” The English Are Not Worth Saving as A Race” Straws Wish Quickly Becoming Fact….The Demise Of A Nation By Design!!

The demise of a nation by design
One of the things that marks out a nation is its language. For Britain the language of centuries has been English, originally a hotch potch of other European languages as we endured invasion after invasion from the Romans, Gauls, Saxons, Vikings, Dutch and Normans et al, and we see that legacy today in the words that make up the now settled language of English which has taken nearly 2000 years to evolve. Indeed many of our institutional words such as the Judiciary derive from French and Latin.

It is a language that we have exported worldwide, it has become the primary language in many sectors, it is the international language of business and Aviation, however, in just 12 short years of New Labour policies, the nation that this international language derives from is on the brink of obscurity.

This present government, with the merest of whimpers from opposition parties, has systematically destroyed this once proud nation, have used every card in the book to further that aim, indeed the Minister of Justice, Jack Straw who is famously quoted as saying: “The English are not worth saving as a race”, now looks as if his wish is quickly becoming fact.

Politically sustained efforts to eradicate England from the minds and thoughts of politicos, new European maps no longer show the English speaking United Kingdom with England as a nation, merely a series of regions of a larger new Empire, which is eagerly echoed by our TV companies and newspapers, where international conferences no longer show England as being a represented nation.

And now figures released yesterday reveal that as many as 14 per cent of our primary school children – one in seven – speak English only as a second language, if at all. That’s up from 11 per cent in just five years.

Yet even those jaw-dropping figures belie the true scale of the problem. There are schools in some areas with high immigrant populations where barely a handful of children speak English as their mother tongue. In one, 56 different languages are spoken.

But the pressures caused by mass immigration under New Labour go far beyond mere practical difficulties in administering our public services.For it’s not only language but culture and tradition – the very essence of nationhood – that divides the growing numbers of new arrivals from the indigenous population.

Indeed, it was our shared history and sense of identity (including an instinctive patriotism) which for centuries made Britain one of the most easy-to-govern nations on Earth. It meant freedom could flourish here. But how much longer?

The bitter truth is that New Labour never understood what makes a nation a nation. With its profound ignorance of history and love of modernity, the party imported the alien concept of universal human rights (thereby crushing many of our ancient British liberties) and the wholly devisive concept of diversity, while throwing open the nation’s borders to all-comers.

Result? We’re a country that’s rapidly losing its sense of identity – more a random collection of disparate peoples than a nation with shared beliefs.

When history comes to be written, that will be the true legacy of the Labour years.



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    How the Kremlin hijacked Labour: Diary of a Kremlin insider reveals the hold Soviets had over Labour politicians
    By Sue Reid
    Last updated at 1:40 AM on 06th November 2009
    Comments (70) Add to My Stories The Lancashire blacksmith’s son and leader of the Communist Party of Great Britain stood in front of the group of high-flying young Left-wingers at Cambridge University.
    Harry Pollitt told them: ‘Don’t join us. Work hard, get good degrees, join the Establishment and serve our cause from within.’
    It was a few years after World War II and they took Pollitt at his word. Within a decade, the Communist Party foundered (its membership peaked at 60,000 in 1945) as Pollitt’s bright young devotees infiltrated the Establishment.

    East meets West: Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin with British Prime Minister Harold Wilson
    They were soon exercising considerable influence in universities, the state education system, publishing houses, the legal hierarchy and the civil service.
    But it was in politics that these high-flying members of the Left established their greatest power-base, both in the Labour Party and the trades’ union movement.
    More…Hitler, the German football coach and other historical ‘facts’ according to our schoolchildren

    Just how deep the tentacles of communism reached into the heart of British government has now been revealed with the emergence of an extraordinary diary by Anatoly Chernyaev, the Soviet Union’s contact man with the West at the icy height of the Cold War.
    Meticulously detailed and written by hand on lined notepaper, the diary has come to light in the U.S. National Security Archive.

