Obama’s Utter Contempt For The American People…Watch And Learn Britons’…

August 05, 2009

Obama’s Utter Contempt for the American People: Tea Party and Town Hall Protests “Manufactured”A new oxymoron for dear leader: Manufactured spontaneity. Has a nice ring to it. 




The Patriot

Photos of LI rally thanks to Dan

You must log in to post a comment. It is appalling that Mister hope’n’change is calling the uprising of the American people “manufactured“. That is change. I ought to know. I have been covering rallies and protests across this great country for years and it was the left machine that would manufacture anemic protests against Israel and Bush. The same straggly motley crew of seditious characters (A.N.S.W.E.R., Stop War & End Racism, International Action Center, Al-Awda, moveon, et al) would show up at every protest with the same tired meme. This is left technique – accuse the opposition of what you are guilty of. What has happened across America is a phenomena. Extraordinary. And our elected officials ought to be running scared. Instead they say, this is not happening. We know this because we say so. This contempt for a government by the people for the people is going to bite these fascist elitist in the ass, I tell ya.

I have never seen such a cross section of Americans. Dick Armey behind this movement? He wishes. No one could manufacture this never seen before event.

The only thing manufactured is those that come to the town hall meetings in support of marxist medicine wearing ACORN tee shirts.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, tells ABC News that there’s nothing authentic about the protests Democratic congressmen are experiencing all over the country.

“This notion of a grass-roots campaign is totally and completely phony,” Doggett said. “The Republican Party has coordinated this apparent outrage and stirred it up.”

The White House made a similar charge earlier today, saying much of the anger was “manfactured.”

But Max Papas, an official from FreedomWorks, which is run by corporate lobbyist and former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, says his organization’s role in organizing some protestors is almost beside the point

“Those inside the Beltway need to know that you can’t fake this sort of outrage outside the Beltway,” said Papas. “It only happens when they are very concerned about what is going on inside of Washington, and it’s a clear sign that people are very concerned.

Read more HERE.

Manufactured? You tell that to the Long Island housewife who organized the tea party I spoke at on Monday. Or the grandmas and grandpas who came to gush after I spoke.

The audacity of O’s arrogance knows no bounds.

Reid Confident on Health Care, Despite, “Loud, Shrill” Interruptions at Town Hall Meetings

The Democrat party should be routed in 2010 if anyone is paying attention. Thugs, thieves and bullies. I suspect members of the axis of evil will give them the kick in the ass that great Americans would like to.

UPDATE: Ah! Fascists gone wild. Larwyn reminds of Obama’s command to the O-bots during his election to:  OBAMA TO SUPPORTERS: “GET IN THEIR FACE!”

“I want you to get in their face.” — Barack Obama

Now we know where Obama’s mean, nasty, abusive followers get their marching orders.  At a Nevada rally Wednesday, Obama said this:

“I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.

Nice. So much for the politics of hope and unity. So much for teaching our youth how to be good citizens and neighbors. So much for teaching tolerance, respect, and bi-partisanship. If someone doesn’t agree with you, especially if they don’t choose Obama, just get in their face and pick a fight.

Is this how Obama plans to train his National Citizen Service Corps?



2 responses to “Obama’s Utter Contempt For The American People…Watch And Learn Britons’…

  1. Good for you, Pamela! Yes, it is pathetic, ironic and infuriating that GENUINE protests fueled by GENUINE anger are labeled “manufactured” by the Obamanation. If they know how to use it, Republican candidates for seats in the US Congress in 2010 should really apply a shelacking to the Democrat libtards who insanity & evil seems to know no bounds! And I hope that when the Fall football season is upon us, part of the scene will be teabag tailgate parties and every stripe of anti-Obama protest – all done with wit, humor & no-holds-barred parodies! Let our protests be limited only by our imagination!

    • Obama is a Fabian, like those Elites that wrecked the UK and still doing so,
      Learn by watching what has occured here,
      I just pray American don’t wait too long, striking before too much damage is done.
      Good luck and God speed in whatever path you all take!!!


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