Looking Beyond The Surface..

Looking Beyond the Surface

March 5, 2009 ·

One thing I have noticed here of late, is that we are being told one thing and they are doing the complete opposite. My loyal reader(s) know how I feel about the Bush administration. (Right Mom?) However, they were so arrogant that they told you and said, “Yea, so what the hell are you going to do about it?” We are seeing with Obama, on the surface it looks as if they are doing what they say they are, but when you dig a little deeper the truth starts to show. Just for instance, lets look at the healthcare plan it is an enslavement (as is most of the package), and the start to a major invasion of privacy.

The Obama administration is telling us, they will not raise our taxes. However, they are taking away the ability to claim privet deductions, so that we who feel that charity is the right of the individual, and saying they will decide whom it goes to. For example, say you follow he old Catholic standard of giving 10% of you earnings to the church, that use to be cover under the Charity claim on your taxes. Not anymore, and there are many more that are being taken away. Under the Stimulus Package the government has set aside a few billion dollars for charities, however it does not make up for the six to eight billion they will lose if we decide quit or even cutback on what we give to charity. So with the money they have appropriated, they will give to Charities of their choice. Also, one thing we learned under the Bush Administration was, just because they say the monies are appropriated, that does not mean it will find its way there.

The other day Mr. Obama, along with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, stated that they will be hiring more IRS Agents to handle those who do not pay their fare share of taxes. Don’t be fooled by that statement, they me you and I. There are so many people and organizations that are planning tax protest that they must feel threatened.


The administration will seek an additional $300 million to hire additional IRS agents to police and collect a portion of an estimated $350 billion in uncollected taxes. It will also seek “legislative and enforcement measures to reduce tax evasion and avoidance,” including steps to “limit U.S. corporations’ ability to deduct currently expenses allocable to deferred foreign earnings.” Translated, the administration will try to crack down on offshore tax shelters used by corporations and individuals to shield income earned in the U.S. from the IRS.

This next bit of information you can take it as you like. However, The Communist Party is in love with most of the Obama policies. Communist Party National Chair Sam Webb in a speech he gave, ask the members to back President Obama, and most of his policies. To read the speech click here.Speech.

I really don’t want to come across as preaching to you, however it is of the utmost importance that you read anything that is put before you by this administration. We let the last administration push things through and look where we are.



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