who now live in these beautiful Isles: of whatever race, creed, colour and spiritual belief.

God bless.


Common Purpose ejected from MOD facilities Plymouth
Readers Comments 05/02/2010
Readers might be interested to know that we have been informed that Common Purpose has been refused the right to use Ministry of Defence Facilities in Plymouth. According to the source, CP were “quite aggressive” when told they were not welcome. This is an interesting story since 1. use of the Chatham House rules within a military establishment equates to a breach of the Official Secrets act and 2. CP becomes aggressive. The aggression is a reaction to their ‘elitest leader(ship)’ belief being challenged. Couple such aggression with CP promoting military people to ‘act outside their authority’ and something very nasty is emerging – particularly when the government is now informing us that British Troops are to be used on British streets to counter ‘terrorism and domestic terrorism’. British squaddies have already been given questionnaires asking to establish whether they would be prepared to fire on their own people.

The common purpose agenda is to promote and facilitate the installation of the EU dictatorship. What were they doing using Plymouth military facilities in the first place? Thank you to the individual who sent this report.

Common Purpose in Education Leeds and Sheffield
Readers Comments 02/02/2010
A kind member of the public has posted:

Dear Wise People,

A puzzler has come to light.

Whilst looking at Leeds:-

There was a synergy between the failing educational standards at Leeds ( as confirmed by Ofsted today ) and the people involved with the set-up of the failing structure, the over-riding system structure, and the personnel in Sheffield, among other places. There was a common thread throughout these – Common Purpose, as they appear throughout. However, because CP is not of direct personal concern, I am somewhat out of my depth here. The initiator was the fact that CP graduate Sonia Sharp was involved with the structure creation in Leeds, whilst at the same tie promoting CP activities such as Your Turn. Now the same problems are occuring in Sheffield, where she currently presides. A School Federation was formed in Leeds in 2005, Sonia Sharp was the Deputy Chief Executive of Education Leeds up until shortly before. The Federation’s website can be found at http://www.cllf.co.uk . What caused concern were the references to leadership, authority, networks, and nulabor policy. A worrying issue was that the most vulnerable sections of our children were being segregated and then, by dint of governance changes, put almost outside of the purview of the local authorities, under the guise of the Every Child Matters nulabor project. Here is the consequent search: Click here

This however is the far more intruiging search: Click here

A most interesting list of associated names is available at: http://www.integralleadership.com/members/includes/functions/phptoexcel/php_excel.php?choice=People The XLS file is attached for convenience. What is of interest here is that Sonia Sharp set up the structure in Leeds, then drafted in Liz Talmadge from Sheffield, then Sonia Sharp came to Sheffield, via Rotherham. Current investigations in Sheffield concerning a variety of matters are exposing CP-related fraud and corruption and curious things with the Your Turn project. I will leave it to you to follow your own leads on this, but what I see is that CP is being used as a government agent for the supply of ‘suitable’ personnel whose real function is to deliver on an otherwise unpublished agenda. CP graduates can be used to play ‘musical chairs’ with power-posts and be parachuted in where it suits CP and nulabor. See also: note ‘inner city’, i.e. vulnerable http://www.commissioningsupport.org.uk/resource_bank/14-19.aspx?page=2 # Next Practice in System Leadership – Central Leeds Learning Federation (37 KB) The Central Leeds Learning Federation was established in September 2005 in a move to address significant and persistent levels of educational underachievement, disadvantage and low expectations amongst students attending two inner city high schools. Central Leeds Learning Federation set out to develop, through extensive consultation with stakeholder groups across the schools and in the local community, a new governance and leadership structure to serve the Federation. See also: note age range, i.e. the CP target ages http://www.innovation-unit.co.uk/images/stories/files/pdf/npsl_fieldtrials2.pdf

Kind Regards

A friendly Whistleblower

Common Purpose at work in Liverpool – see also Another CP paedophile
Readers Comments 02/02/2010
Liverpool City Council

Read the answers carefully: there was no tendering process (CP is so unique that it does not have to compete), names of 15 people trained is not given, there is no evidence of a tangible benefit to the public following expenditure of public money, the CP training deals with change (what change), it also includes Whitehall and Brussels (this must be political). Please also be aware that CP Merseyside Advisory Board has been ‘hosting’ a paedophile Matthew Byrne. A man CP would describe as a ‘future leader’. Are there some questions we should be asking about the expenditure of public money in Liverpool and elsewhere?

Re: Freedom of Information Request 85201

I refer to your request for information dated 27 November. Your request has been dealt with under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA). Please find below the response to your enquiry: 1. Is Common Purpose given any free accommodation or services by the council? If so: 1a. What services/accommodation? 1b. When did the provision of these services/accommodation start? 1c. How much does Common Purpose pay for these services/accommodation? 1d. Who first authorised the provision of these services/accommodation? 1e. What are the actual and perceived benefits to the tax-payer of these services/accommodation? Liverpool City Council (LCC) staff only attended already organised training sessions. LCC did not organise training on behalf of Common Purpose (CP), therefore we cannot provide the information you have requested as we do not hold it.