    Michael Foot at the Labour Party headquarters on his first day as leader of the Labour Party in 1980
    It tells the story of a ‘special relationship’ not between Britain and America – but between the British Labour Party and Soviet communists.
    It was a relationship that lasted more than 30 years, right up to Margaret Thatcher’s arrival as Prime Minister in 1979 and beyond.
    Indeed, one of the most shocking of the diary’s many revelations is how Labour leaders Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock colluded with the Soviet communists to try to beat their ‘common enemy’, Margaret Thatcher.
    But more worrying, perhaps, is the fact that the document shows in stark detail how the political ideology of so many of those who govern us today was shaped by the unspeakable communist creed of the Soviet Union.
    The unpalatable truth is that many ministers in Government today rose through the ranks of a British socialist movement that was heavily influenced – and even controlled – by the Kremlin in Moscow.
    Jack Jones before he died in April (left) and at a Labour Party conference (right)

    Svetlana Savranskaya, Director of Russia Programmes at the U.S. archive, describes Chernyaev’s diary as ‘the single most authoritative source on Soviet policy-making in the last 20 years’.

    Its explosive contents have only just emerged because the pre-1985 entries remained untranslated until now.
    Chernyaev was deputy in the Soviet International Department and later an adviser to President Mikhail Gorbachev. Today, he is 88 and lives in obscurity outside Moscow.
    And while many senior members of the Labour Party and union movement will be appalled at his revelations, the old KGB hand himself is delighted his memories are being published.
    Transport and General Workers’ Union leader Jack Jones – who received effusive praise from Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he died in April this year – was a paid agent for the USSRRuefully, he told this week’s Spectator magazine, which publishes the diary’s contents, that no Russians were interested in his past: ‘This great period in the history of our country has been crossed out.’

    In Britain, those on the Left who know about the depth of the Soviet influence over this country in the latter half of the 20th century, have maintained an embarrassed silence about this shameful episode in British political history.
    Above all, the intimate co-operation between Moscow and the trades unions which nearly brought the country to its knees in the Sixties and Seventies has been an utterly taboo subject.
    It is true that tantalising slivers of information have emerged over the years.

    As the Mail revealed last month, Transport and General Workers’ Union leader Jack Jones – who received effusive praise from Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he died in April this year – was a paid agent for the USSR.
    Trade Union leader Jack Jones (right) with his wife and Michael Foot at the Festival Hall. Jones was a paid agent for the USSR
    In exchange for information, he used to take cash handouts from his Soviet handler in London, Oleg Gordievsky, even as late as the 1980s.
    But this diary reveals that the cosy relationship between the Kremlin and Labour was far more widespread than previously thought – and had been going on for years.

    One of the key figures in this murky affair was Ron Hayward, the Labour Party’s general secretary between 1972 and 1982, who died in 1996.
    He told Chernyaev at meetings in Moscow and London that he was determined to provide a ‘genuine socialist government’ for Britain.
    ‘To achieve that, he believes he must break the Labour Cabinet,’ recorded Chernyaev at the time.

    It is clear from the diary that Hayward envisaged a real Soviet-style system in Britain, with the Party General Secretary (ie Hayward himself) – not a Prime Minister selected by MPs – at the very top. He would refer to himself openly as the ‘party leader’.
    More specifically, he informed the Soviets that he wanted to develop a cadre of young activists to prepare for Communist rule.
    Neil Kinnock outside Transport House at the start of his 1987 election campaign
    ‘I am the first Labour leader in British history who is not afraid to come out alongside Communists with the same agenda’, he said, boasting that he prepared like-minded young people, put them in the right places and helped them to become prominent.
    In 1974, when Harold Wilson was Labour Prime Minister, Hayward smuggled Chernyaev into the heart of the Labour Party conference to try to spread the Kremlin’s influence still further.
    Some of those in the conference hall recognised the Russian – but did not dare admit it. Chernyaev records in his diary how he and Hayward ran into Edward Short, the Labour Party deputy leader who had been with a Labour delegation to Moscow the year before.
    ‘He stared at us for a moment,’ Chernyaev writes in the diary, ‘then he pretended he did not see us. That is very English. Apparently, he instantly guessed these were Hayward’s games.’

    Games, of course, they were not. In those years, the Labour Party was tightly controlled (and largely financed) by its affiliated trades unions, which chose dozens of candidates for safe Labour seats.

    And it was in the unions where Chernyaev’s International Department aimed to infiltrate the deepest.
    Leonid Brezhnev pictured (centre) on the rostrum of the Lenin Mausoleum in Red Square, Moscow in 1972. Foot later referred to him as ‘Comrade Brezhnev’
    The regular to-ing and fro-ing between union leaders and Moscow was commonplace – even in 1980 after Mrs Thatcher’s Tories were in Government.
    That year, the diary says, the TGWU’s deputy leader Alec Kitson turned up drunkenly at a meeting with Chernyaev in the Russian capital. He had been drinking with his Soviet trade union counterparts for hours beforehand.
    ‘There was a f*** in every sentence that came out of Kitson’s mouth,’ the diary records.

