Information Overload….

Information Overload, So Get Ready

February 11, 2009 ·

The one thing I have noticed while looking over the “Revised Stimulus Bill”, is that there is so much to look at. They are using a tactic that is used a lot in politics, “Information Overload”. The Bush administration did it with scandals and the removal of the rights of the people. The Obama administration has so many things that are wrong with this Stimulus Package and other bills they are pushing, if they bombard you all at once you will miss most of it.

As you know, I have been trying to point out the scary proposal of the Healthcare and the Infrastructure parts of the Bill. However, there are more than just those two. Please lookup the Depression of 1920, not to be confused with the “Crash of 1929” which last, one year. Compare it with what was done by Hoover, and Roosevelt during “The Great Depression”, and why it lasted longer than it had to. The “New Deal” did not save the country, the Second World War helped bring the country out of the Depression. No I am not saying we need a war to save the country, the country is not setup to make that kind of comeback.

It’s inarguably true that in the very short-term, the New Deal did not fix the economy. Roosevelt’s programs were first passed in 1933 but economists generally agree that the Great Depression did not end until 1939, when the country began preparing for World War II. Unemployment rates, which reached as high as 25%, took several years to recover and did not get below 9% until 1940.


In between the Last depression and now many things were put in place to stop the country from ever reaching this point. However, these acts were removed in the last couple of decades, and they allowed this to happen, because it will benefit them in the end. Also, they are making it so that there is nothing we will be able to do about it. Well that is not exactly true. We can grow our own food, and prepare, or turn over and let the “Nanny State” throw us a bone for a little care.

Do I have the perfect answer? “No.” However, it does not take a “Rocket Scientist to see that this is not the answer. Throwing trillions upon trillions of dollars at It will hurt, not help the problem. I remember as a child that wanted a new bike, thinking why not give everyone a million dollars at birth, that way I could get my bike. However, I remember the answer I got. “Shut up and be happy you have a bike.” Although that was the real answer, what I learned later was if everyone had a million dollars, it would be the same as a dollar. I guess what I am getting at is, because the are going to pump all this money in to the economy the dollar will be worthless.

Now, millions of people no that this is the case, as it is about 3 to 1 are against the Stimulus Package. However, as we found out with the last Package, and Bailout, our so-called elected officials are not hearing our voices, or maybe they are just shutting us out. Say what you want on my opinions, but they are moving us towards and are in the final stages of a “One Continent Government”, The North American Union. Is this the Hope and Change they promised you? Believe it or not, I think it is.

So you can call us nuts, or you can keep you ear to the ground and prepare. Your other option is, step back and let the “Change and Hope” feed you and yours.


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Look @ the Numbers and Prepare

February 8, 2009 · No Comments

The thing to do is go outside and look at your back yard. While you are surveying the land, (this is if you live in the country, and the bank hasn’t taken your house.) picture the lot with veggies growing there. “Why would I do that, you may ask. Then again maybe not. Anyway, the Unemployment numbers are out for January, and they are grim.

The January numbers come in at 7.6% unemployed. This is taken from the people that are reporting. (that’s not entirely true) To go along with the bad news, is more bad news. Job Cuts are at 598,000 and they will be climbing by next quarter. Here in the Western Pennsylvania area there is soon to be at least three companies, I know of that will be laying off in the hundreds. Now that does not seem to be a lot, but there will be others that I don’t know of as of yet. Also, not included in job cuts, and only in the unemployment figures for a short period of time is the Construction field layoffs, and others that fall under the same category. So the numbers are not accurate, whether it is an accident or not.

So we need to be prepared for the chance that it is going to get worse. When we have the newly elected President saying that we know it will get worse before it gets better, I will side on “Bad Times” are coming. Hey even if this turns out to be a big scare, we have fresh food, cheap.

You are allowed without any question allowed to stock up on food and other resources for 30 days. Now if you start collecting Guns and ammo well you may be questioned. (If you buy a thermo nuclear device well you are on your own.) If you stock up on gold and silver, not the certificates but the real thing, you are going to questioned. There is something we need to remember, and it was said by a man who helped create our government, yet was leery of its future. “Any government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”…Thomas Jefferson

We are seeing something that should scare the crap out of us. This administration is taking it upon itself to say what the heads of companies can make a year. Now I know, it is companies that are dipping into the Stimulus Package. However, It is setting a dangerous example, and yet it is showing what will happen if we allow the government to pay for things, total control. The Jefferson quote fits well in this case. As we heard in the lead up to the election people were willing to sellout and let the Obama administration, give them everything, and take total care of them. These people forget that 99% of the time when the government is willing to take care of you they will want something in return. Sorry folks, in this case it will be total control over you and yours. We are faced with the stone cold “The S Word.” However, is the “S” word such a bad thing? One thing I always remember is, “Any government that man touches can be corrupted.



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