2. Has the council paid for any Common Purpose courses? If so: Yes fifteen courses since 2006. 2a. Who has been on these courses? Fifteen senior managers have attended relevant Common Purpose courses depending on their individual development requirements 2b. What do the individual courses cost? The prices vary from £1116.25 – £4964.38 depending on the length of the course and whether it is a residential course. 2c. Where are these courses held? The venues vary from Liverpool based venues to venues just outside of London and also including days in Whitehall and Brussels 2d. Why does the council spend tax payers’ money on these courses? This is not an FOI question, however under section 16 of the FOI Act we have a duty to advice and assist as a local authority as much we can. The courses are specialist courses that combine public, private sector and not-for-profit sectors. The courses promote leaders working together from different organisations and focus on developing leadership capability, identifying networking, best practice and partnership opportunities and working with others to lead complex change in partnership for the benefits of the community. 2e. What are the actual and perceived benefits to the tax-payer of these courses? See the response above. 2f. What is the course syllabus? The course syllabus varies as they are a number of different courses ranging from the Matrix Programme, Navigator Programme, City Leaders programme and 20/20 programme. 2g. Can you obtain copies of any course notes or documentation? Yes 2h. Why are the people who attend these courses are so secretive about what happens on these courses? This is not an FOI question, however under section 16 of the FOI Act we have a duty to advice and assist as a local authority as much we can. There is no evidence that people are secretive about what happens on these courses. 2i. What sort of tendering process is involved when these contracts for courses are given to Common Purpose? Are other training companies allowed to compete to provide leadership training courses? No tendering process was used as the Company was picked due to the specialist type of training it provides 2j. What assessments/results of the courses are put into writing? The course is not accredited therefore no formal assessments take place 2k. These courses are very expensive. Do they represent value for money? The chosen provider is a non profit making organisation and therefore does not generate additional income for the provision of this course to the organisation.  This concludes the response to your request for information. The City Council will consider appeals, referrals or complaints in respect of your Freedom of Information Act 2000 request under the Have Your Say Scheme.  You can either complete a form on-line at our website http://www.liverpool.gov.uk/Feedback/Have_your_say/index.asp or you can complete a form at any One Stop Shop or Library.  Alternatively, you can write to us at Liverpool Direct, Freepost, NWW 3400A, Liverpool L1 3ZZ.  Your complaint/appeal/referral will be investigated by a senior officer within twenty eight days. If you remain dissatisfied you may also apply to the Information Commissioner for a decision about whether the request for information has been dealt with in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Another Common Purpose Paedophile Exposed
Brian Gerrish 01/02/2010
Thank you to the person / persons who informed me that Mr Matthew Byrne of the Merseyside Common Purpose Advisory Board has appeared in court on paedophile type charges. 32 allegations and over 8,000 images of children, as well as other lewd acts.

According to Common Purpose Mr Byrne is a \\\’Leader in Society\\\’. He had access to young vulnerable people.

What CRB checks were carried out on this man? Why has his connection to Common Purpose not been reported? What secret meetings did this man have under Chatham House rules with other members of the Common Purpose Merseyside Advisory Board, and what was discussed?

No doubt the public will be interested to know that the same CP Advisory Board contained \\\’leaders\\\’ of JP status and CEO of a hospital. We have also received reports alleging that Mr Byrne has been photographed with David Cameron MP Tory Leader.

Norman – Thank you for the Downing Street documents


link in comment section easy access!

4 responses to “CPEXPOSED IS BACK UP_ Lt Cdr Brian Gerrish Royal Navy Rtd.

  1. Gordon Brown talks Common Purpose post Copenhagen Climate Change Scam
    Readers Comments 18/01/2010
    In a webcast to be posted on the Number 10 site, he pledged to continue pressing for a binding deal and demanded action to ensure a minority of countries could not block future efforts.

    \’\’The talks in Copenhagen were not easy. and, as they reached conclusion, I did fear the process would collapse and we would have no deal at all,\’\’ he said.

    \’\’Yet, through strength of common purpose, we were able finally to break the deadlock and – in a breakthrough never seen on this scale before – secure agreement from the international community.\’\’

    Ed. The use of the common purpose is not accidental. They just don not want to fully declare and explain what the end goal of their common purpose is. Thank you Baron von Lotsov for picking this up.

    Julia Middleton CP CEO writes to Information Commissioners Office
    Brian Gerrish 12/01/2010
    Please see latest letter from Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose to the Information Commissioner regarding breaches of Data Protection. This is filed under Cheshire and CP Chief Executive Officer. We understand the matter is still in progress. Just why is Common Purpose so scared of the public seeing where it operates, who is involved and how much public money is concerned? Why does Common purpose need to label individuals asking legitimate questions as vexatious? Surely a charity would be pleased to show all its good works in an open public forum?

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