    But when Kitson sobered up, he and Chernyaev concocted a plan to send a team of Russians to the Scottish TUC conference ‘to deliver the Soviet point of view’.
    They arranged another brainwashing session with union leaders in London. Later in 1980, in Blackpool in October, Chernyaev openly attended a TGWU-sponsored drinks reception on the eve of the Labour Party conference.
    The diary says that Jenny Little, then secretary of the international group of the Labour’s National Executive Committee, which oversees policy-making, played a pivotal role in Chernyaev’s extraordinary access.
    It is clear from the diary that Ron Hayward envisaged a real Soviet-style system in Britain, with the Party General Secretary – not a Prime Minister selected by MPs – at the very top. He would refer to himself openly as the ‘party leader’ During the 1980 party conference, ‘she tried to sit me down next to Jim Callaghan (the former Prime Minister who was then Labour leader), but he bypassed me as if I was a column. She herself was embarrassed’.
    Party leaders such as the donkey-jacketed Michael Foot and the Welshman Neil Kinnock were at times deeply reverential to their Russian ‘comrades’, the diary reveals.

    In 1981, Foot led a big delegation to Moscow, to discuss multilateral disarmament with the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev. ‘Dear Comrade Brezhnev,’ Foot said while holding Brezhnev’s hand in both his own.
    In December 1984, Kinnock went to Moscow accompanied by, among others, the young Charles Clarke and Patricia Hewitt – both to become ministers in Blair’s government – to see Brezhnev’s successor, the senile Constantin Chernenko.

    Chernenko read his brief to them and listened indifferently to Kinnock’s verbose response. However, the Russian promised he would help in the Labour Party’s attempts to oust Margaret Thatcher from power.
    Chernyaev notes that in 1985, Kinnock again turned to Moscow for support, sending a shadow minister to the Kremlin for advice on how to topple Thatcher, who was in her second term in office.
    1980: Michael Foot (R) with the Labour Party’s general secretary Ron Hayward (L)
    The diarist recorded: ‘We have discussed everything with him. I took it upon myself to promise him everything they wanted from us, to beat Thatcher and get to power.’
    It is not just the Left’s close connection with the Soviet Union, but the lasting influence of that connection that should concern us all.
    One of Jack Jones’s brightest proteges, after all, was Gordon Brown.

    The decision to give the young Scotsman his first and only safe seat, Dunfermline East, was made by two TGWU senior officials – one of them was Jack Jones, the other the drunken Alec Kitson. Both were friends of the Kremlin.
    The union’s patronage was ubiquitous. Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair, as well as Cabinet ministers Margaret Beckett, Harriet Harman and John Reid, were all sponsored by TGWU and made their Labour Party careers thanks to it.
    The control the Soviets had over Labour, its leadership and aspiring politicians, is still having a profound impact on Britain.

    As the Spectator says: ‘Indeed, New Labour, which has governed since 1997, cannot be understood unless these communist influences are taken into account.
    ‘Many of New Labour’s characteristics – its deep suspicion of outsiders, its structural hostility to democratic debate, its secrecy, its faith in bureaucracy, the embedded preference for striking deals out of the public eye, and its ruthless reliance on a small group of trusted activists, result from the lengthy detente with the Kremlin.’
    Yet even with the emergence of this diary, we still do not possess a full picture of how deep the dangerous Moscow penetration really went. Only as more truths trickle out of Russia will we learn the entirety of the betrayal.
    As for Harry Pollitt, the British communist who played such a vital role in the Soviet infiltration of this country – encouraging the acquiesence of those in powerful places on the Left – he is better known in Moscow, where he is proclaimed as a hero, than here.
    In 1970, some years after his death, the USSR issued a postage stamp with Pollitt’s picture on it.

