EUMED-Behind Your Backs-But THEY- Provided Lots To Distract your attention-Bless…….

The whole concept and the fervent implementation of the Union for the Mediterranean as a bridge  between cultures that cannot be united, the blindness of fanatic politicians and officials, the acceptance of more and more violence due to this mad dream and the indoctrination of the Europeans: All this indicates a religious campaign. You may also call it ideology.
Surprisingly, this monster philosophy is not Islam, although it embraces Islam and excludes theTeachings of Christ, but an intellectual concoction of Talmudic illuminism with the philosophy of the Dalai Lama.

Paddy”, European Parliament Press Release 11 Nov 2008: “Young people have to be evangelical and spread the word about Europe themselves.”

In our search for a common enemy we came up with pollution, global warming, famine water shortages and the like would fit the bill. In their totality and interaction these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by every one together. However, these phenomena are only symptoms.
Our real enemy is humanity itself. (The First. Global Revolution, Club of Rome 1972)

A natural intelligence, which informs all experience, spontaneously gravitates to some primal condition that illumines the world.” (Logos Institute).

Interfaith Dialogue at the Grass Roots invites us all to see that life is fundamentally a dialogue, a conversation, and it illumines some of the ways in which that conversation can be made a blessing to everyone in our communities. It is a “must read. Leading Jewish, Muslim, and Christian scholars and activists share their wisdom and stories”.Comment: Notice the word “illumines”


This challenge calls for a new and unprecedented awakened global consciousness and new mindful institutions which will play a vital role in fostering our highest and best collective self transformation for mutual flourishing.

The World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality is one such key instrument and institution for leadership and creative change.”

The Climate ideology seems to go back to the 1966 “Report from Iron Mountainto US Secretary of Defence, Robert McNamara, suggesting to substitute war as the common enemy for climate crisis – not reality, but credibility being necessary to give dictatorial leaders absolute power over credulous people.

Then Dennis Meadows´ book “Limits to Growth”/The First Global Revolution predicting Doomsday because of dwindling resources and too many people on this planet  was edited by the Club of Rome and sold in 12 million copies.

In 2000 Steven Rockefeller, Michael Gorbachev and Maurice Strong launched the leninist Earth Charter – which gave rise to a regular religious movement cultivating Mother Earth/Gaia:  “a declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society for the 21st century.”

Left: South African children forming a Tower of Babel in honour of Gaia (right) under the Earth-ball.

Al Gore picked the Idea and made a fortune on mendaciously preaching man made climate change  and the combating of CO2.

Now, since 1998 a WORLD COMMISSION ON GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS & SPIRITUALITY (WC)  has appeared – preaching  ecology and communism. This is the tool of the Dalai Lama

The WC is closely related to the Club of Budapest, the chairman of which, Erwin Laszlo, is a leading member of the WC. The Club of Budapest is a branch of the Club of Rome.  The Dalai Lama is a signatory to the Club of Budapest. Now who cares about the Dalai Lama?

The reasons why I nevertheless think we should care about the religion of the globalists are:
1. Personally, I have  recently experienced a very obtrusive, even insulting Buddhist missioning activity on my computer
2. The Prophets behind the Ecological/Climate Ideology behave in a very religious mannerand are deeply involved with The WC of the Dalai Lama.

Ark of Hope of the Earth Charter Gaia Cult

The WC has formed Global Councils 

Who are the persons behind this bizarre organisation? 
The Dalai Lama, Bishop Desmond Tutu: Global Council on Peace & Conflict Resolution, Al Gore and Dennis Kuccinich, possibly Obama´s secretary of the Interior  (Global Council on Spiritual politics & Global Citizenship),  Prince Hassan of Jordan, former President of Rockefeller´s Club of Rome: Global Council on Islam & The West, Steven Spielberg, Michael Douglas, Robert Redford: Global Council on Awakening Arts & Entertainment, Michael Gorbachev: Global Council on Personal & Planetary Security, Steven Rockefeller: Global Council on Planetary Ethics and Values. .

Co-Chairman Robert Muller professes Satanist Alice Bailey of Luci(fer)s Trust

In the following /…/ means egocentric thinking and ((….)) logos/Gaia thinking.

((The World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality)) ((conceives)) of itself as a higher dimensional ((organic organization)) whose primary ((mission)) it is to play a ((leadership role)) in the great drama now accelerating on the planet.Comment: Mark “Leadership role in the great drama”. Dramas are staged. This  imperative is “divine”, judging from the double brackets!


Perhaps it makes more sense now why there is urgent need for a ((World Commission)), to be a truly ((global organization)) that will focus its ((being)) on helping the people of the planet cross together into a more ((enlightened)) and ((mindful)) way of ((being together)).
Comment: Mark the words enlightened way. In latin it is modus illuminatus! This word is being repeated in this text.

This profound ((evolutionary)) =((revolutionary)) shift that has been accelerating over generations presides and overrides other global “events”

This is the great ((reality principle)) behind the strategic insight that the transformation from /consciousness/ to ((consciousness)) is the single most potent and radical act that we humans can perform .Comment: This is a repetion of the teachings of Marx and Lenin: Give up individuality – and become a characterless flock of cows to be manipulated, imprisoned and abused by us.  That´s why identity related nationality and Christianity hav no place in the New World Order.

Any ((organization)) that purports to be playing a key role in facilitating the transition of our cultures to ((communities of the future)) needs to be…((exemplifying)) the principles, dynamics, features and virtues of the ((Global Ethos)) of the ((Logosphere)).Comment: Logosphere – i.e. the sphere of divine reason – i.e. what the illuminists/illuminati assert to stand for!!The Institute for Interreligious Dialogue
In the present age, human beings are in the process of  moving out of a millennia-long “Age of Monologue,” when humans talked primarily with others who were much like them into an new era, the “Age of Dialogue,” wherein humans are increasingly learning to dialogue with those who are religiously/ideologically, and therefore, culturally, different from them. In order to do so successfully,  they are beginning first to listen to each other.




From the 20. Interfaith Meeting. These meetings started in 1986 at Asissi at the initiative of WC´s co-chairman, Robert Muller. This self-declared UN-Satanist is also working on the canonization of EU-founding father Robert Schuman, whom he calls a political saint!! Muller stands for  the World Republic.  WC-member Gorbachev founded the “State of the World Forum“, before he founded the “World Political Forum“.

The Church: The Logos Institute
The global perspective of entering the space of ((Logos)) calls for the awakening of the global mind, after humanity has been in a deep and difficult transformation from egocentric patterns  generating the spectrum of our human pathologies, of being human to more integral and holistic patterns of dialogical life.

That the Dalai Lama is involved alongside with Al Gore in this one-world demagogy does not surprise me: There are numerous reports that he has been on the pay roll of the CIA and now of the US Foreign Department, here ,

Note that mankind is said to be passing from being human to a higher, divine ((….)) stage. This is genuine illuminati-way of thinking.

The only remedy proposed is dialogue. Stop being selfish – start loving your neighbour, who may never convert to the New World Order religion – but remain Muslim. How rational. How divine.

In order for this process to succeed they simply have to eliminate any religion, any ideology – except their own Fabian-communist religion, which they have to brand, brainwash into the masses. They have been trying this  for 2000 years! And I guess that is exactly what they have been wasting time on  for the last 40 years.
As the EU expresses it: the EU is progressing towards its aim of establishing a political community pursuing the illuminist ideal of the sublime dignity of man.

Expecting the success of their paperwork they have started mixing races, culture and religions. That they are thereby  making a very explosive coctail may also be part of their odd, illuminist way of thinking.
They probably know their distorted gospel according to St. Albert Pike!!

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