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Basic Info

The Fabian Society is a major centre-left think-tank and political society.

Founded in 1884, the Fabians have contributed significantly to left-of-centre politics in every era. Its priority themes are life chances and inequality; democracy; the environment; Britishness; and foreign policy in the world after Bush.

The Fabian Society has 7000 members, including 300 Parliamentarians, and thriving voluntary activity among the Young Fabians, Fabian Women’s Network and 65 Local Groups around the UK. The Society is affiiliated to the Labour Party but editorially and financially independent of it. Membership is open to those who share the Society’s values internationally as well as in the UK. CFR ETC…

Individual members of the Society receive a quarterly mailing, with the Fabian Review and latest Fabian pamphlet, as well as invitations to events and email bulletins. See the Fabian website for more details.

Contact Details

11 Dartmouth Street

Recent News

Can blogging about politics be a positive force? Read and comment on our post on the ethics of blogging.


Follow the Change We Need debate – lessons we can learn from Obama campaign and victory at http://www.changeweneed.org.uk and on http://www.nextleft.org. And watch live video of the event at http://www.nextleft.org/2009/03/live-change-we-need-debate-featuring.html

Nick Cohen has written an article, published in The Observer on 15 March, outlining how the liberal-left has ignored and betrayed liberal Muslims. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/mar/15/islam-britain-jamaat-labour-extremists

In response, Sunder Katwala has posted a blog on Next Left completely destroying Cohen’s argument. It is amusing to read the amount of evidence against Cohen’s claims that Sunder has amassed and quoted. http://www.nextleft.org/2009/03/fact-checking-nick-cohen.html
On his first trip to Africa, Pope Benedict XVI has stoked outrage by claiming that condoms are not the answer to tackling Aids and are in fact making the problem worse.

Read Riazat Butt’s article for The Guardian at http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/mar/17/pope-africa-condoms-aids
The Fabian Society are launching the greatly anticipated book ‘The Change We Need: What Britain Can Learn From Obama’ on 23 March. http://fabians.org.uk/index.php/20090312808/General-News/General-News/alistair-campbell-barak-obama-fabian-book.html

The book explores how the use of new technologies and slick media campaigns, as well as other successful tactics used during the Obama election campaign, could be applied to political campaigning in the UK

With a foreword by Gordon Brown PM, there are major contributions from David Lammy MP, Will Straw as well as from Democrat Congressman Glen Nye and other such American politicians who worked on the Obama campaign.
As countries geers up for the G20 on 2nd April the Fabians have held discussions about Eurpoe’s shared economic priorities over the last week. Read some of what Former Prime Minister of Denmark Poul Nyrup Rasmussen had to say: http://www.nextleft.org/2009/03/missing-politics-of-g20.html

Last week Fabian general Secretary Sunder Katwala wrote a concerned (and somewhat tongue-in-cheek) letter to Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre questioning the paper’s judgement on who has the right to call themselves British: http://www.liberalconspiracy.org/2009/02/25/so-who-does-the-mail-think-is-british/

It whipped up quite a storm in the blogsphere, including on ConservativeHome: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/torydiary/2009/02/damian-green-i.html

The debate continued as Damian Green publically disagreed with the Mail’s stance and Phil Woolas accused the ONC of playing politics with immigration statistics: http://www.nextleft.org/2009/03/phil-woolas-ons-playing-politics-with.html

The Mail published Sunder’s letter: while he went on Radio 4’s the World at One to dicuss the issue and also wrote for Comment is Free: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/mar/04/immigration-dailymail
The Fabian Society’s “Fighting Poverty and Inequality in an Age of Affluence Conference” in commemoration of the 1909 Poor Law Minority Report by Beatrice Webb was a great success.

Lord Hattersley opened with this speech: http://fabians.org.uk/index.php/20090220794/Events/Speeches/Roy-Hattersley-speech.html

The subseqent debates and discussions were Twittered: http://twitter.com/thefabians and blogged: http://www.nextleft.org

Women’s Hour held a discussion with historian Sarah Wise and professor Pat Thane about Beatrice Webb’s influence which you can read about here: http://fabians.org.uk/content/view/788/132/ WEBB ADORED THE USSR….

James Gregory wrote in Progress Magazine that Webb’s vision should still be guiding welfare reform today: http://www.progressonline.org.uk/Magazine/article.asp?a=3758

We have published a pamphlet of essays to mark the centenary: http://fabians.org.uk/content/view/782/124/
Previous news:

Ed Miliband on climate change and Heathrow

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