    A year later, in 1971, his devotion to the Soviet cause and to the spread of ‘international communism’ was further acknowledged by Moscow. The Soviet navy launched a new battleship and named it after him.
    Meanwhile, his many disciples in the fifth column he created in Britain continue to exert their malign influence.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1225637/How-Kremlin-hijacked-Labour-Diary-Kremlin-insider-reveals-hold-Soviets-Labour-politicians.html#ixzz0W63VnnR1


    When you stand back it is difficult to entirely believe that Gordon Brown has this country’s best interests at heart. I get the impression there is a lot about the UK that he actually loathes – particularly the middle class. It has been easy for him to pass this off as the influence of his father – we are forever hearing about him being the son of the manse. Maybe it has more to do with his communist links. If the diaries are true, it seems he got got his first seat due to the support of a KGB agent.

    I will be pleased to see him leave office along with his colleagues. I don’t trust their allegiance to this country and a lot less so since they renaged on the Lisbon Treaty – I think Europe has become the consolation prize now a communist world state is unlikely.
    – Anthony, London, 6/11/2009 13:06
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    It comes as no surprise to learn that neil kinnock, tony blair,gordon brown and the whole rotten cabal of nu labour have deep links to the Communist Party.

    it is clear that nu labour’s desire to destroy our country is rooted in a much widerand as yet un-revealed programme tosibvert the entire Western world, including Europe and the USA.

    The european union is also deeply rooted in communism and again the eu’s links to former Soviet Union are well documented and can be proven.

    The General Election next year will only be the start of the Great Purge of this country and it will take a determined effort to root out and destroy the fifth column subversives and sleepers that have been palced here over the decades.
    – Andrew Murray, London, United Kingdom NOT the eu, 6/11/2009 13:00
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    ”I am particularly nauseated by the boot-licking relationship of these clowns with Viktor Kubeikin, chief KGB spy in London. Poor, innocent Foot had dealings with Kubeikin in complete ignorance of his being a KGB high-up”. – Former Labour minister Gerald Kaufman in replying to Labour cosying up to USSR Communists”.

    What a pathetic apologist Kaufman is, excusing Michael Foot as ”poor innocent Foot” for being duped by Kubeikin, a high-up KGB man. A real patriot would never have surrounded himself with such traitors as existed in the Labour Party but would have left this party of traitors & exposed them to public scrutiny. And the same applies to Kaufman. Does he really expect the public to believe that he was oblivious to all this Labour Party wheeling & dealing with the USSR going on around him? It certainly helps explain why after the USSR collapsed Communists were never put on trial by the ‘outraged’ Western politicians.
    – johnny dee, glasgow, 6/11/2009




    Letter to the White Race
    August 21, 2008 · Print This Article

    Letter to the White Race

    White Man!

    We regret to inform you that your kind has been slated for termination. We, the various Third World majorities of Africa, Asia, India, South America, and the Middle East assert that your long history of success at building civilizations, developing new technologies, creating stable governments, fostering good will, feeding much of the world, and increasing peace and prosperity even amongst the riotous hordes of our own homelands, has made us envious and resentful of you. We, who make up 92% of the global population, feel that we can no longer accept the great disparity between your success and our abject failure. The solution to this inequality should be obvious to all concerned.

    We are planning to invade your ancestral homelands, little by little, and to facilitate this, we have the full cooperation of your controlled media and government, academia, and law enforcement organizations. While we, personally, do not control any of these entities ourselves, we are profiting endlessly from the crypto-Marxist system put in place many decades ago by an ethnic “fifth column” which operates with complete impunity at all levels of your political, academic, and media culture. Their interference in the natural development of your constitutional republics has been indispensable to our efforts to wrest from you the control of everything that you’ve struggled to build and maintain over the last century. Indeed, were it not for them, none of our present plans would have even been possible.

    By carefully controlling and managing the schools, universities, media, and press, this “out group” has managed to convince the great bulk of your racial kinsmen that not only is resistance futile, but that it is immoral, barbaric, depraved, and unworthy of a “thinking” individual. By promoting the stereotype of a “racist redneck resistance”, they have made the idea of a struggle for White Identity a veritable sin in the minds of nearly every White person. In short: they have convinced European-derived peoples that a prolonged suicide is preferable to the unmitigated evil of “racism”.

    While doing this, they have pushed, inch by inch, to open the borders of ALL White nations to our own sullen masses, throwing open the gates to invasion while assuring the public that “race doesn’t matter”. Since race, in fact, DOES matter (and no one knows it better than We), they have likewise put into place a totalitarian system of “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws, to further alienate and penalize those few Whites who might harbor some simmering resentments at the increasing decay of their society and culture. All of this is in keeping with the far-reaching plans of this particular ethnic “out group”, and has been sometimes referred to as the “Long March”.

    The Out Group, who maintains a sense of racial cohesiveness hitherto unknown among even the most tightly-knit of all dispersed human peoples, maintains a grip on the press and electronic media that is nearly monopolistic in its all-encompassing reach. Since they are so thoroughly in control of these organs for the dissemination of propaganda, they are in the best position to spread hostility against the White peoples of Europe and America, inciting the minority against the majority in these lands: Black against White, Latino against White, Asian against White, Arab against White, Indian against White, and so on, and so forth.

    This is facilitated by decades of brainwashing, beginning in early school years, portraying Whites not as the builders of a great civilization, or the admirable leaders of the Free World, but in a lopsided, entirely slanted way as oppressors, enslavers, genocidal “Nazis”, southern Klansmen, imperialistic Colonials, and toothless hillbillies just itching for a chance to lynch the first colored individual that comes along. This brainwashing not only inflames the minorities in these now racially-mixed “schools”, but also inculcates a sense of “White guilt” that the Out Group finds particularly useful in maintaining control.

    Hence, you Whites have become a neutered, egoless herd of cattle, easily manipulated and posing no threat to the Out Group, who live in perpetual terror of your ever waking up to their plans. The Out Group has a long-running resentment and fear of White civilization, and thus have worked within that civilization to undermine its cohesion and sense of purpose. The promotion of homosexuality, pornography, drugs, divorce, illicit sex, moral relativism, atheism, communism, gun control, “anti-racism”, and “civil rights”, has been the greatest boon to this subversive faction, who are but a tiny minority among you, but who wield awesome, incomparable power.

    Thus, in light of the fact that you are socially, morally, mentally, intellectually, and even legally castrated, We, the teeming masses of the Third World who thirst for what you have and what we can never obtain, are going to finally swamp your once noble and advanced societies, your pristine cities and unsullied neighborhoods, and rape your countries for everything they are worth.

    We are going to move in, right under your noses, and set our churches, mosques, synagogues, and strange gods up in place of your own. We will ensure that OUR celebrations and festivities and holidays are observed, while YOURS are erased from the pages of history.

    We will drain the public coffers of welfare, food stamps, and all forms of social aid available. We will swamp your children’s schools, change the language in which lessons are taught, form street gangs to terrorize and torment your family, steal, vandalize, harass, threaten, and cajole you until we get what WE want.

    That it will be entirely at your expense is irrelevant to us.

    We will beat and murder your sons; we will rape your wives and daughters.

    We kill twelve Americans every day; your government could care less.

    We have shut down hospitals with our teeming numbers. We have flooded the streets, demanding “special rights” for those millions of us that are here illegally.

    We nearly had your major politicians ready to grant all of us an “amnesty” in the name of “diversity” and “equal rights”. We are filling up the ranks for unskilled labor. We are raping pre-teens. We are doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

    As your global economy crumbles, and it gets harder and harder to feed your families, as your birthrate plummets and you face the eventual dispossession of the country your forefathers founded for YOU and YOUR posterity, just remember: there is nothing you can do to stop us. The Out Group has made sure that the law is on OUR side, not yours. No matter how piffling your criticism of us is, the Out Group will use their media to label you with shocking epithets and broad smears: racist, hater, bigot, neo-Nazi, nativist, White supremacist, domestic terrorist, etc.

    If we want to, we can assault and kill you with near impunity. The media will not report it, and if they do, they will place the blame for the assault squarely on YOUR shoulders, not ours. In Jena, Louisiana, a White boy was beaten mercilessly by six black criminals. The media made the criminals into the victims.

    We watch these developments carefully, and we like what we see. Soon, you will be a minority even in your own homelands (you are already a minority worldwide), and we will continue to squeeze and squeeze until there is nothing left of you. We will crush your countries, your cultures, and eventually, we will snuffle out your lives.

    Beethoven, Mozart, Shakespeare, and all other bourgeois manifestations of your high culture will be vanquished forever. All of your legends and heroes will be spat upon, purged, and finally forgotten. Your cultural folkways will be transgressions; your identity will become a crime.

    We come for your JOBS, your MONEY, your WOMEN, and eventually your LIVES. It will not be much longer now.

    In closing, We, the huddled masses of the Third World yearning to “breathe free”, would like to thank the Out Group, the media monopolists and political plunderers who made all of this possible. We wish them well, and we know they wish us well, just as long as we don’t trespass upon their own homeland, which they stole fair and square several decades ago.

    Adios, White man! You had a good, long run, but your day is over, and ours is just beginning. Your empire is at an end, and your race is no longer wanted here. We’ll have our fun with you while you still hang on by a thread, but soon, the thread will be cut, and the abyss yawns beneath you and the civilization your kind spawned.

    Besides, many of you are even anticipating this with something akin to sick glee. After all, that’s how the TV set told them to feel. The brainwashing is almost complete, and the sheep are in line to shear.

    Have a nice day!


  3. I now see clearly why Britain is on the brink of becoming a police state. Now we know the names of some of the Labour political fanatics who tried to sell Britain to the Soviet Union and the KGB. I see names Harriet Harman, John Reid, Neil Kinnock, Gordon Brown, Charles Clark, Patricia Hewitt, Margaret Becket, Tony Blair, among other Communists in the Labour government, like Jack Straw and Peter Haine, . Not getting their way in selling us to the Soviets, they are now equally determined to sell us into an equally undemocratic EU. My country is being destroyed by these people and there is nothing I can do about.
    – Douglas, Dundee, 6/11/2009 9:10

  4. ihateusa

    More than likely AMERICA hates you more!!!


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  7. The English are basically German and speak a Germanic language being English. Not sure why the English assume they are not Germanic in heritage and speak a Germanic language?????


    • Some are, but the majority are not Germanic you’ve bought into the industry of trashing Brits.
      That make’s them accept mass immigration easier- folk like you disgust me!!
      Race traitors the worst of all traitors.
      The Welsh Scots and Irish celt’s plus British outway the Germanic DNA recent article …YOU TUBE WIKIPEDIA LOL…………………….See what they say about the German on our throne!

      Britain a Nation of Immigrants?- Rubbish!
      We are bamboozled by apologists who try to pretend that ‘Britain is a nation of immigrants”. This the opposite of the truth: for a thousand years, Britain was one of the most homogeneous populations in the world – a fabulous heritage thoughtlessly squandered by the ‘diversity’ saboteurs. In an article in the Spectator, Oxford professor David Coleman, comprehensively debunks the “Britain is a Nation of Immigrants” myth. Read and download.


      • Meant plus English outway the Germanic DNA.

        What Happened To Them

        Recent genome research which has jibed with previous research from anthropology, archaeology, linguistic and biology (including previous mitochondrial and Y DNA studies) has proved that several previously accepted theories are not valid.

        i.e. DNA tests on corpses in archaic burial sites in southern England show that present day inhabitants in those areas are absolutely identical to those buried 2,000 years ago. In other words, the incursions of Germanic Angles, Jutes and Saxons did not entirely displace the Celtic population as was previously assumed. BURIAL SITES IN ENGLAND!!!

        i.e. Archaeological findings proved that agriculture was developed in ancient Britain independent from that of continental Europe and/or elsewhere.

        i.e. DNA tests on present day inhabitants of Orkney has shown the majority of males there today are of Pict ancestry.

        These findings strongly indicate that incursions by conquerors in any general area almost always leaves a superficial population impression, and that the original inhabitants continue to bear a strong presence, especially in the rural countryside. The only exceptions would be in populated areas of devastating natural disasters that forced a complete human exodus, a total genocide, or where a large scale forced expulsion took place. None of those events were/are evident in the Orkneys.

        This result tells us that the present day gene pool of the Orkneys most probably reflects the mixture of all preceding haplotypes, including the Neolithic peoples.

        Although their gene pool has been modified to some extent by immigrants, it suggests the Orcadians represent the remains of a relict population, in the same way as, but different from, those of Gaelic fringe areas (of the Scottish highlands and Ireland).

        So, to answer the question – What happened to those ancient peoples? They are still there! Where people have a strong connection to the land, their descendants remain. Neolithic, Pict, and Norse settlers have all, in turn, contributed to the existing Orcadian gene pool, although Pict bloodlines are predominant.

        Although the Picts experienced a different recent history than the Norse, they were also Nordic. This fact no doubt helped reconcile and assimilate the two resident peoples into a coherent society, united in their ambivalence towards the Irish/Scot visitants.

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